Drum Roll Pleaseeeee…

Again, I want to thank every one for coming to the party.
Thanks for entering the contests that were thrown by awesome authors
and their most prize possession ~ their books!

Before we announce the winners…
This is a message for the winners… 
If I do not hear from the winner by Sunday April 4th,
I will have to pick another winner.
So, for the drum roll, we got Daniel Adair

 from Nickleback to do the honors of rolling out the winners…..
The man is freaking yum!
Now, I had to coax the WHOLE TRIBE out of bed to dish out the winner’s name…
So here goes….

The Bulter announces the winner for…

 Tracy Wolff – Full Exposure

Timestamp: 2010-03-31 22:10:53 UTC


Nathan – The Capenter
is here to announce the winner for…

Kimber Chin – Backlist

Timestamp: 2010-03-31 22:17:35 UTC


My LSU Student is here to announce
the winner for….

 Beth Kery – Winner Choice (Print/ebook)

Timestamp: 2010-03-31 22:23:09 UTC


One of my Landscapers came to
announce the winner for….

Jenna Byrnes 1st day

Winner’s Choice


Timestamp: 2010-04-01 00:43:04 UTC


My Pool Boy came out of the pool to 
announce the winner for…

Jenna Byrnes 2nd day

Stroke of Luck

15- ErotRomReader (Janna)

Timestamp: 2010-04-01 00:45:11 UTC


My Gardener decided to come out of the fields
to announce today’s winner for…

Jenna Byrnes 3rd day

Winner’s Choice from available titles

8-Reena Jacobs

Timestamp: 2010-04-01 00:47:10 UTC


Max (aka Java Man)
came here to announce the winner for…

 Fiona Jayde

$30 gift card to Lush

1-Sweet Vernal Zephyr

 Timestamp: 2010-04-01 00:49:44 UTC


My Waitstaff wanted to help
announce the winner for…
Amanda McIntyre – 11 x 7 Poster of The Master and The Muse

4-Monroe Dawson

Timestamp: 2010-04-01 00:57:28 UTC

My Cook came out to announce
the winner for……

Amanda McIntyre

Mouse Pad of The Master & The Muse


Timestamp: 2010-04-01 00:59:25 UTC


My Other Pool Boy decided he could not be
shown up by the other one…
He wanted to come an announce the
winner for…..

Amanda McIntyre

The Dairy of Cozette (from Cecile)

15- JennJ

Timestamp: 2010-04-01 01:00:21 UTC


Lucine wanted to come over to
announce the winner for….
Joey W. Hill

Winner Choice of any available titles, as well as a beautiful pink crystal bead bracelet with a sterling silver angel charm on it!

Joey picked the winner
and emailed me!

Cecile, the winner is Blodeuedd!


Jack came over to
announce the winner for both…..

Lori Brighton

Wild Heart (2 copies)

1st Copy – 8-sherry


2nd Copy – 4-CallMeKayla

 Timestamp: 2010-04-01 01:04:07 UTC


Luke decided to come out of bed
to announce the winner of…..

Elizabeth Amber

Winner’s Choice


Timestamp: 2010-04-01 01:08:27 UTC


 And last by certainly not lease….
Jean Paul wanted to announce the last winner….

Pamela Clare

Naked Edge


Timestamp: 2010-04-01 01:13:01 UTC

So from Mrs. Smutty Hussy and all her Tribal Men… We want to wish you all 
Happy Hussy Readings….!!!
You did not think I was going to NOT put my Caleb up…..
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Whew…. What a Party… It’s Clean Up Time!

I want to thank EVERYONE for coming to my party and celebrating my blogiversary with me!!
I want to send a special thank you to all the authors that came out to play at the Lair!!!
You guys have made this the best party yet!
Are we counting down till next years???


Now that the party is over….

The clean up crew is here….

Isn’t it a joy to watch a man clean……

Just look at the drinks we have shared….

Over good company with each other…

The body shots that were done…

And yea… some were just that good!!!!

Just think of all the men that we got to meet this month… Oh mannnnnnnnnn!!!

My personal service men are taking care of everything for me…

The only thing they are not doing is announcing the winners.

That is coming up tomorrow… April 1st…..

So make sure to stay tune……..

No, he really enjoyed doing this for me….

I swear….

Okay, he knew that pink is one of my favorite colors…

Gawd… I love Women Porn!!!!

Now make sure you come back tomorrow to see who won…..

Now if you will excuse me while I get a little rest
This party has worn me out **evil grin**

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Please welcome Ms. Pamela Clare

Ladies, you know the drill… grab a chair, sofa, whatever… something to drink and enjoy!

<<<— This is Marc Please help me welcome Ms.

Pamela Clare to the Hussy Lair. And she brought her men with her! I am not sure if she knows what she has gotten herself into or not… but here goes! I found Ms. Clare’s work from JennJ @ Sapphaire Romance Relam. And lets just say her covers are enough to send this Hussy looking for more! Welcome Ms. Pamela, please make yourself at home.

Hi, Cecile! Thank you so much for having me here on your blog today. I really appreciate it. And I absolutely love your banner! Very hot!

Ms. Pamela, tell us a little about yourself. Hold on… something that is not listed in your bio at your website. (Yea, I am a little evil, lol)

I’m a Trekkie. I grew up watching the original Star Trek series with Captain Kirk and Spock and was very skeptical when Next Generation came out. But I fell in love with that, too, along with Deep Space 9 and Voyager. I did not like the new movie because it didn’t feel like Star Trek to me.

I’m left-handed and almost ambidextrous.

My hair is naturally curly despite people I meet on the street who tell me it can’t possibly be natural. Yes, dammit, it is!

I love chocolate — but NOT chocolate ice cream.

Coffee is my religion, my political party and the only reason I can work full time AND write novels.

I am a Colorado Rockies fan. Go Rox! I like to sit near the dugout so I can see the players’ fine butts. 🙂

Like some of my heroines (apparently), I cry at the drop of a hat. Yes, I am the editor-in-chief of a newspaper, an award-winning investigative reporter, and I cry a lot. I used to feel self-conscious about this, until a Navajo friend told me that women’s tears purify and are considered a kind of ceremony almost. I figured I’m purifying existence for a lot of people who can’t cry for themselves. 🙂

I see that as of right now, writing is not your full time job. How do you handle it all?

It is not easy. I have sacrificed doing pretty much everything else for writing books. So I work Monday through Thursday at the paper, then write fiction on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In between, I have to buy groceries, get gas in the car, clean the house, do laundry, go to post office, etc. I yearn — yes, yearn — for the day when I’ll be writing fiction full time. Then I’ll be able to do things like go on dates, go to movies, have dinner with friends, sleep more, go for walks, etc. But this is what it takes to write while working full time and being a mother. My older son is completely independent, but my younger son, though he’s away at college, lives here during the summer. And they both still need to have a mother in their lives.

I have noticed that you have two different of writing styles – historical and romantic suspense. How easy is it to go back and forth between the two?

It’s actually pretty easy. My work in graduate school was in archaeology, so the world of history is never far from my mind. At the same time, I live in the modern world, and my contemporary stories are based at least in part (it differs with each book) on work I’ve done as a journalist. Both historicals an contemporary romantic suspense feel very familiar to me. I just sort of switch my thinking from one mode to the other, and I use music as a device, too. I have a lot of traditional Celtic folk music that I listen to when I’m writing historicals, and I don’t listen to it when I’m writing contemporaries. Instead, I listen to hip hop and rock and other contemporary kinds of music.

This is Julian!

Which genre requires more research?

The historicals require a lot more research because I must have a functional understanding of every aspect of daily life for all the characters. How did they fasten their clothing? What did they eat in winter? How did they light a pipe? How fast could they travel from point A to point B? What kind of medical skill was available to them? What words were in existence in 1758? The list of things one need to research is endless. That’s why doing a series is so helpful. I do research at the beginning, keep all the materials on hand, and then write several books during a time period that I’ve at least attempted to master.

But that’s not to say that contemporaries don’t require research. I don’t have to research journalism obviously because I’m an expert on that subject. But my heroes’ occupations are unfamiliar to me. I recently had lunch with two U.S. Marshals (one was actually a retired deputy U.S. Marshal) so that I could pepper them with questions about being a marshal. The hero in my next I-Team book is a deputy U.S. Marshal. It was fun and inspiring to get inside information on the job from two people who’d worked it. Without that level of research, the stories would be filled with mistakes that someone familiar with the subject matter would notice immediately. I try to make my books as authentic as possible, so that means research. Fortunately I enjoy it.

Which one is more interesting to write?

Whichever one I’m not writing at the moment.

When you do have spare time – away from work,writing alike – what do you like to do?

I like to hike in the foothills. I like snowshoeing and hiking in snow. I love going for walks with my boys. I like baseball games. I like to read, of course. I like to wander through book stores looking at books that I might want to buy for my own research. I love my roses and have a big flower garden that I love to putter in. Benjy, my younger son, does all the hard work so that I can write. Then he says, “OK, Mom, you can go and putter now.” I love flowers.

We have a veggie garden, too, and we’re learning to grow our own food. Eventually, I’d love to transform our yard into an urban farm that is as self-sustaining as possible, complete with bee hives and chickens. We’re a few years away from that now, still shifting yard into garden. The idea of growing our own food, of knowing what went on it and into it, is very appealing to me. That way, no matter what the economy does and no matter what is happening in the world, we are taking care of ourselves. We’re going to be adding fruit trees soon, as well as a couple of additional garden beds this year for growing more veggies.

That means learning to can and preserve what we grow so that it’s available year round. Last year, we didn’t need to do that because we didn’t plant that much and I was able to eat all of it or most of it fresh from the garden every day until the first frost. That was wonderful!

What are your plans for the future as far as your books are concerned? For those of us who are new to you…

Right now, I’m working on the next I-Team story. It will feature Natalie Benoit (who now has her own Facebook page) as the heroine, and Zach MacBride, a deputy U.S. Marshal, as the hero. I’m excited about the story, which has really started to unfold in my mind, and can’t wait to actually sit down and write. It’s been a looooong time since I’ve been in true writing mode. This is the longest break I’ve taken between books since I started writing, but I really needed it. I was physically and creatively exhausted coming off NAKED EDGE.

After Natalie’s story — which has no title yet — I’m going to work on Connor’s book, which is sitting in my head waiting for a chance to be written. Hopefully, Connor will be my focus by July.

And then…. Who knows? I do have one paranormal idea in my brain that involves no vampires, shape shifters, werewolves, fae, Sidhe, fairies, elves, dwarves, talking cats, ghosts, demons, genetically altered space aliens or anything else like that. I hope I get the chance to write it! I don’t read paranormals. I just can’t get into the aforementioned creatures with very few exceptions. So it surprised me more than anyone else when this idea fell into my head.

Now I will turn the interview over to JennJ… from Saphharie Romance Realm… She will be interviewing the I-Team.. Take it away hon! Oh yea.. I said the whole team!!!!!

Today we are talking with a very special group of hunks… ah er men! Please help me welcome Reese, Julian, Marc and Gabe from Pamela’s I-Team series!

Marc: Dorkangelo — they let you in? [shakes head]

Julian: I guess they figured they needed someone to keep an eye on you.

Marc: Fuck you.

Julian: You’d love to.

Gabe *rolls eyes, looks over at Reece*: You can’t take the two of them anywhere.

Reece *grins*: Tell me about it.

Hello gentlemen how are you all doing today?

[The guys nod, looking a little awkward and a bit uncomfortable, except for Reece, who adjusts his tie.]

Reece: “Doing well. Thanks for having us here.”

Gabe, you are the newest addition to the I-Team men how are you getting along with the other guys here?

“Well, they’re housebroken for the most part, so… ” [He chuckles.] “No, seriously, they’re alright.”

Do you all hang out now together outside of work and the girls?

That would be Reese…………….——>>>>>>

[They nod.]

