*Giveaway & Guest Post* The Knight’s Druid by Shannon Albright

            Title: The Knight’s Druid
            Author: Shannan Albright
            Publisher: Evernight Publishing
            Length: 96 Pages
            Sub-Genres: Romance
            Book Three
What’s worse than a pissed off Knight? Colin Hennessy.
Shifter, Knight and quick-tempered Irishman, Colin remembers vividly his past life as Sir Kay. Haunted by the woman he once loved and lost, he has spent his lives searching for his lost love to no avail. Now Arthur is back and his life once again is filled with purpose. Joined by a common goal, he lives only to protect Arthur and his fellow Knights from the twisted, black magic of Mordred.
Juliet Boyd moves among societies rich and pampered, but she holds within her a terrible secret. One Vance Hollister is determined to exploit. Mordred is back in a new skin, now as Vance Hollister and the old evil is alive and well.
Colin and Juliet are unprepared for the flare of attraction that ignites between them from across a moonlit parking lot. Dare she open herself and expose her cursed gift? Can he save Juliet from Vance’s twisted manipulations or will he lose his second chance at love? A showdown between good and evil is coming to a head with Colin and Juliet right in the middle.
“Whatever Vance ordered you to do…don’t even think about it”

Buzz-cut took a step closer, his every move shadowed by his buddy Fugly. “Just what do you think a little thing like you could do?” Buzz-cut laughed.

Juliet pulled hard on the raw power woven through the earth and air. The surge prickled over her skin, crawling over her body like a million ants. Another beat of her heart and an electric buzz raced through her bloodstream making her lightheaded. Building energy this fast was a dangerous thing. It took a great deal of concentration to keep the swelling magic from going wild. Plus the body simply wasn’t built to withstand that much power forced into it. Much like an overloaded circuit board one uncontrolled surge and everything around a ten yard radius fried including the magic user.

Not good.

She would have to use this energy fast before it burned her out, as it stood now the physic backlash was going to be a doozy so she needed to take out both of them before that happened.

“Come and get it, boys,” she gritted out, thrusting her hands out in front of her which pulsed with a 
blue light.

“What the fuck?” Buzz-cut demanded, an edge of unease sharpened his tone.

“You wanted a piece of me, well you got it,” Juliet snapped, the pulsing light surrounding her hands flared white, the air crackled with static. Without warning the energy shot from her hands in two streams, homing in on her two would be attackers.

It hit them in the chest with a hissing crack, throwing them against the door with such force the frame 
cracked and the walls shook. Both men slumped to the floor in a boneless heap unconscious, the sharp tang of ozone filled the room as the energy she summoned reverted back to the elements of earth and air.

“Damn, woman, that was unexpected.” The deep accented voice slid over her exposed nerves, heightening her awareness of the man who suddenly appeared so close to her.

“They didn’t give me much choice now did they?” Juliet snapped tersely, doing her damnedest to keep the world from tilting and the contents of her stomach from coming up.

“Aye, that they didn’t,” he agreed with a pensive look.

His intense regard kicked her pulse up a notch, clenching her hands into tight fists fighting against the irrational urge to stroke a hand over his strong jaw.

“You’re a bit pale perhaps you should sit for a wee bit?”

“A little help would have been nice,” she groused.

“And if there was a need for intervening I would have. You seemed to handle them quite well by yourself. You’re a powerful little thing, I’ve never seen the like and I’ve seen quite a bit in my life.”

Juliet tilted her head and grimaced against the throbbing pain taking up residence in her skull. Even the slightest movement felt like a hatchet cleaving into her skull. To her horror her knees wobbled, threatening to buckle under her. The backlash she dreaded engulfed her. Colin’s voice came from far off, his words made no sense as her vision fractured into black cracks threatening to pull her into the dark abyss.

Dimly she felt herself being lifted, heard Colin’s deep voice mumble something she thought was a curse. He felt so good, his body hard and warm. She laid her cheek against his chest hearing the beat of his heart and let herself fall into the blackness.

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About The Author:
Growing up she was the dreamer in her family, something not always thought of as a positive thing. As a child she would draw and build stories around her pictures, so writing was a natural extension for her. Recently a family member told her that from now on she would encourage those dreamers she knew. Stating with hard work and focus dreams can come true. Shannan Albright is proof that dreaming can be a positive thing.
When not writing she spends her time between oil painting and reading. She loves writing paranormal, urban fantasy, historical and fantasy romances because of the world building and rich characters she finds. She loves dark, edgy heroes and heroines overcoming impossible odds internal and external.
She is a “hopeful” Romantic who believes a healthy relationship built on respect and a strong partnership is the key to a happy ever after.
Shannan Albright

I am an independent woman of the twenty-first century. Like many women of this time I’ve never needed a man to help me with my financial responsibilities or make my life better. Entering into a relationship today should be an enhancement to your life. A counterpart and partner in life who shares the same goals you do. I’ve never considered any of this to be any form of woman’s lib. More an evolution in the way society works, that doesn’t mean I become insulted when a man opens a door for me, or gives me any of the other old fashioned courtesies a man give a woman.
I love being born a female and treated as such by the opposite sex. It’s great to have the freedoms we have. Less than a hundred years ago we got the vote, very different from the times when women were not allowed to own land or run businesses, being thought of more as property than a person.
With this said, there is one thing which always gets my hackles up. Why do we still believe with it comes to illicit affairs it’s always the woman’s fault? One of the reasons why I did this trilogy was to right a wrong, as I perceive it to be. In all things it takes two to make an argument and there is more than one point of view.
Gwenivere is a much maligned character. Very few stories spin her in a positive light and I wanted to explore the reasons why she cheated on Arthur and the distinction to be the reason for the demise of Camelot. As with most literary classics this concept of Gwenivere came from a male perspective and was strongly influenced by the times in which the author of Le Morte d’authur, Sir Thomas Malorylived.
I pick on him simply because his version is the one most commonly used, and can be seen in the many renditions which made it to the silver screen. I wanted to find out what her side would be. Since I couldn’t very well ask her or Lancelot there take on this I had to deduct what logically would have gone on in her head.
Personally, I believe if a person commits adultery it is a matter for them to deal with, certainly not me. I am more interested in the reasons why such a thing would happen than the actual act. I think there must have been a serious underlying problem with the relationship, which made her vulnerable to falling for Lancelot. The fact such an affair would be considered high treason, paid for with their life is a healthy deterrent in my book for not taking such a fatal step.
I don’t think adultery would have been in her character for she is always depicted as a beloved Queen of the people. One of high moral standards, which do not jive with the adulterous act she committed. It smacks of desperation and loneliness and this makes much more sense to me than the falling in love scenario. Sure, she fell in love with Lancelot, but I don’t believe this is the reason she finally surrendered to the attraction.  In those times the King was a very busy man with many responsibilities and little time for his himself and his family. The fact the union never bared any offspring is telling to me, indicating he had little time for his wife in and out of the marriage bed.
Then here comes Lancelot, dashing, handsome and very much the hero. The problem is he is a foreigner. Being French in Brittan he probably met hostility and distrust everywhere he went and especially with the established knights. Lonely for any form of friendship he could get I can see where he and Gwenivere would have been drawn to each other, both lonely beings in a world of antagonism and indifference they would ultimately form a deeper relationship than what was proper.
All the elements are in play for a tragic love story, but what happens in the past does not necessarily mean it will be repeated in the future and people do learn by their mistakes. Yeah, I’m a hapless optimist so shoot me. I wanted to end the trilogy with a positive note that whatever the past maybe a person can rise above circumstance and learn to forgive and have a complete life filled with happiness.
So with the Kings Lady I brought all the elements of the past tragedy together and let them rise above it all with no regrets or lingering doubts. The way things should have been. 

           Title: Beloved Wizard
            Author: Shannan Albright
            Publisher: Evernight Publishing
            Length: 70 Pages
            Sub-Genres: Romance
            Book One


            Merci Tramaine is not happy to be called back into service by her old boss Arthur, especially when she is charged to find her missing ex-lover. Drake Monroe is Merlin reincarnated. With his powers bound by the Goddess Nimue, he has become a skilled fighter, but is no match for Nimue who kidnapped him, determined to destroy him forever.

The bloodline of Morgan Le Fey taints Merci, keeping her on the edge between light and dark. The goddess’s wicked trap springs shut, leaving both Drake and Merci racing against the clock. Passions ignite once again, but are they too late to plan a future or will they be torn from each other?
This time for eternity.


