I got Tagged!!!!

Now, my dear friend JJ Cocker has tagged me and wanted me to play along….
She posed these questions to me and few of my blogger friends…
Mister Valance, Kracken, Miss Hawk, Miss Cecile, Dom.
Let’s see my answers… shall we!!
Be prepared…
For you never know what you might get from Little Ol’ Me!!!

1. What is the best thing about where you live?

Being with the man brave enough to satisfy this Smutty Hussy!!! And of course… the man that puts up with me…

2. If you could be anyone you wanted to be, other than yourself, who would you be?

Why would I give up being myself… Really… I love being me. I am all sorts of things… from sassy, to smart, to sexy, to silly… and a whole lotta things in between… Some people love me, some people hate me.. I am remade every time someone tries to talk shit about me!

3. What is your favourite item of clothing?

Well, when I am with Mr. Smutty… None! But when I have to have clothes on… My Victoria Secret Bras!! It makes this Smutty Hussy feels absolutely sexy and it makes my girls look gorgeous!

4. Who, or what, inspires you the most?

Now you done gone off and made me misty eye… My daughter inspires me. She makes me want to show her the way of the world through an independent woman’s view point ~ everyday.

5. Do you use public transport?

No… My Red Charger is my mode of transportation… She makes sure I get everywhere I need to go and we get stared at a lot! =)

6. What is most likely to set off the fire alarm at home?

My sex life!!

7. What do you do to stay healthy?

See number 6…. Mr. Smtty Hussy is a very busy man!!!

8. If you could pass one new law, what would it be?

As long as I am the passenger in the vehicle – Let Me Drink My Wine!!! I am NOT driving!!! And I kinda don’t share!

9. Pondering about uniforms, as I sometimes do… Is there a uniform that grabs your attention?

Oh hot damn, any military man makes me girlie parts get excited!

10. If you had to choose between who you love and what you love doing, what would win?

The who I love… because I love doing him!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! You asked

11. What is your best time of day?

Anytime Mr and Miss Smutty get together!!!

If anyone wants to play along, please feel free!
I hope you enjoyed my answers!! Haha, I had fun!

And remember… Always keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!Photobucket

The Hussy Gets Personal…

For those of you that know me personally…
Know that work has been kinda rough lately.
I have been working some overtime hours, I have been stretched beyond my normal boundaries by leaps and bounds…

I have been everyone’s go to girl and to tell you the truth…

I have worn myself out…

The tribe tries their damnest to take care of me, they really do…
They have pampered me so much,
I truly have been blessed with such awesome men to take care of me.
But I have to say that when they brought my laptop to me, I was kinda puzzled…
Until they showed me the power point presentation they made for me…
I can show you some of the things they are offering to get to me to bring me out of my funk!
***Some stuff I simply cannot show you… Hehehe… But I might be able to leave you a link!****
~If you are good girls and boys!~

They went to one of my favorite websites… EdenFantasys, my favorite sex shop! =)…
Now most of you this website from me because I use to review their books…
Well, my men had a little more than reading on their mind….

They picked out some de*stress reliever sex toys they thought they may have fun later…
With me of course… **big grins**

They even picked out some cute lingerie they thought I might enjoy being in…. You know my fetish with corsets!
*Since they know me so well*

They even scoped out some massage items as well…
You know…
To ease the ache in my tired muscles…
**Naughty Big Grin**

Let’s just say that the Tribe knows their Mistress and how she loves her sex shop and of course all the adult toys we love playing with!!!

I hope you enjoy the links!!!! Go explore your wild side!
You never know what you might discover!

And remember… Always keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!Photobucket

I am back…. Kind of…

Hey my dear fellow blogger buddies….

How is everyone doing out there??
**Looks around to see if anyone is still out there**

I am writing to say that I am back ~ kinda of. What does that mean… Well… you know the saying, “You can’t keep a good woman down…” Well, that is kinda where I have been. Without getting into to much detail (cuz let’s face it… this is the internet)… I took a journey a few months ago…

I went to Hell and came back. Yes, really, I did. I have had a life journey that I would not wish on anyone; but the journey only made me that much stronger, that much more resilient to the fact that I AM AN INDEPENDENT WOMAN. The journey took me to places I thought I would never have to visit again (see Hell)… But I am glad for that journey because it is the path we take that makes this ride called life so great. You never know where you will end up.

Life as we know – is a very precious gift. There are no rewind buttons, no do-over buttons, there is no pause or forward button. We have to make the most out of each day and remind ourselves that we only get one day at a time to make it the best we can absolutely make it. I learned that a few years ago, but somehow managed to forget it in the crazy thing we call life. But I was reminded of it not that long ago. Grab happiness when and where you can. Grab self-indulgence when and where you can… Grab love when and where you can because you never know when you will be given those things again.

Fate and God are wonderful things in life… Although Fate can be a bitch sometimes…. but when the two get together – don’t ever question them. They know what they are doing. Some people simply don’t understand the cards that life deals them. Some look for others to lay blame on. Some just simply play the victim card…. but I admire those that pick themselves off, dust their ass off and keep going. It is hard. No one ever said this life was going to be easy. Hell, things are not just handed to you for the fun of it… No.. You have to work at it and keep working at it. But believe it is all worth it!