Julian: We don’t get together as much as our wives

Gabe how did you feel the first time you laid eyes on Kat?

Gabe: You’re asking me that in front of them?

[Julian, Marc and Reece laugh.]

Marc: Go ahead, rock jock. Answer the question. Was it love at first sight?

Gabe: No, it wasn’t — not exactly. At the time I was more focused on saving her life and getting her to a hospital than anything else.

Julian: And that’s why you kept her earring in your pocket for three months. Yeah, Tess told me about that.

Marc: Oh, that’s so romantic!

Gabe: [Glares at Marc and Julian.] Okay, so I did notice that she was attractive. And I noticed her eyes.

Reece: Just her eyes?

Julian how are things going on the force? And do you ever see yourself taking a less dangerous position? Does Tessa want you too?

Julian: I’ve spent a lot of time training other law enforcement officers about human trafficking in the past couple of years, and Tessa likes that. She’d prefer that I be in a classroom instead of on the street. I don’t mind it because I know how much she worries when I’m out late. Now that she’s pregnant again—

Marc: Whoa! What? Tess is pregnant?

Julian: [grinning] Yeah, we felt it was time for little Miss Maire to have a brother or sister.

Marc: And you saved that news for now?

Julian: What did you want me to do? Send you a press release?

Gabe: Congratulations, man. That’s great. Babies are great.

Reece: Great news. Kara will be thrilled to hear it.

Reese how are things going in the Senate? And how are Kara and the kids?

Kara is wonderful. The kids are great. Connor especially is growing like a weed. He’s 10 now. Kaitlyn is five and about to start kindergarten. That will be tough for Kara. Brendan is almost four and a handful. Things in the Senate are wrapping up for me. I’m term-limited, so once this session comes to a close, I’ll be out. I hope to go back to teaching.

Marc how are things going for you and Sophie? How are things on the force?

We’re doing really well. Chase and Addison keep us busy. Chase is about to hit his terrible twos, but it’s a lot of fun. Addy is sleeping through the night. Sophie’s thinking about leaving the paper so she can be home with the kids full time, and I would love for her to have that chance.

Reese, Julian and Marc what do you guys think of Gabe and his love of Extreme sports? And do you two like to go mountain climbing or extreme skiing as well?

[Gabe grins and looks over at the guys, waiting for their answers.]

Julian: The man is a demigod when it comes to snow and rock and ice. I’ve done a lot more skiing since he came into the picture, but when it comes to shredding the gnar, I’m an amateur compared to him.

Marc: Compared to me you’re an amateur, Dorkangelo. And listen to you, talking like real powder hound. ‘Shredding the gnar.’ [laughs]

Julian: You should have seen me take face shots heading down Mary Jane last weekend. Tell him, Rossiter.

Gabe: Darcangelo was taking face shots heading down Mary Jane last weekend.

Marc: I bet he fell on his ass a lot.

Julian [laughs]: No pain, no Jane.

Reece [shaking his head]: I think all of us would like to believe we can do what Gabe does, but the truth is we’d have to be flown out in a helicopter if we tried. I love to ski and hike and climb peaks, but if takes ropes, forget it.

Marc: Speak for yourself, Mr. Senator, sir. I’ve been hitting the rock gym with Rossiter in my spare time. I finished a 5.10 route the other night.

Julian: Rossiter, what’s the toughest route you’ve ever climbed?

Gabe: Probably a 5.14d or so.

Julian: That sounds like a bra size.

[They all laugh.]

How is it having wives who are so close and who are reporters guys? I would love to hear each or your takes on this one!

[The men groan, shake their heads, laugh.]

Julian: Well, there are no secrets among them. None.

Reece: Isn’t that the truth?

Marc: Let me put it this way: ‘sucky-swirly thing.’ I mean, I don’t want to know about that, but I do.

Reece: Are you blushing, Darcangelo?

Julian: I don’t blush. If I please my woman and she wants to brag about it, that’s okay with me. And, hey, Reece, two words, buddy: jiggle stick.

Reece: Ahem. Yeah. What can I say? Women talk, and they talk more than most women.

Gabe: I have no idea what you guys are talking about, but I can guess. Kat is probably the only one of the bunch who doesn’t share those kinds of secrets, though I’m sure she’s in on them. I’m happy that she has close friends. Sophie, Tessa, Kara, Holly and Natalie are like sisters to her. She’s never had that before.

Marc: The downside of Sophie’s being a journalist is that I worry about her. [Heads nod.] There are risks that come with the job. I don’t like that.

Gabe: I don’t like it either. I don’t like how stressful the job can be. Kat is only working part time now because of the baby, but even so it seems to take a lot out of her. I’ve been trying to talk her into quitting. We don’t need the money. But she knows she’s able to help people, and I can’t blame her for not wanting to turn her back on that.

Ok, now on this one I want each of you to answer this ok…. Describe what you would plan for an extra special romantic night with your lady?

Reece: It depends. Maybe dinner for two at a classy restaurant. Maybe a surprise getaway to our cabin. Maybe I send the kids to their grandmother’s place and make dinner myself.

Julian: A five-star hotel. Room service. No interruptions.

Marc: Last month, I found a drive-in east of Denver. We left the kids with Tessa and Dorkangelo here, drove there in my ’55 Chevy, and steamed up the windows.

Julian: Do you even remember what film was playing?

Marc: [laughs] No clue.

Gabe: Any time I can have Kat to myself feels extra special. When we visit her family on the rez, we rarely get two minutes alone together. Now with the baby, our time away is limited to the few hours between feedings because Kat is breastfeeding. We’ve gotten very good at setting special time aside in the evening. A fire in the fireplace, good food, music. Kat is the center of my world, so no matter what we’re doing if we’re together it’s good times.

What is each of your favorite ways to unwind after a long day?

Reece: I like to take a walk with Kara and the kids, let them play in the park for a little while after supper. It gives a chance just to be a family together and helps me put things in perspective. The world of politics is pretty tense and cut throat at times. Spending time with my wife and children helps me remember what life is really about.

Julian: You said it, Sheridan. If I’ve had a tough day, just coming home and finding Tessa and Maire waiting for me makes all the difference. Maire always runs to the door and wants her daddy to pick her up. Tess and I make sure to have some time just the two of us every day. Maire is the center of our lives, but we set time aside to be a couple, too.

Marc: I love that moment in the evening where the kids are asleep and I have Sophie to myself. Even if all we do is talk for a few minutes before going to sleep, it makes all the difference.

Gabe: Well, I was going to say I like to hit the rock gym, but that will make me sound like a selfish ass. So… No, I do like putting in a few routes at the gym to burn off the tension, but of course coming home to Kat and Alissa is the best part of any day. Luckily, my schedule allows me to have weeks at a time with them, especially when we head down to the rez.

That would be Gabe right there….

What do you like to read?

Gabe: Rock and Ice, Outside magazine, Ski.

Julian: [straight face] I read romance novels.

Marc: [snorts] That explains a few things.

Julian: Hey, it takes a man who’s secure in his masculinity to admit something like that. Actually, Tessa reads the novels. I just reap the benefits.

Reece: I’ve been reading a lot of biographies lately.

Marc: I feel like all I read these days is Dr. Seuss.

Julian: You can read? Whoa. I had no idea.

What’s on your bedside table right now?

Julian: A box of ammo. And, of course, the unabridged works of William Shakespeare.

Marc: You are so full of shit! Let’s see… Right now on my bedside table… Probably Fox in Sox or Rainbow Fish.

Reece: Right now I’m reading John Adams by David McCullough.

Gabe: Way to make the rest of us look like idiots, Sheridan. I’ve got a book about Navajo legends that Kat and I are reading together.

And last one guys before I let you off the hook what kind of underwear are you wearing right now? 😉

Reece: Silk boxers — a gift from Kara.

Julian: Boxer briefs. Black. Hunter is wearing a pretty pink thong.

Marc: You stole my pink one, Darcangelo. I’m wearing the edible licorice one you got me.

Gabe: [Rolls eyes] Why don’t the two of you get a room?

[The guys laugh.]

Gabe: So what kind of underwear am I wearing? [grins] Nada. Nix. None at all.

Naked Edge

Mass Market Paperback: 400 pages

Publisher: Berkley; Original edition (March 2, 2010)

Language: English

What do you do when desire drives you to the very brink?

The day Navajo journalist Katherine James met Gabriel Rossiter, the earth literally moved beneath her feet. Nearly killed in a rockslide while hiking, she found her life in the tall park ranger’s hands. Although she can’t forget him she thinks she’ll never see him again. She is crushed when she recognizes her rescuer among the law enforcement officers raiding a sweat lodge ceremony one night, throwing her and her friends off Mesa Butte, land they consider sacred.

Gabe long ago swore he would never again lose himself to a woman not even one with long dark hair and big eyes that seem to see right through him. But from the moment he first sees Kat, the attraction he feels is undeniable. Appalled by what he has been ordered to do, he’s determined to get to the bottom of recent events at Mesa Butte and to keep Kat safe.

But asking questions can be dangerous almost as dangerous as risking one’s heart. And soon Kat and Gabe’s passion for the truth and each other makes them targets for those who would do anything, even kill, to keep Native Americans off their sacred land.

To learn more about Ms. Pamela, you can visit her web site —>>> here.

You can visit her blog —>>> here.

Make sure to drop her a line… letting her know that you visited her!

She would love to hear from you!
Now for what you really want…..

Giveaway time…

I’m giving away a signed copy of Naked Edge to one lucky winner.

It is open International!

To win all you have to do is leave Ms. Pamela a question, comment or whatever…

But make sure you leave your email address!

Good luck

I want to thank Ms. Pamela for coming today and shutting down the party!!!!

I hope you enjoyed your time here at the Hussy Lair Ms. Pamela!

Ladies… stay tuned…. because the winners will be announced shortly.

Like in the next couple of days!

I want to thank everyone who came out and partied with me!!!

Warm hugs, big smiles and hot men!

Love ya!

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What a HOT Excerpt of Dane…. by Elizather Amber

erotic paranormal historical romance
Kensington Aphrodisia
(Over age 18 only please.)
Release date: JUNE 1, 2010 .
Synopsis from Romance Sells magazine:

As he searches for his missing brother in 1880s Rome, the arrogant Lord Dane Satyr wrestles with his fiery inner demon, Dante. Dane has little patience for the ElseWorld Council’s insistence that he must take a human wife to safeguard his ancestral lands.

Eva, a beautiful social climber with a gift for matchmaking, is determined to throw her humble beginnings in the faces of an Italian society that once scorned her mother. She schemes to wed a human from among their ranks. But she is far from human herself. And if Dane, his brothers, her best friend, or anyone learns what she truly is, all hell will break loose.

When Dane and Eva first meet, they are consumed by intense needs they cannot satisfy alone. Can their scorching passion and growing love for one another overcome the dangers that keep them apart?

