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Fridays……. And Life…..

Hello my dear hussy followers….
First I have to apologize for not being around of the late…

October has always been a rough month for me…
My baby girl’s birthday and my birthday are in this month…And yes, I trained her like a true mother should…
We celebrate all month long!
So, with that being said…

My baby turned 17 this past month.
It was kinda like her official last “sleep over” party.
When did this happen, I am not sure. I did not give her permission to grow up into this beautiful young woman she is today…. but I have enjoyed and hated watching it happen.
And this alone is reason enough to slow any parent down… Trying to keep up with their social calendars is like learning “what’s makes men different from women (except you know what)?”
But I will face this like anything else in life… Put my big girl (ruffle) panties on and suck it up!

Now… That is no my only news… No….
I have been under the weather for a while and I finally getting over it.
See the above to know why, lmbo!
Yeah, running on fumes is not a good thing.
But it was worth in the end.
At least I hope so!
For my party it was…
Which I promise pictures as soon as I can get my hands on them!

Still more news to come….
The other reason I have not been around….
I got a new job!
So quitting my old job took a lot out of me because I am not the type of person to quit.
But it was a choice I had to make.
An opportunity came along that I could not pass up.
I am the Office Manager/Coordinator for a pediatric therapy office.
I am really enjoying the job so far….
The only down fall… my hours and the commute back and forth to work has changed.
I work some late hours and that has seriously taken a toll on me.So until I get a routine going, I am so sorry that I am neglecting you guys!
I know this does not help, but I do silently stalk you all on my reader!
I swear I do… or at the least the number can swear to it!

And besides just being a Housewife….

Life has been a little crazy.
So please forgive me….

And I also have something else….
On Fridays… I fly over to Houston A.W. Knight’s place to do flashbacks from the past,
or just whatever my hussy hearts wants to do over there!
So come and join me over there…

Oh and I cannot forget….

If you made it this far…
You know I will bless you with a piece of my hidden treat…

So Happy Freaky (Let’s follow the hand down the pants) Friday!!!
And remember… Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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Middle Name Game….

I saw this at Jackie’s place one day…. (here is her answers...)
And I thought I would give it a shot…

My middle name is Mary…. Yeah, shocker I know!!!!!

Okay…. The Rules:

It’s harder than it looks! Erase my answers, enter yours, use the 1st letter of your middle name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real places, names, or things. Nothing made up! Try to use different answers if the person in front of you had the same middle initial. You can’t use your name for the boy/girl name.
(Use one word answers.)

1. What is your middle name? Mary

2. 4 letter word? Moth

3. Boys name? Maximus (Yeah, I have a thing for Russell Crowe in Gladiator)

4. An occupation? Mortician

5. Something you wear? Mitre (hat)

6. Beverage? Martini

7. A place? Maine

8. Something you shout? Mommmmm!!!!! *yeah, have a kid you will know*

The hardest part is finding people that will play with you!!!
No kidding. Come on and do it, I want to know what everyone comes up with!!!!
Remember to send link back to me or you can do the answers in your comment….

And remember… Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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Something New To Check OUT!

**Hey Ladies… and Gents…. Something has been stirring in the kitchen at the Lair….
What is it you might ask… Well… Allow me to introduce to you a friend of mine…
Some of you already know her… And her amazing writing skills….

Here is Houston A W Knight… I will allow her to have to the spot light now…**

Hi, I’m Houston A.W. Knight, my friends call me Hawk.

I’m a published author of articles ranging in many topics for many print publications. I’m now breaking into the business of romance. I write paranormal, fantasy/si-fi and believe it or not, American Indian stories in the old west. I’m an out of the box kind of writer…I don’t do CLASSIC Romance and I don’t write EROTICA but I tip toe between them and as close to that invisible erotica line as I can get in every love scene I write…yap, hot, HOT, love scenes.
My blog is as diverse as my articles in subject matter…come check me out at —>> here.

**Now you are probably wondering is Hawk introducing herself…. Well, she has asked me to come to her place on Fridays… and give reviews… teasers… and whatever else my heart desires… and yes, she really said that I could showcase whatever my hearts desire… And you know what that means… Oh yeah…. I take my Smut with me every where I go!!!!**

**For those of you that go to Hawk’s place, know that she use to post only on Sundays…
Well… shocker city…. she has some changes…
Go to her place to check out what those changes are…**

**But if you can not wait…. I will give you a teaser…
She will be posting…

Elaing8 (as most of you know her….) will be posting… MOONY MONDAYS

The words from Hawk about Elaine –>> “ELAING8 will be posting *whispers* sexy men’s behinds on MOONY MONDAYS at my place.”