I am doing much better though. Much better than I thought I would be. The ride is still bumpy, but I know that through this all… I am ME. And all will be well. I want to thank you for your emails and your check-ins with me. They have truly meant the world to me….

As far as me getting back on the reading and reviewing horse… I am slowly getting there. I have settled down and now it is time to find me again… So, if I had books to review before my vacation, please know that I am getting to them – just a bit slower than I had hoped.

Now the visiting of blogs and such… I will be doing that even slower – for my time is not all mine any more…. But know that I am here and that I still stalk you…. Silently… Kinda like Santa Clause – you never know that I am there, lol!!!!

So, I invite you to stay around… And of course I always invite you to……………

Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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Behold… My Personal Santa Rocks!

Most people posted what they got for Christmas already…
I know I am late… As always.
But I like to make an entrance!
You know a Hussy has to do it in Style…

This is what my Personal Santa got me….


The iPad…. and It’s cover…

The back…

My precious Santa that gave it to me!!!
Isn’t he cute!

The inside of the newborn…

A Hussy does everything Hussy Style…
And it gets named….

Please meet…
The Smutty Hussy Pad!

Oh yeah…. Hot guys are downloaded in there…
I am just not sharing, lmbo!
Not right now anyway…

And remember… Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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Fridays……. And Life…..

Hello my dear hussy followers….
First I have to apologize for not being around of the late…

October has always been a rough month for me…
My baby girl’s birthday and my birthday are in this month…And yes, I trained her like a true mother should…
We celebrate all month long!
So, with that being said…

My baby turned 17 this past month.
It was kinda like her official last “sleep over” party.
When did this happen, I am not sure. I did not give her permission to grow up into this beautiful young woman she is today…. but I have enjoyed and hated watching it happen.
And this alone is reason enough to slow any parent down… Trying to keep up with their social calendars is like learning “what’s makes men different from women (except you know what)?”
But I will face this like anything else in life… Put my big girl (ruffle) panties on and suck it up!

Now… That is no my only news… No….
I have been under the weather for a while and I finally getting over it.
See the above to know why, lmbo!
Yeah, running on fumes is not a good thing.
But it was worth in the end.
At least I hope so!
For my party it was…
Which I promise pictures as soon as I can get my hands on them!

Still more news to come….
The other reason I have not been around….
I got a new job!
So quitting my old job took a lot out of me because I am not the type of person to quit.
But it was a choice I had to make.
An opportunity came along that I could not pass up.
I am the Office Manager/Coordinator for a pediatric therapy office.
I am really enjoying the job so far….
The only down fall… my hours and the commute back and forth to work has changed.
I work some late hours and that has seriously taken a toll on me.So until I get a routine going, I am so sorry that I am neglecting you guys!
I know this does not help, but I do silently stalk you all on my reader!
I swear I do… or at the least the number can swear to it!

And besides just being a Housewife….

Life has been a little crazy.
So please forgive me….

And I also have something else….
On Fridays… I fly over to Houston A.W. Knight’s place to do flashbacks from the past,
or just whatever my hussy hearts wants to do over there!
So come and join me over there…

Oh and I cannot forget….

If you made it this far…
You know I will bless you with a piece of my hidden treat…

So Happy Freaky (Let’s follow the hand down the pants) Friday!!!
And remember… Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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OMG… Me Love Presents as Much as I Luv Cookies!!

Okay… not sure if everyone knows her….. Elaing8….
She is the one responsible for making my little cartoon pics and all….
Well, we have been knowing each other for a little over a year!
We met over at Leontine’s place for one of the Beefcake Preview Night
and we became instance best friends!
We talk every day… We rant and rave every day…
We do all we can ~ being miles away.
She lives in Canada… And one day….
We will meet!

Well, last year I started sending her bday/Christmas presents…
What was in the present, food from my area ~ goodies if you will!
And that is what started the trade of gifts…
Well this gift blew me away!!

Let me show you my goodies!!!

This is the whole package!
Oh… FYI… Since she is from Canada, she is now making hat my next hometown country, lol.
Now… Introducing…

(((this is card is from a child in Elaing8’s family ~ not Elaing8, lol)))
Cecile’s Goodie Presents!!!!
The whole package…

((tee-shirt is for hubs))
Now for the breakdown!
In this corner… We have the snacks!
She does know me so well…..
My personal own stash of goodies… And Cookies!!!!

Then in this corner…..
We have my ever addiction to
Tom Horton’s Coffee…
And some black tea… which is really delicious *with sugar*

Then after coffee… or tea….
I will be making pancakes to try the
VERY REAL Maple Syrup!!!
And then I will cook supper with my new seasoning and sauces!

