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I just wanted to invite you
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I have two parts up right now…

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And remember… Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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Welcome to Fantasy Lane…

The door is pushed open
your senses kick in
your eyesight adjust to the dim lighting
the room is big
thick blankets scattered on the floor
pillows thrown everywhere
candles lit, sultry aroma in the air
the scent not strong but strong enough to lure you in
a bed in the middle of the room which looks very inviting

you are guided to the bed
by a person from behind
you notice scarves tied around the bed post
on the night stand you see some objects
before you get familiar with all of them
you feel hands at your back
softly pushing you closer to the bed

knees touching the top of the mattress
you stop, not knowing what is expected
until you feel a whisper of a breath behind you
caressing your neck, heating a path to your ears
and burning straight down to your lower area

the hand at the small of your back let’s you know its okay
the voice picks up from a whisper
“don’t be afraid little lamb
keep your eyes closed”
you quiver inside from the raspy voice

your body heats at the thoughts of what
could be done with the few things you saw
on display on the nightstand
your body aches to be played with

you feel a feather trace the back of your thighs
slow, steady strokes from thigh to ankle and back up
the skirt you wore will be of no defend to your predator
the feather skirts along your ass cheeks
goosebumps come across fast and furious

the feather stills on your ass
fingers start a slow crawl up your back
“don’t worry little lamb, i will take good care of you”
the voice again…
the smell of the room now blossoming into a scent so strong
making the blood in your veins start to tingle
you wonder if it is a drug
sweat starts to break out on your forehead

your nostril flare a bit, inhaling as much as you can
your voice, “what is that smell”
not sure if you should be talking
a small laughter comes out the mouth of your beholder
“just something to sooth your soul,
I promise you no harm will come to you”
you were given to me as a treat”

mind racing as to what the hell was going on
who could do this
“i am here to make a dream come true”
the voice… female…
you speak a little bolder
“whose dream… what treat”

“little lamb, just relax and enjoy the ride”
the voice, it was familiar, but then it wasn’t
dare you turn around…
yes you dare, you had enough of secrecy

you turn your head just a smudge to see a face
you are shocked and delighted all at the same time
a lover you had wished for
a lover you wanted
she was yours and you were her’s

with that bit of information
the heat in the room kicked up some degrees
your dream
the one you told him about
he made your dream come true
a night of bliss in the arms of your lover

as if seeing the light for the first time
you notice a mirror
for him to watch through
your cheeks blush at the thought of him watching
you with your lover
the lover he chose for you
the one you crushed on

as if sensing your realization,
she continued petting you with the feather
a moan escaped out your mouth
“there is my little lamb”

then you felt one hand working the button of your blouse
while the other hand continue to tease you with the feather
from your thighs to your ass again… up and down..

after your buttons are undone and the blouse is loosely open
the hand came from behind to fondle your nipples
fingers and hands roaming up your body
over your belly
dipping by your belly button

relaxing a bit now that you knew what was happening
you are able to enjoy what is to come
you can feel her breath on your shoulders
up your neck

the fingers slip to your waist to grab your hips
to steady you and her
she pulls you closer to her front
you feel the crush of lace press up against your back

you can feel the trail of kisses she leaves down your neck
nibbling their way down your sides
through your blouse
your moans becoming panting as you
anticipate more things to come…

Remember… Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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Sexy Adds to Cecile Smutty Hussy’s Story

This is Sexy’s version of what happened…… Iffff you missed it.. This is the link for Cecile’s story

The author of this story is unknown… for now… They will decide when they want to be known. As for now… this person had quiet a time with me…. **Wicked laughter**

The Bartender’s Story

‘I think we’ve found our contest winner,’ said my employer Ms. Sweet.

I looked up from behind the bar, and saw her talking to her friend Ms. Cecile. Both were smiling and looking my way.

‘He sure is begging for something,’ said Ms. Sweet. They laughed. A private joke, I guessed, as I dimmed the lights, and came out from behind the bar.

Ms. Sweet swooped before I could put my jacket on, and told me I still had other duties to perform. She loosened my tie and slowly undid my shirt buttons, as she outlined her expectations. ‘I’ll make it worth your while. And I’ll see you are well-rewarded’ she said, in a voice full of promise. ‘Just do exactly as you are told, and speak only when you are spoken to.’ I nodded respectfully. Ms. Sweet can be very persuasive.

After removing my shirt, Ms. Sweet bound my hands behind my back, and led me by the tie to the open floor. I obeyed her order to kneel, and waited for her next command. But then she walked away, and left me wondering what I’d let myself in for. A minute or so passed before the measured click of stilettos in the corridor gave me a clue. As the footsteps grew louder, I held my breath in anticipation.

Ms. Cecile swept into the room and strode across the floor with the panache of a ring master. She strutted and postured. She smiled and she snarled. And when barely a few paces in front of me, she tossed her head back and froze on the spot. With her hands on hips, she stared somewhere behind me. I guessed she was demanding the approval of Mistress Sweet, who was watching the performance from the bar.

As I waited, my eyes devoured every inch of Ms. Cecile.

Shiny black Stilettos; black fishnets; garters; pale white thighs; a short skirt, stretched tight; generous hips; a neat waist; a white blouse – unbuttoned at the top; and the smile of a lady who knows what she wants. And so do I. Come and get it, honey.