Then Hawk will be posting… WEDNESDAY’S QUESTION will be her usual rambling, lol!

Then… of course…. for me…. I will be posting….. SMUTTY FRIDAY’S!**

The words from Hawk about me…. hee heee –>> “And as much as it stains me Irish cheeks pink *giggle* to think of it.”

Nice to meet you and hope to get to know you better soon!
*hugs to Cecile*

**So… that means you will have to come over there to see what we have cooked up for you!
When does it start you might ask…….
Well….. September 1st!!!!

And remember… Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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Calling All Peeps in the Surrounding Area

We are fortunate to have Heather Graham back this year for another convention and book signing in New Orleans, Louisiana!!!
It will be held again at the wonderful Hotel Monteleone!

And finally after the first Blogger Meet and Greet we did back a couple of months ago…
Patti from Book Addict and I are going to meet up again (with Hannah!)
and try to get others to join in the fun!

I stole this from Patti ~ Book Addict’s place:

Author Heather Graham hosts a yearly author workshop here in New Orleans over Labor Day Weekend – Writers for New Orleans. This year, a few bloggers have decided to meet using this event as an excuse (like we need an excuse, right?). I don’t know where most of you Book Bloggers hail from, but if you’re anywhere near New Orleans, why don’t you think about coming in over Labor Day weekend? The loose plan is to meet for dinner and drinks Saturday night (location to be determined) and maybe have coffee or brunch before the 11:30 book signing at the Hotel Monteleone.

The schedule of events can be found here. Some of the authors attending thus far are:
Helen A. Rosburg
Heather Graham aka Shannon Drake
L. A. Banks
Corrine De Winter
Silver James
J. A. Konrath
Lisa Mannetti
Michael Meeske
Linda Conrad
Mary Sella
F. Paul Wilson
Kate Poole
Harley Jane Kozak
Kathleen Pickering
Tina Wainscott aka Jaime Rush
Kathy DePalo

You can bring your own books and they’ll have books for purchase as well. Hey – it’s a 3-day weekend, think about coming, it’s going to be fun! If you can’t come Saturday night for dinner (and drinks!), just come for the signing on Sunday or vice versa…

So, if you are around us and would like to meet up,
drop me a line @

Remember… Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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Leontine’s Smutty Research At Play!

Leontine is hosting this awesome event at her place…
12 days of pure smutty playtime and this is what is in store for you all:

July 19th: Column – A gal and her smut + ‘Research the Smut’ giveaway, a 30 dollar Gift Certificate to any e-book store I can buy a GC.
July 20th: Guestblog – Smutty approved book characters by KC from Smokinhotbooks
July 21st: My first time story & an excerpt + giveaway of a novel from Joey W Hill’s backlist
July 22nd: Review – Joey W Hill, The Mark Of A Vampire Queen
July 23rd: guestblog – Hunk Challenge by Cecile from All I Want And More
July 24th: Review – Chris Owen, 911
July 25th: *Surprise* post
July 26th: Guestblog – A Yaoi lesson with Kris from Kris ‘n’ Good Books
July 27th: Guestreview – Lorelei James, Raising Kane by Janna from Erotromreader + E-copy giveaway of Rough Rider novel by choice
July 28th: Guestblog – A guide into the smut by @Ferishia
July 29th: Review – Jourdan Lane, (Soul Mates) Bound By Blood
July 30th: Interview with R.G Alexander

I hope you all will join us, Smutty Researchers At Play, for a sexy, fun-filled adventure. Grab the button if you want to share some smutty love, note the date in your calendar and get your smutty senses on alert!

Remember… Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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Wanna know how it went @ The Blogger Meet & Greet

I’mmmmm back!
Okay… I am sorry I went all MIA on your guys all weekend long…
A few family things came up, nothing major…
Just life takes presence over online world sometimes….

However…. I am here to report on the 1st Annual Blogger Meet & Greet!!!!!!!

Let me start off with OMFG….. We had a blast!!!!!!!!
Things like this should really be illegal!

Thought I should get that out the way!

The bloggers that met up are: Courtney from Paranormal Fantasies,
Patti from Book Addict, Hannah from Taunt Society,
Crystal (not sure if she has one, sorry Crystal, I forgot to ask), and me!
These ladies are hilarious!!!
I can not remember when I laughed so much in one day – hell in one afternoon.