Excerpted from


Chapter 1
“Dieux! Where the devil is it?”
The sound of the woman’s voice drifted to him through a grove thick with olive trees. The early October breeze rattled silvery-green leaves on gnarled branches, alternately revealing and concealing the meddling female from view.
As she moved past in a direction parallel to him, he angled his jaw so his eyes could follow her. Perfect. Now he wouldn’t have to go hunting tonight.
But he was still in transition, not yet fully in control, and so for now only filed the information of her arrival away to be considered later. Breathing deep of the cool twilight, Dante continued to slowly ease his way into a mind that belonged to another—Dane, his reluctant host.
It’s for your own good, Dante soothed. For your protection. I’ll be gone again come morning. Relax now. Sleep.
But Dane ignored this and fought on with an inner strength that was as admirable as it was futile. Subjugation could not be pleasant for one so strong-willed. This changeover was always a strange time and an uncomfortable one, dredging up memories they would both prefer to forget. So Dante treaded carefully, confident he would ultimately prevail. Just as he had on the night of the full moon last month, and during all the Moonfuls which had come before over the latter half of Dane’s life.
In a matter of moments, he’d assumed full possession. He was Dante now. Not a person in his own right, but rather an alternate personality that lay dormant inside Dane and only came forth when required. On occasions such as this one.
Slowly, he uncoiled from his crouch on the forest floor. He shrugged broad shoulders, adjusting himself to the fit of this familiar set of bones and flesh he’d donned. The mind and therefore the body were his for the present. He would be master of them only until dawn.
The tailored linen shirt he wore hung unbuttoned and open in front, gleaming white against the shadowed flesh of his sculpted chest. He flexed his hands and found them sore. He noted the ax on the ground a yard away and the felled limbs, the piles of encroaching vines, which had been freshly cut away from twisted trunks nearby.
Ah yes, he remembered now. When he’d first come into consciousness, they’d been working.
He and Dane.
Two facets of the same mind. Possessors of a single body.
And it was a body women admired, sought, swooned over. Six and a half feet of solid brawn, wide of shoulder, narrow of hip. A strong column of throat, topped by a square-jawed masculine face with a prominent blade of a nose, and crowned with tousled sable hair. A face bearing a distinct resemblance to those of his brothers. It would have been too handsome save for one feature. From below straight brows, eyes of icy silver reflected the world, making him appear otherworldly and strange. Which he was.
Through the fabric of his trousers he found the feature that perhaps rendered him most aberrant. One he reveled in on these nights. Fondly, he stroked its considerable length with the pad of his thumb as if sharpening a precisely made weapon meant only to give and take pleasure. Already it stood thick and lofty and barely confined within his trousers.
This cock of theirs symbolized the entirety of Dante’s role in things. He was the fornicator—only one aspect of the whole that was Lord Dane Satyr. Brought forth whenever this body’s lecherous need rose. He relished his role. And Dane envied him for it. Craved it for himself.
A thrashing sound reached his ears. The woman. He’d known she was there all along of course, had been tracking her with a small corner of his mind. Now his eyes found her again.
She moved heedlessly through the grove, thinking herself alone. Now and then, she paused to tug at a branch, plucking an unripe olive or two from it. Holding these small bits of plunder to her nose she then pocketed them as if gathering samples. The olives would not be ready for picking for another month, so he briefly wondered at her actions. But curiosity was not a failing of his. Dane, however, suffered from a wealth of it. And look where that had gotten them.
Beyond her the sun had just met the horizon, a huge ball of juicy orange jailed by black cypress spears that marched along the hilltop opposite this one. It turned her pale skin to gold, the shadows of her face to lovely bruises, her dark hair to coal. She was dressed fashionably and well in a prim gray dress that blended with the trees here. Perhaps twenty years of age or a little older. And shapely.
He smiled. They’d only been here a few weeks, but already he liked this new world. A Sickness had killed many of the female species in ElseWorld that usually served as mates for his kind, and rendered others unable to bear satyr offspring. Only the members of the Council had the luxury of keeping their own women. Yet, here, women delivered themselves right to one’s doorstep.
His prey disappeared into a clearing and he moved after her, keeping her in view. Her head was bent to study something she held. A small book. A page flipped under her lace-gloved hand, a frown creasing creamy smooth skin between her dark brows as she strained to make out its text in the failing light. Whatever she read on its pages caused her to sigh in frustration.
“Honestly, Maman! What am I to do with these scribbles? Couldn’t you have done any better than this on so important a matter?” Glancing around, she fanned the gilt-edged book back and forth in one hand with obvious impatience.
Gifted with a natural stealth enhanced by a decade of training and field experience as an ElseWorld Tracker, he soundlessly moved in her direction, intent on cutting off her exit to the road. Though she had no way of knowing, she’d come at a most opportune time. Night was falling. A very special night to those of Dane’s kind. Once the moon rose, all would begin.
He made a cursory, visual survey of the grove. It was protected. Dane had bespelled its perimeter himself that very morning. If any humans wandered too close, they would find themselves repelled by forces they didn’t understand. Since she’d managed to trespass, he could only assume she must be of ElseWorld blood.
His eyes swept her again. She was slender, but pleasingly curved. Fey perhaps. On this special night, her blood would be stirring as well, though not as high as that of the satyr. Not as high as his own. When one lived only ten hours a month, one was understandably eager.
A light breeze gusted at his back, whooshing past him to ripple over mistletoe, betony, chicory, fennel, rosemary, and saffron that grew low on the forest floor. He watched it make its way toward her, carrying with it his scent.
When it ruffled her skirt and pulled at tendrils of her hair, she stilled–a woodland creature made suddenly and acutely aware of danger. Her eyes shifted in his direction, twin flashes of emerald. His own eyes narrowed and he smiled, pleased at what he’d read in her glance. Recognition. Only an ElseWorld creature could detect the scent of another. His blood pumped a little faster at this confirmation of his initial assumption. A female from his own world would make for a far more interesting engagement than a human one might have.
“This is private land.” He stepped free of the forest’s shadows into the small clearing in which she stood.
She whirled to face him then, her skirts sending the leaves eddying around her. His nostrils flared, waiting for her scent to ride the air in his direction. He’d know what sort of creature she was soon enough.
When her fragrance reached him, its delicate, delicious impact enfolded him like a physical caress. His senses analyzed and sorted through its nuances, and a prickle of awareness swept his skin. His body reached a stunning conclusion regarding her origins a split second before his mind did. He could actually feel his eyes dilate, his heart gasp, his blood halt in his veins.
“Gods, who . . . what are you?” he demanded.
Frozen in place, they simply stared at one another with only a dozen yards of sylvan forest and shocked silence between them. Even the air around them seemed to hold its breath. Then she pivoted on one dainty, booted foot and hared off. She was getting away!
(Thanks for reading this excerpt from Dane, The Lords of Satyr.)

© Copyright 2009 by Elizabeth Amber.

NOTICE: This novel is protected under Copyright Registration with the United States of America. No part or portion of this work may be used for re-sell or re-print either digitally or in print format by any entity other than the legal publisher of this work listed above. Re- sell or re-print of this work may not be used without the written permission of the author and the publisher or without full monetary compensation of the work to both the author and legal publisher. Any infringement upon this copyright will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

How many brothers you think you can handle?? Come find out with Ms. Elizabeth Amber! And a Giveaway!!!

Are you ladies having an awesome time at the party!!!!
I hope so!! I am having so much fun!
And today is no different…
Today, I want to to introduce to you a woman whose writing I absolutely love!
(I personally bow down to her cover
~ just gaze upon them all here )

Please welcome to the Hussy Lair…
Ms Elizabeth Amber!!!!

I would normally tell you to grab a cuppa something hot…
but today will be a little different.

You might just want to reach for something ice cold…
Cuz it will get all kinda hot up-in-hera!!!!

I will give you a little back history on how I came to know Ms. Amber.
I accidentally stumbled upon her books in Borders one day.
I was just looking for a new book, nothing major…
Taking my time… strolling the aisles… when I saw the spine.
Plain and simple…
Although something was unique… The title… One name… Simple… Plain…


I pulled the book out… and holy shit… This is what seared my eyes….

Oh hell yeah, he was coming home with me.
You have to be dead to think I was not bring this home with ME….
Then I read the blurb and had my first blushing episode in Borders.
Oh yeah, he was coming home with me…

I put a big ol’sign on my book shelf (aka as my closet shelf)…
Wanted to make sure there was no mistake what I meant…
This book is not leaving my house… NO way, no how…
And DO NOT Even think about borrowing it….
Hell to the NO!!!!!!!

So, immediately I went to work on Google and looked up
Elizabeth Amber…
She was my crack and I her addict.
I had to have more… HAD TO ~ YOU HEAR ME!!!!!!
So, when I typed in…
Elizabeth Amber
I thought I hit the freaking mother load….

He has brothers and nephews!!!!!
Holy Mother… Flipping Hottness!!!!!
Brothers… More…. OMG!!!!

So, I immediately went back to Borders…
and bought them alll!!!!!!

Now, that I have wet your taste buds… Let me introduce you all to Ms. Amber!!!!!

Welcome Ms. Amber to the Hussy Lair!!! I want to thank you for coming over and hanging out with us today!!!

I found these few paragraphs at Ms. Amber’s website…. This is a little of what she had to say about herself….

I write erotic historical paranormals romances for Kensington Aphrodisia. I have a great husband, cats named Chelsea and Biscuit, and a bf named Eva. My sister and mom are two of my closest friends, and we all love animals.

I’m also a museum junkie and am intensely interested in history and archeology. When I was an art history major at university, I became fascinated with Greco-Roman artifacts. I’ve visited many archeological sites and museums in Italy and Greece. All those ancient urns, frescoes, and amphorae decorated with satyrs (the carnal followers of the Roman god of wine, Bacchus) and maenads celebrating the annual grape harvest inspired The Lords of Satyr novels.

I wrote Nicholas — the first novel — not knowing if there was a market for the type of book I was writing or if anyone would publish it. But I was intrigued with my story as it unfolded, so I forged ahead. Once the rough draft was completed, I went to an RWA conference. Afterward, I submitted three chapters of Nicholas and a series summary to Kensington. Six months later they called with an offer.

Writing this series has been a pleasure, and I’ve written five Lords of Satyr novels thus far. In order of publication, they are: Nicholas, Raine, Lyon, Dominic, and Dane. Bastian and Sevin are under contract and in progress.

I’m not sure if there will be more beyond these, but I love hearing from readers with their thoughts on what characters they might like to see get their own novels.

I hope you enjoy these books. Let me know.

Ms. Elizabeth, why don’t you tell us something unique about yourself… Something we can find out by googling you… lol….

Well, I named the heroine of Dane, The Lords of Satyr after my best friend, and she doesn’t know it yet!

How cool is that!!! I hope you direct her here so she can see the news!!!
So, if you could sum up who is Elizabeth Amber is in five sentences… What would they be?

E.A. is the author of erotic historical paranormal romances.
She’s the daughter of divorced parents, who were surprised when she began writing erotic romance.
She’s happily married.
She has known her best friend since middle school.
She loves animals of all kinds, has two cats, and volunteers at a local animal shelter when she can.

For those that are new here at the Lair and with your writing… could you please tell us about your writings… what are your books about?

Sure…In the 1800s, half-satyr/half-human lords guard ancient secrets in the heart of Tuscany’s and Rome’s centuries-old wine country. They receive a letter that sends them in search of endangered half-faerie/half-human brides. For not just any woman will do as a Satyr wife. At times, these satyr lords change physically and are driven by the darker side of their natures to indulge in a nightlong ritual in a sacred gathering place ringed with statues of Bacchus, nymphs, dryads, and fauns.

And believe me ladies… You do not want to miss these stories. The story themselves are quiet delicious and coming from this hussy… well.. *grinning like the cat who ate the canary** let’s just say… you really need to put these books on your TBB list!
Could you tell us about your heros… help those who have no idea who they are or what they stand for… fall in love with them….

Nicholas and Dominic are both very sexual and are driven by duty and neither expects to find love. Raine and Lyon enjoy women, but don’t want to wed. Raine has been wed before to a woman who betrayed him, and Lyon simply enjoys women too much to settle on one. Dane—the hero in my upcoming June release–conceals a demon within him that subjugates him during any sort of carnal encounter. As he fights insanity, sexual frustration, and this demon with an inhuman strength, he finds an unexpected love in the very unusual Eva.

These men oozzeee out SEX A ON STICK!! The whole lot of them… they are just… wow! Yeah, that good…
Ms. Elizabeth, was the storyline of The Satyr’s easy to write? Did they write themselves….

Once I know who the satyr in each book is—his inner character, his desires, his longings, what moves him to anger, laughter, love—then his story become easy to write. Until I know who he and his heroine are, writing the book seems like a huge mountains to climb.

Do you have anything else brewing besides the The Lord of Satyr’s family?