With a wiggle in her walk, Ms. Cecile moved in. I gasped as she leaned in close and tugged hard on my tie, bringing us face to face. ‘Get up and follow if you dare to surrender to me,’ she snapped.

Glad to take the pressure off my knees, I stood up. ‘I surrender myself to your pleasure, Ms. Cecile,’ I said, the words rasping from my dry throat.

Ms. Cecile played with my tie until she’d completed another silent exchange with Ms. Sweet.

‘I am glad to see that you surrender,’ Ms. Cecile announced loudly, for the benefit of Ms. Sweet. ‘The things to come will be sheer delight to you. I promise you that. We will make a better use of this tie though.’

With my eyes were glued to her sassy ass, Ms. Cecile dragged me by the tie to a room of rich, dark overtones. By flickering candlelight I saw strewn blankets and scattered pillows on a large bed in the middle of the room. ‘One minute,’ she said.

I watched as she made the bed and tidied the pillows.

Sexy as hell, but definitely OCD.

Beside the foot of the bed, Ms Cecile removed my tie and tossed it over her shoulder. ‘For later,’ she purred.

I was ready for action, but Miss Cecile had other ideas. She eased me backwards, and kept backing me up until she’d pinned me to the wall. At arms length, she traced her fingertips across my chest. ‘You sure you can submit, to me?’

You’d better believe it.

If my smile didn’t speak loud enough, I looked her up and down, and allowed my gaze to linger where it counted most. ‘Yes Ma’am, I can submit to you. I said I would surrender to you and I meant it.’

From the sparkle in her eyes, I knew I’d rung her bell. Ms. Cecile stroked the side of my face as she pressed her warm body to mine. With the intoxicating scent of woman in my nostrils, and maybe a little Herbal Essence, my pulse raced. Responding to Ms. Cecile’s gentle, rhythmic motions, I felt a stirring in my loins. Ms. Cecile cupped the back of my head, and with gentle pressure, guided my face down to hers. I expected a kiss. Instead, she whispered in my ear. ‘There is no going back. You understand this?’

Going back? You’ve got to be kidding.

I nodded.

You will have your time to play, but right now you are mine to play with,’ she said, before spinning on her heel and walking away. I tried to follow, but she stopped me dead. ‘Stay!’ she snapped, like I was a wayward dog.

She turned to admonish me. ‘I gave you an order. I did not tell you to move. You will do as you’re told, or you will be punished for it. Do you understand?’

Again I nodded, though I silently cursed the bossy bitch – a Scorpio, if ever I saw one.

‘I will reward you when you are good. To show my word…’

Miss Cecile tugged her blouse from her skirt and began undoing one button at a time. I licked my lips.

Come on baby, all the way, come on.

She undid every button, but though I caught a glimpse of her soft belly and black lace bra, she left the blouse hanging loose. ‘That is for starters, you have to earn more of me,’ she said.

Have it your way baby, but we’ll see who’s in control when it’s time for action.

High on power, she sauntered over and placed a hand on my chest. My muscles swelled, as my body tensed with frustration. I could so easily have broken free from the token binding on my wrists, but I remembered I was a toy in someone else’s game, and I clung to the promise I’d made to Ms. Sweet.

A gentle hand touched my face, soft lips met mine. Release at last, surely, for the tide swelling inside. In this woman’s soft lips, I tasted ecstasy, and my breathing deepened as Ms. Cecile groped at my pants and felt my erection. I let out a groan, but she released her grip and slipped her hands behind me, pulling me tightly against her.

And then, with a backward step, she broke the spell. ‘Go to the bed and sit,’ she said.

Scarcely believing she could take me so far, and then stop, I hesitated. For a moment I stared at her, but her expression challenged my defiance. I did as I was told, sitting submissively on the edge of the bed. Ms. Cecile followed. Standing before me, she leaned in and rested her hands upon her knees. Softly, she whispered in my ear. ‘You are a delicious treat from Ms. Sweet. I must remember to thank her.’

Gentle caresses, whispered promises, and warming breath had sent a surge of wanting through my body. Though I heard her words, they were fused into the sound of my deep breathing.

‘I want to taste you – all of you,’ she said, as her gaze wandered to the bulge in my pants. Before the night is over.’ Her voice trailed away to a seductive purr, as she nibbled my ear. And then she knelt in front of me.

Come on baby, do it. I’m ready. I want you.

She lowered her head to my chest. I felt her warm mouth on my nipples. She sucked me, licked me, bit me, and trailed the soft wet tip of her tongue down my stomach.

I want to watch you squirm under my touch,’ she said. ‘I want to hear you beg for mercy,’ she said.

And then she pulled away.

I groaned. More torment. But with a little shimmy of her shoulders, her unbuttoned blouse opened and slipped off her shoulders, revealing a black lace bra, and the tantalizing swell of her breasts.

Beautiful, just beautiful.

Ms. Cecile watched me closely, studying my reaction, reading my mind, anticipating my thoughts.

‘You will watch while I strip in front of you. You will not touch.’

Didn’t your mother ever warn you against playing with matches?

She rose to her feet. ‘I will unbind your hands and you will not touch until told.’

Because you’re playing with fire now.

She reached down to untie me. Those beautiful breasts were right in front of my mouth. The temptation was too much. I took a lick.

I said no touching!’ Ms. Cecile didn’t sound too unhappy, but she reprimanded me anyway. ‘Stand!’ she ordered, with renewed belligerence.

Meekly, I obeyed, and dropped my head.