We all met up at Books-A-Million in Lake Charles, LA for around 10:30ish. I was the first one there. Which means I got to walk around and find me some goodies to bring home with me (and no they were no cute guys to try to take home… so I had to settle for a few cover models, lol).
As I was looking at the *cough* little hidden section of erotic books (yea, they took the hot and steamy books that normally just get grouped with Romance and put the way out in BFE **bon-fuck-Egypt) I noticed that a woman passed me looking very much like Hell Kat from Paranormal Fantasies….. So, I pulled out my phone to text her – what… I am not looking like a stalker, going up to a complete strange and giving her a hug and then introducing myself only to find out that is NOT her…. What and get shot, I dont think so!…. Anyway…. as luck would have it… It was here and her friend!! Yayay for me!

Then after we browsed for a little while.. I began to wonder if Patti had showed up and sneaked in… realizing we never exchanged numbers… Yeah, you guessed it. I had to become the stalker person and “check” everyone out to see if that was her! Well, as luck would have it… when I saw her and she saw me… yayay it was instance success! Then Hannah showed up… And I figured it was Hannah cuz she was talking to Patti!

So the gang was all there!!!! We all made a dash to the java place and got our favorite drinks and went settle down! We had a blast getting to really know one another. I simply cannot wait to do it again… Who says we have to wait a year! Screw that!

Our personalities meshed so well together. We all got along and laughed our asses off. Conversation was all over the place… it was not solely on books or what we read or our blogs…. it was genuinely a very good “girl” time!

We sat and talked until our tummies started growling at us to fed them… Yeah, we sat and talked and hung out for that long!! Hannah was the brave one that went to venture to find us a place to eat… How you might ask… She went up to one of the workers and told them they better tell us the best place for grub or she would beat them up… No I am just joking about that last part… Hold on… Well… Maybe that was me.. Cuz we were hungry, lol!!! Anyway… we all gave credit to the worker at BAM cuz she directed us to one of the best po-boy places we experienced!

I am sorry to say that I forgot to get the pictures of BAM and us in there… and drinking our coffees and all…. Really, I am. But here is one of all of us at Darrell’s (the poboy restaurant)!

And this is what I walked away from Books-A-Million… And oh yeah… they are freaking hot books! I justified it… I have not bought books in a while… So, treat to me!!!!!!!!!!

And then Patti… being the doll she is… Surprised us with some sway items that we got to choose from…. And this is what I got…..

Well, you see that candle in the picture up there…. Patti bought that for me. That was my present!!!! She is awesome! She surely did not have to do that!!!! This is my candle!

Ladies, I had a blast… and canNOT wait to do this again!!!!!!
Hell, it’s only 3 hr drive!!!!
What looks good for you!!!!
It was awesome.
I wish we (the blogging community that we chat with) all lived close enough to all meet up…
Oh man, what an experience that would be for the poor place we picked, lmbo!!!!!
But seriously, this was an awesome thing to do and I am glad that Courtney and I got together on this!!!
And next time… I am spending the night Patti and Hannah -> so make room!!!!!!!

Next time, I will take more pictures… I promise!
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Less than a week away…. Blogger Meet & Greet!!

Okay… I am about to jump out of my skin I am so excited…
For the first time since I have started to blog… more than a year agao…..
I am co-hosting a Blogger Meet & Greet!!!!
You may want to know who the other party involved is (or the other party I dragged into this)…
Hell Kat from Paranormal Fantasies
One day I was over at her place and she had posted that she went to a book signing.
I commented that I was jealous…. She commented back that we were not that far from each other..
Well… Come to find out… She lives in Texas… and…. I live in Louisiana….
The drive to the middle… is only 3 hours!!!!!!!!!!
So, Hell Kat and I are teaming up together to our first (hopefully we will do this every year)
Blogger Meet & Greet!!!!
June 12th 2010
2934 Ryan Street
Lake Charles, LA 70601
We are thinking of maybe meeting up around 10 or 11

This is the gest of what we hope to do…. Grab some coffee, chit chat, eat (I love food)… talk about blogs, books and what not… and of course discuss our delicious obsession with those covers…

just picking… no really… ha!
This is going to be sooo much fun!
We look forward to meeting you!!!!!!
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Bald Face Answers…..

The Truth Shall Set You Free!!!

A while back… yes that long ago… I took part in a game… And I not sure who remembers the game, the truth and the lies… but here goes… Cuz I promised something at the end…
And I never break a promise. I might be late… but never break a promise! =)

Okay…. here are the answers to the mysterious of my life. So, how well do I lie…
Well apparently not to well as most of you saw through the lies…

The “stories” are told first, then the truth comes out….

  1. I absolutely love the winter time; isn’t it the greatest season of all!!

I very much dislike winter! Fall is my favorite season. The leaves changing, the small of the crisp air in my lungs and hellloooo my birthday!!!

