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The Position

Dahlia Salvatore

Genre: Erotica

Publisher: Entice – BookTrope Publishing

Date of Publication: August 27

ISBN: 978-1-62015-484-7


Number of pages: 186

Cover Artist: BookTrope Publishin

blurbDylan Farrow puts on his pants every morning one leg at a time, just like everyone else at the Kerrigan Advertising Agency. He handles high-pressure projects with a fast turnaround. He’s prized for his keen intellect and admirable performance. But how did he get where he is today—to the level of Junior Executive of Design Production?

Well, that involves how he takes his pants off…

and for whom…

Hoping to break through the glass ceiling under which she’s been trapped for years, Valerie Caplan picks up her life and moves to Seattle. After hearing about the position of Senior Executive of Design Production from an art director at Kerrigan, she decides to apply. When she lands the big interview, she never thinks for a minute that she’ll have any serious competition. She assumes that she has the job in the bag…until she discovers that the only competition has something she doesn’t have—the willingness to go outside the office to impress Danica Stewart, their uptight female boss.

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Thank you for stopping by All I Want and More. We’re glad to have you here.

Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself…Something that we cannot Google about you.

I’m a young female writer living with my husband in Seattle, Washington. An odd fact about me—I am deathly afraid of clowns.


Tell us a little about this book?

The Position is a book about a work-a-holic woman, Valerie, who is searching for a way to keep climbing the corporate ladder. Dylan is a ladder-climber too, but he is trying to sleep his way to the top. When a new boss at Kerrigan finds out they’re both going for the same position, she puts them on the same project in order to gauge their work. They’re forced to compete while working together.


What was your favorite part to write in this book?

The climax and the last scene between Dylan and Danica were both my favorites. They both packed a lot of punch.


You can only pick 3 words to describe your main characters, what would they be?

I can’t think of three words that would describe all three, so I’ll split them up.

Valerie – Ambitious

Dylan – Self-absorbed

Danica – Controlling


What 3 things would your main characters never leave the house without?

Valerie would never leave the house without her phone. Dylan always keeps sunglasses with him, even when he doesn’t wear them. Danica keeps a physical planner and she never goes anywhere without it.


Which was the easiest character to write and the hardest ~ and why?

Danica was easy, even though her life and motives appear complex. She’s eventually going to get her own book, but it won’t be part a series. It’ll be a standalone spin-off.


Since we’re cover hussies….what was your first impression of this cover?

I love my cover. Dylan looks absolutely smoldering on the front.


What type of scene is your favorite to write? (Fight, love, making up..etc.)

Oh gosh, I love writing fights. It was true especially in this book because my characters seem to feel their passion flaring during fights.


How much emotion does it take from you to write?

Lot. Often, I’ll break down into tears during really emotional scenes. The love scenes sometimes get me so involved that I forget how to spell. Haha. I frequently have to take breaks.


What do you hope readers take away after reading one of your books?

This book in particular is really for entertainment purposes. My first book i sabout persevering through emotional hardship and loss.


Is there a genre you would like to write but are a little apprehensive to try?

Historical fiction. I’m not sure I could keep things consistent with those times.


What are you currently working on?

I’m writing book one in a revenge trilogy, aptly named The Payback Series.


What’s the last line you wrote from your current WIP?

I’ll have to give you the paragraph, because out of context the sentence sounds weird.

“Weakly, she pushed his hand away. “I’ll do whatever you say, just please don’t touch me,” she whispered.

A pang of guilt struck his chest. “You’ll eat. You’ll sleep. You’ll learn to walk,” he said frankly. “In time, I think you’ll learn to talk, too.”

He watched as she mechanically ate half of the steak and potatoes. Without a word, she dropped her hands to the sheet. He passed her a napkin and she used it to wipe her face and fingertips.

“Satisfied?” she murmured, looking back to the yard. In the yellowing grass, she watched as a squirrel stuffed acorns between its cheek and gums.

“It’s a start,” he answered, gathering up the dishes. He gave the room a cursory scan for any dangerous implements, then made his way to the door. “By the way, you can call me Clark.” “


Okay…. personal time!!!!

What is on your night stand/dresser?

A wedding photo, a lamp and my laptop.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Read, cook, clean. I know, I’m boring.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

I don’t really have one. Haha.

What’s your secret talent?

I don’t really have a secret talent. Oh my god… I suck. LOL

What’s the last thing you Googled?

Metal Oxide Silicate flammability level

Quickie time… Think fast….

Are you a quickie kind of girl?


