Interview with Seraphina Donavan-Been Loving You Too Long




Tell us what you’ve been up to since the last time you were here?

Working, getting fired, working again… and writing.  Always writing, lol.

In this book, who was your favorite character to write and why? 

I loved writing both Vincent and Ophelia.  Writing the relationship between them was so much fun.

What was your favorite scene to write and the toughest?

Writing the opening scene, actually.  Finding a way to convey the depth of Thomas’ devotion amid the certainty of his death and showing the relationship between him and Vincent, the son he never had.  It was emotionally challenging.

Can you tell us a little bit about your new book? Can you share a never before seen snippet?

It’s basically a book about two people who are imprisoned by their pasts.  They’re both running scared of getting hurt, until circumstances beyond their control force them to stop running, to stand still and face how they feel about one another and what they believe about themselves.  GAWD, that sounds deep and depressing.  It is a fun book too.  There are moments of levity, I swear.

Here’s a little snippet that’s on a slightly lighter note:

Not just any music, she thought, recognizing the soulful, bluesy baritone of Otis Redding. When Vincent appeared, she faced him with her hands on her hips. “If I didn’t know better, and if you hadn’t already done it so successfully, I’d say you were trying to seduce me.”

He smiled as he moved toward her. “It dawned on me that we’ve never danced together.”

“We haven’t?” Ophelia sifted through her memories, thinking that surely at one of Thomas’ parties or at some point during their nearly thirty year acquaintance that they would have. But she couldn’t pull it to mind. Their wedding had been such a small, informal affair that there hadn’t been any dancing afterward. “I suppose you’re right.”

“We should remedy that.” He tugged her into his arms.

“I thought we were going to eat,” she reminded him, even as she swayed with him to the music.

He moved so easily, so effortlessly with the song. “You have a one track mind.”

“I have an empty stomach,” she said tartly, but made no move to pull away from him.

Vincent chuckled, then lifted her hand to spin her before pulling her back against him. “If I’d danced with you before, I don’t think I would’ve been able to resist you for as long as I did. I like the way you move. The way we fit together.”

How do you go about picking character names? Do you have to get them just right and make sure they fit with the characters personality?  Is there any characters you found hard to name?

I tend to like very traditional names for my characters.  I am very picky about the character names and I wish I could give you an exact science as to how I do it, but they just sort of pop into my head.

For new readers, what book of yours would you recommend they start with and why?

Honestly, Been Loving You Too Long is a great book to start with.  It’s the first book of a new series.  It’s erotic, but not necessarily shocking and is more of a traditional romance.

Do you  have any little rituals you do before or during your writing process? 

I always build a playlist for each of my books, music that seems to fit the mood of the book and that represents the characters and their relationships to me.

What’s the weirdest thing you got inspiration from? 

A hotel I stayed in while visiting New York had a very futuristic appearance and feel, and it inspired my sci fi erotica, Hybrid’s Love.

Do you have a favorite cover? Which one and why is it your favorite?

Oh god.  I love all my covers.  Hybrid’s Love had an amazing cover, and Been Loving You Too Long has a very interesting cover, formatted in a unique way.  But they’re all beautiful.  Leanore Elliott has done all of my covers and she does a fantastic job.

What’s coming up in the future? 

I’m working on the second book in the DuChamps’ Dynasty Series, Kaitlyn’s book.  It’s called Have a Little Faith In Me, and it’s fantastic.

What do you hope readers take away after reading one of your books?

Just the belief that fairy tales can happen… and it takes more than a kiss to wake a person up!

Quickie Time

You’re granted 3 wishes, what would they be?  Be wealthy, healthy and not skinny, but thinner.

What’s the last line you wrote from your current WIP?  Kaitlyn was prickly by nature and if he tried to hold on too tight, she’d bolt for sure.

What’s your motto? Vini, Vidi, Vici, Bitch!

What’s your guilty pleasure? I’m addicted to Firefly and Highlander episodes on NetFlix.

What are you hiding in your night stand? 😉  Oh… lord.  You do get personal!  About thirty different shades of OPI nail polish.  Pens. Notebook.  Lotion.  A bottle of Kama Sutra Massage Oil, flavor Cherry Almond.

Boxers,Briefs or Commando?  Any of the above.

Top or Bottom?  Depends.

Pj’s or nude? Depends on who I’m with and how freaking hot it is.

Hairy chests or smooth?  In the middle.

Sexiest feature on a man?  Hands.

Favorite book?  A Gracious Plenty by Sheri Reynolds.