  1. I love dogs but have two tabby cats.

I love cats, but I have two puppies… A multi-po and a mini Schnauzer.

  1. I was once on the high school chess team.

Yea in my widest dreams… Well, not my wildest dreams, maybe the if the chest player were playing with my… evil laughter! I have actually never played chess. My hubs loves to play chest.

  1. I love to jam out in the car and I really do not care who sees or what they think.

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! This one is true!! I absolutely love doing this and I do NOT care who watches, hears my music or care what they think of what I am jamming out too!

  1. I am one of the world’s worst dancers. I virtually have two left feet.

I actually have twenty years of dancing experience… Tap, ballet, jazz, pointe, lyrical and hip hop. I started when I was four years old and have continued on and off throughout my whole life.

  1. I am highly allergic to the material books are made out of, that is why I had to get an ereader.

I am allergic to cigarette smoke… but not books. Have you seen my TBR pile, yea ~ didn’t think so. LMBO!

  1. I have had one book published ~ under a pen name of course. Erotic style.

Nooo… no book published… A lot of little short stories here and there.

  1. I am a single mother, raising a 6 yr old daughter

I have a 16 yr old daughter and she is my total world and one of my best friends. I heart her to death! And I am not single ~ I am married.

  1. I use to read my mom’s novels when I was a teenager.

Nope, my mom was never a reader; which is sad. I think everyone should read. I picked up it up on my own!

  1. I have only met one online blogger – since I started a year ago.

This one is true…. I met Silver James last year at a book signing in New Orleans…
((June we are having a Blogger Meet & Greet *Hell Kat watch out, here we come!!!* And Patti…. Labor Day baby!!!!))

Now for those that guessed the right answer…. I will be placing your name in a hat and one lucky winner will receive an email from me!!!!!

The ones that got it right were…. (so you know you are in the running..)

Thanks for coming to my place you guys!!!

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Author Fan Letter Blog Crawl

I have been invited to participate in the Author Fan Letter Blog Crawl from Kassa.
Our goal is to show some much deserved “fan-love” to the authors who have touched our minds and souls like no other person has. To give back just a little of what they give to us!

Yesterday, Ralph from The Dancing Dove went and I got introduced to new to me author!

It is now officially my turn…
*sweat drips from forehead, palms are sweaty and butterflies float in my tummy as I look at my shelf of books and ponder*
I sat here and sat here… and think of all the wonderful authors that I have read their work, come into contact with and just interacted with through the blog world. I think of the different genre’s that I have read and came across. I gawked at my books, I was overwhelmed with the amount of people that I actually have had the privilege of getting to know. All these writers on my shelf have touched me in some way with their writing. They have created worlds for me to escape into and dream the impossible…
So it is with extreme pleasure that I get a chance to express myself to not just one… but three wonderful authors who have shown me a world I never knew existed.
These three ladies have each touched a special place in my reading soul unlike no other and each one leads into other one.
So here goes….

The first author to set off the chain of events in my life:

Dear Ms. Megan Hart,

When I started reading ~ eons ago ~ Sandra Brown was at hot as I got. I thought I hit the mother load of what hot and sexy was all about…. Then life got in the way and I put the books down for my baby… Now my baby has grown into a young lady herself, I am able to pick up my reading again. Twilight came out and I picked that up ~ cuz baby girl and I read it together… After reading it, I craved what I had with Sandra, but loved the new twist, so I began reading paranormal books. I was in heaven ~ or so I thought till someone suggested that I read Megan Hart. I had never heard of you of before. I began my first google search of you. I saw the words that I never thought to see that would entice me ~ erotic novel. Once I entered the world, there was no looking back. I found Stranger; my first hardcover book. Opening the pages, the words started to spill and Grace’s story started to flow – all I could think of was: where have you been all my life.
Since then, my life has not been the same. You brought a reading experience to my life that altered the way I looked at my books and the way I buy my books. The characters you penned were so well written that I felt as if I was in the story with them. The emotion you poured through the veins of your characters had me feeling every single emotion they were going through. Your writing style touched a side of me I thought was buried. It made me see sexy in a whole new light. I give you props for keeping the sexy side very sexy without being raunchy.
And you have set the bar for what I expect to have in my books from now on. However… I have to tell you that your stories do not leave me. Ever! They are caked thick with emotion ~ heart and soul and for that, those stories leave me thinking about them long after I have finished reading the last words. Thank you for bringing Sexy Back!
I thank you for all of your hard work and dedication.
Sincerely a fan forever…

To see more of Ms. Megan… please go visit her website here.