            Title: The King’s Lady
            Author: Shannan Albright
            Publisher: Evernight Publishing
            Sub-Genres: Romance
            Arthur Penner is more than happy to aid a lady in need of help, especially if the woman is targeted by his nemesis Vance Hollister. The fact the lady in question turns out to be not only a powerful witch, but a gorgeous red head with a wealth of curves that don’t quit? Even better.
What he isn’t prepared for is the discovery that the woman just happens to be his reincarnated Queen Gwenivere, and worse, she has no memory of who he is.
His well-ordered life is crumbling around him as yet another surprise turns up in the form of his reincarnated sister. It seems the past is swallowing him whole, forcing him to let go of previous betrayals and trust once more.
Gwen McAllister finds herself between a rock and a hard spot. Drawn to the quiet strength and confidence of Arthur. It isn’t until her memories are savagely restored by a vengeful goddess that she realizes who she is and the bitter betrayal she caused. Even her familiar, a mouthy Himalayan named Salt seems to be against her, demanding she trust the very man she destroyed with her life.
A new threat is rising, one which will plunge the world they know into darkness. To defeat an old enemy they must depend on each other and learn to forgive. A tall order and time is running out. Can they let go of the past and embrace the promise of a future or will they lose everything in the ultimate battle between good and evil?
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Growing up she was the dreamer in her family, something not always thought of as a positive thing. As a child she would draw and build stories around her pictures, so writing was a natural extension for her. Recently a family member told her that from now on she would encourage those dreamers she knew. Stating with hard work and focus dreams can come true. Shannan Albright is proof that dreaming can be a positive thing.
When not writing she spends her time between oil painting and reading. She loves writing paranormal, urban fantasy, historical and fantasy romances because of the world building and rich characters she finds. She loves dark, edgy heroes and heroines overcoming impossible odds internal and external.
She is a “hopeful” Romantic who believes a healthy relationship built on respect and a strong partnership is the key to a happy ever after.
Shannan Albright

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*Spotlight & Giveaway* Dark Flight by Cassi Carver *Bewitching Tours*

fThe Shadow Slayers, Book 3
Cassi Carver
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Date of Publication: May 21,2013
ISBN: 978-1-61921-550-4
Number of pages: 263 pages
Word Count: 83,000
Cover Artist: Angela Waters
Amazon   BN   Samhain

In a world of shadows, a pure heart can be the most dangerous weapon of all.
Kara has been training for months to help take down Brakken—the merciless black-wing who is making life hell for the Demiáre. But when Julian discovers a scout has been tracking Kara, he wants her out of the fight—even if it means breaking her heart in the process.
Gavin isn’t much better. He’s already lost so much to Brakken and has no intention of allowing the woman he loves to be the next sacrifice. He and Julian have their hands full trying to fight Brakken’s army and keep Kara safe, especially after her recent visit to the mythical white-wings. Since her return, she’s been acting decidedly…strange.
With a terrible battle looming, Kara doesn’t have time to think about her conflicted feelings for Gavin and Julian—or the fact that she’s developed an unnatural taste for Gavin’s blood. But if she thought it was complicated evading mysterious scouts and fending off vicious black-wings, she’s learning that’s nothing compared to loving two strong-willed men.
Product Warnings:
This book contains angels that aren’t what they seem, a heroine with mad midwifery skills, and a metamorphosis that will change life as we knew it.

Dark Flight Excerpt
Copyright © 2012 Cassi Carver

All rights reserved — a Samhain Publishing, Ltd. publication

Kara dropped into a crouch behind the leaves of a giant bird of paradise as her claws silently pushed through the tips of her fingers. Her thigh muscles burned from the continued strain, but they could catch fire for all she cared. He wasn’t going to get her. Not this time.
When the sound of furtive footsteps approached, crunching softly through the thick, tropical undergrowth, Kara grabbed onto a low-lying branch and swung herself up, then quickly scaled the side of the tree. Her heart beat full-throttle, hammering so hard she hoped he couldn’t hear it. But if his hearing was that good, even the shallow breaths she took might give her away.
The buckskin-clad shape came closer. Head to toe, he wore a suit made of animal skin with a leaf pattern hand-drawn on the material. It was a hunting suit. But Kara didn’t feel like being hunted tonight.
She waited until he was directly under the tree where she hid. His chest and back were strapped with weapons that slowed him just enough to put him at a disadvantage. With a silent, decisive breath, Kara leapt.
Claws extended, she pounced on his back from above, flattening him to the ground under her, crushing a mass of fern fronds under his thick chest. She pulled a knife from his back strap and held it to his throat.
Smiling, she leaned down to whisper above his hooded ear, “Give up, big guy?” If it came out a little throaty and seductive, she couldn’t help it. Victory was a major turn-on. But then again, when it came to Gavin Cross, just breathing the same air was enough to get her hot and bothered.
He shifted under her, and his hulking body had no problem moving her with him. With her knees straddling his hips, she lifted up to allow him to roll onto his back.
“Lady Kara…” the man began, “you have need of me?”
Kara dropped the knife and jumped off, falling to one knee and clobbering a sprig of wild orchids in the clumsy maneuver. “Who the hell are you?”
“Patrick. You don’t remember me?” The warrior sat up and searched her eyes for a moment, but then his confusion cleared, as though he’d finally caught on to what was afoot. “Ah, you really don’t remember me, do you? You simply have need of a man. I don’t mind, my lady. I would be honored to service you.”
It still bothered Kara that his offer lit fuses all up and down her body. If she hadn’t grown up as a regular gal, she probably would have taken him up on his offer. Right here. Right now. Already, his substantial interest was growing.
She stood and brushed the debris from her black jeans. “I’m so sorry, Patrick. I really didn’t intend to…jump you. Lord Gavin and I are doing training exercises out here, and I thought you were him. You may want to hunt somewhere else until we’re finished.” When his brows rose, she added, “Finished training.”
Patrick stood, assessing her with a wry smile, then he retrieved his knife and returned it to its sheath. “Lord Gavin, you say? But he was the one who ordered the hunt.”
“He did what?” But just as she said it, something slammed into her from behind, carrying her blindingly fast through the maze of trees and vines until the blurred image of a clearing appeared.
In the next instant, she crashed into the tall grass face first and rolled onto her back—or was flipped, more like it. The hulking form above her blocked out the light of the moon with his massive silver wings. Her back pushed into the soggy soil, the moisture soaking through her shirt, and a root of some sort pressed against her ribs.
She glared up at Gavin, but with only an inch separating them, his hazel eyes were huge, eclipsing everything else in her vision, and his grin seemed to stretch as wide as his wings. “Gotcha.”
“What was that?” she demanded, but it was hard to yell at him with his lips so close to hers.
He brought a hand to her neck and ran his finger slowly across her throat. “If I had a knife, you’d be dead. I win again.”
Kara’s hands found his waist of their own volition. “No you don’t. You cheated. You sent a horny hunter into our training ground. I thought he was you!”
His breath was sweet and spicy, and the corners of his eyes crinkled with soft lines as he smiled. “Cheating is irrelevant when it comes to life and death, princess. Don’t expect integrity from those who want you dead.”
Her hands raked over the bare skin covering his ribs, until she curled her fingers into her palms to keep from touching him again. “Okay, that one doesn’t count.”
Gavin laughed and pulled her to her feet. “It counts. That’s three hundred sixteen for me and seven for you.”
“Shit,” she ground out. “Let’s try again.”
He reached out and adjusted her damp black T-shirt so that it lay smoothly against her chest. “You’re not ready, Kara.”
She batted his hand away. “So I can’t flash like a silver-wing. That doesn’t mean I’m defenseless.” 
She’d killed his brother, who was incredibly strong for a silver-winged fallen angel—but she didn’t think there would ever be a right moment to throw that in Gavin’s face. Besides, he’d just tell her that his brother hadn’t been an almost invincible black-wing like the beast they were planning to bring down now.
“We’ve done enough for one night. Let me take you home. It must be almost three pm in San Diego, and you said you had to work tonight.”
Now that Kara was officially part of the Mercury Clan—a band of more than three hundred fallen angel hybrids—Gavin had finally confided that Mercury Island was located in the Seychelles chain of islands. Albeit, with all the wards and defenses, there wasn’t a good chance of a fisherman or passing cruise ship catching on to that fact.
Being halfway around the world from San Diego, it was almost twelve hours off from where she called home. Three pm in San Diego meant she’d kept Gavin up all night here on Mercury Island.
“Yeah, I do have to work. And you need to get some rest.”
He wrapped his arms around her, preparing to flash. “Have you thought about my offer?” As he asked, they began to dissolve. He carried her through the inky tar, and a moment later, they were standing on the balcony off her living room overlooking downtown San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter.
She let the nausea and the boneless feeling pass before she answered. “I can’t.”
He growled and released her. “No lady of the Mercury Clan needs to work. I have enough resources to keep you comfortable from now until the Armageddon. Did I ever mention that Teras’s daughter working at a bar for minimum wage and paltry tips is just plain absurd?”
“Only about a dozen times. Don’t you ever get tired of this subject, Daddy Warbucks? I know I do.”
“Your father was my king, Kara. How can I hold my head high when I’m not caring for his only daughter?”
Kara reached up—way up, given Gavin’s six-foot-seven-inch frame—and patted his cheek. The dark blond stubble along his jaw was just starting to poke through and it tickled her palm. “You’re so cute when you go all protect-and-provide on me, but I gotta get ready for work now. Bye.” When she wiggled her fingers in farewell and turned to enter the apartment, Gavin slapped her on the rump. She yelped and dashed into the living room.
“Brat!” he called after her, and then he flashed.
And with the sting his hand left on her ass, he was lucky he did.
She growled and swallowed down her body’s reaction to her golden-haired protector. Since her lover, 
Julian, had called things off three weeks ago, bringing Kara’s sex life to a screeching halt, her starving body couldn’t handle even grappling or sparring with Gavin without her wanting to unstrap his weapons belt to unsheathe his broadsword.
She sat hard on the edge of the sofa and ran a hand over the side of her throbbing backside. What if she did quit her job? What if she took her place on the island as a lady of the clan? What would it be like to trade her boots and jeans for island wear and an ever-present supply of men eager to do her bidding?
As it was, she wondered how long could she pine for Julian, hoping he’d reconsider—and not just for the sake of her broken, humiliated heart, but also for how effective his attention was at helping her control her raging libido.
Truth was, females of Kara’s kind didn’t do well with abstinence once they’d reached her age. Hell, they didn’t even attempt it. And now more than ever Kara could see why.
She began to pull off her boots, but her face was angled toward the balcony window, pointing towards Mercury Island however many thousands of miles away. “Celibacy sucks!” she shouted.
But unfortunately, rolling around with Gavin Cross in a totally different exercise couldn’t happen until they’d accomplished their primary objective—sending that black-wing bastard Brakken to the Abyss before he got hold of Gavin’s only child.