Favorite tv show?  Well, I’m eagerly awaiting the return of Hannibal.

 Favorite color?  Green.

 Where can your fans find you?

on twitter as @MissSeraphinaD

Is there anything else you like to add

Thank you so much for having me!  It’s always a good time while I’m here!



Title:  Been Loving You Too Long

Author:  Seraphina Donavan

Publisher:  Curvy Seductions Press; 1 edition (June 10, 2013)

Length:  168 pgs

Sub-Genre: Erotic, romance

Buy Link: Amazon



Ophelia Broulliard’s life has always been linked to the wealthy and powerful DuChamps family. The granddaughter of the family’s housekeeper, she’s worshipped Vincent DuChamps from afar–the ever unattainable prince in her fairy tale dreams. Little does she know that Vincent harbors his own secret feelings for her, but other darker secrets that he sees as an insurmountable obstacle to ever being the man she deserves, have prompted him to avoid her altogether.

When Thomas, the family patriarch dies, his will bears some unpleasant surprises for them both. Thomas wants nothing more than for Vincent and his siblings to be happy, and in his final act as the only father figure they’ve ever had, engineers a series of contingencies in his will that require them each to face their demons. Only too aware of what Vincent really feels for Ophelia, Thomas creates a situation that will force Vincent to confront his feelings. Unless, Vincent and Ophelia marry, Vincent and his siblings will lose everything, including the family business.

Forced into such close proximity, denying their attraction for one another becomes impossible. But even as they grow closer, other threats to the future of DuChamps Hotels and all that Vincent holds dear threaten to destroy their burgeoning relationship. Ophelia has played it safe her whole life. Taking a risk on Vincent is a frightening prospect. Will it be worth it, or will his secrets break both their hearts?



“You look tired, Vincent.”

He quirked an eyebrow, his expression sardonic.  “So I hear.”

It had slipped out, an admission that she shouldn’t have made.  Acknowledging to anyone how frequently Vincent crossed her mind or how often she studied his face was dangerous.

When he looked up at her, their gazes locked and Ophelia’s breath simply froze.  Her lungs seized and she could do nothing but stare into his coal-black eyes and pray that everything she felt for him wasn’t written all over her face.

It was only when he drew her hand up and placed it against his chest, directly over his racing heart that she realized he’d even still been holding it.  The firmness of muscle and the springy mat of chest hair beneath the cotton of his shirt was too much temptation to resist.  She caressed that muscle lightly and watched as his eyes blazed with lust.

His expression changed to something she could only describe as carnal, predatory even. He stepped closer to her, backing her against the island.

She let out a sigh, savoring the sensation of his closeness, of the heat from his body scorching her.

His mouth was only inches from her and the anticipation of waiting for the kiss that seemed so inevitable was agonizing.  “Tell me to stop,” he demanded.

“You shouldn’t,” she whispered, unable to find her voice.

“I shouldn’t stop or I shouldn’t kiss you, Ophelia?  Which is it?”

She knew the right answer, the answer she ought to give.  Instead, she sank against him, savoring the heat, the hard planes of his body against hers.  Her eyes closed softly as she raised her lips to his.

The heat between them sparked, flared, then raged out of control.  She might have initiated that first tentative touch of their lips, but he quickly seized the reins.

His lips were firm as they settled over hers, demanding.  When his teeth scraped her bottom lip, nipping roughly and then soothing with his tongue, she couldn’t hold back the low moan.  Each gentle tug and pull as he sucked at her lips, the sensual glide of his tongue against hers as he swept it into her mouth was overwhelmingly intense.

It was as if he’d peered inside her and knew what she wanted even before he she did.  Heat suffused her, spreading throughout her body.  He tasted of bourbon and the spice that was simply him.  Sliding her hands up and over the breadth of his shoulders, she clasped her hands behind his neck, bringing them even closer.



Seraphina Donavan is a hopeless romantic with a wicked & oh-so-dirty mind! Those things, SDcombined with her love of writing, prompted her to take the leap and transform those fantasies into written words on a page. As a curvy girl herself, Seraphina has made it a point to celebrate those women with delicious curves with her work through writing and the hot men who love them.

She currently has 11 published books & is working on many more..

Living in Central Kentucky, Seraphina spends her time rescuing stray animals, working for a non-profit agency and dreaming of becoming a best-selling author. She lives in a home that has more character than working parts and enjoys spending time with her fur babies. Feel free to contact her with any questions or thoughts on your mind.. She loves connecting with her readers & hearing from anyone!

Twitter: @MissSeraphinaD



**Thank you Seraphina for stopping by today.

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