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Sweet Trouble
B’s Book Labyrinth Series
Sharon Lynn Fisher
Genre: Contemporary erotic romance
Publisher: SilkWords
Date of Publication: April 2
Cover Artist: Indie Designz

blurbWelcome to B’s Book Labyrinth and Bistro! The first novelette in this SilkWords Shared World Series, Sweet Trouble is the story of smart and feisty bookstore owner Bronte and sexy Seattle-area rock musician Brody.

Brody appears at the store’s grand opening to pick up a book recommended by an ex-girlfriend — and to meet the woman responsible for him losing his apartment.

The awkward first meeting does nothing to dampen the instant chemistry, but with Bronte wrangling menus, book buyers, and the resident ghost, and Brody’s rockstar-complicated past, can either of them afford even the sweetest kind of trouble?

Available at Silkwords.com

excerptHeading for the stairs, I met Trissa coming down. “You’ll never believe it!” she whispered urgently.

“What’s up?”

“I think Lenny Kravitz is here.”

Having Annabelle on my mind, I had braced myself for news of mischief directed at customers. Relieved, and feeling a little mischievous myself, I raised my eyebrows and replied, “Who?”

She groaned and rolled her eyes. “God! Do you do anything but read?”

As the grin I’d suppressed broke free, she frowned in annoyance. “B! You have to go talk to him.”

“It’s not Lenny Kravitz.”

“Come on.”

She grabbed my arm and dragged me upstairs to the fantasy section, where she gave me a shove toward a man in distressed denim and black leather. He stood eyeing a shelf on the L-through-P aisle.

To be fair, he could’ve been Lenny Kravitz — like twenty years ago. This guy’s denim was truly distressed, not distressed by machines for that perfect, overpriced lived-in look. And the cracks in his leather jacket traced a map of a rugged landscape in some unknown, dark country. The heel and sole of one of his motorcycle boots were held together by duct tape. He was as poor as I used to be. Maybe poorer.

But his sculpted features were framed by a glorious but compact starburst of spiky dark hair bleached burnt-orange at the ends. And I’d stake my store on him being a musician.

As I stood there studying him, he looked up, and I took a few steps forward. “Can I help you find something?”

His eyes moved over me, but not in a way that felt creepy. He was studying me back. And what he was probably seeing was that the money I’d spent on my outfit would have bought him groceries for a month. It wasn’t the way I usually dressed. Well, it was now. But a year ago my clothes were all the same vintage as his.

“You work here?” he asked.

“I … ” I couldn’t bring myself to say I was the owner. “Yes. Can I help you?”

“Do you have sci-fi? This is all fantasy.”

I nodded. “We’ve got them in two sections. If you’ll follow me … ”

Chill bumps washed over my back as I listened to the thud of his boots against the hardwood floor behind me. I was suddenly self-conscious about the length (or lack thereof) of my skirt. No way of knowing whether I was imagining his eyes on my ass, but I was glad he couldn’t see my face, because the heat there confirmed my belief that they were.

“Here we are,” I said, waving at the first of the sci-fi shelves. Alpha by author. Is there something specific you’re looking for?”

He considered me a moment, delicious chocolate eyes fixed on my face. He was intense about eye contact. Finally he gave a slight nod. “Solaris.”

“Oh yes,” I said too eagerly, “that’s one of my favorites.” I walked to L through P and sank down to study the bottom shelf. “Looks like we have both a used and new copy.” Solaris was on the obscure side for sci-fi, and now my curiosity was piqued. Or rather more piqued.

“I’ll take the used,” he said quietly.

“Of course,” I said, again in a quick, nervous voice, as I slid the book off the shelf.

I held it out to him, and he said, “What do you mean?” Something dark flashed in his eyes.

I felt my smile slipping. “I’m sorry … ?”

Clearing his throat, he shook his head. “Nothing. I’ll take it.”

I handed it to him, annoyed that my heart felt like a box of wrestling kittens. The guy had spoken a handful of words, and he had me completely unsettled.

“What interested you in the book?” I asked, trying to sound casual and friendly rather than neurotic or stalker-like.

He hesitated, studying the cover. “My girlfriend recommended it.”

“Ah.” I swallowed hard to prevent any more words from coming out.

“Ex-girlfriend, I mean.” He glanced up, and a slow smile swung one corner of his lips up. “She left me for a guy with a PhD. I decided it was time to educate myself.”

“Ah.” I didn’t have to swallow this time. There was no way to reply to that without ending up a mess of blushing awkward.

“You’re Bronte, aren’t you?” he said, tucking the book under his arm. “The owner.”

I cleared my throat. No avoiding it now. “Yeah, that’s me. But it’s just ‘B.’”

“Nice to meet you, Just B.”

I tried and failed to stop the eye roll. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that one.

He grinned. “Sorry. But I can’t call you that.”


Encore of the intense chocolate stare. “It’s a less than perfect grade, and that’s not you.”

I was so startled by this I forgot to notice that it sounded an awful lot like a cheesy pickup line. “That’s exactly what my moms say.”

He lifted an eyebrow. “Your moms?”

Now the pickup line thing sunk in. “Yeah. You got a problem with that?”

“No,” he laughed.

No one here was ruffled but me, and I felt like a jerk. I couldn’t think of a single word to say to him now, except “if you’ll excuse me,” which at this point would only emphasize my discomfort. Luckily he took pity on me.

“I’m Brody, Bronte. Thanks for helping me with the book. Good luck with the store.”

Grateful to him for coming to my rescue, I smiled. Genuinely. “Thank you. I hope to see you here again.”

He gave another shake of his head, and his gaze slid around the second floor. “I don’t read much. But I had to see if it was worth it, me getting kicked out of my apartment because some rich kid wanted to open a bookstore.”


bioAn RWA RITA Award finalist and a three-time RWA Golden Heart Award finalist, Sharon Lynn Sharon illustrationFisher writes stories for the geeky at heart — meaty mash-ups of sci-fi, suspense, and romance, with no apology for the latter. She lives where it rains nine months of the year. And she has a strange obsession with gingers (down to her freaky orange cat). In addition to her SilkWords stories, she’s authored three science fiction romance novels for Tor Books: Ghost Planet (2012), The Ophelia Prophecy (2014), and Echo 8 (2015). She’s also the editorial director for (and a partner in) SilkWords! Visit her at http://www.sharonlynnfisher.com.