Your punishment will be to simply watch while I pleasure myself. No touching, me or you.’


You will stand and watch from the foot of the bed. You will not move one muscle.’

I’ll try, but one muscle has a mind of its own, and I wouldn’t bet on it keeping still.

A knock at the door – an interruption neither of us needed. Ms. Cecile strode to open it, her blouse open and flowing. I strained my ears, and though I heard the voice of Mistress Sweet, I couldn’t make out what they were saying.

Ms. Cecile closed the door. Surprise, surprise, we had company – a cute little thing with big eyes, small breasts and short blonde hair. Ms. Cecile put an arm around her new playmate.

She’s delicious, but what’s she doing here?

‘Sexy here has been a bad boy,’ said Ms. Cecile, throwing an open hand in my direction. ‘He disobeyed orders and therefore he is fixing to be punished.’

Ms. Cecile’s eyes and hands were all over the girl, who seemed shy and uncertain.

‘Would you care to stay Pixie?” asked Ms. Cecile. ‘Would you like to bear witness to his punishment?’

The girl she called Pixie found her voice, and said she had no wish to intrude.

With wicked eyes, Ms. Cecile assured her. ‘You are not intruding. You have done me a favour. Allow me to return the pleasure.’ She slipped an arm around the girl’s waist, and stroked her cheek. The girl’s big eyes widened.

Do you want to play Pixie?’ asked Ms. Cecile.

Whatever the girl wanted, she was too shy to come right out and say it. Ms. Cecile turned the screw. ‘Pixie… tell me… tell me those words you want to release,’ she said.

‘Smutty, I want to… watch,’ said the girl.

What a disappointment. The girl wants more, but she’s scared to admit it. Ms. Cecile knows it too.

Ms. Cecile placed her hands on the girl’s shoulders and steered her backwards to the side of the bed. She nuzzled her head under the girl’s chin and planted a soft kiss on her neck.

‘You want to watch,’ whispered Ms Cecile. Again she kissed the girl’s neck, lingering a little longer. The girl whimpered.

Ms. Cecile’s intentions were clear when she coaxed the girl into sitting on the side of the bed. The prospect of some girl on girl action had my pants straining, and my heart started thumping when Ms. Cecile straddled the girl and her skirt rode up, revealing even more of her creamy white thighs.

Ms Cecile leaned over the girl. Almost breast to breast, she licked the girl’s neck and collarbone. ‘I want you at the top of the bed,’ she said, her voice filled with unbridled lust. The girl obeyed and wriggled up to the pillow, with Ms. Cecile riding on top of her.

From my position at the foot of the bed I could no longer see what was happening – just the back of Ms. Cecile, and the girl’s legs. ‘You want to watch, I heard Ms. Cecile whisper. ‘But I want to play. Will you let me play? Will you allow me to play—with you?’

Jesus Christ

A kiss, a low moan. Someone gave a little gasp of pleasure – the girl I guessed, by the quiver in her legs. More whispers, and then a little squeal. Maybe I made a noise, too. Because the next thing I knew Ms. Cecile was looking over her shoulder at me.

‘Do not think I have forgotten about you, my dear naughty Sexy,’ she said. ‘Your punishment still stands. You will watch while I pleasure myself.’

Ms. Cecile got off the bed and headed for the nightstand, leaving me to get a good look at Pixie. Pink-cheeked and arms spread, she was lying submissively with her blouse open.

Wondering what Ms. Cecile was doing, I turned my head just in time to catch a flash of her pink Victoria Secret’s as she bent down to pick up an overnight bag.

Ms. Cecile hurried back, talking to me as she put her bag on the side of the bed.

‘Sexy,’ she said. ‘Do not think I have forgotten about the strip tease.’

Ms. Cecile circled behind me. From the corner of my eye, I saw her blouse fall to the floor. Then I felt her delicate touch on my upper arms, a moment before the sensation of her body on my back sent the heat radiating between us. She wrapped a leg around me, and began moving up and down. She was using me – rubbing herself off where a girl loves to be rubbed. Up and down, up and down. And all the while she was trailing her nails across my shoulders.

And yet again, she stopped suddenly.

Ms. Cecile pushed in front of me and sat on the end of the bed.

Take my shoes off,’ she demanded.

Resigned to more frustration, I removed her stiletto heels.

She rolled back on the bed, away from me yet again. But as she did so, she raised her legs and peeled off her pink panties.


Wearing nothing but her bra, raised skirt and thigh highs, she stretched across the bed for her bag.

Ms. Cecile pulled a pink vibrator from her bag, and with a Crest 3D smile, the minx lay back and opened her legs, exposing the glistening sweetness of her succulent peach.

A click, followed by a low, steady drone.

I watched mesmerized as Ms Cecile teased the vibrator up and down her groins, and across her moist, fleshy mound. At the head on the bed, Pixie raised herself on her elbows to get a better look.

I had the perfect view. Ms. Cecile brought herself to the brink by stimulating her love button, before slipping the bulbous head of the vibrator between her petals. Slowly but surely, she eased the vibrator’s full length deep into her pussy.


As spasms became ripples, Ms. Cecile lay panting. When she got her breath back, she opened her eyes and smiled at Pixie and me.

‘Now, it is your turn to come lay down my naughty Sexy,’ she said, in a mellowed tone. ‘You accepted your discipline very well. You did not touch and you did not come. Your obedience will now be rewarded.’