What’s ur fave drink – in a glass or on him?

In a glass

Spank or Flogger?


Ties or Chains?


Leather or Lace?


Soft or Hard… Bed, where was your mind? ;)


Control or Be Controlled?


Hot Wax or Whip Cream?

Hot Wax

Top or Bottom?


Sexiest feature on a man?

My boot on his face

Boxers, Briefs or Commando?


Cowboy or businessman?


Tattoos or piercings?


Night owl or early bird?

Night owl

Twitter or Facebook?


Pinterest or Instagram?


Ebooks or paperbacks?



Is there anything else you like to add?

Nope. Thanks for interviewing me! Keep up with me at



bioDahlia Salvatore is a thirty-two-year-old female author living in Seattle, Washington with her husband. She comes from Coos Bay, Oregon and moved to Seattle six years ago. She loves the west coast and doesn’t see herself anywhere else.

Her influences include contemporary writers J.K. Rowling, Mary Balogh, Christina Dodd, Stephanie Laurens, Laurell K. Hamilton, Anne Rice, Stephen King, and many many others.


Twitter: @authordahliaS


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#Giveaway and Guest Post: Romance in BDSM by @MoriahGemel – Load the Dice @GoddessFish


Romance in BDSM

In Load the Dice, Eric and Jamie navigate their relationship while exploring their deepest desires through BDSM scenes. It sounds so sexual, and it is—but that’s not all there is to it. Above all else, Eric and Jamie’s story is about romance; it’s about how they fall in love.

BDSM isn’t the first thing most people think of when they think of romance. To most people, it’s indicative of sex. But in truth, BDSM can go beyond the sexual content. It’s really about a dynamic, a shift of power that works for both partners. Eric and Jamie exchange power, allowing each to have their own unique roles within each scene, but they have their own unique roles in their romance as well—Eric as the logical and Jamie as the emotional, in parallel to their roles as dominant and submissive. In a way, it’s symbolic of any relationship. One partner is the organized partner, or the fun one, or the wild one. With Eric and Jamie, they complete each other, complement each other—just like a Dom and a sub complement and complete each other in BDSM.

How? By being opposites. The Dom takes control, makes the rules and enforces them. They are in charge, and oversee the completion of a scene. The sub follows the rules and obeys orders (willingly!), participating in the scene according to the Dom’s instructions for maximum fulfillment. The Dom leads; the sub follows. The Dom exercises a carefully granted power; the sub submits to that power. They are complementing opposites, each an equal but different half.

A relationship can be like that too, I think—maybe not exchanging power, necessarily, but each partner utilizing their strengths for the betterment of the relationship. So to me, it made sense to explore a romance in the midst of a BDSM relationship. What more can we want of a partner than to feel completed by them? To feel fulfilled, to be made a better person because of it? Eric and Jamie’s romance is like that.



blurbEric left the BDSM scene years ago because he couldn’t find the right partner, opting instead to meet men in quiet coffee shops and piano bars. But when his friend invites him to a posh hook-up party, he meets first time sub Jamie, who he convinces to detail his sexual fantasies during a passionate night together.

The pair soon embark on a relationship that introduces Jamie to the BDSM scene, and plays out his fantasies one by one. But as they approach the final fantasy, will Eric be able to walk away?

Buy Link:


excerptHe crawls onto the bed and straddles Jamie’s thighs, his clothed body barely touching Jamie’s, and Jamie whimpers. “Are you still wearing all your clothes?” he asks breathlessly, and Eric leans down and kisses the top of his spine, letting him feel the fabric of his clothes over his bare body.

“Yes, I am,” Eric says, and Jamie rocks down into the bed.

“Oh god, that’s so hot.”

Eric chuckles, and then sits back up, making sure to keep as little contact as he can.

“I want you to tell me about your fantasies,” Eric says. “For every fantasy you tell me, I will explore one part of your body with my mouth and hands. The more details you give, the more I will pay attention to the spot I’m on.” This gives Jamie just a little bit of control, and lets Eric know the kinds of touches he likes best. Jamie can decide if he wants to keep Eric somewhere or move on—it’ll keep him on his toes, and Eric has one more trick up his sleeve to ensure it.

“But if you stop talking,” he adds, “and you don’t move on to the next fantasy, or tell me more about the one you’re on, you will be punished. Is that understood?”

Jamie whimpers again, nodding.

“I need an answer, Jamie.”

“Yes, sir.”