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With gorgeous custom covers and a clean, sophisticated design, the SilkWords site offers a secure, upscale reading environment. In addition to content on their web site, they offer stories for purchase in the standard e-book formats.

SilkWords is owned and operated by a full-time mom with a background in genetics and an RWA RITA-nominated, multi-published sci-fi romance author.

Their technology guy and site designer was the founder of Microsoft Xbox Live.

SilkWords features two formats that allow readers to choose how the stories will proceed.

Pick Your Path:

Will she or won’t she? With which man (or woman) in which location? With Pick Your Path romance, you decide. Romance and branched fiction are made for each other, like picking your favorite flavor of ice cream…positions, partners, and paraphernalia, oh my!

Reader Vote:

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Cover Reveal: The Angel Trilogy by Kimberly Blalock {@kimblalockAngel}

blurbWhen Evan Young walks into Abigale Hayes’s life she falls; mind, body, and soul for the man she thinks he is, having no idea that the secrets he holds in his hands will destroy the girl she is. Abby must decide how the truth will affect the relationship that has her craving more with every breath she takes and how she will take revenge into her own hands. Evan will die to protect Abby and will kill for her too. The events that unfold will change who Abigale Hayes is forever.

blurbAbigale Hayes has had many things ripped from her life. She‘s been broken and emotionally left to die in the darkness she’s been living in for far too long. Love finds Abby is ways she hadn’t imagined would ever be possible, but so do lies and betrayal. Abby will be put in a position to protect the one man she loves and has realized without a doubt she will love forever. Evan’s love for Abby will take him to a whole new depth of darkness and dealing with those that want the love of his life for themselves will be the end of Evan and Abby. Or will it?

Buy The Book

(click image)


Kimberly has been writing since she was a young girl growing up in Kansas City, Mo. Reading and writing has always been a big part of her life. She enjoys a world she can get lost in while reading a good book. A wife and mother to four beautiful children she decided she wasn’t busy enough. She spent some time chasing down fugitives as a bounty hunter then laid down her hand cuffs and finished her college degree in nursing.

Kimberly loves discovering new music to jam out to and loves anything that’s different. Her many interests include Google, you heard it! Google. If you need to know any unusual or interesting fact she has searched it and can recite it. Her motto is: Why be the same as everyone else when you can stand out?

When Kimberly isn’t writing or playing superhero for her children, she takes care of her patients as a Registered nurse in the field of hospice.


Wonderland:Taken by Passion by Jaymie Holland {#Giveaway} @CheyenneMcCray @GoddessFish


BookCover_WonderlandTakenByPassionWonderland: Taken by Passion

by Jaymie Holland

blurbAfter being cheated on yet again, full-figured Alice O’Brien no longer believes she’ll find her Prince Charming. She resolves to enjoy men, but refuses to involve her heart.

When she literally tumbles down a rabbit hole, she finds she has left her familiar home city of San Francisco. She has landed in a strange and beautiful world, where she meets a powerful and dominant shapeshifter, Jarronn, and his equally fierce and irresistible brothers.

By the draw of a card foretelling his kingdom’s future, Jarronn has deliberately lured Alice to his realm in hopes of averting a terrible danger threatening his people. He has every intention of saving his kingdom with his and Alice’s bond of passion, and nothing will stop him from making her his Queen of Hearts.


excerptKalina smiled and scooted farther up to Alice’s waist and focused her attention on the scarf binding Alice’s left wrist.

She was barely aware of her wrist being released and Kalina rubbing more of the oil onto her arm. The woman’s blue-black hair drifted across Alice’s skin, as silken as the scarf Jarronn had teased her with earlier.

As she bit her lower lip, Alice’s eyes met Jarronn’s. His attention was completely focused on her and not on the beautiful Kalina. He was so darn gorgeous that Alice couldn’t help but wonder why he’d be interested in her, chubby Alice O’Brien, when he could most certainly have his pick of any supermodel in the world. Hell, with a body like that he could be a supermodel.

But Jarronn’s hands clenched the arms of his chair so tightly his knuckles had whitened. A fierce expression was on his handsome face and she could almost imagine him roaring like a tiger reined back by a tight leash.

No matter his rigid control, Jarronn wanted her. The knowledge settled over Alice like a fine cloak. It was incredible, a feeling of empowerment like nothing she’d ever experienced before.


bioAUTHOR Bio and Links:

About Cheyenne (writing as Jaymie Holland)AuthorPhoto_WonderlandTakenByPassion

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cheyenne McCray’s books have received multiple awards and nominations including three Romantic Times Reviewer’s choice awards and three nominations. Chey has over 90 published novels and novellas since her first novel was published in 2003.

Some of Cheyenne’s awards:

*RT Book Reviews magazine’s Reviewer’s Choice awards for Best Erotic Romance of the year, Best Paranormal Action Adventure of the year, and Best Romantic Suspense

*Three “RT Book Reviews” nominations, including Best Erotic Romance, Best Romantic Suspense, and Best Paranormal Action Adventure.

*Golden Quill award for Best Erotic Romance

*The Road to Romance’s Reviewer’s Choice Award

*Gold Star Award from Just Erotic Romance Reviews

*CAPA award from The Romance Studio

Cheyenne grew up on a ranch in southeastern Arizona. She has been writing ever since she can remember, back to her kindergarten days when she penned her first poem. She always knew one day she would write novels, hoping her readers would get lost in the worlds she created, just as she experienced when she read some of her favorite books.