Good – about fucking time, too.

Ms. Cecile patted the space beside her, inviting me onto the bed, but even as I accepted, she’d crawled over Pixie and straddled her again.

From over Ms. Cecile’s shoulder, I looked into Pixie’s eyes. Although bright with arousal, I saw the helpless fear of someone pinned down by the predatory Ms. Cecile.

Ms. Cecile lowered her head to the girl’s, until their lips were almost touching. ‘Do not take your eyes off me,’ she said.

Pixie opened her mouth to speak, but the words went unspoken. Ms. Cecile kissed her fully on the lips, and then lifted her head to give the girl an approving smile, before lowering her head for another kiss. When Pixie opened her mouth this time, it was in submission.

Ms. Cecile broke off from kissing Pixie, to kiss me. Then she rolled onto her back and lay between us. She smiled, and gave a wink as she stared high above. I followed her gaze, and guessed that beyond the mirrored ceiling, Mistress Sweet was more than satisfied.

As Pixie cuddled up to Ms. Cecile and kissed her, I got off the bed and unzipped my pants. Ms. Cecile let out a gasp as the eighth wonder of the world sprang free.

Now it’s my turn to put on a show. I’m in control now. The final act will be played out on my terms. Ms. Cecile is getting what’s coming to her, hard and brutal.

Taking Ms. Cecile by the ankles, I threw her legs up over my shoulders, and rode her to glory.

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Short Story by Cecile Smutty Hussy….

This is a story I wrote and Sweet polished up….
Please enjoy…..
Cuz Sexy has his own story coming up in the next few days…….

Sexy was tending to our lush literary needs at Sweet’s Titillating Tuesday Contest Bar
when Mistress Sweet innocently contemplated, “He sure is begging for something…”

Photographed by nDVS

With that one thought, our Sexy Bartender was led on a merry adventure by Ms. Cecile Smutty Hussy—with Mistress Sweet’s permission, of course. Originally broken into four parts and published as a weekly serial, below is the complete short.

I step into the room wearing my mile high stilettos. Black thigh highs caress my calves with a sleek line up the back, leading your eyes to my garter as it peeks out at the top of my thigh.
Crossing the room, I see Sexy sitting on his knees, neck bent back, tie around his neck. It is a invitation of wicked sorts.

Bending straight down, I grab his tie and tell him in a husky voice, “Get up and follow if you dare to surrender to me.” There is no mistaking what I want from my voice, or the things my tone promises.

His head snaps up and he dares to make eye contact with me. Mistress Sweet observes from behind the polished bar.

A furtive glance to the right reveals his silent request and with a small nod of her head, Mistress Sweet gives her consent for his pleasure.

He rises to his feet keeping his head bowed as he responds to Cecile in a quiet voice, slightly husky from disuse, “I surrender myself to your pleasure, Ms. Cecile.”

I pass a look of wicked delight to Sweet behind the bar with a nod. “I will take good care of him,” I whisper over my shoulder in the most wicked of voices.

Turing back to Sexy I murmur, “I am glad to see that you surrender. The things to come will be sheer delight to you. I promise you that.” Fingering the loose satin, I add thoughtfully “We will make a better use of this tie though.”

I pull him slowly by the tie, making sure his eyes are on all of me as I lead the way. I open the door to a room of rich, dark overtones. Candles are lit highlighting the room with pillows everywhere, blankets here and there.

I lead him to the middle of the room by his tie, his back to the door. I take the tie off—toss it on the bed “for later”, and turn to him so he has a full frontal view.
I walk him backwards till he hits the wall.

“You sure you can submit, to me?” my voice drops down to a seductive purr as I trace my fingers up and down his chest, watching goosebumps form on his skin.

He looks down to my toes and slowly, lazily makes his way to my belly… then to my breast… then to my face. He gives me this grin of promises to delight me with. Hoarsely he says, “Yes ma’am, I can submit to you. I said I would surrender to you and I meant it.” My eyes greedily take all of him in.

Up against the wall like that, he is a delightful vision of naughty thoughts.
I place one hand on the side of his face and slowly lean into him. Sliding my body up his, as he is a little taller than me, I whisper in his ear. “There is no going back. You understand this?” He nods in agreement with me. I can feel his arousal through his slacks.

“You will have your time to play… but right now you are mine to play with.” I walk away. He starts to follow. “Stay,” I say without looking over my shoulder. It was an order. “I did not tell you to move,” I add seductively.

I turn around to face him.”You will do as you’re told or you will be punished for it. Do you understand?” he nods again.

“I will reward you when you are good. To show my word…” I start to remove my blouse from my skirt, undoing one button at a time. His eyes widen as he see part of my black lace bra flirting with him. I leave the shirt on, just unbuttoned. “That is for starters, you have to earn more of me.”

I walked over to him very slowly in my heels and short skirt. With the heels we are eye level, which means when they come off we will match up perfectly.

I place one hand on his chest and feel the muscles tighten in response to my touch. With his hands tied behind him, he is defenseless—not that he would have done anything without being told to do so. He is such a handsome, well trained sub.

I took the liberty of cupping his face with one hand and allowing my other hand to roam lower. With his face in my hand I slowly place my lips on his and our eyes close at the same time.

My other hand wanders below his belt and cups his growing erection. He lets out a moan in my mouth as we taste each other. Moving my hand to roam over his rear, I clutch tighter and pull him closer to me.