Then to ensure my Canadian Residency…
She made sure I had the proper things…
Paper, pen, cards, coaster, a deck of cards, a spoon and key chain
(which is already on my key ring!!)

because she loves me…..
A book!!!
***Big Grins***

She left me a card in there too that made me cry!
We met online and have yet to meet in real life.
One day… One great day we will!
I have come to treasure my online friends….
So much so that I take to heart all the comments, all the emails….
all the everything that I share with each and everyone of you.
So if you think that the you will pass on commenting, or sending that email to check on someone… send it because you never know whose day you will brighten up!
So Elaing8….
I luv you girl!!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Remember… Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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I haz a prezent… =)

The other day, I was at Kris’ place… And she gave us cookies…
(((go here to see the day…)))

And this is what went down
This was our convo….

I said: Who said NSFW… These cookies are prefect for work.. Lunchtime snack.. need cookies… Mez like Cookie Monster!!! Nom Nom Nommy…

Kris said: Cecile is the COOKIE MONSTER! You need to change your avi to something more appropriate now. 😉

And I said: Huumm I will have to think on that one… Can I be a smutty hussy cookie monster… =) I promise to abide by the laws of all things smutty, sandwiched in between me, husssy… and eat lots of cookies!!!!

To which Kris sent me a prezent!!!

This wonderful prezent…

I am a Cookie Monster…

But sometimes it is more like this…

Remember… Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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Oh Gosh… I Won… I beat the Bookscase!!!

Do you remember this post…..

Can It Really Be….. Will Cecile get an ACTUAL Bookcase!!

As avid readers… we all know the importance of having the proper lights surround us when reading… Well, over at CSN Lighting Company I stumbled across this little gem.. The perfect lights for me and it matched the nickle plated things in my house! And I say lights because I can imagine two of them on either side of “study chair” while I am reading one of my books!

Now why would I be at CSN Lighting Company and looking at lighting… because Caitlin from CSN Store contacted me to do a review… for a BOOKCASE!!!!!!!!!

Wellllllllll……………………… I won………… I beat the bookcase!!!!!!! This is my journey!!!

My UPS driver dropped this off one afternoon… I will say that the shipping was super fast!
See the packaging…. Oh yeah… My fingers were itching…

So, I unwrapped it…
Took all the parts out…
Which were all there…
Yea, I counted.
And I got to work…

Yep, that’s my baby…
He wanted to help too…
And yes, that is a meat mallet…
((Thanks Elaine))
**What, like you don’t use it?? I can not find my tools**

This is where my books were housed before…..
Triple stacked behind each other…
And a few few row backs….

Now…… this is what the closet looks like…..

Because this is where the books are now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And yes, they are in alphabetical order…
Trade size and Paperback…
Okay a few are by series…..
But I am proud of myself….
Did it all by myself!!
Thanks Caitlin!!!!
Remember… Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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Happy Anniversary To Mr. & Mrs. Smutty Hussy….

Today marks my wedding anniversary.
Four years for Mr. Smutty & I.

I am not sure he knew what he was signing on for when he met me and I the same about him.

After four years we are still newly weds in my eyes.
We still have so much to learn about one another.
On this road we have traveled together,
we have had our share of good times and not so good times.
We have had our share of triumphs and miscommunication.
Our life is not a fairy tale, actually far from it.
I will never lie to anyone, marriage is hard work.
What keeps us together when things get rocky,
a common thread of love for each other.
Things are not like I thought they were going to be;
all roses, sunshine, passionate kisses and soul searing love making.
No… but they are what they are ~ real.
I have a man that loves me through and through.
He would give his life for mine or my (our) daughters.
He holds doors open for me and my daughter.
He whispers he loves me when he leaves for work in the morning.
He makes personal sacrifices that I am sure he does not realize I see or notice.
I know him to be a man of faith, even if he does not show it.
I know there lies a hidden passion in him that I have yet to see.
There are things about himself he has yet to reveal to me and I to him.
Of course he does not see what I see when I look into his eyes,
I see so much more.
In some ways, he is my very own personal hero.

~So to Mr. Smutty~
Happy Anniversary.

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I’d Touch You If I Could by Ms. Monroe & Ms. Cecile

My body is weak and shy but your closeness consumes my soul

Your body is strong and demanding but your soul devours my weakness and makes me whole

Seeking sweet release you dip your head kissing me so gentle

You make my core sing and to my hips you cling

The feel of your hands on my body makes me feel alive
But your kiss is what brings me out of my slumber

I wake to a chilled heart and bed it all feels so cold
Here’s to another sad story that should’ve been left untold
The tears dried on my face
The rips in my heart from what was once

Memories are all I have of that night
that we once shared

Flashes of passion so high we were intoxicated
Glimpses of raw desire more potent than the strongest wiskey

They fade to black in my mind as I clutch the pillow next to me for once where you laid

Kiss her neck
Pull her hair

A deep moan of a building demands
Flickers of your obsession to a woman who is not me

Torment is my only companion
I will take the torture if it is the only way to hold on to you

My heart will forever be yours and yours mine
But not in the same way
and that pains me, but at the same time I will take what I can

Your smell is branded in my senses
Your face is etched in memory never to leave me

Your touch is as elusive as any mythical creatures
Never to be felt on my face the way it should be
for you will never belong to me

~Written by: Ms. Monroe & Ms. Cecile ~

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