Yes! I have an idea for a new series that’s a little different, but for now I’m concentrating on writing the next two books about Dane’s brothers, Bastian and Sevin.

Oh crap… Two more men to read about… Honey, you have just made this hussy’s day!!
**fanning myself**

Okay…. Nice questions over… hee hee… Smutty time…

Your books gave me fits of blushings, tons of paper cuts and some serious hot flashes!! Yea, it did all that. What books have done that to you lately?

I’m so glad you enjoyed them, Cecile.

*Enjoy them… Honey it is more like devour them!!!*

When I think of erotic romance I think of Lora Leigh. She is amazing. And so many others—Anna Campbell, Lisa Valdez to name a couple. Oh, and I’ve just discovered Nalini Singh’s books! (fanning self)

Now you see how I feel about your books, lol!!
In one book, you have two men sharing one woman (no, I am not telling you will have to find out yourself, lol)… can we expect more menage trios, or anything like that in the future books?

Probably. I let the sex scenes grow out of the characters. Nicholas, for instance, was very sexual and he was accustomed to having sex how and when he liked, so he continued to do so even after he met Jane, sometimes with other women, which hurt Jane. But then he fell in love with her and no other woman than she would do. In my new release, Dane, one of the scenes takes place in a passion salon owned by Dane’s brother, Sevin. So there are some voyeuristic carnal things going on all around Dane and his heroine, Eva

Hot damn…. I soooooo can not wait for Dane now. A taste of this book and I am drooling already! You are an evil tease, lol!
Did you ever think you would be writing erotic novels? Who are your go to erotic authors?

As a teen, I read Georgette Heyer, Jane Austen, and Victoria Holt, and I occasionally thought about writing a romance, but never did. The idea for the Lords of Satyr series came in those moments just before I was falling asleep one night. I didn’t write it down at first, but I kept thinking about it and embellishing it in my mind. Then I began taking notes, and eventually I finished Nicholas and a series proposal.

If you could be seduced by any of your heros.. which one would it be and why?
(Yeah, I am evil, lol).

Oh, you are bad, Cecile. :o) I love alpha males, and each of the satyrs has a different appeal. So maybe more than one?

**hot damn… my kinda woman.. especially with all your damn sexy – sex on a stick men – why chose just one…**

Nicholas because he’s the oldest and is verrry experimental; Raine because he’s a wounded soul with a deep, sexy inner strength; Lyon because he has a sense of humor and is loyal to his woman–oh, and because he’s hot; Dominic because he protects his world without complaint and doesn’t expect a woman’s love of his own; and Dane because he’s complicated, tortured, and alpha, and he fascinates me.

Just in case you need some visual aid….

Okay.. quickie time…. You ready??

Coffee or Tea: Tea, almost a whole pitcher a day!
Milk or Dark Chocolate: Both, yum.
Hugs or Kisses: Hugs. Kisses. No, hugs…
Sunrises or Sunsets: Sunsets. I’m a night owl.
Emails or Texts: Emails

Paperbacks or Ebooks: Paperbacks until I find the perfect e-reader.
Cakes or Brownies: Cakes—the white wedding kind.

Okay.. now finish these sentences:

When life hands you lemons….friends and family help.

If I were a man, I would….find out what it would be like to have sex as a man with a woman.
When I dream, I dream….deeply.
My favorite thing to do….travel to Europe.
When I am stressed out, I….work through it or go for a walk.
Do not think you can drag me….because I won’t let you.
I get the giggles when…I’m with my bf.
What I love most about my life is…my friends..

Ms. Elizabeth, I want to thank you for hanging at the Lair today!!! It means the world to me that you would stop by!!!!

This is one of my favorite interviews ever, Cecile! Thank you so much. Invite me back anytime. Pleeeese. :o)

Okay… Our favorite time…!!!!!
Giveaway time!!!!!!!

Ms. Amber has kindly offered up winner’s choice of either Nicholas, Raine, Lyon or Dominic!!

The Giveaway is open to USA and Canada only.

All you have to do is leave a comment/question for Ms. Elizabeth and your email addy and you are in!!!! How easy is that!

Now ladies… if you stay tuned to my blog… Ms. Amber will be back when Dane makes his appearance. I may even get to snag an interview up with him… **evil wink**

Ohhhh and Ms. Amber has informed me… When she comes back… There will be a chance to snag Dane for a lucky winner!!!!

So mark your calendars for June!!!!! Thanks for coming to play with us!

To find out more about Ms. Elizabeth, please go to her web site —>>> here.
I know she would love to hear from you. Okay… if you don’t want to drop her a line… You might want to go to just drool over the covers… I mean come’on… Who would not want to drool (or pet) these babies….!!!!!!! ((I know I have… sssshhhhhh))

What is going on…. What is she writing….

Bastian is Dane’s older brother, and he’s the guy I’m spending my time with these days. There’s something about an eldest brother that is so appealing. They’re inherently powerful—the one the other brothers look up to. I’m enjoying this one immensely.

Stay tune for a hot Hot HOt HOT HAWT excerpt of Dane….. Just remember… Stay Tune….

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A Excerpt of Wild Heart by Lori Brighton


Leo Roberts is next in line for an earldom and the power and fortune that come with it, but he is uncultured, unrefined—and completely untamed…until governess Ella Finch arrives upon the scene. Can so young and inexperienced a woman tutor him in the manners and mores of his class? Leo’s mysterious past has rendered him an outsider, too wild for polite society. But he finds her innocence most intriguing…


What manner of man he may be, Ella does not know. Yet he fascinates her and she must know more. Capturing Leo’s reckless heart is about to free her in ways she never dreamed of…and his sensual touch releases the deepest yearnings of her body and soul …

var gaJsHost = ((“https:” == document.location.protocol) ? “https://ssl.&#8221; : “http://www.&#8221;); document.write(unescape(“%3Cscript src='” + gaJsHost + “google-analytics.com/ga.js’ type=’text/javascript’%3E%3C/script%3E”)); try { var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker(“UA-6830377-1”); pageTracker._trackPageview(); } catch(err) {}

Excerpt of Wild Heart

“My grandson is the next in line. I need him to be as well educated as possible when the time comes for him to take his place.”

“Of course,” Ella replied.

But the lanterns on the rock walls cast wavering shadows against the floor, demanding her attention and increasing her anxiety.

“Still, I feel I must warn you. My grandson,” Lord Roberts said, “has had a difficult life. He’s not exactly…normal.”

Ella tore her gaze from the dark hall to focus on Lord Roberts. His face was passive, but his eyes still held a sense of sadness that worried her. Against her will, her heart skipped a beat and she had to force her feet to continue forward, wondering over his ominous words.

“But I promise you, if you persevere, the reward will be well worth the effort.”

She parted her lips to question him further when he stopped outside double wooden doors carved with mystical beasts. Unicorns, dragons, elves all fought for attention like a children’s fairy tale come to life.

“Any family will hire you, Ella, upon learning you worked for me,” Lord Roberts said. “Just think, even royalty.” Before his words of promise could sink in, he reached out and pushed the doors wide.

A rush of apprehension washed over her like a chilly breeze. That feeling she’d had when she first arrived…that same feeling that had seeped in through her bedroom window. Her heart raced but her mind stilled. Her entire body focused on the hum that started vibrating in her core. A beast, a beast in dire need, a beast confused, angry, hurt.

“Do not be afraid, my dear,” Lord Roberts said, slipping her arm through the crook of his elbow and leading her into the room.

Afraid? Afraid! Why should she be afraid?

A crash made her jump. Even Lord Roberts tightened his hold. Blimey, is that where the noise had come from, Lord Roberts’ grandson?

“My lord, I do not have great experience with children.” Her face heated at the lie. “I mean, of boys, in particular.”

“Oh, that won’t matter much, my dear.”

He pulled her further into the gold room, her slippered feet whispering their resistance against the cold, marble floor.

“W—where is he?” Her gaze swept the pastel landscape murals on the walls, up to the ceiling where fat cherubs grinned down at her, demented sprites mocking her plight.

Her mind buzzed as a rush of emotion swept into her, then back out, like waves at sea. She couldn’t seem to catch hold of anything, merely hints of anger, frustration, sorrow and resentment. Another crash resounded from beside her. Ella spun around. An empty easel was propped in the corner of the room, under the glow of wall sconces. Movement near the windows caught her attention.

A man. The man from the garden.

Blond hair glistened in the low candlelight, his broad back to her. Her body froze, her thoughts spinning.

“I thought I’d created him in my mind,” she whispered.

“You’ve met?” Lord Roberts turned to her, confusion in his eyes.

“No, I saw him this evening. He seemed to be…” What was the right word? “Overwrought about something.”

With what could only be called a growl, he tossed a paint-splattered canvas outside.

“Oh my,” she gasped. “He seems rather upset now, too. Who is he?”

“My grandson, Leo.”

Ella’s stomach sank. “I see. And your other grandson, the one I will be teaching, is he here?” She pulled away and studied the room. It was empty.

The old man’s face flushed a telling shade of red. “Ah, yes. Well, you see-”

“My lord,” a servant whispered from the hall. He darted a glance at Lord Roberts’ grandson and scampered back, cowering behind the doors.

“Yes? What is it?” Lord Roberts strolled toward the hall. Ella resisted the urge to cling to the man, to beg him not to leave her alone, to beg him to send a rider for Lady Buckley.
As if sensing her vulnerability, Leo spun away from the window and faced her. Ella’s heart jumped into her throat. The set of his square jaw made him appear fierce, yet she could not ignore the handsome features that pulled together in a face that would inspire Michelangelo. His attention swept over her form, leaving behind a trail of heat that pulsed unwanted through her body.

Dear lord, he wore only trousers and a white shirt spattered in paint and completely unbuttoned. She couldn’t stop her gaze from traveling the trail of golden hair that swept down his muscled chest. Her body tingled and her gaze jumped back to his face. His wavy locks hung wildly about his shoulders. His body was tight, tense; a beast prepared for an attack. Surely he wouldn’t harm her.

With long, purposeful strides, he shortened the distance between them. And she couldn’t move, couldn’t move a bloody step, fear and something else holding her captive. Nearer…nearer. Would he stop or knock her over?

Then their gazes met and any thought of escape fled. Suddenly nothing existed. Ella fell into a warm pool of gold. An eerie gold that glowed from his eyes, pulling her under, drowning in emotion and leaving her gasping for breath. It was coming from him…the emotion…the need…the pain.

Birds, rabbits, even a fox, but never had she been able to read a person’s emotions. Mesmerized, she didn’t move a muscle when he stopped only a foot away, looming over her like some archangel come to take her soul. Was the floor still beneath her feet or was she falling? The room seemed to spin as his scent swirled around her; sea salt, pine and male; him.

“It is nice to meet you,” she somehow managed to get past her lips.

His eyes narrowed into slits and his nostrils flared, his breath a soft whisper as he inhaled deeply. Slowly, he moved around her as if she were prey and he the hunter. He stepped close, too close. With his chest hot to her back, his essence seeped into her skin. His fingers brushed her nape, wrapped around a loose lock and the fine hairs on her neck stood on end. She heard the distinct intake of breath, as if he smelled the strands. Paralyzed from fright and from another foreign emotion, Ella couldn’t move. Her heart hammered in her ears, drowning out every sound but her own harsh breathing.

He leaned forward, and the side of his face, rough with a day’s growth of whiskers, brushed against the sensitive skin of her neck. She closed her eyes, feeling every muscled contour of his body, every heated limb, every soft breath he took. Strange physical sensations pulsed through her veins, a deep aching need for only God knew what. Want, desire, anger so intense, her knees quivered and she feared she would sink to the ground in a dead faint.

“Leo,” Lord Roberts called out. The tap of the old man’s cane sounded muddled through the fog of her exotic reality. Part of her was weak with relief when Lord Roberts appeared, yet a small part, deep down inside, was strangely eager to see what this Leo would do next.