Eric kisses the top of his spine again. “Good boy. Number the fantasies as you go. You may begin.”


bioMoriah Gemel has developed a dedicated following for her realistic, sexually-charged stories over twelve years in onlineAuthorPic fan communities. Passionate about a realistic depiction of BDSM, her goal is to both entertain and educate readers about the BDSM community.

Load the Dice originated as a short work of fan fiction, written in three parts. For her first work of professional fiction, she has turned it into a serialized novel in ten parts.

She is married and has a young son.

Connect with the author at


 giveaway4Moriah will be awarding a free download of an Interlude Press eBook title or an author/book swag pack (US ONLY) to TEN randomly drawn winners via rafflecopter during the tour as well as a Grand Prize of a $25 B&N gift card to a randomly drawn winner.

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Series Spotlight: Love Hurts series by @Eva_Lefoy

Love Hurts series by Eva Lefoy MLR Press GLBT *light* BDSM/Kink

The Love Hurts series was born when I answered a Valentine’s Day call for MLR Press. In book 1, Sex, Ties and Videotape, we meet Geoffrey, a man who’s been wronged by his previous lover, Brian, in a most public way. Brian’s friend Paul makes a move on Geoffrey and his life changes dramatically – he’s finally found someone who won’t laugh at his submissive needs!

In book 2, Kink Club Blues, Brian finds himself turned on by the idea of BDSM and goes to the club to investigate. There, he meets Gar, who takes him in ways he’s never imagined.

Book 3, Dom of Destruction, is out now from MLR! In book 3, we focus on Gar and Brian’s fledgling relationship as they try to work things out. Once Gar makes a shocking discovery about his former lover, one he never saw coming, the Dom guilt he’s been carrying over that relationship evaporates.


Dom of Destruction:

When new and impulsive sub, Brian is injured in a bad scene, the incident opens old wounds for his sometimes-Dom, Gar. While doling out revenge, Gar must come to terms with his fear of relationships and learn the shocking truth about his former lover, Angel.

Meanwhile, Paul’s uncontrolled jealousy of Brian comes to light and Geoffrey threatens to cancel their engagement if he won’t get his anger under control. In different ways the aftermath of the sadistic Dom’s destructive force puts these four men on the track to future happiness, but some will suffer more scars than others.


excerptGar’s breathing was heavy and labored. He was obviously turned on and needed to come. But he guided their joined grip, up and down at a slow, even pace. Then he licked a finger and slid it under Brian’s sac, pressing inside his tight hole. Gar massaged his prostate in a firm, vibrating motion. Brian had never felt a touch like it.

“Tell me what you like best about the blond,” Gar panted in his ear.

“I like the fact that he’s helpless,” Brian whispered. “He’s at the other man’s mercy.”

“You want to be at my mercy, Brian?” Gar’s gruff tone resonated through his ear, down his chest, and straight to Gar’s finger buried inside him. “You want to surrender to me completely? Have me command you to come when and where I want?”

“Yes, God, yes.”

“Close your eyes and picture me behind you. You’re ready for me. So eager. So open. You’re begging me to fuck you.”

Brian closed his eyes, spread his legs, and moaned as Gar’s finger continued its little dance.

“Oh fuck. Brian, I want to give you what you want so bad. Just like in the video. I want to make you scream my name around my cock. Come, Brian. Come for me.”

“Gar!” Brian’s hips trembled as another orgasm tore through him. He wasn’t even tied up, but Gar’s voice reached a part of him deep down and gripped it like a vice. Brian surrendered total command of his body, heart and soul to Gar. Gasping for air, speechless, he’d never been so turned on in his life.

Next to him, Gar roared into release. The thick shaft vibrating in Brian’s hand widened and hardened as Gar came. He could feel every pulse of cum up Gar’s shaft, could hear it rise up his length, he released so hard. Brian looked down in time to see Gar spray all over his chest and savored the feel of Gar quivering beside him. The mingled smells of their emissions permeated the air. The spicy scent of Gar’s cum called to him. He wanted to taste it but his arm lay at too awkward an angle to bring it to his lips. “Gar, let me taste you, please.”

“Like this?” Gar swept a finger through his snowy white emission and pressed it to Brian’s lips. He followed up the finger with his tongue, lapping and teasing Brian’s mouth. Then he dipped his finger into Brian’s cum and did the same thing. Their juices merged on Brian’s tongue, salty, spicy, tinged with sweat and need. “You came so good for me,” Gar cooed. “I’m proud of you.”

divider3 Sex, Ties and Videotape:

Geoffrey begged his ex boyfriend, Brian, for some bondage, not public humiliation on YouTube. On Valentine’s Day, he runs into Brian’s best friend Paul, who seems intent on righting Brian’s wrongs. But trusting Paul means Geoffrey has to come clean with his needs … and his feelings.