Chey has three sons, three dogs, and is an Arizona native who loves the desert, the sunshine, and the beautiful sunsets. Visit Chey’s website and get all of the latest info at CheyenneMcCray.com and meet up with her at Cheyenne McCray’s Place on Facebook! (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cheyenne-McCrays-Place/183525008980)

Feel free to contact Chey at chey@cheyennemccray.com

Or check out Chey writing as Jaymie Holland: http://www.jaymieholland.com/

Buy Link:

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Taken-Passion-King-Hearts-Wonderland-ebook/dp/B00T8L8T8W/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1429144604&sr=1-1&keywords=wonderland+jaymie+holland 


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Wedding Favors (A Bluewater Bay Story) by @AnneTenino {#Giveaway} @RiptideBooks


WeddingFavors_400x600blurbLucas Wilder’s best friend is a traitor. First, Audrey moved back to their hick-infested hometown, Bluewater Bay, and now she’s marrying a local. His own brother, in fact. And as her man of honor, Lucas gets coerced into returning for an extended stay. Although, between his unfaithful ex-boyfriend and his artist’s block, going home isn’t the worst thing that could happen. Even if the best man is Gabriel Savage, Lucas’s first crush, first hookup, and first heartbreak.

The only reason Gabe hasn’t been waiting for Lucas to return to Bluewater Bay is because he never thought it’d happen. Not that it matters now that Lucas is back—Gabe’s still a logger who’s never been anywhere (Canada doesn’t count), and Lucas is now a famous sculptor who’s been everywhere twice. Plus, there’s that shared past.

When Audrey asks Lucas to make her wedding favors, the only place to set up a kiln is at Gabe’s tree farm. Soon, they pick up where they left off twelve years before, then blow past it, discovering why neither of them forgot the other. Now they have to choose how much of their history they’ll repeat, and what future they’ll make together.



bioCatalyzed by her discovery of LGBTQ romance, Anne Tenino left the lucrative fields of art history, non-profit fundraising, and domestic engineering to follow her dream of become a starving romance author. For good or ill, her snarky, silly, quasi-British sense of humor came along for the ride.

Anne applies her particular blend of romance, comedy and gay protagonists to contemporary, scifi and paranormal tales. Her works have won awards, she’s been featured in RT Book Reviews, and has achieved bestseller status on Amazon’s gay romance list.

Born and raised in Oregon, Anne lives in Portland with her husband and two kids, who have all taken a sacred oath to never read her books. She can usually be found at her computer, procrastinating.

Connect with Anne:


Every comment on this blog tour enters you in a draw for a $15 Riptide gift card. Entries close at midnight, Eastern time, on April 18th. Contest is NOT restricted to U.S. entries. Don’t forget to add your email so we can contact you if you win!

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Guest Post and #Giveaway: Bite Me by @RobynBachar

Bite Me Banner 851 x 315

Image11Bite Me

Robyn Bachar

Genre: Erotic paranormal romance

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Date of Publication: March 17, 2015

ISBN: 978-1-61922-457-5

Number of pages: 211

Word Count: 80k

Cover Artist: Kanaxa



The End is the Beginning

I didn’t want to write about the end of the world. I wanted to write about what happened after it. Someone always manages to survive the apocalypse—the lucky few who were far enough inland to avoid the asteroid-induced flooding, avoided the sharknadoes, or hid while the zombie horde shambled by. So what happens then? How do you survive when humanity is on the endangered species list?

In Bite Me, Lizzy Addams is fortunate enough to survive the zombie apocalypse, but Lizzy is a vampire. She can’t scrounge through abandoned grocery stores for food, and her particular breed of vampire needs to feed on sex in addition to blood. Lizzy needs to find survivors to feed from before she starves, but the survivors she rescues aren’t exactly excited about being a naughty buffet. They just want to find a safe place to rebuild.

Bite Me was a blast to write because my muse ran wild with ideas for what happens after the zombie apocalypse. Which brings me to ask what would you do? What would you do if you woke up tomorrow and the world was covered with zombies? Look for your family like Rick in The Walking Dead? Or maybe head to the pub like Shaun and Ed in Shaun of the Dead? Where would you go for food? Fuel? Coffee? Weapons? Would you fight, or would you hide? How would you begin again?


blurbConsumed by the need to feed…

After an out-of-control spell triggers the zombie apocalypse, Lizzy Addams is left in the ruins of Chicago with only the slightly unhinged commentary—and endless erotic appetites—of her inner demon for company. Her blood supply dwindling, she is forced to find survivors to feed from, or die trying.

Officer Angela Kinney was on duty when hungry corpses overwhelmed the city. The survivors look to her for leadership, but nothing prepared her for a beautiful monster who offers safety in exchange for blood.

Sean MacMillan never expected to see Lizzy again after she rejected his attempts to lure her back to the vampire fold. But with his flock threatened by the horde and his murderous vampire brother, Lizzy is the only one he can trust to keep them safe.

The veil of secrecy shrouding the supernatural world torn apart, humanity’s only hope is to forge an alliance with vampires, werewolves, and things that go bump in the night. Though accepting their aid could be a devil’s bargain that puts humans at the bottom of the food chain.

Warning: Contains vampire orgies, angsty demon sex, a frisky lesbian werewolf, light kink, and enough sex toys to start a store.

Available at Amazon   BN   iTunes  Kobo  Samhain Publishing


excerptWe emerged from the coffin to find a note taped to the inside of my closet door, with the instructions, “Sean, read this first.”

No good would come of that. Irritated, I handed him the note and opened the door. I emerged into an empty, silent bedroom. Blinking in confusion, I paused after a few steps. No flock, no werewolves and no one seated at my computer. The door was shut and locked, and my stomach dropped as I was blasted by an icy wave of fear.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, whirling on Sean.

He stood in the doorway to the closet, lean and so tall he nearly scraped the doorframe. Sean studied me silently, his face a placid mask, and then he slowly unbuttoned the jacket he’d just donned and set it aside.

“Sean…” My voice dropped in warning as he began unbuttoning his shirt. I growled for added effect, but he continued, stripping the shirt and then the undershirt beneath until he was bare-chested. He didn’t seem interested or aroused—Sean looked like a man being led to the gallows. I growled again, but instead of a threat it was a sound of interest voice by my stirring demon. She was captivated by the landscape of pale skin across his toned abs, wondering what his skin would feel like beneath our fingertips.