Shadow Rising
The Shadow Slayers, Book 2
Cassi Carver
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Date of Publication:
September 25, 2012-digital
August 6, 2013-print
ISBN-10: 1619213648
ISBN-13: 978-1619213647
Number of pages: 272 pages, print
Word Count: 82,000
Cover Artist: Angela Waters
Amazon    BN     Samhain   Sony
Book Description:
Her lover is back from the dead…but now there’s hell to pay.
When Kara Reed learns her bondmate, Julian, is truly dead, and that Gavin has seemingly skipped town, she figures things have hit rock bottom. But soon, a string of bizarre accidents has her doubting those closest to her. And to make matters worse, the demon-king’s brand carved into her best friend Abbey’s stomach is deteriorating by the day.
Then a powerful coven of witches issues Kara an ultimatum. Bring them the blood of a true fallen angel—the only thing that will heal Abbey—or die. Kara would do anything to help her friend. Problem is, the only fallen angel she’s seen lately is the disoriented black-wing who attacked her scouts. One who looks suspiciously like Julian. Getting his blood might be easier if he was more interested in kissing her than killing her.
Caught between a coven of vengeful witches and a murderous dead lover, Kara must deliver the blood, heal the slow poison of Abbey’s brand, and save Julian from being consumed by the Abyss. But to do this, she may need the help of the one man she swore never to trust again…Gavin.
Product Warnings:
This book contains an angry demon returning from the dead, a clan lord hiding a terrible secret, and a hunted heroine cracking open a can of whoop-ass. Watch out for creepy kitties, exploding bad guys, and some very sudsy shower sex.

Slayer’s Kiss
The Shadow Slayers, Book 1
Cassi Carver
Genre: Erotic Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Date of Publication: Feb 14, 2012-digital, Feb 5, 2013-print
ISBN-10: 1609288947
ISBN-13: 978-1609288945
Number of pages: 272
Word Count: 86,000
Cover Artist: Angela Waters
Amazon   BN   Sony     Samhain
Book Description: 
When the past flies in your face, clip its wings.
Slayer’s Kiss , The Shadow Slayers, Book 1
Kara Reed is a supernatural failure. But where her magic falls short, her fists get the job done. The criminal element doesn’t stand a chance once she hits San Diego’s dark streets. 
When two smoking-hot tenants move in next door, she thinks her love life might finally be heating up. Just being near Gavin and Julian is enough to make her want to offer her body on a platter.
Gavin and Julian know it’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out. They’re fallen angels sent to watch over the king’s daughter, one of the last females of her kind. Trouble is, she doesn’t seem to think she needs watching—unless they’re watching her shimmy out of her clothes.
No matter how tempting her guardians, Kara’s not about to let anything stop her from tracking down a sadistic killer who carves into his victims and leaves them for dead. Even when she realizes her target may be the very scourge of heaven from which her angels swore to protect her…
Product Warnings:
Contains a kick-ass heroine with a foul mouth, a kind heart and a raging libido, and two fallen angel warriors who wouldn’t have her any other way. Watch out for sex in the clouds, a magical island of hedonism and a love triangle that gives new meaning to the term “hot-wings”. 

Cassi Carver lives in sunny Southern California with two dogs, four kids, five chickens, and one hubby who gives great massages. She gets to San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter for research (okay, happy hour) as often as possible. She’s never saved the world, but she keeps sexy boots on hand just in case the opportunity arises.
When Cassi isn’t busy plotting or writing, she enjoys reading, spending time with family and friends, caring for pets, getting outdoors, and watching sappy movies that deliver reliably happy endings.
Website: cassicarver.com
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*Author Interview & Giveaway* Prima: The Vanguards Book 6 by Annie Nicholas *Bewitching Tours*


The Vanguards Book 6
Annie Nicholas
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Number of pages: 150
Word Count:  44, 000
Cover Artist: Hailey Edwards
One year ago, Sugar survived a wolf shifter attack but it had left her broken.  Paralyzed on the left side, she fights for independence in her day-to-day life. Her worst injuries are the scars on her soul. She can’t bear who she has become and it drives her to push her vampire lover, Daedalus, away. How could he still love her when she is just a shadow of herself? But a new threat on Daedalus’s life yanks away her veil of self-pity and she resolves to help him.
The vampire council sends an emissary to Daedalus. His clan brother, another Nosferatu, hands him an ultimatum. Return to his post as Prime in Pal Robi or he’ll kill Sugar and her shifter friends. Daedalus has brought enough trouble into Sugar’s life. He won’t be responsible for more, so he agrees to leave Chicago.
To both warriors surprise, Sugar’s not willing to remain behind, and with her own shifter guards she’s ready to assist Daedalus regain control of Pal Robi.

Ladies and Gents of the Lair, I am very happy to say that Ms. Annie has sat down with me to get down and naughty!!! Let’s see how this went down! 😉

Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself…. Something that we cannot Google about you, lol!
Hmm…I’m a mother of two boys. I’m originally from Montreal, Canada but I live in Vermont now. I’ve also been a critical care nurse for twenty years this May. J

Tell us a little about your book?

Prima is the last book of The Vanguards series. Anyone who has read these books knows Sugar and Daedalus were the original hero and heroine of the first book, but like any real relationship, their problems don’t end with ‘I love you.’ They have been part of every book after the first, not as main characters, but in the background where the reader can see them evolving. In Prima they are the hero and heroine once more so they can tackle the issues plaguing them for five books. I have to admit that I loved writing it and may have cried at the end.

How much emotion does it take from you to write?
I write very deep.  My first instinct is to write my stories in first person as if I’m the one experiencing it all. It can be draining and I’ve been known to procrastinate on writing certain parts because I know it will hurt.  (*cough* Release *cough*)

What is your favorite part of the book?
I have introduced a new character in this book, Daedalus’ clan brother Pallas. I really enjoy when they are together. They have a very strong love-hate relationship.

You can only pick 3 words for your main characters..what would they be?
Sugar: Quiet, strong, and assertive.
Daedalus: Scary, smart, and confident.

Which was the easiest character to write and the hardest ~ and why??
The easiest was Pallas because he was new and darker than the others I’ve written. He just doesn’t give a crap about anything.
The hardest was Sugar. *sigh* I put her through the wringer over the last two books. She’s been almost dead in the ICU, attacked by shifters, and now she’s partially paralyzed. It’s hard to write a character who hates you. LOL  But it was all worth it.

How many books are you shooting for in this series??
This is the last of six, but there is a spin-off in the works titled Vanguards Elite. That’s all I’m willing to leak.

What are you currently working on?
I am working on the third book of The Angler series titled Release. Connie Bence is at it once more and she needs to pull her bacon out the fire in this book.

Do you have anything due to release soon?
July 31st Scent of Salvation is coming. Every writer has a book of their heart and Scent is mine. A first book in my new series based on an alternate world where the shifters are feral, the vampires are blood thirsty, and the incubi are to die for…literally. They’re not plagued by human conscience because they’ve never been human, let alone ever heard of one.
I want to jump up and down when I think about it.

What’s one thing that you enjoy about writing?
Writing sets my imagination free. It’s also great therapy.

Since we’re cover hussies….what was your first impression of your cover?

That is was perfect. The background city of this cover is the same as the first book, which has Daedalus on the cover. It’s a great match and the girl is exactly how I pictured Sugar.

What do you prefer ebooks or paperbacks?
Ebooks. I own so many books that I’m running out of space. The ebooks keep the clutter down and I can carry so many with me when I travel.

Is there a genre you would like to write but are a little apprehensive to try?
I’d love to write science fiction. It’s my first love.