Taking my lips away from his, I look him in the eyes. Lust swirls behind those chocolate depths. “Go to the bed and sit.”

He takes a seat on the edge of the bed. I place both hands on his knees and bring my face down to his. As my lips trace his face, I slowly whisper, “You are a delicious treat from Ms. Sweet. I must remember to thank her.”

Goosebumps rise on his shoulders where my breath warms his skin. As I lower my lips to his ear a chill rips through his body. Ah, apparently a sensitive spot for his cock responds as well. Through his slacks I can see his hard erection pressing against the fly. His breathing has become ragged, yet he retains his control. The time will come to test that strength of will.

“I want to taste you…,” I allow my words to linger, slow and methodical. “All of you before the night is over.”

My voice roughens to a seductive purr as I nibble on his ear. Lowering myself down to kneel in front of him, I also lower my mouth to one of his nipples. Licking, biting, blowing… I make them stand at attention for me.

Licking my way down his chest and biting my way down his stomach I demand, “I want to watch you squirm under my touch. I want to hear you beg for mercy.” He gives me no response but the slight increase in his heart beat, faster and faster as he visualizes the lengths I will go to get what I want.

I pull myself away… just enough for him to see me wet my lips with the tip of my tongue. I settle back on my heels within the confines of his legs. With a calculated push one shoulder of my blouse slips off, then the other revealing black lace against white.

His low moan encourages me in my taunting as his eyes tract my every move.

“You will watch while I strip in front of you. You will not touch.” Testing him.

I rise again, standing directly in front of him. “I will unbind your hands and you will not touch until told.” I state softly.

Reaching down to untie him, my breasts are a mere lick away from his wicked mouth. Still testing him.

He fails.

His tongue flicks out and tastes the swell of my breast and my breath hitches at the rebellion.

“I said no touching.” I turn my back to him and ignore the seductive shadow of his lashes against his cheeks as he casts his eyes to the floor in immediate submission.
“You shall be reprimanded.” I walk away deciding the course of punishment for him while also striving to regain a firm grip on my own control. This one, he will be a challenge to master…
Or maybe it will take two…

“Stand,” I bark out the order. My tone is a little harsh, even to my own ears. Not my initial intention, but it will do.

He obeys and lowers his gaze. “Your punishment will be to simply watch while I pleasure myself. No touching, me or you.” I watch his cheeks redden in acknowledgement of his guilt.
“Stand facing the foot of the bed. You will not move one muscle.” The anticipation of my sexy crawl onto the bed is broken with a knock at the door.
I stalk across the room to the door not bothering to rebutton my blouse. Only one person would dare to interrupt my play time, Mistress Sweet.

“Yes?” I answer, allowing annoyance to color my tone. Was she coming to check on Sexy or me?

With a push, the door swings open and she greats my hostility with a wicked smile. Her hands rest possessively on the shoulders of a pixie. Short blond hair and huge eyes gaze hesitantly at me as Mistress Sweet caresses down the arms of her newest pet. Following the path of her hands something catches my eye. My bag dangles from the pixie’s clasped fingers. Forgotten on the bar when my eyes discovered Sexy, now my eyes light up with delight.
Mistress Sweet leans in close to Pixie’s ear and whispers. As I watch, shivers of delight race up her spine and Pixie steps forward to say, “I was closing up and I saw your ummm… bag on the counter. Thought I would bring it to you.” Perfect, my bag of goodies and perhaps a bit of interest from Pixie as well. How had I missed her at the bar?
Sensing Mistress Sweet’s intent, I wrap my fingers around both Pixie’s wrist and my purse while tugging her into the room. A pat on Pixie’s ass from her Mistress seals the deal and I close the door to a flash of white teeth, bright red lips and a puckered air kiss.
What a lovely gift, both of her cherished pets. She is a true friend indeed, one with many motives. And I suspect her indulgence in me tonight is purely for the benefit of her voyeuristic side. Well, I will put on a show for her in reverence of these beautiful gifts.

Realizing Pixie does not know what she is walking into, I explain in a low drawl, “Sexy here has been a bad boy. He disobeyed orders and therefore he is fixing to be punished.”

“Would you care to stay Pixie?” I ask in my most seductive voice. There is no need for pretense here, she knows what I want. It is all a matter of asking. Ask and you shall receive. I see something shimmer in her eyes… what was it? Does she want to submit to me or dominate him?
I decide to push the envelope a little farther, “Would you like to bear witness to his punishment?” His head bows even lower at his position at the end of the bed. My eyes absorb his submissive form.

“Well, I ummm… I don’t want to intrude on you two.” Her voice sounds wistful. With wicked eyes, I look over to her. “You are not intruding. You have done me a favor, allow me to return the pleasure.”

With that said, I walk over to her and place one hand on her cheek and the other around her waist. Her eyes go wild, a match to my pulse. “Do you want to play Pixie?” I ask one last time.

She hesitates for a mere second, looking from Sexy to me, then back again.

“I just want to umm…” She’s stuttering. Is she stalling or flustered that someone would want to include her in the power play? Does she not want to play?
“Pixie… tell me… tell me those words you want to release…”, I coax her while softly caressing her cheek with my thumb and firming my grip around her waist.
“Smutty, I want to… watch…” she finally got it out. A look of ecstasy and longing flashes across her face and I glance over to Sexy. He is as hard as a rock and I can see his cock standing at attention through his slacks. That is acquiescence enough from him.

