#Review: Shameless (St. Martin Family Saga: Whiskey Cove #2) by @ginawatsongina

As Cory slaked his lust with yet another woman, he thought this one might be married, but he didn’t want to dwell too hard on that. Since he’d opened his vet practice in Whiskey Cove, women had thrown themselves at him and he’d given them what they wanted. He asked no questions, just pleased them and himself. And then she arrived, fresh-faced in cutoffs and a tank top, cradling her sick dog. He hadn’t cared what women thought about him, until now.

Brook saw Dr. Corrigan St. Martin emerge from the exam room straightening his necktie. And then she saw her landlord’s wife smoothing her clothes down as she followed behind him. Brook wondered if he’d known the woman was married. She’d heard the rumors about the vet, that he was shameless about his licentious behavior. But he was a devoted vet.  And completely irresistible. Maybe there was more to the man than his reputation.

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Book #1 – Score review here: http://wp.me/p3JV8G-3Rb

Okay, I read the first book in this awesome series and this is book 2 in the St. Martin Family Saga. The same rules apply on this story – the book was given to me for my honest thoughts.  This is another short story, so I will try not to give away too much.

Again, Ms. Gina gave me another heart wrenching, passion laden story. Oh my gosh, this woman made me tear up more than one time during these sixty something pages. I mean, seriously, I was not past the first two pages of the story and I was tearing up. Her writing is so powerful, Gina makes you feel like you are there in the pecan groves of Louisiana.  And again, the St. Martin family will come into your heart and take up residence there – just be prepared.

When we first meet Brook, she will break your heart. She is in need of her vet to do the unthinkable but her regular vet is not in the office, so she has to go to the nearest one. Randy is Brook’s seventeen years old Airedale terrier and he has a tumor that has caused his health to fail and his life to end. Randy is everything to Brook and having a comforting friend in her time of need would be nice – if she had someone. But instead she gets Dr. Corrigan, the man with rumors that he would bang any female with two legs.  You will find yourself falling in love with her and you will want to see her happy. But her happiness might come at a price she is not willing to pay.

Corrigan, Cory, is a man that goes through women like ladies go through clothes. He believes in staying single and living the life of freedom. He doesn’t want to marry nor have children. He never wants to go through what he went through when his mom left or be dejected by anyone ever again. So, when Brook walks into his vet office something shifts inside of him that he is not ready to admit. As the story unfolds, we learn why Cory thinks he has to be the man that does not settle down but once he gets to know Brook, he rethinks what his future could be like. But what happens when he lays his heart bare… will she accept him for everything he is and everything he is not…

Again, Ms. Gina made my eyes get wet with the emotion that drips off the pages but she also made it very hot under the sheets because these two have a very explosive sex life! Cory lays all his rules down before things go too far with Brook – just so everyone is on the same page and when he discovers that she is okay with that things are a go! Until he sees her with her friend Parker, he realizes that what he wants has been in front of him the whole time, he just has been bound by his own rules to consider what could be. And he realizes that instead of could, they can – will Brook still have him… Only one way to find out – he goes after her with almost his entire family!

There are more stories to come and I am going read them… Let’s watch these St. Martin boys find their happily every after!!!

Learn more about this series at Gina’s web site: http://ginawatson.net/



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