Lean and strong, like our Athena. Wouldn’t they make a striking pair in our bed?

“Elizabeth, come here,” Sean ordered.

I was halfway to him before I realized what had happened—anger at falling so easily into the reflex warred with my demon’s desire to obey. With a snarl I froze, planting my feet in a fighting stance just out of arm’s reach.

“What the fuck is going on?” I snapped.



bioRobyn Bachar enjoys writing stories with soul mates, swords, spaceships, vampires, and Image2gratuitous violence against the kitchen sink. Her paranormal romance Bad Witch series, historical paranormal romance series Bad Witch: The Emily Chronicles, and spicy space opera romance trilogy Cy’ren Rising are available from Samhain Publishing.

Her books have finaled in PRISM Contest for Published Authors, the Passionate Plume Contest, and twice in the EPIC eBook Awards.

As a gamer, Robyn has spent many hours rolling dice, playing rock-paper-scissors, and slaying creatures in mmorpgs.

Website    Newsletter    Twitter     Blog

Facebook    Google+    Goodreads    LibraryThing

Shelfari   Amazon


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Say My Name by J.Kenner {#Giveaway} @juliekenner @DarkWorldBooks


Say My Name CoverSAY MY NAME (Stark International #1)

by J. Kenner

Erotic Romance

Published on April 7th, 2015

blurbI never let anyone get too close—but he’s the only man who’s ever made me feel alive.

Meeting Jackson Steele was a shock to my senses. Confident and commanding, he could take charge of any room . . . or any woman. And Jackson wanted me. The mere sight of him took my breath away, and his touch made me break all my rules.

Our bond was immediate, our passion untamed. I wanted to surrender completely to his kiss, but I couldn’t risk his knowing the truth about my past. Yet Jackson carried secrets too, and in our desire we found our escape, pushing our boundaries as far as they could go.

Learning to trust is never easy. In my mind, I knew I should run. But in my heart, I never felt a fire this strong—and it could either save me or scorch me forever.

Say My Name is an erotic romance intended for mature audiences.

AmazonBarnes & NobleiBooks Add it to your Goodreads list!


excerptWhatever you need, baby, I promise. You only have to ask. Jackson, I—I need you to leave me. I need you to walk away and to never look back.

The memory pounds like red neon inside my head.

“Tell me,” he repeats.

“I asked you to leave.” I say the words simply, as if every syllable isn’t ripping me to shreds.

“And did I?” His voice is still even, still calm, but there is no hiding the tension that backs each and every word. “Did I not do exactly what you asked? Did I not walk away even though it just about killed me?”

It killed me, too. I want to shout the words at him, but I don’t. I can’t, because that would only make him suffer more, and after everything I’ve done to him, I can’t add that burden. So all I do is nod. “Yes.” My voice sounds lost. Hollow. “You did.”

He leans closer, placing one hand on the pillar just over my shoulder. He is at an angle, his face so close I can smell whiskey on his breath. “So what exactly do you want from me now?” He strokes his free hand down my bare arm until he reaches my hand. He twines his fingers with mine and pulls me hard against him.

I gasp and try to ease backward, but it’s not possible. He has moved his palm from the pillar to my lower back. He holds me close, so tight that I am breathless, lost in the feel of him and, yes, in the erotic sensation of his erection, unmistakable against my abdomen.


“Are you offering me a job?” he continues, ignoring my protest. “Are you offering to bring back everything you killed when you pushed me away?”

He releases my hand. “Or are you offering me this?” he asks, as he brushes his fingertip over my lower lip, so softly and gently that I have to fight not to gasp with pleasure. “Or maybe this?” he asks as his hand moves lower, his palm grazing over my breast.

My nipple tightens as my skin prickles with need. I have to focus on breathing, on not letting my knees give out.

Jackson takes no pity on me. Instead, he gently rubs circles on my breast, taunting and teasing even as his words continue to flow over me. “Surely you remember how it felt,” he presses. “You in my arms. Your release. That expression of ecstasy etched on your face. The surrender I felt in your body.”

“Don’t.” That single word is a cry. A plea.

“Don’t?” His hand slides down again, his fingers twining with mine once more. “But I have to. So tell me, Sylvia. Because I need to know. What exactly are you offering me?”

My eyes sting, and I squeeze them shut, wishing for the release of tears but they simply won’t come. “Just the job,” I finally say. I take a deep breath and open my eyes to face him. “Nothing has changed, Jackson. We can’t . . .” I shake my head, letting my words trail away.

He holds my gaze. The heat building in the space between us is so intense that I swear I can see the molecules spinning.

Slowly, he releases his grip on my hand. He steps back and I feel cold when he lifts his other hand from the small of my back. “You’re right,” he says. “We can’t.”

And that is it. Two little words, and then he turns away from me and walks down the hall. I stare after him, breathing hard, watching until he disappears into the shadows of the larger room.

He never once looks back.


bioKenner (aka Julie Kenner) is the New York Times, USA Today, Publishers Weekly, Wall StreetJulie Kenner Journal and International bestselling author of over seventy novels, novellas and short stories in a variety of genres. Though known primarily for her award-winning and international bestselling erotic romances (including the Stark and Most Wanted series) that have reached as high as #2 on the New York Times bestseller list, JK has been writing full time for over a decade in a variety of genres including paranormal and contemporary romance, “chicklit” suspense, urban fantasy, Victorian-era thrillers (coming soon), and paranormal mommy lit. Her foray into the latter, Carpe Demon: Adventures of a Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom by Julie Kenner, has been consistently in development in Hollywood since prior to publication. Most recently, it has been optioned by Warner Brothers Television for development as series on the CW Network with Alloy Entertainment producing. JK has been praised by Publishers Weekly as an author with a “flair for dialogue and eccentric characterizations” and by RT Bookclub for having “cornered the market on sinfully attractive, dominant antiheroes and the women who swoon for him.” A three time finalist for Romance Writers of America’s prestigious RITA award, JK took home the first RITA trophy awarded in the category of erotic romance in 2014 for her novel, Claim Me (book 2 of her Stark Trilogy). Her books have sold well over a million copies and are published in over over twenty countries. In her previous career as an attorney, JK worked as a clerk on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, and practiced primarily civil, entertainment and First Amendment litigation in Los Angeles and Irvine, California, as well as in Austin, Texas. She currently lives in Central Texas, with her husband, two daughters, and two rather spastic cats.