Okay…. personal time!!!! Oh yeah, I go there… Hahah…

If you thought you were safe… Nah… Forgot it… Not a chance! We will start off slow and easy, I promise!

What is on your night stand/dresser?

An Xbox controller, tv remote, and my iPhone.

What are you listening to you right now?
Johnny Cash (Google him those too young to know him. LOL)

What are you reading right now?
The Gathering Storm by Robert Jordan.

What is your favorite season? Holiday?
I love summer. Is it bad if I say my birthday?  It’s in July and we always go do something fun.

And what has been your best b-day present ever??
Last year, my family gave me this huge camping tent. It’s like a mansion made of material. I can’t wait to use it again.

Hard and Quick Time! Don’t think… Just answer! Okay, before we go this route, I will get us a refill on our drinks… I will be right back…

You know you do… Quickie time… Think fast….
Are you a quickie kind girl?

Dark or Milk Chocolate?
Milk Chocolate
Whipped or Melted?
Straight up or with a twist – sex?
Straight up
What’s ur fave drink – in a glass or on him?
Pepsi in a glass
Spank or Flogger?
Junk or Health Food?
Ties or Chains?
Leather or Lace?
Soft or Hard… Bed, where was your mind?
Control or Be Controlled?
Hot Wax or Whip Cream?
Whipped Cream
Vampire or Werewolf?
Twitter and/or Facebook?
Pinterest or not?

About the Author:
Annie Nicholas hibernates in the rural, green mountains of Vermont where she dreams of different worlds, heroes, and heroines. When spring arrives the stories pour from her, in hopes to share them with the masses one day. Mother, daughter, wife are some of the hats she happily wears while trudging after her cubs through the hills and dales. The four seasons an inspiration and muse.

Ms. Annie is allowing me to give away one eCopy of
Prima to one lucky commenter!
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*Spotlight & Giveaway* Werewolves Be Damned; Magic and Mayhem, Book One by Stacey Kennedy *Bewitching Tours*

Werewolves Be Damned

Magic and Mayhem, Book One
Stacey Kennedy

Genre: Urban Fantasy Romance
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Date of Publication: April 15, 2013
ISBN: 9781622661046
Number of pages: 267

Nexi Jones—part witch, part guardian, and wannabe kick-ass warrior—can’t throw a punch or conjure the simplest magic. But that doesn’t stop her from hunting the werewolves who slaughtered her human family. She’ll have her revenge, but only if Kyden, the elite guardian, would get the hell out of her way.

Kyden can’t decide if Nexi wants to get herself killed or if she just has no clue what she’s doing. But her father made it clear: keep Nexi safe…or else. Of course, the more Nexi runs toward revenge, the more she needs Kyden’s aid, and as she grows into her power and confidence, so does his desire to protect her. The only problem? She’d rather he dropped dead.

But when a vampire paints a bull’s-eye on Nexi’s back, she’s hard-pressed to deny Kyden and the help he’s offering. Even if it means getting her revenge will be a little bit harder. At least it will still be as sweet.


I’ve found you, fur ball.

Nexi peered from behind the large oak tree and spotted the small log cabin nestled in the thick forest. The porch light cast a warm glow into the night. Fog settled over the lush grass, and the night was dark, eerie.

Stepping away from her hiding place behind the tree, she strode forward and gripped the dagger tightly in her hand. Keeping the silver blade pointed outward, she climbed the cabin’s porch steps, taking each one slowly to avoid detection.

Once she arrived at the front door, she wrapped her hand around the door handle. Rich hunger for revenge burned in her veins and made her intent on one thing: to slaughter the werewolf who escaped the night of her parents’ murder. Not caring what awaited her, she stormed inside, dagger pointed, ready to kill.

The simple cabin had two large brown couches near a wood-burning stove, a kitchenette behind the living room, and a quilt-covered bed resting in the back. And that was it; there were no other rooms to investigate. No secret hiding places she could see.

No damned werewolf.

She cursed, shut the front door behind her, then trotted down the steps to return to her hiding spot. On her way across the yard, she glanced at the space to the right of the tree, which looked much like a heat wave, indicating that the portal to the Otherworld remained.

In some places around the world—or the Earthworld, as supernaturals had called it—there were permanent portals to the supernatural realm. This portal had only appeared because Nexi had travelled to this cabin from the Otherworld. Once she passed through the portal again, the gateway would vanish.

Magic had its perks. Quick travel was one of them.

Nexi shook her head at how normal all this magical stuff seemed now. Just over a month ago she’d never believed in anything that went bump in the night. Now she knew all those things existed, and in fact, she was one of them.

To her horror, she had learned that her birth mother, Tillie, had been murdered by a power-hungry vampire, Lazarus.  All those years ago, her birth father, Drake, had protectively decided to block Nexi’s supernatural abilities. He had planned for her to live and die as a mortal. Now with her return to the Otherworld and the removal of the block on her true identity, there was no going back.

She was no longer plain, human, Nexi Jones.

She was Nexi Jones, part guardian, part witch.

Looking away from the portal and to her hiding spot until the werewolf returned, she hurried her steps. She wasn’t ready to return to the Otherworld yet. Not until she had the werewolf’s head as her wall ornament would she dare go home.

Just as she neared the tree, a woodsy scent that had nothing to do with the forest mixed with the citrusy aroma of aftershave. A blink of an eye later, the dagger she held was now at her throat, a hard body closed in on her back.

“You smelled lovely when you arrived.” The low voice by her ear held a faint English accent. “But I never imagined you’d be so pretty.”

The blade pressed into her skin, not drawing blood, but implying that if the werewolf chose, she’d be destined for the grave. “I’m…”

“Going to explain yourself.” He lowered the dagger, took hold of her arm, and jerked her forward.

In a few short strides, the werewolf tossed her through the threshold of the cabin, and slammed the door behind them. He sauntered to the couch, sat down, and regarded her. “Now then, darlin’.” His olive skin was stunningly flawless, and his chocolate-colored hair was spiked tall. “Why would a pretty lass like yourself plan to attack me?”

“Don’t move.” That charm wouldn’t fool her. “Stay right where you are.”

“My mouth is the only thing moving.” His slanted amber eyes raked over her. “Would you like me to stop talking?”

“No.” She hesitated then added, “Only your mouth can move. Nothing else. Tell me what you know.”
He gave her a long look. “I’d be glad to tell you anything you’d like, love.”

His kind face and soft voice wouldn’t trick her. He was a werewolf. She was certain, which was another oddity.

After the block on her supernatural abilities had been lifted, she could identify a supernatural creature as if knowing the difference between a brunette and a redhead. “Tell me why you killed my family.”

“That’s an interesting accusation.” He cocked his head, studying her with a frown. “But I think the more important question is who are you?”

She lifted her chin. “The lass who’s going to cut off your furry wolf balls.”

Stacey Kennedy is an urban fantasy lover at heart, but she also enjoys losing herself in dark and sensual worlds. She lives in southwestern Ontario with her husband, who gave her a happily-ever-after. Together, they have two small children who can always make her smile, and who will never be allowed to read Mommy’s books. If she’s not plugging away at a new story, you’ll find her camping, curling up with the latest flick, or obsessing over Sons of Anarchy and Game of Thrones.

Amazon Author Page –

Stacey is allowing me to giveaway 1 eCopy of Werewolves Be Damned!
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*Virtual Book Tour/Author Interview* Mutual Release by Liz Crowe *Goddess Fish Tour*

Liz Crowe

Disclaimer:  This is an 18+ book with erotic BDSM scenes and explicit language. 
Can two dark souls ever make a light?
As president of her own distribution company, Julie Dawson has all she ever wanted — money, power, and respect. But her carefully crafted façade conceals a  torment of abuse and helplessness.  After years remaining emotionally aloof, she is finally independent, but alone. Because she refuses to rely on anyone but herself ever again.
Evan Adams is no stranger to success, or personal demons. The horrific trauma that destroyed his twin sister, and tore his family apart, forced him to craft a new life from the ashes of the old. He’s content enough, focusing ahead and not dwelling on his murky past. But something important is missing. He knows what that thing is but refuses to acknowledge it.
When a chance encounter brings these two strong-willed but damaged people together , what seems like a long, erotic journey through hell could lead them to a match made in heaven.
 A coming of age novel about trust…on the long road to love. 


Ladies and gents of the Lair, I am very happy to say that Ms. Crowe agreed to sit with me a spell and answer some questions, lol…. Let’s see what she has to say!

Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself…. Something that we cannot Google about you, lol!
Sorry, I’m all out there, between owning a microbrewery, blogging about beer and being a published author there is very little many people don’t already know or can’t Google.
I’m a giant sports fan, soccer is my favorite following quickly by basketball and then football. Louisville Cardinals are my fav team!  I have an English degree, 3 kids, 2 standard poodles, a mostly messy house, and HATE to cook.  Oh wait, here’s a new one: I have a nearly irrational terror of rodents which includes all the kinds you might want as pets. Ick.