“I see you have met your new governess,” Lord Roberts said.

Governess? As if Leo were a boy when in fact he was a man, a very grown man.

His hold on her hair tightened and she resisted the urge to squeak.

The old man’s eyes flickered uneasily from her face to his grandson. “I believe Miss Finch would like to rest.”

Out of the corner of her eye, Ella studied her ward. His jaw clenched but he released his hold on her hair. With a curl of his lips and a stiff jerk of his arm, he pointed toward the hall.

“Right, of course, you would like some time alone. Well then, shall we?” Lord Roberts tugged her toward the open doors.

Her shoulder brushed against Leo’s hard chest and shivers raced all the way to her toes. Confused by her strange reaction, she stole a glance back as Lord Roberts led her from the room. Leo stood there, his hands on his slim hips as if sizing her up for the kill. As Lady Buckley had promised, she was indeed being punished by God.

Lord Roberts closed the doors and shut the man from view. The surge of emotion and heat receded, leaving her trembling and cold.

I want to thank Ms. Lori for coming hang out at the Lair for the past few days!!! Thank you.
Please visit Ms. Lori’s website —>>> here.

Stay tune… there is more partying to be done!!!!

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***UPDATE*** A Day & A Giveawy with Ms. Lori Brighton

Today ladies, I would like you give a warm welcome to a wonderful lady!
Please welcome Ms. Lori Brighton to
the Hussy Lair!!!

You know the drill, grab your favorite cup of whatever, get a comfy chair and settle in for some one on one time with Ms. Lori!!!

Ms. Lori, I want to thank you for coming over to my place today! It is delightful to have you here!!
Please make yourself at home.

I got this from Ms. Lori’s website. This is couple of things about her:

As a child, thoughts of far-off places and adventure consistently kept Lori up late at night when she should have been fast asleep. After graduating high school, she came to the conclusion that there was no better way to seek adventure and nourish her love of history than to become an archaeologist. She went on to receive a degree in anthropology, but digging in the dirt during humid Midwestern summers wasn’t exactly as fun as she thought it would be. Instead, she went to work in an air conditioned museum where she spent her days surrounded by creepy Victorian animal mounts. Still, she wasn’t satisfied.

Deciding the people in her imagination were slightly more exciting than the dead things in a museum basement, she set out to write her first romance novel. Shockingly enough, the book finaled in a few contests, lending to the crazy assumption that she would quickly be published and live happily ever after. That book was soundly rejected. As was the next. Years went by and she began to wonder if she’d ever see her dream fulfilled. Until one day she came up with an idea for a book that brought together her love of history and adventure: a book now titled Wild Heart.

But that book, too, was rejected. And rejected again. And again. Just when she’d given up hope of ever being published, Wild Heart came in first place in the Golden Acorn contest. The final round judge from Kensington Publishing requested the manuscript, and she was finally offered that elusive contract.

Lori currently resides in the Midwest, where she juggles her time between a husband, a son, a golden retriever, a cat, two goldfish and the many, many people in her imagination.

Ms. Lori, if you will… please tell us a little something about yourself? Something that we can not easily find out.

Hmmm…some deep, dark secret? Sadly I don’t think I have any! I’ll pretty much tell anyone whatever they want to know. But something less exciting… I love the beach, hiking and nature. I have little collections of shells, fossils and minerals that I pick up when hiking; it’s like finding treasure! I know, sounds pretty lame. I even had three articles published in WildBird Magazine a few years back. Comes from my natural science background. But I’m also rather artistic. In high school, art (painting, drawing and pottery) was pretty much my favorite subject. But I haven’t drawn/painted in years! I would love to start again.
Inquiring minds would like to know what is the story about you going from museum curator to writer?
Well, I was a natural science curator, which meant sitting in a basement with nothing but dead animal mounts and rocks to keep me company. When you’re sitting in silence, alone, you can come up with a lot of story ideas! I’d always loved romance novels and when I knew I would be moving and quitting my job, I decided to try and write one.

For those who are new to the lair, Wild Hearts is Ms. Lori’s first novel (yayayay)!
If you could please describe your heroine/hero to us; help us fall in love with them?
Ella, my heroine, is super sweet. So far, I haven’t heard of any readers hating her. Although watch, I’ll get a review the moment this is posted and the person will hate dear Ella. lol. She’s had a lonely, tough life. She has the special ability to sense and, at times, control animals. Because of this, she’s been made to feel guilty, as if her ability is evil. When Leo shows up, although many find him rude and abrasive, she can read his emotions and knows the real man. Leo, my hero, is a total alpha male. People tend to either love him or hate him. He witnessed his parent’s murder when he was a child and was forced to survive alone in a foreign country. Obviously he’s not going to be sweet and passive; it wouldn’t be true to character. He’s a survivalist and he’s intent on getting revenge. When he meets Ella, she makes him feel something other than revenge for the first time in years.

Why did you choose to pair paranormal with historical?

In the beginning I wasn’t intending to add the paranormal. But it just sort of flowed into the story. Since Leo is rather animalistic in his alpha male way, I figured having a heroine who could sense animals would connect them on a deeper level. Plus, I think the search for the treasure and the paranormal aspect reminds me of an Indiana Jones movie. Loved those movies when I was young!

How difficult was that to merge the two together?

Not difficult. It felt natural to me. But I did have some critique partners that didn’t care for it and thought I should dump that aspect. But I thought it gave the book a unique spin. Since the book has been released I’ve had mixed reactions. Some people love it, some don’t. The paranormal aspect comes into play much more in the second book.

How much research did you have to do; was the research difficult due to the paranormal/hist. aspect?

Not so much the historical, as I knew a bit about the Victorian era to begin with. And not at all with the paranormal. But researching Indian culture was very difficult. I found little on the web and in books. The problem with our written history is that they often ignored the everyday life. That everyday life is most important when you’re writing historical fiction.

For the second book, which takes place in India, it was even harder! I actually found a few journals and diaries online written by Europeans who were staying in India during the 1800s. These journals helped a lot.

A friend of mine has always wanted to know if authors already have the ending before they start writing their novels or if it just comes to them as they write. What happens for you?

I’ve never thought about it! But I’d have to say, yes, usually I have a general idea of how it will end. I think most authors do. Although I do know some authors who have written books with love triangles and weren’t sure until the end who the heroine would end up with. Some authors plan out their books in detail. Others play it by ear. I will usually do a very rough outline.

How did your celebrate after Wild Heart was completed and sold?
It sold quite awhile after it was completed, so I had moved onto a new book. When I got the call, I did go to dinner with my family. But to be honest, I was so shocked and so nervous it’s all sort of a blur.

Can you tell us what we can expect to come from you in the future?
My second Kensington book will be out March 2011. I’m really excited to see what people think. As I mentioned, it has more paranormal and it’s very action-packed. The hero is Colin, a secondary character in Wild Heart. He’s very charming, different from brooding Leo. I’m also currently working on a new series, historical (no paranormal), and hoping to sell that soon. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Have you have any fangirl moments with authors that you admire? If so, care to share??
I decided to start interviewing other authors on my blog while waiting for Wild Heart to be released. Some authors said no, some yes. But when I wrote to Amanda Quick and Julie Garwood, I never ever expected them to agree. So imagine my shock when they did! They actually took time out of their very busy schedules to interview on my little blog. It was very exciting for me and they were just as lovely as I was hoping.

Okay… Random time….

If you could travel through time,what time period would you like to live in and why?
The Medieval time period is so romantic…in theory. I do love the Regency time period and the clothing because it was rather comfortable. So maybe that time period? Definitely the Victorian era since it’s the time period I write in and it was also really a time period of major growth. There was a huge interest in nature and antiquities, two things I love. Science and health were getting better and in a way, women had more freedom than they had before. Only negative, although the clothing was gorgeous, it wasn’t very comfortable and women went to ridiculous extremes to fit the pretty mold. Of course, we still do!

Describe to us a quiet night at the Brighton household.
Writing! That’s mostly what I do. I always have my computer on. I also love my evening TV shows. I’m watching Mercy right now and will switch over to Modern Family, Cougar Town and Ugly Betty soon. I’m also recording America’s Next Top Model. lol. As I said, I love my TV shows! We have a certain night that is game night, which usually involves my 5 year old throwing a fit when he doesn’t win.

What is your ideal date?

Hiking and a good dinner would be nice. I’d love an extremely surprising date too, like someone whisking me off to France for the weekend. But I suppose that only happens in romance novels. 😉

Do you secretly rock out to tunes in your car while driving?

Sure, although to be honest I have no problem driving in complete silence either. I have the stories in my head to keep me company. lol. I like all kinds of music, but mostly I’ve been listening to folk/pop/alternative, or Lesbian music as my gay cousin calls it. And positive, fun music! I’m sick of depressing songs/movies. Life is hard enough as it is. If I read a book, watch a movie, listen to a song, when it ends I want to still be in a good mood!

Coffee or Tea: Neither. I can drink both with lots of milk and sugar, but rarely do. I love soda (or pop as we call it in the North, and apparently in some parts of England, which I learned from an English guy working at Disney’s Epcot). But I’m trying not to drink it. So mostly water. Yuck!

Milk or Dark Chocolate: Definitely Milk Chocolate and way too much of it!

Dessert or Main Meal: Can I pick both? I love food! Especially when I don’t have to cook it. I’m addicted to Crème Brulee right now.

Theme Park or Jazz Club: Theme Park. I love Disney World! Especially now that I have a child.

Email or Text: Email. Yes, I will admit that I’ve never text’d in my life! How pathetic am I?

Sunrise or Sunset: Both! I love both, especially on the beach! But I’m usually a night owl.

High Heels or Flats: Flats at home, Heels only when I go to conferences or somewhere special.

Lip stick or Lip gloss: Usually Lip Stick. If I take the time to put on makeup, I want it to stay!

Comfy clothes or Knock Out Dress: At home, which is where I am most of the time, Comfy Clothes. When I go out somewhere special…Knock Out Dress.

I want to thank you again Ms. Lori for coming over to my place to hang out!
You are welcome here any time you want! =)

Ms. Lori just emailed to let me know that she has TWO copies to giveaway to two lucky people!!!!!!!!
How cool is that!!!

Ms Lori has graciously agreed to give away one of her books to a lucky commenter. What’s the catch….
Tell us the name of the hero from her free short story???????

Please leave your email address, so we can get in touch with you!
Thank you all for sharing your day with Ms. Lori and I!!!

There is also a free short story on her site, please go —>> here to check that out!

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Patti’s Coming to Visit!!!!

As you all know, Cecile is celebrating her blogiversary this month, and since we’re both Louisiana girls, I thought a bit of southern hospitality was in order. I decide it might be fun to surprise her with a cake and bring it over to her house, and maybe we could trade books.
Cecile calls herself a smutty hussy, but we all know what a sweet, lovely woman she really is, or so I thought…
I got to her house early Saturday morning and knocked on the front door. Her butler answered:
(Oh, apparently it’s still a bit early…)

He leads me through the house to wait in the living room. As we pass the kitchen, I do a double-take:

(hmmm…early riser?)

Where was I? Oh, yes…We get to the living room and the butler asks me to wait and he will let Cecile know I’m here. As I look around her living room, I notice she has a large backyard, so I get up to get a better look out the window:

(It sure is warm down here in Louisiana!)

“Enjoying the view?” Cecile asks, walking into the room, looking lovely. “We’re having some landscaping done. If you look out that window you can see where we’re adding something a little more exotic on that side of the house.” My view shifts to the other window, where one of the workers appears to be taking a break:

“We’ve even hired a gardner!”

(Oh my!)

I tell Cecile the view is wonderful and everything looks great. She realizes I’ve still got my purse and a bag of books and the cake. “Why don’t you set the bag and your purse in the guest bedroom and I’ll put that lovely cake in the kitchen?” Cecile asks.