WebsiteTwitterFacebook PinterestInstagramTumblrGoodreads



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Lost Wishes (A TroubleMaker Novel) by @KelGendron #Giveaway @BookEnthuPromo

lost wishes release day


Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance

Add the book to Goodreads ➜http://bit.ly/1My5ZUQ (Lost Wishes)

Lost-wishes-cover-FINAL BNblurbHe’s ruthless. She’s relentless.

Together, they are boundless.

Fallon O’Conner is ruthless…

Each day comes and goes without meaning

He eats, sleeps, and waits

The time is nearing to confront his wife’s killer

And nothing will stop Fallon from getting his revenge

Then, Katie Rustle comes crashing into his forsaken life…

Katie Rustle is relentless…

Her boss needs something

Fallon O’Conner has it

And Katie is just the person to get it

She’s no stranger to bad-tempered, cruel, heartless men

A man corrupted by the loss of a loved one raised her

Buy Links

Lost Wishes

Amazon US:  http://amzn.to/19DvCVA

Amazon UK:  http://amzn.to/19DvHc0

B&N:  http://goo.gl/rZXoyi

Apple:  http://goo.gl/kHwWSX

Other Books in the series:

Broken Fences

Amazon US: http://amzn.to/1vXGis6

Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1vGWLv4

B&N: http://bit.ly/1Am9rf8

iTunes: http://bit.ly/1AGESE8

Favorite Places

Amazon US: http://amzn.to/17rFzU1

Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1G41n4y

B&N: http://bit.ly/1A6RS3F

iTunes: http://bit.ly/1Jq6Dol

Lucky Numbers

Amazon US: http://amzn.to/1y2xjBW

Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/119t9NZ

B&N: http://bit.ly/119txvO

iTunes: http://bit.ly/1LbUZZU

Finder Fees

Amazon US: http://amzn.to/1rYJmzG

Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1nW3RxB

B&N: http://bit.ly/1ERZczE

iTunes: http://bit.ly/17rG804

Katie Teaser - Copy4


“What are you doing, stowaway?”

“Having a drink,” I say, lifting my cup, but for some reason, I don’t think that’s what he’s getting at. He knows what I want.

“You don’t want to do this,” he sighs, looks around, and then settles his eyes back on me. “Go back to my place and go to bed.”

“You might be able to tell Twigs what to do but don’t think that when it comes to me, you’re gonna get away with it.” I grin. “And I’m not tired. Besides, Twigs thought you might need some company.”

“Ah…” His eyebrow arches. “I have company,” he says, tilting his head in the direction of his entourage.

“Yeah.” I nibble my bottom lip, and he watches me. “Well, Twigs thought you’d want my company.”

He takes a deep breath, and with his long-winded exhale, his eyes slowly trail down me. “You do realize what they’re offering, don’t you?” He bends down, lowering his voice. “Are you willing to offer the same?”

“No.” I wrap my hand around his neck, and he lets me pull him close. “What I’m offering is a hell of a lot more than what you’re going to get from any of them,” I whisper into his ear.

“Oh yeah,” his husky chuckle echoes through me. “And how can you be so sure of that?”

“Because you don’t want them.” I tilt back to find his dark eyes waiting. “You want me.”

He rubs a finger across his lips as he gazes at me from out of the corner of his eye. His finger drifts to his chin. He strokes the stubble there. The longer he makes me wait, the more my confidence slips. His hand moves, heading straight for me. The finger he just ran over his mouth touches my bottom lip. It slopes my chin, slides slowly down my chest, and skims past my breast. My nipple hardens against the soft material of my dress. The edge of his finger runs up and down over my hard tip. My pussy clenches. “I do want you,” he finally says.

Oh yeah, I have him. He’s mine. I lean in to seal the deal, but he pulls back. “Sorry, stowaway. I’ll kiss you everywhere else and make you feel real good too, just not there.”

“Not where?” My forehead tightens. “My mouth?” Is that what he’s saying? He’s gotta be joking, right. The slow drop of his head tells me that he’s not. “Wait.” I blink. “You’re really not going to kiss me? You expect me to…to…just fuck you?”

“No.” He sways forward; the heat from his body cascades over my bare skin. “I expect the women I’m with to swallow when they give me head, do exactly as they’re told, and to handle a good ass spankin’.”

“You’re a bastard.” I push away from him.

“What?” The corner of his mouth lifts. “Were you expecting Prince Charming? Sorry to disappoint, but he exited this body a long time ago…

Troublemaker books ban pdf

bioKelly is the author of the TroubleMaker series, a stand-alone contemporary romance series, and Kelly Gendronshe has a few romantic suspense novels out there too.

In a quiet suburb, somewhere between Buffalo and Niagara Falls is where you’ll find Kelly. When she’s not writing, she’s out meeting new people while representing a group of reputable nursing facilities in the WNY area.

Kelly writes steamy, blush producing romance novels. Her motto: “Bad boys, give ’em a little time and experience, and they will evolve into misbehaving men!”

Kelly loves to hear from her readers! Visit her at her Blog, Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook Page.











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Interview and #Giveaway: Katie in Love by @ChloeThurlow1


katieinloveblurbKatie Boyd has nothing in common with Tom Bridge, the volunteer doctor she meets at a party – except in bed she finds a passion to match her own. Tom is intense, puzzling, a man who cares about others and compels Katie to question her own life drifting through the hip clubs and London party scene.

When Tom returns to his post in a Sri Lanka orphanage, Katie isn’t sure if their passion was lit by its brevity, or if love, unexpected and not entirely wanted, has edged its way into her life. Should she go back to being who she always was? Or follow Tom into the unknown?