I guide Pixie over to the bed and turn her around, back to the sheets. Her eyes widen as the back of her knees hit the edge of the mattress. Is she second guessing her decision to stay?
Our bodies are so close I can feel the heat her nervous pulse is generating. My hand winds around her neck to tangle in the nape of her hair and ease her head gently to the left so I can nuzzle her neck softly. My lips brush her throat.
“You want to watch.” I whisper as I began to lower my head down the sweet column of her neck. It is a statement, not a question. Her breath hitches in response. As her temperature spikes I can smell her arousal mixed with a hint of citrus.
I push her down slowly to sit on the bed. My legs slide to straddle over hers. If she reaches out just the barest, she will touch my legs. My blouse still hangs open, inviting her. She looks up at me, not sure what I want. Confidence in my eyes, I gently guide her to lie back on the bed. I push against her side with one knee as she descends down.
“I want you at the top of the bed.” I whisper the command in her ear and again lick my way down her throat to her chest. She slowly begins to push herself up the bed and I crawl on top of her, mimicking her movements.
From the foot of the bed, Sexy’s labored breathing echos the shuffle of silk against sheets and I smile as the anticipation of sex weighs the air.

Pixie reaches the top and just stares at me. Her slightly labored breathing hints that she might be enjoying this as much as me. I wonder what is going through her mind. Is she was thinking about what is going to happen or if she wants it to happen?

“You want to watch but…” I speak softly over her breast, looking up at her under my lashes, “I want to play. Will you let me play? Will you allow me to play—with you?”

Pixie’s slightly labored breathing hints that she might be enjoying this as much as me. I wonder what is going through her mind. Is she was thinking about what is going to happen or if she wants it to happen?

“All you have to do is lie here and look delicious for me,” I whisper over her body as I descended down her belly and over her thighs. “You will get your wish… my Pixie.”

Looking over my shoulder at Sexy, I am reminded of where I left off. “Do not think I have forgotten about you, my dear naughty Sexy. Your punishment still stands. You will watch while I pleasure myself.”

Giving Pixie a chance to breathe and acclimate herself, I walk over to the night stand where my toy bag is stashed. I can feel both their eyes on me, caressing my bared skin. With a quick dip and flash of my lace panties, I grab the bag and stroll back over to the bed. And them.

“Sexy.” With a single word, I demand his full attention and direct Pixie’s gaze to him. I endeavor to calm her and stoke her curiosity in tandem. “Do not think I have forgotten about the strip tease.”

With that, I walk up behind him and allow our bodies full contact. Heat radiates across our touching skin, on my breasts pressed to his back. I can feel his tight ass against my thighs through my skirt.
I wrap a leg around him and rub myself up and down, up and down. He groan tells me he knows, I am not playing nice. Trailing my nails along his collar, I circling around and sit in front of him on the bed.
“Take my shoes off, “ I demand. One foot at time, he removes the stiletto heels. His touch lingers a breath too long but, I allow it. The tiny tendrils of pleasure that shoot from insole to heel negate any possible repercussions for his brashness.

Pushing myself away from him, I wiggle out of my black lace boyshorts. His eyes grow wide as he realizes I am bearing myself for him. To torture him. His cock jumps in his slacks, tight from his kneeling stance. I am enjoying myself and the attention of two beautiful pets. Mustn’t forget, Mistress Sweet is watching. A wicked smile spread across my lips at the thought as heat races across my bared flesh.

Grabbing my bag, I pull out one of my favorite toys… a pink vibrator. I lean back and let my knees fall open in front of him. Reclining on the bed in just my black lace bra, skirt and thigh highs I feel like a complete minx.
High on my intoxication of him, I turned to face Pixie at my side and whisper, “Are you ready?” Her breath hitches at my tone and she curls her body around me, not quite touching but close enough to sense.
The intensity of observation by three, anticipation of lust, sets me on the path of self indulgence. With my vibrator in hand, I make my way to the ache demanding my attention. My pussy. I focus on Sexy at my feet as I please myself toward an orgasm. He groans at the play of my own hands on my body, and suddenly its there. I feel the rush from my toes to my head. I wiggle and moan until my body calms down and twin gasps recede to an echo.

Looking at Sexy, I notice his slacks are slightly wet where the head of his cock is still straining for release. I roll my head to the side to see Pixie licking her lips and as flush red as an juicy apple. Ah yes, the memory of their twin gasps still echo in my head.

I turn my attention back to Sexy. “Now, it is your turn to come lay down my naughty Sexy,” my voice is not quite my own after that orgasm. But I am determined to stay in the game.

“You accepted your discipline very well. You did not touch and you did not come. Your obedience will now be rewarded.” My face was stern but my tone warm as I instructed my borrowed pet.

As he lies down on the bed beside me, I turn to Pixie. If that little show has her all worked up, I wonder what else will make her pant for me. Straddling her, I crawl my way up her body—like a panther stalking its prey.
Her eyes resemble that of prey, bright with arousal and a touch of fear. Her heart is pumping adrenaline through her veins and a light sheen of sweat has formed above her lip. I lean my face close to hers. Our lips almost touching, I gently whisper “Do not take your eyes off me.”
She opens her mouth to respond but I halt her with my lips. The kiss is soft and pliant. Never having kissed another woman before, I was unsure what it would feel like. But this, this is sexy as hell! Soft and exploring, with less of an edge compared to when I dominate the men in my bed. Utter submission. Another rush of excitement washes though me.