“Hmmm..” I’m thinking, “I’d really like to put the cake in the kitchen…” and then I turn the corner and walk into the guest room:

“Uh…Cecile?” I start to say, just as she says “Oh! I forgot, we’ve got an LSU student staying in that room while they repaint his dorm! I’ll just put your bags in my room.”

“Well,” I say, “I was thinking we could go out for coffee?” (Don’t ask why we’re going out for coffee if I brought cake. Work with me people!)

“Sure, I know just the place!” Cecile answers, and we get into her car and head downtown. “There’s this cute little coffee shop I occasionally stop into that has great pastries and buns.” We pull up and the valet takes her car, greeting her by name:

“Cecile, so nice to see you again! I’ll park your car close, just like you like it.”

I look at her out of the corner of my eye and she shrugs…”I told you they’ve got great buns!” We walk in the door and seat ourselves. Immediately we’re surrounded by waitstaff, all clamoring for Cecile’s attention:

“Oh, Cecile, it’s so nice to see you again. Welcome back! What can we do for you?” they all fawn over her.

We enjoy our coffee and head back to her place to look at each other’s books. “I have to be honest,” she says, “I have such a huge TBR pile it’s got it’s own room! Would you like to see? It’s in the basement.” Sounds intriguing, so I follow her. As we descend the stairs, she greets the carpenter:

“Nathan, I keep telling you those are not regulation safety goggles!” she says sweetly. She looks at me and says “He’s building me a new set of bookshelves. The ones I have just aren’t enough.”

And then we get to the book room. I understand now why Cecile is such a Smutty Hussy when it comes to her reading choices:

So…who wants to come with me when I go back to visit Cecile next weekend?

Patti… **Mawh, luv ya hun. This is priceless**
Thank you so much for coming over to my place and playing. **smiling wickedly** I hope you come back over for more visits!!! Ladies, I was tickled pink to find Ms. Patti in the blog world and only to discover that she lives about an hour and forty five minutes from me!!! Now we have never met, but I was just so happy to see that someone around in my area blogged too!! Please go visit her sites, she has two of them and let her hear from you!!
Sleepless in New Orleans and Book Addict

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Oh Mr. Thomas & I ~ And one Hellva Giveaway

Today, Ms. Amanda has allowed me the extreme pleasure of meeting Mr. Thomas from The Master and The Muse. And let me tell what a pleasure my day has been.

I will take this slow…. a little at a time.

First I will allow you to drool over this freaking amazing, hot, stunning, captivating, breathtaking cover…..—>> See!

And like a fine wine, after you have savored that picture and it is branded in your mind, I will allow you get to know him a little better. Here are the stats on Mr. Rodin…

Height: 6’2″
Weight: 210
Hair: Honey-Brown-unruly curls-worn to collar
Eyes: Startling blue-green
Build: atheletic from genetics and walking
Profession: Pre-Raphaelite artist, eccentric
Clothing: prefers late renaissance, velvet and cuffs a must
Pet-peeves: anyone else to touch his painting area
Favorite drink: Port
Favorite food: Oysters
Favorite pasttime: after painting? Sex.
What he thrives on: passion–of many types
What he detests: the facade of Victorian protocal
Greatest achievement: being true to himself
Greatest regret: Grace
Worst feature: impatience
Best feature: *grin* can that be printed here?
Greatest wish: That people will love him for who he is.

A Sneak Peek at THE MASTER & THE MUSES coming June 2010 from Spice

Set-up: William, Thomas brother, who pestered Helen until she succumbed to his advances, only to discover that if she chose to model, she could not be engaged in a relationship with him while a model for the brotherhood. Confused by this rule which places an awkward distance between them, Helen is drawn to Thomas’s care and charm, yet struggles with her past encounter with William. Here , William has announced he is leaving the country on a research trip and Helen reacts to the news–The Master and the Muses, Book I; Helen;
It was then of little surprise to me when William entered the studio one afternoon and announced his departure.
“Well, I’m off soon. My train leaves within the hour.”
“You’re leaving?” I rubbed the back of my neck, stiff and sore from sitting too long. I bowed my head so he would not see the disappointment in my eyes. “Thomas didn’t mention it.”
“It’s just a short trip to Rome. I plan to tour of a few cathedrals and perhaps a garden or two in search of inspiration.”
“Be cautious of those beautiful gardens, Will. Some of their caretakers do appreciate foreigners plucking them,” Thomas remarked with a smile.
It was evident he was speaking of women’s flowers. I quickly brushed the thought away, rubbing my arms under the sleeves of the itchy Damask gown that Thomas insisted I wear. The two brothers embraced and William gave me a tight smile. “Miss Bridgeton.” He nodded.
“Mr. Rodin.” I continued the appearance that we’d never been intimate with one another. If he could perform so well the task, I could as well. After he left, I followed Thomas out to the balcony. We stood watching his carriage amble down the cobblestone street.
“I miss him like the devil when he’s gone,” he said quietly.
Thomas sighed, and stepping behind me, wrapped his arms around my shoulders. He rested his chin on my head.
“It’s you and me now, Helen. He’s gone and left us behind while he trots off on a new adventure.”
“Does he take these trips often?” I asked, watching William leave. The warmth of Thomas’s arms gave me comfort. It was his nature to be physical—he was prone to giving hugs and pecks on the cheek, even to those in the brotherhood.
He lifted aside my unbridled hair and nuzzled the sensitive spot beneath my ear.
“When the spirit moves him. I prefer to find my inspiration closer to home.” The smell of wine wafted over my nose as his palm moved over my right breast, squeezing gently.
“Are you inspired, my muse?” he whispered against the curve of my neck.
I slipped from his grasp. “The light is waning, Mr. Rodin.”
“I have asked that you call me Thomas,” he said with quiet firmness.
“All right, Thomas. Still, if you wish to do more this afternoon before I leave—”
“Oh yes, my muse. I would love to do more.”
“I’ve no doubt you would, Thomas. Do you think I am so innocent that I do not know your reputation?”
He took a step toward me and stopped suddenly, tipping his head with a curious look in his eye. “I think you pretend not to know how you affect me, Helen.”
“I do think, Thomas that you have found your inspiration much too easily in the past.”
His smile grew wide. “Aha! My innocent little muse has a cunning side, as well.”
“I am not worldly, it is true, but I do know a rogue when I see one.”
“A rogue?” He held his hand to his heart. “Woman, you wound me with your words far too romantic for a man like me. A man, as you say, of my reputation.”
“Perhaps I should take my leave for the afternoon.” I turned away and he grabbed my arm.
“My apologies, Helen. I had no idea that my affection would be repulsive to you.”
“You are not repulsive to me, Thomas, nor are your affections. But do not think that because I am here, you may take advantage of the situation.”
“I see, you are a woman who prefers to be wooed, is that it?” He stepped around me, blocking my escape back into the studio.
“I am a woman with needs, innocent though you think me to be.” I faced him.
His gaze narrowed and he took my chin between his fingers.
“Those dark circles—your complexion is pale. Helen, what is the matter? What ails you?”
His immediate change in topic and manner scattered my thoughts.
“I am not sleeping well,” I admitted finally.
He pulled me into his warm embrace and laid his cheek on the top of my head.
“You must learn to trust me, Helen. When you are unhappy, I am unhappy.”
“I don’t see myself through your eyes, Thomas.”
“Then I will have to do better at showing you how important you are to me.”
He smoothed his hands up and down my spine, and I welcomed this tender gesture. “You have been good to me, Thomas.”
“I could be much more, Helen, if you’d allow.”
His concern for my health prompted me to admit my worry regarding my employer. “I cannot keep lying, Thomas. I fear I will lose my job, or worse, Madame Tozier will go to my mother and ask her about my health.”
He frowned. “Neither she nor your family realize that you’ve been posing for me?”
I sighed. “Not everyone is as enamored of the brotherhood as you may like to think.”
He chuckled. “You needn’t remind me.” His eyes drifted over my shoulder as if deep in thought. For a moment I feared he was would end my employment.
“Then we shall go see this Madame Tozier and teach her to adore the brotherhood.”
I laughed softly. “Do you think that you can make a difference?”
“Go get dressed. I’ll get us a carriage.” He smiled. “Oh, did you need any help with dressing?” he called after me.
“I can manage on my own, Thomas, thank you,” I tossed back, but the smoky color of his eyes, the intimate way that he had touched me, lingered on my mind. As I dressed in his bedroom, I looked around, trying to get a clearer picture of this mysterious man. He lived in an unkempt state and I often wondered if he hired a maid to come in and tidy up after him, but I had never seen one when I was there. I assumed that he ate out, as I’d not seen a cook either. He seemed, however, to have an endless supply of tea, wine and raspberry scones on hand. His bed was unmade, the sheets rumpled and my mind flashed with the image of Thomas sprawled across it, his nude body draped with a careless covering. Need welled inside of me, having once tasted the precious honeyed bliss, my body craved it. I hurried to finish dressing and remove myself from the temptation of my imagination.
End of excerpt, Book I; Helen.

Now on the stuff you really came here for. And before I allow you into our conversation, I have to warn you that I had a very hard time keeping my comments or thoughts clean. So, just beware, I will have what I was really thinking in my questions… Just sayin’

Ms. Amanda has arranged for me to meet Thomas at a secluded traven, not far from his home.
I walk in and immediately find the booth that he reserved for us. It is cloaked with draperies for privacy. My thoughts immediately go from innocent to dark, and delicious in the blink of an eye. How am I supposed to conduct an interview with a man who looks like he walked out of my one of my most erotic dreams and will be sitting in front of me.

I take a seat in the booth and immediately a waiter greets me, takes my order and goes to the bar. I ordered Southern Comfort on the rocks. I would need something strong and potent to get through this interview.

Then HE walks in. He strides with such grace it takes my breath away. The man is more stunning in person than he is on the damn cover of the book. He takes my hand and kissed the top of it before he sits down. **I think I died and went to hussy heaven ~ really**

“Hello Thomas, it is a pleasure to meet you” my voice is purring. “I hope Ms. Amanda informed you of my purpose today,” I said with such seduction I did not know I had. Is this the effect his man has on everyone he meets; heaven help us if he does.

The waiter comes back with my drink and a drink for Thomas. They know him well. I almost drain my drink one the first sip. Liquid courage…

“I would like to explore **every inch of you ~ floated in my mind** what makes you – you. I want the readers of “The Master and The Muse,” to get to know the man behind the brushes. You said your greatest wish is that people would love you for you… so here is your chance to show them who you are.”

Thomas: “I must say that I find you twenty-first century women intriguing, very bold to say the least. A fond your question, if not that hunger in your eyes most appealing. Oh yes, I notice your eyes, as I did everything about you as I approached this table. Call it an artists perspective , if you like. I happen to have a great interest and deep appreciation for women. Voluptuous, brash, delicate, timid–all sirens in their own ways, luring any red-blooded male with your suggestive look. Permit me to brush the hair from your cheek…there, what loveliness there is to a woman’s cheek, so soft, so caressable. Forgive my hands, they are too rough for your rose-petal skin. My dear woman, I fear that I am lost when it comes to being near a woman such as you, utterly, completely intoxicated. I am your slave, Ms. C., if you will have this wretched, reckless, romantic. Feel my heart–there, lay your palm against my breast and feel what you do to me. Tell me, have you ever thought of posing? You have all the features that exemplify a woman from what I can see…and I would enjoy discovering those which I cannot.” He smiles wickedly.

**Feeling very flustered, very speechless. I was not sure what I expected from Thomas, but this was not it… Wow… This man simply takes my breath away… gives it back to me… then turns me into a liquid puddle all in the matters for a few sentences**

Mr. Thomas, I actually have thought of posing. I have never dared to think of making it in a reality, but I love the painting of a woman’s naked back. That is just simply the most intoxicating pose there is.