Katie in Love is a compelling erotic romance that will grip readers as they follow Katie’s journey to an ending they may have expected – but not in the way they expected it.

Brilliantly written and coolly self-aware, Chloe Thurlow was described by KM Dylan on Amazon as “…the Anaïs Nin of our times.” With Katie in Love – her sixth novel – Thurlow reveals a writer at the height of her powers.


Link for Amazon downloads – http://bookgoodies.com/a/B00S1SMMIG

Link for Amazon books – http://bookgoodies.com/a/1503014908


Hi. Welcome to All I Want and More. We’re glad to have you here.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am the girl at the bar at 2.00 in the morning with a notebook aware that this makes me look interesting, for one, and is actually useful for making notes when the muse visits and the bubbles are popping in the cava glass.

I have been doing this, on and off, for the long 13 months it has taken to write Katie in Love. Now the book is finally out, I know how it must feel giving birth to triplets – proud and exhausted.

In this book, who was your favorite character to write and why?

Katie in Love is a romance. I identify with Katie, she has lots of my quirks and passions. She adores her shoes, she doesn’t want to give her old clothes away – and then feels good about herself when Tom helps her make the cull. Once Tom enters her life, Katie starts to think about who she is, what she wants, where she is going. He is the catalyst for change and growth. He can be demanding, but he has a big heart, he’s good for Katie and he’s wonderful between the sheets.

What 3 words would you use to describe your main characters?

Katie – lost, dazed and confused

Tom – cautious, loving and wise

Can you tell us a little bit about this book? Maybe a little snippet?

Katie Boyd has nothing in common with Tom Bridge, the volunteer doctor she meets at a party – except in bed she finds a passion to match her own. Tom is intense, puzzling, a man who cares about others and compels Katie to question her own life drifting through the hip clubs and London party scene.

When Tom returns to his post in a Sri Lanka orphanage, Katie isn’t sure if their passion was lit by its brevity, or if love, unexpected and not entirely wanted, has edged its way into her life. Should she go back to being who she always was? Or follow Tom into the unknown?

In this snippet, Katie is undressing for Tom…

My face must have showed my thoughts; I’m an open book, a blank page.

‘What are you thinking about?’ Tom asked.

I stared back across the room. ‘I’m not telling you,’ I replied, and held the jacket out for him to inspect; it was rather gorgeous – a shade of blue that’s not quite blue and not quite anything else, cerulean, kingfisher, lazuline.

‘Do you like the colour?’ I asked, and he didn’t answer the question.

‘You should wear more green,’ he said instead, and paused, ‘to match your eyes.’

‘Yes, doctor. Would you like me to change my hairstyle as well?’

He smiled. I liked his smile, natural, full-lipped. The low sun edged his face in gold, making it hard to see his expression. I dragged the rollneck over my head and shook out my hair. He leaned forward to watch as if he were at the theatre following a scene on stage. I took a step towards him and pointed down at my boots.

‘Can you?’

He untied the laces. I lifted my feet in turn so he could remove my boots, which he placed beside the chair. Next my socks, stretching them out and placing them on top of the boots with a neatness I approved of. I released the clasp and writhed like a plume of smoke as I lowered my jeans. I sat on the edge of the sofa to pull the material over my feet, and stood again, barefoot on the carpet.

‘You have beautiful feet, they’re your best feature,’ he said.

‘Oh,’ I replied.

How do you go about picking character names? Do you have to get them just right and make sure they fit with the characters personality?

Katie in Love stars Katie and Tom – they sound like two names in a kid’s book, but they fell into my head and immediately felt right. Memorable novels are character-driven and are composites of the writer. If I were to write about a young black boxer, my opposite, I would make him determined, easily offended and quickly forgiving, aspects of myself. You don’t create characters, you give birth to them. You know their age qualities and failings, the relationships they have with parents and friends, their Star Sign, their dreams and ambitions.

We’re cover hussies. What was your first impression of this cover?

I adore the cover. I kissed the cover when the book arrived. It is large size: 9×6, matt finish, silky to the touch like young flesh and I looked at 1000 images before selecting the illustration for Polly Playford to do the design. Katie in Love is my sixth novel, but the first I have self-published and the first time I have been involved in all the exciting bits that come after you’ve actually written the novel.

What does writing mean to you?

It is my passion, my life. I write because I have to and can’t do anything else.

What do you hope readers take away after reading one of your books?

I want to surprise readers. I write erotic novels, although Katie in Love is more romantic than erotic, but they are about self-discovery, evolution and change. I try to create books with an underlying philosophy and I set them in the present with today’s problems and dilemmas. Writing sex is relatively easy. It’s writing everything else that going on in your characters’ lives that makes the sex vibrant and the story come to life.

If you had a technology free day, what would you do?

Eat a freshly-baked croissant in a café beside the Mediterranean, swim, buy something frivolous, drink wine with lunch and make love all afternoon in a room with stripy shadows falling through the shutters.

What are you currently working on?

Apart from marketing Katie in Love, I have started making notes for a new novel about an older woman who falls for a younger man.

Quickie Time

Sexiest feature on a man? – backside

Boxers, Briefs or Commando? – on him, boxers

What is on your night stand/dresser? – books, Kleenex, cups, perfume, rubbish

Hairy chests or smooth? – smooth

Cowboy or businessman? – something in-between

Tattoos or piercings?neither particularly

Secret talent? – impersonations (Marilyn, Claire Danes, Maggie Smith)

What’s your guilty pleasure? – cava, same grape as champagne, less fizzy

Celebrity crush? – Ryan Gosling

Night owl or early bird? – night

Twitter or Facebook? – Facebook

Pinterest or Instagram? – Pinterest

ebooks or paperbacks? – paperbacks

Is there anything else you like to add?

Yes. Please buy Katie in Love – it will change your life. It did mine.

divider3chloe thurlow

bioChloe Thurlow’s novel Girl Trade became an Xcite Books best-seller and has been translated into Spanish and Polish. She moved from West London to East London, where the rents are cheaper and the saving means broken streets, a fall, a fractured finger and her new novel, Katie in Love.