Paul sees Geoffrey in the bar and knows this is his chance to convince him he’s nothing like Brian. He starts slow and safe, setting strict ground rules. But when Geoffrey insists on a reenactment of the same dom-play Brian used to hurt him, is a safeword enough to protect their fledgling love?


excerptGeoffrey crossed his arms and didn’t pick it up. The suspicion in his eyes was clearer than a rare Seattle sunny day. “So, what are you saying?”

Good old-fashioned fear of rejection had butterflies flying furiously inside him. Did he tell Geoffrey about his feelings, or would it scare him off? To hell with the insecurity. I’ve waited too long for this moment. “I want you. I’ve always wanted you.”

From Geoffrey’s shocked expression, he hadn’t ever thought it possible. The new-found knowledge had Paul’s hands tightening into fists and tears stinging his eyes. I swear I’m killing Brian. He did this to him. I can’t fucking believe it.

“Me? Right. Paul, you’ve known me for how long?”

Good. A math problem. He could do that. “Ten years.”

Geoffrey nodded. “Uh-huh, and in all that time, you never once indicated you wanted to bone me. So what’s changed?”

“Hell, Geoff.” Paul ran his hand over his hair. “What was I supposed to do? You’ve been with Brian the last two years.” Saying it out loud pissed him off anew, so he hurried to the next subject. “Before that, you were with Andrew,” he ticked the names off on his fingers, “before that, Carl, and then some Asian guy, I can’t remember his name…”

Geoffrey’s demeanor softened, his shoulders relaxing. “Myung.”

“Yeah, and then before him there was …well, it doesn’t matter who else. But it’s not like you’ve been available.” He took the opportunity to close some of the space between them. Getting the upper hand in this conversation helped his confidence.

“Neither have you.”

He nodded and took another step. “I know. It’s true. I’ve been with a string of guys, too. So no, I’ve never had the opportunity to tell you how much I’ve wanted you.” Now he stood mere inches from the man he desired. He tried desperately not to drool.

“Why would you want me?”

“How would you know what kind of guy I really want?” Paul placed a hand on Geoffrey’s lower back and tugged him closer. “If it’s unclear, I’d be happy to show you.” When Geoff didn’t resist, he cupped the back of his head and pressed their bodies together. His cock rubbed against Geoffrey’s thigh, and Geoff’s against his. The perfect bliss of the moment had him eager to spill right in his pants, but convincing Geoffrey he was serious came first. He angled Geoffrey’s head and planted greedy lips over his.


Kink Club Blues:

Paul and Geoffrey return from their special trip to Paris. Paul plans to propose to Geoffrey but first, his urge to protect his lover drives him to close an old loophole. He visits Brian, demanding the original video he made of Geoffrey be destroyed.

Brian doesn’t understand what Paul’s upset about, or his dominant streak. But the clearer Paul’s feelings for Geoffrey become to him, the more Brian desires to have a man love him the same way. Curiosity draws him to the local kink club, and into the arms of a man whose punishment gives him all he secretly craves.


excerptWhen Brian opened his eyes he was no longer in the hallway. Anxiety tightened his chest. Where am I? He tried to move and found he couldn’t. Alarmed, he yanked his arm. It wasn’t free. He jerked his head up and gasped when he saw it. The chain came down from the ceiling, attached to a cuff holding him in place. His other arm was restrained too. He jerked his legs and couldn’t move them either. He was trussed up—naked—in an empty, cold masonry room. Alone.

“Welcome back, Brian.”

The low, monotone voice echoed off the walls and seemed to vibrate right through his flesh. He tensed, knowing exactly who it belonged to. Gar. Had the man really meant what he’d said? The idea of Gar seeing to his punishment both frightened and excited him. “Gar, I… I don’t know if I can do this.”

“I know your type, Brian. You can, and you will.” The man’s footsteps resounded off the walls as he walked to Brian’s right side. “Now, I’ve heard you’ve been bad. Very bad.”

A wooden paddle flashed into his peripheral vision. A hand stroked his ass cheek. The combination of the two ratcheted up his panic. His heart raced until his mouth went dry. “What are you going to do to me?”

A hand gripped his head and yanked it back. The man’s hot breath saturated his ear. “I’m going to punish you, Brian. I’m going to make sure you never wish to hurt anyone again. And you’re going to enjoy it.”