**Mental imagines of him with his hands… discovering, exploring…**

Thomas: “You should see the subtle blush of your cheek, Ms. C. Arousal is a true thing of beauty, is it not? I concur with your findings of a woman’s back. It’s is one of the areas on a woman that I love to linger. I find it most…exhilarating.”

Yes, Mr. Thomas, you are right, arousal is a true thing of beauty. Beauty of which is in the eye of the beholder as the old saying goes. **I say as I squirm in my seat… becoming aware of my current state of arousal, damn the things this man can do**

Well… Mr. Thomas, you seem to have a very healthy appetite for women, **trying to appear calm and cool**, what is about a woman that attracts you to them?

Thomas: “Have I not made myself clear, woman? True it is that I seem to have this reputation for being a philandering fool. That’s what Grace has said in so many words, as has William and Frank as well. But I beg you dear woman, can you blame me? Am I to turn a blind eye to the succulent woman’s flesh that passes beneath my nose soliciting a hunger, the very essence of my passion? It’s true! My creativity is at its most glorious height just after I have bedded a woman. I ask you, do you not sense the soaring height of delirious pleasure? How your body trembles with sheer exhaustion, your body glistening with the dew of your lover’s body pressed to yours? Burning, raw passion, Ms. C! THIS is what I embrace! It is the fuel that feeds my genius! For the passion they embody, Ms. C, I adore women! I admit this freely, let the critics say what they must! Women are my religion, my inspiration, my muses!”
**Okay, this man not only can paint the most erotic imagines on canvas, he is painting them in mind right now… and this interview might not go any further…**

Mr. Thomas, you are a very **cough** passionate man, I see that now. I wonder if you are this passionate about everything…

What do love about a woman, specifically?

Thomas: “Ms. C. I feel that we have covered this subject most adequately, however, if you require a more, shall we say, thorough explanation, that can be arranged…in private.”

Oh, Mr. Thomas… **flustered, burning up, very hot..** Are you offering your services to me?

Thomas: “Ms. C, you naughty wench! Services? I do not provide a service, madam, I provide an experience.”

Mr Thomas, I never claimed to be a good wench… now did I **batting eyelashes just a bit.**
An experience is what you provide huh… Well, that is an experience I think I might just take you up on…

What are some your favorite assets **thinking about his assets ~ making myself blush** about a woman?

Thomas: “What odd questions you ask, Ms. C. Though I find them intriguing. I daresay it begs me to wonder if you ask in lieu of this interview, or if there is a personal note secretly attached to your prying questions. Well, then, I will be more direct perhaps in my responses, for a part of me thinks that is what you wish. I confess, I am as prone to arousal as the next gent, but how on earth do these modern men stand the heat? But I digress…what were you asking me? Oh yes, a woman’s assets…LOL, that too is sacred ground to my way of thinking. I find beauty in a woman’s soul, first and foremost. And that is not to say, she must be this side of the nunnery to possess such beauty. One of the most beautiful women I know, with a heart of gold and a body of a goddess had a less stellar reputation to London’s limited view of things. Here is what I think. A woman of high social standing, dripping with jewels and the latest fashion, but possessing a ink black heart can try as she might to appear “beautiful.” But all too soon, the veneer fades and the blackness beneath begins to show. Give me a woman, plain of clothing and jewels, fiery in opinion, visionary and kind, and what physical attributes she brings to the rest is but icing on the cake. Does that answer your question, Ms. C? And has anyone ever told you what effervescent light sparkles in your eyes when you speak?”

Oh, Mr. Thomas you have a way with… your words sir.

I have to ask… If you seriously thought of courting a woman, how would you go about that? **I would love to court you to my…** Have you ever courted a woman?

Thomas: ” Ah, courting like in the days of the medieval knight? Where one kept himself pure and chaste, pining from afar for the woman who keeps him in torment every night? I wish I could say I was so noble a man, but I fear my passion does not allow me to pine for very long, nor if I may be so bold to speak, does the woman in question wish me to stay at a respectable distance. We are all creatures of nature, Ms. C. When one senses such a complete and volatile draw to another, how or better,why, should it be denied? Still, I fear that my friend, Grace is teaching me a thing or two in this area of restraint. For there is a woman that heats my blood and for so many reasons, that I get dizzy to think about it for too long. She baffles me, wholly. One who would give herself by profession to another and yet defy my advances! I ask you is that not the height of cruelty? Courting…bah, I have not yet found the woman who I would wish to court, or who would wish me to court her. Are YOU asking for personal reason?”

Maybe I am Mr. Thomas. A girl has to know these things. But I have to agree with you… certain things should not be denied…

Thomas nods taking a sip of his port.

Out of your whole collection, what is your favorite portrait of all? Why?

Thomas “No more than an author can choose a favorite book over another, I’m afraid. Though I will say that is probably my sketches that I covet most. The first raw images marrying charcoal to paper, the musings in my mind brought to life by my hand. They are the seeds of my passion, the smoldering embers that with time, patience and care will ignite into something more beautiful than I dared to imagine. For me, a lot like good sex, in truth.”

I have to ask this question; which will lead to my next question…
When is your favorite time to paint?

Thomas: “Whenever the mood strikes.”

When is your favorite time to have sex?

Thomas: “Whenever the mood strikes. Are you asking for research purposes? I am more than willing to oblige in-depth research!”

Research you say, oh yes… Research… I love research and would be open for all sorts of research. I am always willing to learn new things. And to have a teacher such as yourself… well, I would consider that an honor…. to say the least.

Thomas: “I find curiosity a most likable and intriguing trait in a woman.”

Do the two go hand in hand **I know where I would like your hands**?

Thomas: “You toy with me, Ms. C. And I must warn you, it is a dangerous game you play with me. For too much more of this and I will call your bluff. My studio is not too far from here.”

**Begging for him to please call my bluff….** Mr. Thomas, there is no bluff…. But I do know how to play a few games my dear sir…. **said with very wicked intentions**

Is there a difference in having sex and making love?

Thomas: “Of course! In my era, anyone can pay for sex. Is it not true in this moderne day as well? But making love? Now that is learned–it involves the heart and soul. It embraces the emotions, celebrates the union. It gives as much as receives, in the sensual dance, its desire to please as much as to have pleasure. Every woman that I have been blessed to make love to, I have been pupil, teacher and muse. Each has transformed to me to becoming a better person and I like to think I have done the same for them. Our time together was always consensual, I demanded that above all else. Passion must be matched with desire for us both, or I would never act upon one with out the other.

If you were not a painter, what would be your occupation?

Thomas; ‘A recluse, I surmise. In truth, I do not know. This need to expel the hunger of creating inside me would find its way into other areas, I suppose. Would it be profitable as painting? I cannot say.”

Tell us how you would seduce *me* a woman.

Thomas: “Have I not been doing just that throughout this interview, my dear woman?”

Do you see yourself every falling in love with just woman and settling down?

Thomas: “I can “see” myself falling in love many times over..as I have done this very thing more than once and daresay, I have not yet exhausted the possibility of other such times. Though I am not entirely sure that the one necessarily follows suit, either for the woman or myself.”

Now for my last question, you said that your biggest regret is: Grace…. Why regret? Who is/was she? What was she to you?

Thomas: smiling. “You have a way , Ms. C, of working your way into a man’s heart. But alas, I hold my muses close to my heart and there are some things that a gentleman simply does not reveal. I do admit, my regret was not seeing past myself to the beautiful woman she is. Being blind, Ms. C, is not only a physical illness, the hear can be blind as well and what time is so readily wasted in the heat that is blind. Grace was my friend, the woman who thought more like me than any other and yet whose heart I blatantly disregarded in my hurry to prove to the world my brilliance…excuse me, this is not an easy thing for me to discuss. It is very personal and a wound I fear that I have taken part in creating. I don’t know if I will ever be able to remedy the situation. I fear it is too late for me. You see, this very day, I have heard rumor that she plans to sail to America. What that does to my heart, I cannot find the words. Even if there was to be no future with her, to part ways on such a sour note, when I have not yet had time to say what I have only discovered…sigh. Please, I beg you, do not make me go on…I cannot bear to think of what I may have already caused. I am sorry, I don’t wish to spoil the frivolity of your interview, good woman. If there is but a flicker of hope that I can at least convey to Grace what her loyalty , her friendship has meant to me, pray she will have a moment to listen. At least then, if she leaves, I will have said my peace. Would you do that, Ms. C.? Would you want a blind fool, who was perhaps your best friend, to tell you that much, at least, before you parted ways?”

Yes, you are right Mr. Thomas, I would want to part on terms of knowing how that person felt. The pain that one’s heart and soul endures when those words/actions are left unspoken, actions left undone…. those kind of wounds do not heal – ever. We can bury them only so far.
Sometimes things happen in life for which we can not control and those moments are forever lost. But those wounds will stay open forever… reminding us of that time… when we should have said something or done something… but did not. To have those last moments, to air it out and let the chips fall where they may.
To hold something so precious at one time and allow it to slip through our fingers…..
**damn drink.. loosen the tongue**
And never get that moment again, that one pivotal moment where we should have/could have done what we should have done…. **my eyes develop a moisture in them**
To part terms like that… leaves that person a changed person – for the better or worst.. I am not sure.. but I do know that your soul will never be the same.. you will never be completely whole.
**one tear escapes…**
Mr. Thomas, I want to thank you for our meeting this afternoon. And I think I shall take up on that posing you were offering one day…

Thomas: “Your sensitive heart touches me, Ms. C. We are kindred spirits, you and I, and I humbly thank you for understanding. Perhaps there is still time to speak with her. I can only hope that she will hear me out. Just the same, I want to thank you for the lovely drink. It has been a true delight. Here, let me leave you my card and we shall see about making an appointment for you to visit my studio.”

Ladies, I hope you had just as much fun as had this afternoon with Mr. Thomas… he is man full of passion and sexuality. I can not wait to read his book!!!

Now for what you have waited for…
Thomas and I got together to have a give away….
Thomas will give away a mouse pad with his cover art of M & M and I am giving away a new copy of The Dairy of Cozette….
(pppsss Thomas is in there)
All you have to do is leave a comment for Ms. Amanda or Mr. Thomas…
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Ms. Amanda introduced us to Mr. Thomas at her blog here –>> Meet Mr Thomas.
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I want to thank Ms. Amanda for coming over to the Lair. I hope you have had just as much as fun as I have. It is always a treat to have you here!

Ms. A just posted this on her web site…..
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**UPDATE** Hanging Out With Ms. Amanda McIntyre & Giveaway

****Make sure you go all the way down to read the update!!!!****

Ladies, I am happy to say that a woman I adore is here to play with us!! I am very pleased to announce that

Ms. Amanda McIntyre
will be hanging at that Hussy Lair for a few days…
And ((she said with an evil grin)) that there might be a surprise in here some where for me!

So ladies, please grab your cup of whatever, pull up a chair and let’s give a warm welcome to Ms. A!

Ms. Amanda, thank you so much for coming to my party. I appreciate you taking time to come play with us here! I might not have Lord Craven-Moore… but I do have Caleb and my own Tribe… does that count?!?! LOL!

Now, I have pulled this from your website

A connoisseur of life, best-selling author Amanda McIntyre( aka Pamela Johnson) has sampled everything from an office career and motherhood to being a newspaper columnist turned fiction writer. Since 2001, she has enjoyed writing numerous novels, novellas, short stories, anthologies, and non-fiction books. Her work, described by readers and reviewers as “highly sensual and character-driven” is published in several romance genres including paranormal, historical, and contemporary.

but… tell us something about yourself that we can not google, lol. Give us a peek at the woman behind the glasses and books.