Website: http://www.chloethurlow.com/


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Guest Post and #Giveaway: Final Surrender by @JenniferKacey ~ @GoddessFish


Clay and Angela from Final Surrender are here today answering my question.

Clay, list 5 things Angela would be surprised to learn about you that she doesn’t already know.

  1. Favorite cartoon when I was little was Pinky and the Brain from the Animaniacs.
  2. I’m allergic to chick peas. Good thing they’re gross.
  3. I get hard instantly when she brushes against me. She actually already knows this one but I like to remind her.
  4. I’ve worn a size 14 shoe since I was 16. And yes the rumors are true.
  5. There isn’t a man on the planet happier than I am. Not one. She’s my everything and I will never take her for granted again.

And Angela, same question. List 5 things Clay would be surprised to learn about you that he doesn’t already know.

  1. I’m afraid of large bodies of water. Like ocean kind of big. So cruise ships….not my thing.
  2. Once, a plastic surgeon who was married to one of my clients wanted to do me a favor and fix the scar on my abdomen for free. I said no. I said no because it was the last physical reminder I had of Clay. I earned that scar and don’t ever want to lose it.
  3. I’ve prayed for his happiness every night since I was fifteen. Never missed a night.
  4. I know he actually wears a size 14.5 shoe. And the rumors are definitely true.
  5. I get wet when he gives me “that” look across a crowded room. He actually already knows this one but he likes to remind me.



blurbTen years ago, Angela Meyers told everyone she went to New York to find herself. It was a lie. She fled from the aftermath of one hot night with Clay Waters. A night filled with wet heat, all-consuming releases…then his regret.
Now, with a stalker threatening to destroy her career, there’s only one man she trusts to protect her. The man she still loves, hates, needs with every breath she takes.

It’s not that Clay never craved his best friend’s younger sister. With a ticket to boot camp burning a hole in his pocket, he couldn’t allow himself to love her. The moment he lays eyes on her again, the old need—to take down her tightly wound hair, press her long, lean body to his—surges inside him stronger than ever.
But this is no ordinary bodyguard assignment. The best way to identify the voice in Angela’s shadow is to lure it into the light of day. Even if it means convincing her to trust him with her heart…and surrendering his own.


excerptClay kept silent and let the new reality of what she was…what they were dealing with sink in. He absentmindedly played with her hair. His fingertips pulled the wet strands slowly to the end. Angela licked her lips nervously, glancing at Clay out of the corner of her eyes.

“Are you trying to distract me?”

“Yes, is it working?” he asked with a playboy smile she didn’t know he still possessed.

“It always works, Clay. Anybody else I can tune out. Everybody else is on the outside, except for you. You’ve always been my Achilles’ heel, but you know that.”

Angela laid her head back against the couch cushions and decided she needed to stop talking. Her insides were already feeling hot and needy, and wanting this man beside her wasn’t going to help her heart or her life stay in one piece. She was brave last night in the near darkness of her bedroom. This morning, not so much.

“I’m nothing special. You could have any man you wanted, and that’s the God’s honest truth.”

He got up and took his cup back to the kitchen and didn’t hear her whisper, “Not every man I want, apparently.”

After he sat back down he asked, “So, want to go out and take a walk, or do you want to stick around here, order in and watch reality TV?”

She lifted her head off the couch with a scoff and said, “You don’t really watch that crap, do you? Every moment you watch is more brain cells you’ll never get back.”

“Please, what do you watch, almighty TV guru?”

“The Big Bang Theory, which is the only sitcom that should be allowed on TV. It is fantastically funny. Always makes me laugh no matter what I have going on. Have you ever seen it?”

“Nope, but if it makes you laugh, with that perma scowl you’ve got going on, then it must be pretty good.”

Clay got hit with a pillow out of the blue and he turned to see Angela hiding a wicked grin behind her hand.

“Oh, if you didn’t have a concussion, it would so be on.”

“Well, see, there’s the silver lining of being blown off those steps. I win a pillow fight with you by default. My day is complete. Oh no, not yet. I haven’t had any chocolate.”

“Chocolate, the way to every woman’s heart.”

“Of course it is.”

“So you want to venture out?” he asked again.

“I don’t know,” she answered softly.


“Little bit. I feel like I’ve got a big target on my back. I don’t want to hunker down and hide from the world, but maybe today we could keep a low profile. I’ve gotta call Mark and my parents.” She stammered again at the thought of being alone with Clay all day and the rest of her breath left her lungs in a rush as Clay’s knuckles brushed her cheek.

“How about we’ll dress you up.” His voice was soft and seductive. “That way you can feel safe and still get out for a little while.”

He stood and looked down into her wide doe eyes and without thinking, she took his hand and let him pull her to her feet.

He mesmerized her with a simple glance. He was two different people, one when they were alone and another when others were around. But she was too, if she really wanted to admit it. They were more alike than she cared to recognize.

The head injury had left her weak and a bit dazed, but Clay standing in front of her threw her completely off balance. He pulled her into his arms and she rested her cheek on his chest as he stroked her hair.

“We’ll fix this.”

“My stalker or us?” she asked before she could clamp her mouth shut.

“Hopefully both before you get completely sick of me and kick me out, like you’ve been threatening.”

“It’s no threat, Clay,” she said, pulling away from him so she could wander back to her bedroom. “It’s a promise,” she added with a snicker.

“Ah yes, but I know the secret to making you happy now,” he said as he moved to follow her.

“What’s that?”



bioJennifer Kacey is a writer, mother, and business owner living with her family in Texas. She AuthorPhoto_FinalSurrendersings in the shower, plays piano in her dreams, and has to have a different color of nail polish every week. She’s the Amazon top seller and award winning author of the Members Only Series and the Surrender Series along with several stand alone novels and novellas. The best advice she’s ever been given? Find the real you and never settle for anything less.