Tell us a little about your book? Mutual Release is the 7th book in my best selling Stewart Realty series but I wrote it as a stand alone or entry to the entire series. It is my longest novel yet and begins when my 2 protagonists are in their teens, then brings them forward to when they meet as adults.

How much emotion does it take from you to write?  I’m a marathon writer, meaning I can’t just scratch (or tap) out a few words here and there, leave the project and come back in a few days or weeks. A concept grabs me thanks to my sexy Muse, Hans, and I go with it until it’s done (or my kids are reduced to eating crumbs in the pantry and planning a mutiny.) It takes a LOT out of me. But it’s all good.

What is your favorite part of the book?  Wow—this book contains so many moments I adore.  Here are a few that readers can choose from: the first meeting and email exchange.  New York at Thanksgiving. Miami Beach at New Year’s Eve. The Tap Room wedding…the Epilogue which gives a MAJOR HINT as to a huge plot twist for book 8.

You can only pick 3 words for your main characters..what would they be?
Evan Adams: driven, devoted, sexy
Julie Dawson: focused, independent, lonely

Which was the easiest character to write and the hardest ~ and why??
I devoted an entire section of the book to each character, dug deep into their pasts and motivations and points of view. I’d say they were both easy and hard at different times as I guided them past their traumas into each other’s arms (then out again….but you’ll see)

How many books are you shooting for in this series?? There are already 6:
The Jack and Sara Trilogy: Floor Time/Sweat Equity/Closing Costs
Blake and Rob’s story: Essence of Time
Craig and Suzanne’s story: Conditional Offer
The Aftermath of Essence of Time (also Maureen Gordon Taylor’s story): Escalation Clause
There will be one more after this one that will be “the kids” of all these people, but primarily focus on Brandis Gordon and his lifelong friends Gabe and Blair Freitag. It will be a difficult book about addictive personalities and how they can rip families apart no matter how much you love the person in question.
There is also an offshoot series planned, about an expansion soccer league and team: The Black Jack Gentlemen that is planned as trilogy with a fall 2013 release date.

What are you currently working on? Good Faith, the final book in the Stewart Series, as well as a couple of projects in the soccer series and a mainstream novel. Oh, and beer.

Do you have anything due to release soon?  Mutual Release just came out, Good Faith will release at the end of 2013. The Black Jack Gentlemen trilogy releases fall 2013.

What’s one thing that you enjoy about writing? Coming up with ways to break the “romance novel” rules.

Since we’re cover hussies….what was your first impression of your cover?  Abject adoration.

What do you prefer ebooks or paperbacks? I read both, no real preference.
Is there a genre you would like to write but are a little apprehensive to try? My mainstream novel will be a departure for me: a bit of a sexy political thriller, more plot driven than anything I’ve tried yet.

Okay…. personal time!!!! Oh yeah, I go there… Hahah…

If you thought you were safe… Nah… Forgot it… Not a chance! We will start off slow and easy, I promise!

What is on your night stand/dresser? A bunch of hats from the Ky Derby (I go every year), some clean yoga shorts and a jewelry box.

What are you listening to you right now? Pandora, Muse Radio.

What are you reading right now? I’m actually reading several things. My own book Essence of Time to get some of the kids’ timeline right for Good Faith. A book I agreed to review for a blog tour: Divine Fury by Robert B. Lowe. I’m listening to “Lamb: the Gospel of Biff, Jesus’s Childhood Pal” but Christopher Moore in the car. And I have Barbara Kingsolver’s new one sitting on my desk ready to read. 
I read across genres but don’t read sweet or traditional romance.

What is your favorite season? Holiday? Christmas because it’s a week before my birthday and I grew up a preacher’s kid so it was a VERY BIG DEAL at my house. 
  But I love spring time, especially in Michigan because we by-god earn it.

And what has been your best b-day present ever?? The Macbook Air I’m typing on right now.

Hard and Quick Time! Don’t think… Just answer! Okay, before we go this route, I will get us a refill on our drinks… I will be right back…

You know you do… Quickie time… Think fast….
Are you a quickie kind girl? Not typically unless he’s nice and rough. (Oh, did you mean…? Never mind) Otherwise, long, drawn out and leaving me exhausted.

Dark or Milk Chocolate? Darker the better

Whipped or Melted? Melted

Straight up or with a twist – sex? With several twists.

What’s ur fave drink – in a glass or on him? Beer. In a glass. With him.

Spank or Flogger? Spank

Junk or Health Food? Beer

Ties or Chains? Ties

Leather or Lace? Leather

Soft or Hard… Bed, where was your mind? Hard
Control or Be Controlled? Control

Hot Wax or Whip Cream? Hot wax

Vampire or Werewolf? Neither. I don’t care for paranormal stuff.

Twitter and/or Facebook? Both

Pinterest or not? Yes.


 Microbrewery owner, best-selling author, beer blogger and journalist, mom of three teenagers, and soccer fan, Liz lives in the great Midwest, in a major college town. Years of experience in sales and fund raising, plus an eight-year stint as an ex-pat trailing spouse, plus making her way in a world of men (i.e. the beer industry), has prepped her for life as erotic romance author.
When she isn’t sweating inventory and sales figures for the brewery, she can be found writing, editing or sweating promotional efforts for her latest publications.
Her groundbreaking romance subgenre, “Romance for Real Life,” has gained thousands of fans and followers who are interested less in the “HEA” and more in the “WHA” (“What Happens After?”)
Her beer blog a2beerwench.com is nationally recognized for its insider yet outsider views on the craft beer industry. Her books are set in the not-so-common worlds of breweries, on the soccer pitch and in high-powered real estate offices. Don’t ask her for anything “like” a Budweiser or risk painful injury.

 Liz is having this awesome giveaway deal… Look below to see what is being given away!!

1st Prize:  Signed set of first 6 books (Includes all books in the series *except for* Mutual Release)
2nd Prize:  boxed set of first 3 Stewart Realty ebooks  (Floor Time, Sweat Equity, Closing Costs)
3rd Prize:  Zazzle store Stewart swag pack (including canvas tote bag, mug, t-shirt, keychain)

I encourage you to follow the tour and comment; the more you comment, the better your chances of winning. The tour dates can be found here:  http://goddessfishpromotions.blogspot.com/2013/02/virtual-tour-mutual-release-by-liz-crowe.html

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*Giveaway & Excerpt* The Soother (The Brennan Coven Trilogy #2) by Dark Minds

The Soother

(The Brennan Coven Trilogy #2)

Calliope the Soother is a witch devotingher life to easing the pain and misery of others, drawing out the darkness andreplacing it with light.

A powerful wizard by birthright, KrystoffDubhar’s tainted blood carries shadows destined to possess his mind and soul.Only with outlawed, dangerous blood magick can he hold the shadows at bay.

In the shadowed realm of Mistropa,Krystoff falls to overwhelming odds. Just as the Queen of Shadows is about toclaim his power—and his life, Calliope hears the foreboding cry of the banshee,and the Soother becomes the wizard’s savior. As Calliope heals her mysteriousfanged enemy, her heart is sent into overdrive. Is her accelerated pulseprompted by fear or desire? Either way, Krystoff’s shadowed presence provesdangerous. His sensual words ignite a fire long held dormant. His kiss revealsa forbidden passion.

Seeking vengeance, the Queen’s dark armyturns the Soother’s village into a battleground rife with death anddestruction. Calliope fights to save her coven. Krystoff fights to save theSoother who has captured his heart. One bite changes everything. Can lovesurvive the never-ending battle between light and dark?