->I would have to say that the one thing people would probably not suspect is that I was once your quintessential stereotypical librarian…really. I was painfully shy, though a friend of mine forced me into debate to improve that to some degree. I preferred hanging out in the art room. Before , after and during study halls–whenever I could, that’s where wanted to be. In fact, I credit my art teacher, actually , for inspiring my creativity. Where I once created pictures with paint, i know do so with words.;) Walking into an art room for me and smelling the blend of paints, linseed and turpentine is like actors and the smell of greasepaint backstage. I kept bottles of both open in my office while I wrote this book, to remind myself of that type of creativity, that love for art.

It is not secret that I love your writing skills, but for those that are new here, please tell them a little about your writing.

->Thank you, Ms. C, I am truly humbled by your words and tickled that you enjoy my writing. I admit I tend to run the opposite way of what is the “trend” in my writing. I love researching and writing historical places, people, events…there is never a void in the treasures you find in history. I am learning something new all the time. Much of my work hinges on taking a real event,person or place and adding a “what if” scenario to it. As a deviation, however, I love to write contemporary –especially meatier multi-character sagas with lost of interaction and a romance that is helped along by all those characters.

You are very diverse in your writing and eras. I am still getting my feet wet in the historical realm, but when I am reading your work, you make me feel the atmosphere, see the environment that surrounds my characters and feel all their emotions. You make me feel like I am right there. How much work or research do you put into your books?

->I tend to do an amazing amount of research. For me, I like to spend about a month researching –finding pictures of my characters, settings of scene I have in mind, houses, interiors, food, social styles, religious beliefs, weaponry, pubs, castles, clothing styles–for TORTURED, I spent a whole lot of time researching the history and use of various torture devices used in medieval times. Its like getting all the ingredients together in front of you when you’re preparing a recipe. For me , that’s part of the joy in taking those treasured ingredients and seeing what suptuous delight they create!

Is there a story you have always wanted to write, but never gotten around to or thought it was too out there?

->There are lots of stories that I haven’t gotten around to writing just yet and more floating about my head that I hope to pen one day.;)) As far as being “too out there” –I never say never, anymore. I never in a million years thought I would be writing erotic romance. I don’t consider my work “erotica” per se..except for a few words (granted) I don’t find it much different as far as sexual content than many other steamy historicals out there. However, I will say that the main difference between those books and mine with Spice, is that its more realistic in terms of relationships and romance. Within the same book, My hero or heroine may have been involved previously with another, or in some cases(DIARY OF COZETTE) believes this is how you survive, and so doesn’t recognize love right away when it finally comes for her.

What is it about writing that makes you want to do? Because like any job, you have to really love it – to do it everyday of your life.

->I do love telling stories, because that’s how I look at it. It’s very much like painting to me. But, in all honesty, like many authors will tell you, there are days you just have to walk away from the desk and think about something else or nurture that creativity. One thing it took time for me to learn is that while I may have tons of ideas floating around upstairs, I am not a bottomless well of inspiration, creativity–that has to be filled periodically. For me that may be a visit to a museum, a short trip or research trip, spending time with my family, researching another book completely different than what I’m writing. I think no matter what you do in life–you have to take time to replenish and refresh your spirit and your perspective. A great book I’ve found on that is Romancing the Ordinary by Sarah Ban Breathnach.

What do you do to recharge your batteries when you feel there is no more to give?

->I think I answered that question above;) Add to that quiet time, maybe reading for pleasure, watching period movies, going out with friends.

Out of all of your stories, which one is your favorite? Why? Yes, I am evil… to make you choose… like a favorite child, lmbo! And if… yea – if – you can not tell me which one… which ones comes close?

->Good lord, I have four kids( 2 of those twins ) Ms. C, I’ve spent a lifetime developing an awareness of”not choosing”;)) Let me answer like this, if you”l permit me…I like each one for what I learned when researching, or writing it. Or for the growth I experienced while writing it. Every book has a little bit of me and those I have come into contact with in them and for that reason, they are ALL special to me. Recently, for example, I had the genuine good fortune to meet for the first time in nine years, the editor/publisher of the woman who first put a story of mine into print. That was just an amazing experience for me.

Which one touched you the most to write?

->While I would probably answer this the same as above, there is one book, TIDES OF AUTUMN (sorry out of print currently) that I wrote after a very dark time in my life. I remember staying up all night to write a 50K first draft. Literally, all night. I was driven to pour out the emotions I think I’d buried so deep inside me and didn’t know how to get out any other way than to give them “characters” and let the chips fall where they may. It was a great book, that spawned two other books in a trilogy–contemporary romance called The Shores of Mackinac, set on Mackinac Island. I think maybe one day I’d like to finish those as well.

What was your toughest book to write? Why?

->The toughest insofar as content was a traditional historical called WHITE EAGLES LADY, because it was the first time I’d researched–ever heard of–the forced immigration of the Cherokee from Georgia. The brutality and politics involved and this unexpected love story that begins as a matter of human kindness and becomes a situation of survival. There are few scenes where I have actually cried when writing the scene, this book has one of them when White Eagles young sister who is coming to warn him of a plot to kill him, is felled by the arrow intended for him.

We interrupt this normal program to bring you a little wishing for some HOT weather to come to us all…. Doesn’t that look so tempting… So…. deliciously refreshing….

Okay, now for the smutty questions… you knew they were coming… **insert evil laughter**

Do you remember the first book that made you blush?

-> One that I read or one that I wrote? LOL Actually, I think my first attempt at writing a hot love scene-I mean really hot!
Technically, it was less than 5000 words, and was the scene that prompted my editor to call and ask me to write a full novel based on several similar vignette scenes. That book became DIARY OF COZETTE. The scene that landed that contract was the one where Lord Devereux comes to the laundry room late one rainy night…

What exactly made you blush?
I think what made me blush is realizing that I had the capacity inside of me to write such a hot scene and still not have it be gratuitous.
I think for many years that was why I shied away from erotic romance, thinking (mistakenly as many do) that the sex is far too shallow and well, meaningless. What I discovered is that eroticism comes in many forms–titillating the senses, teasing the wickedness to come out and play. What I’ve come to learn from writing for Spice , is a much more mature perspective of relationships and in particular romance that is real–not always easy, sometimes mysterious, a little messy and even the wicked can have their HEA.

What does hubby think of your ummm…. erotic scenes? Do you share with your hubby?

->Now, girl–don’t you go there! I don’t know about y’all bedroom lives and don’t want to , frankly;) I’ll say only that my personal love life does not play one way or another into my writing.;) What DOES…is his unquenchable belief in me and support for my writing.

Is there such a thing as too much in erotic books? If so, what pushes the limits for you?

->For me , there is. Where people hurt one another just bothers me. Where the relationship borders on cruelty or Pavlov like responses to have pleasure–that bothers me. The type of writing–just as it is in movies sometimes–when you just KNOW it crosses the line to controlling or cruelty.

What is your thoughts on BDSM?

->It works for some people, and happily so. But I haven not done enough research on it to give you an informed answer.

Have you read any m/m books or m/f/m? Care to share your thoughts on those**batting eyelashes**??

-> Not a lot. I have a small scene in The MASTER AND THE MUSES that borders on m/f/m without having a full bedroom scene. I feel there is likely much to learn about the psychological and emotional aspects of such scenes and thus far I haven’t been motivated to write a story revolving around that type of relationship, though many have done so, and very well. Megan Hart, for example, received wonderful reviews on her book Tempted, which includes such a relationship.

Where do you get your smut from… like I read well… so far all those authors that have been here at the party and a whole lot more… so… Who gets you hot? Do you hear my evil laughter!

-> If by this you mean, what gets me “in the mood” to write? Visuals– a movie or googling hot hunks. It really doesn’t take much once you have a story idea and characters that you have researched. The slow start of the silent dance between them, the tension mounting, the friction growing hot with the back and forth of their emotions and desires–pushing that envelope to the line. Music helps a lot ot create a visual in my mind and I have been know to surf a few hot romance sites;)

What makes you take notice of a male? What about that character has to stand out for you to take notice and fall for him?

->I am a sucker of eyes and a killer smile. Those eyes that can look right inside your soul–like you know he’d really hearing every word your saying. Or the teasing glint that comes just before the smile that makes your knees weak. Hands are another fetish of mine-preferably a little rough with character. After that I’d note shoulders and torso and work my way down;)

Do you have any particular “Sex On A Stick Men” ~ from either your books or another authors?

->Gabe Russell/Unfinished Dreams-quintessential homegrown farm boy, she thinks my tractors sexy!
Sheriff Jake from Wild and Unruly, a cowboy who could melt your heart with a single glance.
Thomas Rodin from Master & the Muses-passionate and vulnerable at the same time. A total creative genius you just cannot resist!
Torin from Forbidden Pleasures-a true warrior, with a firm heart and a body to match
Detective Randolph Mansfield Adams from The Dark Seduction of Miss Jane-dark, brooding and mysterious-totally sex on a stick material!
And far too many more of my own and others to name here!

If you could describe your make my mouth water, get my panties in a twist, make me ROAR Sexy Man…. what would he be??? Oh yea, this is fun!!!! Are you blushing…. lol!

->Nope, not blushing. Thinking… of just what type of man could with a single look, make you feel those panties twisting… probably by his own hand. His dark, glittering orbs would sparkle as the sound of your breathing becomes shallow. His scent wraps around you, seducing you before he even touches you, making your nipples pucker in anticipation. He smiles at you with a predatory gaze from across the room, unflinching, unmoving, his hard body relaxed against the wall he’s leaning against, knowing his tight-fitting T-shirt is the object of your approving look. You want to scream. The need to go to him is overwhelming and fixed on his dark seductive gaze, you pick your way through the crowd. All the while, you imagine yourself pressed against the heat of that muscled flesh, imagine the steel strength of those arms around you, the brush of his fingers expertly delicate traveling up your spine. He bends low to whisper in your ear and his signature cologne, Modern Reserve, lures you close as he suggests you go somewhere more private where he can show you just how much he appreciates you. You reach up to touch his unshaven jaw, his dark hair brushing your palm as you stare at each other, your lips a breath apart. Your bones are melting to ash as your gaze drops to his full lower lip and you see the corner of his mouth lift in a smile meant for you and you alone. He knows your answer, without your saying a word and he takes your hand, turning your palm and pressing it to his lips as he stares into your eyes. They’ve told you he’s no good, that he’s got a past, that he treats women like dust-rags and tosses them when he’s through. But as his hand presses against your lower back, pulling you firm against those worn jeans that leave nothing at all to the imagination–you’re willing to find out for yourself if he’s worth the risk. Besides, as you slide your hand between your bodies and glide your fingers along the straining bulge just past his zipper, you realize that you might be interested in creating a past of your own!

Okay fun time…
Finish these sentences:
When life hands you lemons…find the margarita mix.

When I grow up…I want to be an eccentric and retain my child-like wonder.

I love to eat…surrounded by my family and/or friends

When I read, I like to…curl up in bed.

I secretly…am ready to be a grandma;)

When I was a little girl, I use to…want to be an animator for Disney.

My dream has always been…to raise a close family and leave a legacy of that caring family for
generations to come.

I will end today on this note… because my dream is coming true….
The surprise is out… Ms. Amanda has granted me the absolute supreme privileged of meeting one on one with Mr. Thomas from The Master and The Muse….
Okay… talk about my panties are in a twist and other things that are a bit TMI!!!!!!
Yayayay… Happy Dance
So, stay tune ladies cuz… I will rock your smutty panties with
Mr. Thomas!!!

Ms. Amanda, I want to thank you for coming into the lair and hanging out! It is always a pleasure to have you here. Thank you for giving us Mr. Thomas… and I will leave you ladies with something to stare at….

I am sooo lost…..
Ms. A has a giveaway for you, are you ready for this…
Are you sure….
She is giving away a signed 11×17 color poster of
The Master and the Muses!

Just please be sure to include your email in your comment if it is not in your profile!

There is no secret trick to do…
Just leave a comment and you are in!!!!

Amanda McIntyre
They are his inspiration. He is their obsession.
PRIVATE PARTY Spice Briefs April 2010
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