Website – http://www.jenniferkacey.com/

Blog – The Decadent Divas – http://www.thedecadentdivas.blogspot.com/

Newsletter Signup – http://jenniferkacey.us7.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=f09bd32b8c279cebcc930950e&id=2a45c210e8

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/jennifer.kacey.7
Facebook Author Page – https://www.facebook.com/jenniferkaceyauthor

Twitter – https://twitter.com/JenniferKacey

Amazon Page – http://www.amazon.com/Jennifer-Kacey/e/B00GXHUB30/ref=s9_simh_gw_p351_d9_al1?_encoding=UTF8&refinementId=618073011&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_s=center-2&pf_rd_r=0G8ZPDQJVKJPKXNBRY10&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=1688200382&pf_rd_i=507846

Goodreads – http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6941549.Jennifer_Kacey

Pinterest – http://pinterest.com/jenniferkacey/

giveaway4Jennifer Kacey will be awarding an e-book from her backlist as well as a swag pack of goodies from several authors to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour

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Out Now – The River’s Embrace by A. Silenus #erotic #romance


TheRiversEmbrace_SMblurbWith her blond tresses and blue eyes, London fabric retailer Margery “Margie” Tull is used to being admired. When she’s hired to decorate a riverside manor house though, she suspects ulterior motives.

Lord of the manor Percival Winstanley reveals a long ago love triangle leading to death and the bewitching of his son and heir Stephen. Margie’s cousin Shyan is supposed to protect her. But he’s lured away by Winstanley’s cougarish housekeeper, Mrs. DePlessey, leaving Margie in the dubious care of servant Kern.

Unsure whom to trust, Margie turns first to artist Raphael Watts, also working at the house. Meanwhile Stephen hovers in the background trying to draw her attention to a cottage across the river. Somehow the women who live there are a portent of Margie’s fate. If only Stephen can convince her of what lies in store Margie can give new hope to the manor and its heir.

Buy links:

B&N – http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-rivers-embrace-a-silenus/1121310221?ean=2940151486682

ARe – https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-theriver039sembrace-1754358-147.html?referrer=6bdb1f9160564c0525b41f36e51861a0

Amazon – http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00U6I9E30/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B00U6I9E30&linkCode=as2&tag=lucyfelt-20&linkId=HZTNFKAQB6E2GSAX

Amazon UK – http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00U6I9E30/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1634&creative=19450&creativeASIN=B00U6I9E30&linkCode=as2&tag=lucyfelthouse-21&linkId=CDNFPMVE7XHVQPRN


excerptMargie crept from the hall to the library and back again. It was the strangest thing how people either were not there when they were wanted or were breathing down your neck and scaring you out of your skin. There seemed no middle way in this house.

She would have to go upstairs. It was the obvious place to look. She started climbing steps, feeling like an intruder and unsure how she would explain why she was snooping around the house if she did find someone. A snigger told her she was on the right track. Tiptoeing across the landing and down a passage way, she homed in on the intertwined voices, Shyan’s wisecracks and Mrs. DePlessey’s purrs of appreciation.

Through the gap between an open bedroom door and the jamb, Margie watched unobserved. Shyan was standing on a foot stool wearing only underwear. Evidently measuring requirements had reached the upper thigh. A crouching Mrs. DePlessey’s glistening nails trailed a tape over the city boy’s pale flanks. Shyan’s muscles tensed as her fingers neared the straining material of his briefs.

“Am I tickling?” The question was made to sound guileless, like a dentist asking “Am I hurting you?”

“Well a bit,” Shyan said. “But it don’t bother me.”

I’ll bet it doesn’t, Margie thought. She was so mad at him. Had he forgotten why he had come? Not to dally with the housekeeper, that’s for sure.

The waistband was the next number on Mrs. DePlessey’s list, and as her arms circumnavigated Shyan’s midriff with the tape measure she could not refrain from rubbing the bangles on her wrists against his bare skin. The metal must have been cold, because Shyan jumped slightly at the touch.

“Oh, I am sorry. Did I do that?”

You calculating bitch, Margie wanted to shriek. She’d seen better acting on the soaps.

But there was nothing simulated about Shyan’s reaction once the tape made contact at the base of his spine. Margie didn’t have to see below his waistband to know his self-control was on the edge. It wouldn’t take much to unbalance him.

All it did take was another move in Mrs. DePlessey’s repertoire of suggestive contact. As her breasts prodded his stomach, ostensibly so she could complete the tape loop, Shyan’s hands descended onto her shoulders. Then the tape was forgotten as her lips came up to meet his. Her clasping arms steadied him on the wobbling stool. They moved to the bed in an uncoordinated tango, and toppled into a grinding embrace. Shyan tackled the buttons on her blouse. His hand groped for the bra clip at her back. He suckled on an inflamed turret of a nipple, with a gusto equal to Ainsworth’s effort during Margie’s previous spying escapade. Then the couple’s hands met and, steered by one or the other—or both—glided in unison down the crevasse between their bodies until they disappeared inside Shyan’s briefs.

Margie was mesmerized. Exasperated as she was by her cousin’s easy compliance, she couldn’t help being fascinated by this mesh of desires. That was why it was so startling when Mrs. DePlessey rolled Shyan to one side and, with a light kiss on the lips, told him, “We must save this.”

Shyan gaped and attempted to insert a hand between her closed thighs.

“For what?” he asked.

She smiled, not in the provocative way Margie half expected, but rather as if Shyan hadn’t understood.

“In time,” she said. “In time.”


bioSilenus spent his early years in southern England and now lives in Arizona. He writes in various genres under different names. His erotica-oriented material includes three self-published sets of short stories, Fiends That Go Boink, which has otherworldly themes, Obsessions and Two Men And A Woman In A Boat.

Other stories have been published in anthologies, ezines and magazines, including Afternoon Delight (Cleis), The MILF Anthology (Blue Moon), Wicked Pleasures (Ravenous Romance), and Forum magazine in the UK.

For more about Silenus and his work, please go to his blog: Basic Writes: http://asilenus.blogspot.com/




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