         Her pounding pulse heated Krystoff’sblood and had saliva pooling in his mouth. He swallowed but it wasn’t nearlyenough to quench his thirst. Standing behind her, he
quicklyconjured a pair of jeans and slid them on, then backed away from the inviting
skinjust below her right ear. This witch’s intense scrutinizing had been quite thetest in
self-control.One more minute and he would have pinned her against the door and traced
histongue over each and every tattoo decorating her skin. 
         Krystoff walked around the table andpulled out another chair, flipped it around and
satastride. “Charmer, huh?” He liked the nickname, even though it didn’t suit him.
Nothingabout his life had been charmed. Blaming Riona would have been easy, but he’d
madehis own share of mistakes over the years. Something about this witch had him
regrettingquite a few of those blunders. Perhaps her magick had him ensnared in a spell
         Her hands found their way to her lapand she sighed. “My sister named you that.”
         Red marks in the shape of her fingersmarred her pale neck. They would fade, but he didn’t like seeing them at all.He should be the only one marking her neck. What was he thinking? This witchwasn’t his. Nor did he have time for a romp between the sheets—
noteven a short one. His mother—correction—Rionawould be looking for him. It would be wise if he sought her out first. Maybehe’d get lucky and find Riona and Scout in the
         His blue-eyed angel stared at him, andhe realized she’d been waiting for him to speak. “Sister? Ah, the fire witch.”The witch with red hair had incredible aim. She’d fried many Mistropans withone fireball. How many had she taken out after he’d passed out?
         Calliope smiled. “Just one of her manytalents. Bevva’s a caster.” The smile vanished.
         He watched as she pinched her lips shutand shook her head. “It’s okay. Her secret is safe with me.” 
         “I doubt it.”
Shejerked in her seat as if he’d slapped her. He’d never met such a complex being.
Onemoment she looked ready to throttle him, a second later he thought she’d bolt,and
yetanother blink and the witch appeared ready to join him for a littleskin-on-skin action.
Krystoffcleared his throat and attempted to soften his tone. “It’s the least I can do.
Thetwo of you saved my life. I owe you at least that.” He stuck out his hand.“Name’s
         Wariness danced in her eyes before shesighed again and accepted his hand.
         Lovely. “Suits you.” He skimmed his thumb overher knuckle.
         She blinked and pulled away, hermovements sluggish. “Does it? I never thought so.”
         “You’re made to make music and danceunder the stars.”
         A blush crept across her cheeks. “Ifonly Bevva could hear you now. She’d laugh her way to the moon.” Calliopepicked at the chipped black polish on her thumb. “Charmer, indeed. You usethose lines on all women, or just the ones who save you from taking a strollwith the banshee?” 
         Shoving out of her chair, she stompedto the stove and restocked her cabinets with
precision.Each methodical movement captivated Krystoff. She waved a glass bottle in
frontof her face, then placed it on the exact shelf he’d taken it from. He admiredher
         Krystoff scooted his chair closer. Herpace slowed and a bottle of dill fell from her
shakinghands, spilling onto the floor.  “Do Imake you nervous?”
         Her lashes fluttered open. With a deepbreath, she turned and leaned against the
counter.“No. You make me tired.”
         “I can see that.” Dark circles hadformed crescents under her eyes and her shoulders
saggedbeneath her black T-shirt. “Why?” He’d expect her to be tired if he’d gottenhis
wishand had some fun in that bed of hers. They’d only had a simple and brief
conversation.What could possibly be tiring about that?
         Calliope shoved her hair out of herface, exposing the stars around her eye. “It really doesn’t concern you.” 
         Krystoff rose and flashed across thesmall room. The kitchen blurred beyond
recognition,but it mattered not. He knew exactly where he was going. In less than a
second,he stood directly in front of her, then tilted her chin up with a gentle touchof one
finger.“Are you sure about that?”
         More blinking, followed by, “You need togo.”
Hesmiled, dipped closer. She smelled of powder and lilacs, sunshine andwildflower
meadows.A more alluring combination could not possibly exist. “I’m not ready to go.”
Calliopegripped his shoulders and pushed. Krystoff didn’t budge. He held her in place
withhis body. When she punched him, he laughed. This witch was feisty. If only hehad
         “What are you?” she asked with one morefutile shove.
         He considered lying, and then shrugged.“I’m just a soulless half-breed wizard, but I do believe you’re the one who’scast a spell.” He couldn’t resist. Krystoff dipped his head one more time,touched his lips to hers and became even more enchanted.


About The Luminary (Book #1)
When Meera Brennan learns she’s a Luminary, one of the most powerful witches in existence, it rocks her already fragile world. The revelation explains the disturbing episodes that made her question her sanity, but does little to soothe the sting of discovering her life is now at risk. To save herself and keep peace within the veiled community, Meera will have to hone her powers and brave an ancient realm to destroy the slayer’s magickal source. She alone must dispel chaos and ensure the balance of good and evil for all mankind.
Banished and stripped of his guardian powers because of a witch, Ghanem Adamo, former prince of the Saharren realm, receives a chance at redemption when his estranged father reveals an immortal battle destined to alter all realms. In order to protect the innocent, regain his title and reunite with his family, Ghanem must destroy the slayers’ source of power and bring down their terrorizing leader.
Her life . . .
Or his throne . . .
When the war against the slayers force Meera and Ghanem to work together, more than magickal sparks fly. Challenged by fate, can love survive a nefarious battle that can result in only one prize?


Elle J Rossi
Elle J Rossi grew upin rural Indiana surrounded by great people, a huge family and more animalsthan she could count. But the sites and sounds of the world beckoned, so sheleft her small town to escape into a creative world full of music. As a fulltime singer she was able to lose herself in a thousand different songs in ahundred different places. After meeting the love of her life and settling down,she yearned to find a new and fulfilling creative outlet. Overly fond of thehappily ever after, she wondered what it would be like to have her owncharacters lead her down dark and twisted paths. The very first word on thevery first page sealed her fate. She’d found a new love. She’d found herescape. Now along with weaving haunting tales about the journey to love, she’screating cover art for authors around the world and loving every second of it.For fun, she cranks country music to take her back to her roots, and singskaraoke anytime she gets a chance. Her husband, two children, and a cat thatrules the roost keep her company along the way and guarantee she doesn’t getlost in the enchanted forest. She wouldn’t have it any other way.

**Giveaway Time**
For this sweet giveaway, I have been allowed to put up for grabs one ebook copy of The Soother, and it’s International.

Leave me what format you would like in the comment section!
Good luck!

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*Guest Post & Giveaway* Uncommon Pleasure by Anne Calhoun

Uncommon Pleasure by Anne Calhoun

Coming March 5, 2013

From a “fresh and imaginative” (The Romance Studio) voice in erotic romance come the tales of two women, each daring to challenge the toughest of men…but in these edgy, heated encounters, the greatest thing she’ll risk is her heart.

In Over the Edge, after a tragic incident during Ty Hendricks’ last tour of duty he cut off all connection with anyone he cares about—until a night with Lauren Kincaid draws him reluctantly back into the world. Lauren sees a wounded man in danger of losing everything to his inner demons, but the sensual, no-holds-barred fight for Ty’s soul could cost Lauren her heart.

In All on the Line, Abby Simmons fell hard for Lieutenant Sean Winthrop, but he sacrificed their relationship when he deployed to Afghanistan. Now he’s home, full of regrets and intent on winning back the woman he never forgot. Abby gives Sean her body but holds her heart aloof, until one night of pleasure forces her to choose her U.S. Marine…or life without him, forever.
To read more about this story, please go here!

Today, I am happy to turn the blog over to Ms Anne… Please give her a smutty warm welcome!!!
When Secondary Characters Aren’t Characters…
One of the more unusual secondary characters I’ve written isn’t actually a person. She’s Gretchen the Difficult Dachshund, whose person/owner is Lauren Kincaid, the heroine in UNCOMMON PLEASURE. Gretchen wasn’t in the original version of the story. The muse suggested the idea of including a rescue dog in the book but I didn’t follow that hint until a beta reader had a go at the first draft. It needs more, she said. Well, I said, I think Lauren might have a rescue dog. Dingdingding…we have a winner! she said.
And so Gretchen was born. For a dog weighing just under eleven pounds, she has a big role in the story: she provides some humor, gives the hero, Ty Hendricks, a chance to realize how badly he’s misjudging Lauren, and ups the conflict between Ty and Lauren. Lauren’s putting down roots and taking care of the people (and animals) she loves. Ty could disappear from the face of the earth in less than sixty seconds, and he’s doing his best to drive away everyone who wants to love him. A “useless” dog, one that’s been abused and doesn’t trust easily, mirrors his emotional experience. In the end there’s a nice moment between Ty and Gretchen, who isn’t quite as useless as he thought she was….because none of us are.
***Giveaway Information***
Ms. Anne is giving away one copy of this pleasurable book!

I’ve got a rescue dog of my own (a very useful German Shepherd-ish dog named Kate) so I’m a sucker for a good animal story – cat, dog, hamster, raccoon, llama, you name it.
Share something with me for a chance to win a copy of UNCOMMON PLEASURE!

Good luck!

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*Promo, Guest Post & Giveaway* No Turning Back by HelenKay Dimon



Hanover Brothers Book #1
Berkley InterMix
March 19, 2013
The Hanover brothers inherited some bad behavior from their con artist father. Now three strong women will make honest men out of them.
After ten years in the Army and four overseas deployments, Declan Hanover is ready for life away from a military base. Sweetwater, Oregon, a sleepy coastal town, seems like the perfect place to start over. His plan is to work out a deal with his brothers and the bank to let him keep the estate they’ve inherited, Shadow Hill. But he wasn’t prepared for Leah Baron, whose family lost everything to his father’s cons—including the house Declan intends to make his own…
Leah thinks Declan is just like his conman father. He possesses a bad boy charm that makes her heart pound, but that doesn’t mean she can trust him. All she wants is to get close to him so she can get her house back. But Declan has other ideas. He doesn’t mind being in close proximity to Leah—as long as it’s in the bedroom…

                          ***Guest Post***

Thank you for having me here today to talk about my upcoming release, NO TURNING BACK. The hero and heroine in this one – Leah and Declan – have a rough ride.  They have to deal with family baggage, distrust, and a heaping load of attraction.  It’s the last one that trips them up.