Ms Hart leads me to my next author of props…

Dear Ms. Joey W Hill,
Where do I being…. I had read paranormal before but they were light-weights, then I found erotic novels…. Then I saw a review for The Vampire Queen’s Servant and was totally spellbound. I read the review and knew that I would be testing my comfort level with the reading of this book. A dear friend immediately shipped me her book so I could put my feet in the Joey W Hill baby pool. While waiting for the book to arrive at my doorstep, I stalked your website till I had my fill of all I was in for.
Then lo and behold the book arrived **cue the magical music** I petted the cover for a while ((did not want to do to much petting, the book was not mine)) and then found a nice cozy place in my house and settled in for a night of reading. I know I read this book in a matter of a few days. I could not stop reading it. Jacob and Lyssa’s world engulfed me. Wow… you blew me away. You were my first author that I dipped into the BDSM scene with. You were my first author that I experienced the world of dom/subs. You held my hand through the whole thing and told me that even though it might not be okay at times, that I would learn if I liked it or not. And did I like it… hell yeah!!! I ate it up. I learned more about myself than I was really comfortable admitting to anyone. You did not sugar coat anything for me, you did not hide anything from me. You gave it to me straight and that is how I like it.
Your writing style blew me out of the baby pool and into the deep end without my floaties. Did I drown or stay afloat… well, let’s just say that I floated cuz I have stalked you ever since.
I have only read the vampire series, but I know you have so much more out there that I have yet to touch and devour. But I promise, I will get there one day.
I know your writing is not for everyone and that is something that everyone must learn for themselves. Because all I know is that I freaking love your writing!!!!
Thank you for welcoming me in a world of unknown and making me feel at home. Thank you for being there for me when I stepped out of the comfort zone us readers have and telling me that I was a big girl! LOL! Thank you for being the saucy writer you are! You know I love ya!
Thank you Ms. Joey for all of your hard work and dedication to this art!
Your stalker till the end…. (and Hussy forever)
To find out more about Ms. Joey W Hill, please visit her website here.

Now for my last author…. Ms. Hart gave me erotic, Ms Hill gave me BDSM & dom/sub…. Then this woman… well… This woman… well, let me just write the letter…

Dear Ms. Lissa Matthews,
I found you through the wonderful world of blogging… from one blog click to the next… I stumbled upon your blog spot and knew from the writing on the walls that I had fallen in love… Your covers were the apple of all temptation that I simply could not resist. Then I heard you whispered in my ear that it was okay to stalk you… Oh boy… did you know what you were getting yourself into! Lmbo! I have read your books and can honestly say that all I have to see is your name on the book cover and I immediately get the goose bumps and break out in hot flashes.
In Sweet Caroline, you gave me Buck. Oh, I meant you shared Buck with me. And Caroline is such a woman after my own heart. Your style of writing made me realize that real is what is needed some times. I love that you write your characters as real women. Real sizes, real issues, real problems, but most of all real attitudes. Your women are not the typical heroine of all books… Your women take a stand and some actually leave the hero. And the men have to go after them. I love that you write them with such a backbone that they are not afraid to back down. But you also write them with their insecurities that touches my heart. Because we all struggle with our own problems. You write the characters knowing that they are sexy. But your softer side comes out because you allow the male characters to help teach, coax, help them to discover the other side of their personality. The men bring out a new side to them, not better… just new. The stories you write are told with such a sexual intensity ~ it should come with a warning that you made need some relief after reading. You write with so much passion, that while reading, I have to make sure no one can see my face turn bright red from the fire that is going on within my body from reading your words. Words that are simply on paper… black and white… can ignite into flames and fuse a short wire to explode. Woman you can write… and with Joey Hill holding my hand… Ms. Lissa ~ you have taken my training wheels off when it comes to BDSM and dom/sub. Your books freaking rock apples honey. You give this hussy the smut she needs to survive. You are my crack of book life. I have to have your books, they are my fix. Some people talk of comfy reads… and they are the nice romantic books, my comfy reads are your hot and spicy books!
Stepping out of one’s comfort zone is not always easy, but I am sure as hell glad that I did.
So from the bottom of my smutty hussy heart, I thank you for coming into my little snow globe world an shaking it up!!!
Signed your smut huss stalker ~with much affection and giggles
To find out more about Ms. Lissa Matthews, please go to her website here.

So thank you ladies for your hard work and dedication to given me exactly what I want and need!!

There are eleven letters before mine…. And tomorrow, please go check out Fiction Vixen for the next letter!
To get the whole list… please go here!
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