Before my mind engages to analyze what exactly I am discovering from that kiss, I turn back to Sexy. Pixie pants behind me and a tentative hand grazes my back. I crouch over Sexy to lie down with him in anticipation of his reward but find myself angling just enough to allow the curious touch of Pixie along my side.

With my head against Sexy’s chest and my hand covering Pixie’s at my waist, my gaze dances to the mirror above our heads. We are splayed out in a luscious tangle of silk and skin, an invitation or perhaps a gift. With a smile and a wink, I nod my head to the voyeur behind the glass and indulge my night of sensual exploration with the pets of Mistress Sweet.

~ Courtesy of Ms. Cecile Smutty Hussy ~

Please do go to Sweet Vernal Zephyr’s place and see what wonderful things she has there!!! She is quiet the intriguing woman!!!!! =)

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Part 3 of Smutty Hussy’s Story @ Sweet’s Place

One day while I was going through my roll (blog) call,
I saw my dear friend

Sweet Vernal Zephyr’s

Titillating Tuesday at 
Sweet’s Contest Bar… 
While I was there I saw that she had a very intriguing gentlemen there…
He was begging for something and if you know how my mind works…
You know a story was born…

Sweet was nice enough to let me borrow her muse – to make him my own.
She allowed my visions to come to life as she has posted my story up at her place… 
So please…follow the trail over to her place to check out my story… and let me know what you think!!!
Is there more coming…. you bet…

You wanted more… well here is
Part 3

Happy Hussy Dreaming!!!
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Do I have a treat for you……

One day while I was going through my roll (blog) call,
I saw my dear friend

Sweet Vernal Zephyr’s

Titillating Tuesday at 
Sweet’s Contest Bar… 
While I was there I saw that she had a very intriguing gentlemen there…
He was begging for something and if you know how my mind works…
You know a story was born…

Sweet was nice enough to let me borrow her muse – to make him my own.
She allowed my visions to come to life as she has posted my story up at her place… 
So please…follow the trail over to her place to check out my story… and let me know what you think!!!
Is there more coming…. you bet…
Happy Hussy Dreaming!!!
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Part 6 ~ How Sweet Is My Neighbor

How Sweet Is My Neighbor
By: Cecile B Smith

Oh screw the boxes, just fuck me now is what I wanted to tell him, but I knew that was not what he was wanted from me. Not at this point. This was the start of something and if I wanted to be a part of it, now was the time to make that decision. If I wanted to play, I had to be a good girl and play by his rules. He was looking down at me, waiting to see what I had to say to his invitation. “Justin, we just met.” Oh gawd, did I just say that. I sound like a prude. “What I mean is..,” I rest my hands on his chest. Big mistake. I could feel his heart beating as fast as mine and I could feel the heat I generated from him. I could also feel how muscular he was under that shirt. He pulled me closer so there was no mistaking what I was doing to him. I could feel just how hard he was – for me. Oh damn, you only live once right… “Justin, I will allow you to do whatever you want.”

Oh shit, did I just say that? Did I just give a complete strange free range over me? What have I gotten myself into? Am I scare, hell yeah!! Nervous, excited, worried, dread… Okay, so my self esteem is not all that great. Justin must of saw the emotions fly across my face. He took his hands and cupped my face and stared directly into my eyes. Just a mere touch was enough to send me off to the moon. “Lizzie, you sure you will allow me whatever I want?” His questioning me made me feel like I have a choice; not that I could think of anything else but his hands on me and mine on his. My eyes told him the answer he needed.

“You know what you have gotten yourself into huh?” Shit, I had no clue. “Let the games begin,” he said with the most wicked smile ever. “Now, grab some boxes so we can clean your house.” Clean my house, the man said the word clean. This was like porn to my ears. “Yes sir,” I said saluting him. Within fifteen minutes there was not a trace of a box in my house and everything was in its place. Of course it was about four in the morning; but it was Saturday, so it was okay. Exhausted, we both sat down on the couch. He sat at one corner and I laid down in my little corner. “Come here,” those sweet words came off his lips while he patted his lap. Oh dear God, I have died and went to heaven. I happily obliged. My head now in his lap and I am looking up at him. Damn this man looked good no matter which way I examined him. On the verge of sleep deprivation I managed to get out, “Justin, just what have I gotten myself into with you?” “Oh Lizzie, just wait. You are going to love what I have in store for you. “

Sexy Couple Pictures, Images and Photos

If you want more of Justin’s punishment and what Elizabeth decides to do…
Come back on March 1st… For Part 7…
Because it is just starting to get good and hot!!!

This is my story. All words, names and places are clearly made up in my mind.
If you so chose to print my story any where, I promise you harm.
I am nice… I promise.

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Part 5 ~ How Sweet Is My Neighbor

How Sweet Is My Neighbor
By: Cecile B Smith

With a wicked glean in his eyes he walks up to me, bends down and whispers in my ear, “Well Lizzie, if you don’t comply with what I ask of you… I have a punishment in mind. And lets just say that punishing you will be so much fun. I will make you sure you enjoy it to. Let me just tell you that since I first seen you a month ago when you came to look at the house, you have drove my thoughts wild of what I would like to do to you.” I could feel his body heat, that’s how close he was to me. The smell of pure male was assaulting my senses. I could smell him, his scent. The sheer smell of him and his voice echoing in my mind was doing things to my lower region that I had not felt in quiet a while. The ache I started to feel was driving me insane.