What I love about this hero is the mix of rough and decent inside him. He’s a former-military alpha dude who overcame teen anger issues and the crushing weight of having a famous con artist for a father to be tough but fair. And he’ll even pump your gas…no, that’s not a euphemism.  He does it.  Check it out:
It was as if the man had a magnet in his ass.
If Declan ventured from the house, she seemed to find him and stumble over him. This time at the gas station. Leah had been singing off-key to a song on the radio and generally trying not to think about her meeting with him tomorrow night and she conjured him up. She’d postponed the meeting to Sunday to have a day away from him and to put her argument together. So much for planning.
She had seriously considered riding around on an empty gas tank over pulling in next to him. But Bob, the owner of the mini-mart stepped out and her cover was blown. She turned off the ignition and stared out the front window. It was either that or glance over and see those faded jeans and that impressive butt, the same one on full view as Declan bent over the hood of his truck. Clearly the Hanover gene pool excelled in the looks department.
She opened the door, keeping her eye on him the entire time. The goal was to sneak along the side of the car, play it cool and get the hell out of there. She got to the tank and whipped the cap off.
He cleared his throat. “I can see you, you know.”
Well, damn. “I know how this looks.”
He walked over and lifted the gas nozzle for her and started pumping her gas. “Like you have a significant stalker issue? Lucky for you I’m not the litigious type. I’m also not convinced I want you to go away.”
The move was so natural and non-threatening that she stepped back and let him do it. She tried to remember if any man had ever offered to pump her gas or just done it to be helpful. If this was part of some elaborate con to prove he was decent, she understood why men like Charlie were so successful. The moves worked. The charm reeled you in and you got hooked.
His words finally registered. “Wait . . . what?”
She reached for the hose. “I can get that.”
He set the lock and let the meter click as the tank filled. “It’s under control.”
“Are you going to pay for it, too?”
“If you need me to.”
Oh, lord, that smile. With the body and the face it amounted to a triple punch to a woman’s control. Smashed her common sense into a million pieces.
Much more of this and she’d be making him dinner. “Should I be worried?”
“About?” He put his hands in his front pockets. The move lifted his tee and showed off that sexy tattoo again.
Why couldn’t he have a duck or a naked woman or something totally unappealing? “You being nice to me.”
“Maybe I’m a nice guy.”
That was starting to be her concern. If he was who he appeared to be, then all those years of running around and investigating were a waste of time. Worse, her father would never accept news of a good-guy Hanover and she’d get stuck between the men and infuriate her father when she refused to ruin Declan. Not a battle she relished.
“Don’t sound so impressed with yourself,” she said, her voice more gruff than intended because of the thoughts running through her head.
He gave his eyes and neck an exaggerated roll. “We’re not going to fight, are we? Because I haven’t had my coffee yet and think I may need caffeine to do battle with you.”

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*Tour Wide Giveaway & Author Interview* Weekend Menage by Cara Carnes *Candlelight Book Promo*

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Cara Carnes- Weekend Menage Portfolio
Title: Weekend Menage
Release: 2/6/2013
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Word count: 13,000
Erotic Romance
Menage- M/F/M
Flame rating: Scorching
One night of controlled passion is all she allows.
Rebecca Ann Majors fled the temptation of a ménage once, but now the two sexy men starring in her wildest fantasy are back and demanding her complete surrender for the weekend. Emboldened by lust, she succumbs to her desire and learns ecstasy has a price.
They demand everything she has and more.
Joe Davenport and Dillan Morrisey were used to handling any situation—including the sexy siren who’d sashayed out of their lives two years ago. This time she’ll quench their lust even if it means they have to share her.
When Sunday morning dawns the three must decide if one weekend was enough to sate the passion they shared.
Purchase Link to Ellora’s Cave: http://www.ellorascave.com/weekend-menage.html
Ladies and Gents of this wicked Lair, please put together a wickedly, hussy welcome for a equally wicked author… Let’s welcome..
Cara Carnes

Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself…. Something that we cannot Google about you, lol!

Oh, dear. That could get dangerous! *looks at potential shares and crosses off all illegal ventures, kinky dabbles and pinky-swear-I’ll-never-tell-a-soul moments.*
I’m addicted to Words with Friends. I have like 22 games going and I simply can’t wean myself down too less than that. I have, however, managed to stave my Angry Bird addiction. J
Oh, and I have a very neurotic cat that will only play with a laser light that I have to move around for her. I swear she exists even though no one has ever gotten to see her but me. She was a rescue kitty, so she hides anytime someone else is around. My friends are pretty sure she’s the Wonder Kitty and is invisible, or imaginary. 

Tell us a little about your book?
Rebecca managed to walk away from the temptation of a ménage with Joe and Dillan once, but when they land on her doorstep for a weekend stay she finds herself exploring her ultimate fantasy with the two men she’s not sure she can walk away from.

How much emotion does it take from you to write?
It depends on the project, but I am a firm believer that if I don’t feel it when I write it then I can’t expect the reader to when they read it. So, I expect myself to get very emotional on all my books. Otherwise I’m doing something wrong.

What is your favorite part of the book?
Hmm…I think it’d probably be the rooftop scene.

You can only pick 3 words for your main characters..what would they be? *to describe your main characters*
Passionate, playful and experimental

Which was the easiest character to write and the hardest ~ and why??
Dillan and Joe were both very easy to write. They essentially took over and maneuvered the story themselves. If they’d been any more virtual, I could’ve sat and watched them type it out. J

How many books are you shooting for in this series??
This is a standalone.

What are you currently working on?
I always work on a couple of projects at a time. The one sucking most of my mind up is a futuristic book. It’s a project I’d put on the back burner for a long time because I was honestly intimidated by the world building. But I’ve put my big-girl panties on and dove into it head first. I love, love, love the characters and I hope I can convey what’s in my mind into the book.
Do you have anything due to release soon?
Yes, I’m thrilled that my fourth Pleasure Brigade book, PASSION’S TRUST has been accepted and is in the editorial stage right now. For those following the series, it’s Lorenzo and Katey’s story and I loved writing it so much.

What’s one thing that you enjoy about writing?
World building. Love, love, love it. I could create different worlds all day and never tire.

Since we’re cover hussies….what was your first impression of your cover?

I was lucky because it was short length, which meant I got to pick it myself. I loved the guys. I could stare at that zipper all day. J

What do you prefer ebooks or paperbacks?
Ebooks for the portability but I do love paperbacks.

Is there a genre you would like to write but are a little apprehensive to try?
Historical. I’d never get all the details ironed out where I was satisfied with them.

Okay…. personal time!!!! Oh yeah, I go there… Hahah…

If you thought you were safe… Nah… Forgot it… Not a chance! We will start off slow and easy, I promise!

What is on your night stand/dresser? My Kindle Fire *whew, I thought you were gonna ask about the bottom drawer*

****Hummm… I am writing this down to ask this next time…. glares at Cara….****

What are you listening to you right now? Maroon 5
What are you reading right now? Reaper’s Property by Joanna Wylde
What is your favorite season? Holiday? I’m in Texas where I have hot, hotter and frying. But I think I’d like Spring best. Christmas is my favorite Holiday.

Hard and Quick Time! Don’t think… Just answer! Okay, before we go this route, I will get us a refill on our drinks… I will be right back… 

*drums fingers of knee* I should totally keep going without her and change the questions. Hehe. Think she’d notice? *looks around*

*****You are such a naughty girl… Thinking of changing my questions… Just for that – you might have to stay longer – to get that spanking, lol*****

You know you do… Quickie time… Think fast….
Are you a quickie kind girl? Yes, please.
Dark or Milk Chocolate? Dark
Whipped or Melted? Melted
Straight up or with a twist – sex? Twist me, baby
What’s ur fave drink – in a glass or on him? On him

Spank or Flogger? spank
Junk or Health Food? junk
Ties or Chains? ties
Leather or Lace? leather

Soft or Hard… Bed, where was your mind? hard
Control or Be Controlled? Be controlled
Hot Wax or Whip Cream? Hot wax
Vampire or Werewolf?
L I have to choose? BOTH *I’m a rebel, spank me J*
Twitter and/or Facebook? Twitter
Pinterest or not? Not
Nows ladies and gents, please get your glass of COLD water read… 
Because what you are about to read… Will…. Make…. You… HOT!

Excerpt – Rated R
Tingles burst across her skin on their way to her pussy. She writhed against the sheet and nuzzled her pillow with fervor. Warmth spread through her body like a molten stream of awareness as her mind slowly returned to live mode and took in its surroundings.

The pillow was a chest—a very broad chest rippling with ridges and contours she could spend an eternity licking. She moaned as the previous night rewound in her mind and angled need between her legs where the sensuous torment of tingles continued.

She thrust her mound toward the wondrous delight. A groan punctured the silence, but she couldn’t tell whether it was hers or his.

Two men.

The recollection sent a shock wave bursting within her limbs.

It’s about time you woke up.” Joe trailed a finger across her cheek. “We started without you.”