Wow, you talk about take my breathe away. In that statement alone, I learned some very valuable information. My neighbor has a thing for me… wow! Never saw that coming. And punishment… ummm… I just met him, I am not sure if I like this idea or not. But with those blue eyes piercing down at me, and those full kissable lips waiting – there was no way I was saying no. Not if it meant his hands on my body. I would beg for that to happen. Trying to clear my throat, “Justin, I ummm…” I was lost for words.

Sensing that I was at a lost for words, Justin slowly bent his face to mine, he brought one hand up to cup my face gently and softly pressed his lips to mine. The feeling of his lips on mine was setting me on fire. I could feel my face blush crimson red. Then I felt his other hand slowly creep to my waist; probably to steady me so I did not pass out. The kiss was melting every nerve in my body. Just a simple kiss was overriding my functions and I could not think of anything more delicious than this. He pulled away just enough to slowly speak, “Lizzie, I have more for you if you allow me…”

If you want more of Justin’s punishment and what Elizabeth decides to do…
Come back on February 1st… For Part 6…
Because it is just starting to get good and hot!!!

This is my story. All words, names and places are clearly made up in my mind.
If you so chose to print my story any where, I promise you harm.
I am nice… I promise.
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Part 4 ~ How Sweet Is My Neighbor

Part 4
By: Cecile B Smith

Oh gawd, did I just hear right: no wife and no girlfriend. Damn, I must be dreaming. I pinch myself, only to find that the shit hurts. My problem is men like this are just not attracted to women like me. I am an average woman of about five foot five, wear a size ten, not zero, and have more curves than I cared to admit. I am nothing to stare at, at least through my eyes. So why did this man make me feel like I was the sexiest woman he laid eyes on. With just one look the man could undress me and I would be okay with that. Really, I would be. Oh hell, who was I kidding… it has been a while since my last roll in the hay and so what if I had to see him everyday. It is NOT like a man is showing up on my door step offering me cake every day right!!!

(Okay, so it is not a cake… but damn)

I was pulled out of my x-rated thoughts by that sexy as hell voice, “Lizzie, you gonna help me with these boxes or not?” Huh… what did he just call me, “Lizzie? Justin, who are you talking to?” He put this sexual tone to his voice and grinned, “That’s my new name for you. Elizabeth just seems so…” shrugging his shoulders, “so… stuffy shirt for you. And besides, that’s my pet name for you from now on.” A pet name… for me… from now on. What the hell was going on between us and what was I missing. “Lizzie, don’t make me tell you again to grab some boxes. If I have to tell you again and you are going to get punished.”

Punished, for the life of me, I can not remember the last time I had been punished or reprimanded for anything. Images started flooding my mind of me bent over his lap with nothing on while he held a little paddle in his hand. Or my hands tied up in my bed with him over me with a can of whip cream. Oh damn, I really need to get out more often. “Punish me…,” my checks flushes just speaking the word. It was not a dirty word, but I felt dirty using it. “And just how you plan on punishing me.”

If you want more of Justin and his cake… You better make sure you stick around…
Because it is about to get all kinda of delicious up in here!!!

This is my story. All words, names and places are clearly made up in my mind.
If you so chose to print my story any where, I promise you harm.
I am nice… I promise.

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Part 3 ~ How Sweet Is My Neighbor

How Sweet Is My Neighbor
Part 3
By: Cecile B Smith

Oh, I know exactly where I would like for him to put that cake. Stop Ms Evil, you are bad. Turning around, I felt relieved that my house was in some kind of order. Trying to get my head out of the gutter, where it was spiraling down quickly, I shoved open the door so he could come inside. “You can put the cake down on the table in the kitchen, to your right.” Whew, I had to speak slowly to make sure the right words came out. I surely wanted to say ‘you can put that cake all over me and lick it’, but that would have been a bit much. I noticed his eyes glancing around the house, checking things out. I did not mind because I was checking out his things.

“It looks like you got a lot done in a days work,” he let slide out as he placed the cake down.
Oh, I almost forgot we were having a conversation as I was taking inventory of his ass-sets. “Oh, yea, the movers…”trying to collect my thoughts, “they were well worth their weight in gold and of course my parents came over to help. It is nice to have everything done. I just have to get rid of boxes and put things in their place.” I was allowed his backside while he put the cake on the table. Oh heavens above what a sight. This man was a walking sex on a stick kinda man. All sorts of wonderful yummy, delicliousness. Ms. Evil was taking a turn for the worst again, time to rein her in. He turns around and gives me that golden smile again. Damn him and that smile.

He starts grabbing boxes, “Well, lets throw away what you don’t need tonight. The garbage passes tomorrow. We can get this done if you would like.”
Oh, there were things I would like done alright, but that was not going to happen. “I don’t want to take up your time. I am sure you are a busy man. I am sure your girlfriend would not like that very much.” Ha, there! I had to find something wrong with this man. Something that would make him off limits to me. Men like this were not meant for women like me. Upon surveying the mess of boxes, he turns around and smiles again. “I do not mind at all and I do not have a girlfriend.”

If you want more of Justin and his cake… You better make sure you stick around…
Because it is about to get all kinda of delicious up in here!!!

This is my story. All words, names and places are clearly made up in my mind.
If you so chose to print my story any where, I promise you harm.
I am nice… I promise.
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