So she noticed. Her king-sized bed had never been quite so challenged. Joe reclined across the top, his back nestled against the headboard as if he were indeed a pillow. Her nightie had disappeared. Her legs were spread-eagled across the sheets.

And Dillan knelt there, his fingers tickling and tormenting her wet pussy. He leaned down and kissed her trimmed mound. “Finally, I can feast on you.”

His tongue slid across her wet slit, then thrust into her. She gasped at the entry, her entire body humming with the need for release. Her pulse spiked, her adrenaline surged. What a hell of a way to wake up.

Joe’s mouth slid across hers, forcing her attention to divide between him and Dillan as he tongued her pussy. Nerve endings beneath her skin burst as he kissed his way from her lips, down her throat, and to the swell of her breast.

Her hands ran down his massive chest and squeezed his arms. Her thighs clenched Dillan as he sucked on her clit. The surroundings disappeared in a sensuous haze. She writhed between the two men as the release carried her away from reality.
Now that you have made it this far….. You want to fan yourself…….. Lol.. I understand… But since you have been such good girls and boys… Here is a delicious giveaway…
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Tour long Giveaway: $50 GC to Amazon, B&N or ARe

Dates: 2/6/2013 thru 3/28/2013


a Rafflecopter giveaway
To learn more about this author… Please read her bio:

Born in small-town Texas, Cara Carnes was a princess, a pirate, fashion model, actress, rock star and Jon Bon Jovi’s wife all before the age of 13.
In reality, her fascination for enthralling worlds took seed somewhere amidst a somewhat dull day job and a wonderful life filled with family and friends. When she’s not cemented to her chair, Cara loves travelling, photography and reading.
More information about Cara can be found at www.caracarnes.com or on
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*Guest Post & Giveaway* My Little Texas Tornado by Ruby Vines *Bewitching Tours*


My Little Texas Tornado
Ruby Vines
Genre: Contemporary Cowboy Romance (Sensual)
Publisher: Grapevine Press
Word Count: 69,000 words
Cover Artist: Erin Dameron-Hill
Book Description:
Colt Daniels is a Texas rancher known for his award winning steaks. The king rancher has known his good neighbor and vintner, Mr. Moon for years. In fact, he recommends the Moon Wines as the ideal label paired with his mouth watering steaks. When Mr. Moon dies and leaves the vineyard to his long lost niece, Savannah Moon, Colt offers to show her the ropes since the California girl is clueless, not only about Texas but about wine. Even his Southern Charm is lost on the snob who doesn’t even have the decency to thank him for saving her life her first day in town. 

Thing is, he ain’t cut out to train someone he can’t stand, even if Mr. Moon was like a grandfather to him. But there’s no denying it, the Moons know how to grow ’em…wine and women. Savannah isn’t a woman he can easily forget. Bitchy or not, he finds reasons to teach her about grapes, among other things. And while he’s finding reasons to stomp the grapes with his new neighbor, a plan is brewing to bring the wine heiress down.


Ladies and Gents, I am happy to turn the Lair over to Ms. Ruby!

A man in a cowboy hat is a powerful thing. Here’s a few of my very favorite actors made even sexier with a western lid. Drool at your own risk. I’d love to hear about your favorite cowboys and your favorite westerns.
John Travolta in Urban Cowboy

Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall

Val Kilmer in Tombstone
Kurt Russell in Tombstone

Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain

Jake Gyllenhaal in Brokeback Mountain

Hugh Jackman in Australia

Garrett Hedlund in Country Strong

About the Author:

Ruby Vines (AKA Alisha Paige) was born and raised in the South.

Her debut novel, Canyon Wolf Bride, published under the pen name, Alisha Paige, was awarded Reviewer Top Pick Award and nominated as best Ebook Paranormal Romance by Night Owl Romance Reviews for the 2007 Fall NOR Awards, and awarded Recommended Read by My Book Cravings Reviews.

Ruby loves to mingle real history and true life events within her romance novels and enjoys people watching and people listening when creating new characters and blending genres. She writes dark paranormal romance, fantasy romance, time travel romance and vintage romance under the pen name, Alisha Paige. All of contemporary romance titles are written under the pen name, Ruby Vines.

Ruby writes on her red porch while her kids play in the water sprinkler. She loves to read at the park, the beach in the summer, by the fire in the winter and in bed when it rains.

Her favorite things in life are the sound of her children laughing, her kitty cat curled at her feet, girls’ night out, hazelnut coffee, candle light, thunderstorms, good books, nostalgic music, dark chocolate and red wine.

You can visit her online at http://www.alishapaige.com, tweet with her at @Alishawriter and email her at where she loves to answer every single email from her wonderful readers.

Twitter: @Alishawriter

Short Excerpt My Little Texas Tornado
“Shoot! What am I going to do now?” Savannah Moon asked herself as she slapped the steering wheel with two bare palms.

The two carat diamond on her left hand sparkled when the lightning ripped through the sky, coming within inches of the sleek jaguar. Savannah jumped at the bright flash of electricity. Hail came in droves, pummeling the car, bouncing off the silver, motionless cat that sprang from the car hood.
“Holy Cow!” Savannah said out loud to no one. She’d never seen hail the size of baseballs. She hoped this type of weather was rare. She’d been much too worried about the heat to think of super cell storms popping up out of nowhere. She’d been in Texas two whole days and most of it so far had been spent holed up in an attorney’s office, signing papers. She’d rented the luxury car at the airport, the exact model she drove in California. What on earth could be wrong with it, she thought? Now she was stuck on the side of the road in one hell of a thunderstorm. What was that saying she’d heard her attorney say? Something about if you don’t like the weather in Texas, stick around, it’ll change.
She found some napkins in the glove box and wiped at the fog developing on the windshield.
“Oh no!” she groaned.
Good thing she’d purchased the rental insurance. The hail damage was going to be significant. She stared at the sky and looked down the lone road ahead of her. According to the map in her lap, the winery she had inherited upon her uncle’s passing was only half a mile up the road. She wondered if she should just hike it. If only this darn hail would let up. She tried the ignition again. The key merely clicked. The engine wouldn’t even turn over.
“Great!” she muttered.
She fished around her purse and found her cell phone. Who on earth can I call, she wondered. I know no one here. I’ve only met the attorney and I barely know him, she thought. She found the number to the rental company and dialed. The line rang once and then died. She tried again. She stared at the icon of a phone with a slash through it. “Great. No signal. Don’t cowboys use cell phones?”
She wiped at the windshield again with the dirty napkin and peered out. The hail had let up some but the sky seemed to darken even more. She studied the map in her lap and decided to go for it. It couldn’t be far and besides, her bags had already been delivered there. She could shower and change upon arrival and tomorrow she’d get down to business. Why didn’t these damn rental companies include umbrellas with their outrageous fees, she thought as she fished around the floorboard, hoping one would magically poke itself out at her.
She sighed, tucked her thin purse under her arm and opened the atlas she found tucked under the seat. This would have to do, she thought. She held it over her head, pulled the keys out of the ignition and exited the warm car. The hail stung as it struck her bare arms. She grimaced and pulled her arms to the front of her body. After locking the car, she started down the long, black road, looking for her new home. A home she had never seen.
Within seconds, her pale yellow sundress was drenched, soaking her to the bone. Her tidy bun was flattened on her head. Long, red strands fell over the sides of her face and into her eyes. She swiped at them. The atlas was absolutely no use. The hail had knocked it out of her hands twice and when she’d tried to reposition it over her head again, it had folded over into one big, wet mess. She tucked it under her arm, alongside her purse and trudged forward. Lightning struck the bare ground on the side of the road, a mere two feet from where she stood. She glanced back at the car. She was making good time. Once she passed over the top of this hill, she wouldn’t be able to see it at all.
“Keep going,” she said out loud, as her teeth chattered against frozen lips. She heard mooing and glanced over to the pasture at her left. A herd of cattle huddled beneath a giant oak tree. She felt the wind pick up behind her. Even the short hair on the cattle was laid flat in the strong wind. She walked faster. It can’t be much further, she thought. The wind at her back pushed her forward and for half a second she’d felt as though it had lifted her off the black, tar road. The rain picked up and shot sideways, making it impossible for her to see as she blinked and blinked. Any trace of make-up was washed clean off. She shook from the cold as another piece of hail thunked off her skull. Groaning, she walked faster. She was nearly jogging now in high heeled sandals when she heard a train approaching. She glanced to the right and saw an open pasture, dotted with sunflowers and bales of hay. She looked to the left where she saw another herd of cattle taking refuge under a massive oak. Where is the damn train, she thought to herself. She never heard the truck pull up alongside her, nor did she see the big man who ran toward her and threw himself onto her and into the ditch alongside the road just as the tornado bounced over them both and twirled across the winding road.

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As Ms. Ruby put it… Tell me which one of those hotties up there is your favorites… Or… do you have your own personal favorite??

Leave your comment WITH your email address and you are entered… 
Easy right… I try my best… In hopes you keep following me on the wonderful adventures of the Hussy lair!

Giveaway ends Wednesday, February 20th!

Good luck!

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