Brian’s nipples peaked, and he flushed warm. He arched his back, swaying from the chains. All of the sudden, he became that blond man in the photo. He was about to be punished just like him, and God, how he wanted it, even though he feared it. “Yes,” he moaned. “Yes. Hurt me. Please.”

Gar let go of his hair and came around his front.

This close, Gar was as huge as a house, and Brain could see every dark black hair on his massively wide chest, smell the man’s musk filling the room, clogging his nose. His cock went hard, and he could swear it leaked. Gar’s gaze dipped down, he smiled, and then he looked up again.

“Brian, it seems you like this idea, don’t you?” Gar licked his lips, heat blazing in his eyes. He caressed Brian’s side slowly, like a caterpillar crawling over it. “I’m glad. I’ll enjoy being your teacher.”

“Please. I-I—”

“My name is ‘Master,’ and I’m going to fuck you, Brian. I’m going to fuck you hard.”

“Oh, God.” Brian trembled at Gar’s words, at the heated promise in his gaze. The shiver ran deep, ending in his balls, threatening to make them explode right then and there. “I think I’m going to come.”

Whack! The paddle landed on his backside.

“Not yet. You’re not going to come until I tell you to. Say, ‘Yes, Master.’”

His cock leaked some more. “Yes, Master.”


Sex, Ties and Videotape is available from:

MLR Press

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Kink Club Blues is available from:

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Dom of Destructions Buy Links:

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Author Bio and Contact:

Eva Lefoy writes and reads all kinds of romance, and is a certified Trekkie. She’s also terribly addicted to chocolate, tea, and hiking. One of these days, she’ll figure out the meaning of life, quit her job, and go travel the galaxy. Until then, she’s writing down all her dirty thoughts for the sake of future explorers.





Blog Tour and #Giveaway: Belonging ’Verse by @RachelHaimowitz and @aleksandrvoinov ~ @RiptideBooks


Welcome to the Belonging ’Verse re-release blog tour with Aleksandr Voinov and Rachel Haimowitz! We’re very excited to be bringing you edited second editions of our Belonging stories, Anchored and Counterpunch (in the case of Anchored, very edited, with over ten thousand new words and a completely different beginning and ending!), which are finally under the same roof and back in print after about a year out of circulation.

We’ll be touring for about two weeks, Aleks discussing his slave boxer and the barrister who tries to free him, and Rachel talking about her slave news anchor and the talk show host who covets him, and both of us discussing the world of Belonging at large—which, as you’ve probably guessed, is not a particularly pretty place. But good things can and do happen in this world, and we hope you’ll stick with us to find out what!

Speaking of good things, don’t forget to comment on this post for your chance to win a $25 gift certificate to the Riptide store! Each new post you comment on earns you an entry into the drawing, so be sure to check out the rest of the tour schedule too!


AnchoredAbout Anchored:

Network news anchor Daniel Halstrom is at the top of his field, but being at the bottom of the social ladder—being a slave—makes that hard to enjoy. Especially when NewWorld Media, the company that’s owned him since childhood, decides to lease him privately on evenings and weekends to boost their flagging profits.

Daniel’s not stupid; he knows there’s only one reason someone would pay so much for what little free time he has. But dark memories of past sexual service leave him certain he won’t survive it again with his sanity intact.

He finds himself in the home of Carl Whitman, a talk show host whose words fail him when it comes to ordering Daniel into his bed. Carl can’t seem to take what he must want, and Daniel’s not willing to give it freely. His recalcitrance costs him dearly, but with patience and some hard-won understanding, affection just might flourish over fear and pain. Carl holds the power to be an anchor in Daniel’s turbulent life, but if he isn’t careful, he’ll end up the weight that sinks his slave for good.


About Counterpunch:Counterpunch

Fight like a man, or die like a slave.

Two years ago, Brooklyn Marshall was a happily married London policeman and amateur boxer with a promising future. Then he accidentally killed a rioter whose powerful father had him convicted of murder. To ease the burden on the prison system, the state sold Brooklyn into slavery. Now he’s the “Mean Machine,” competing on the slave prizefighting circuit for the entertainment of freemen, and being rented out for sexual service to his wealthier fans.

When barrister Nathaniel Bishop purchases Brooklyn’s services for a night, Brooklyn braces himself for yet another round of humiliation and pain. But the pair form an unexpected bond that grows into something more. Brooklyn hesitates to call it love—such feelings can’t truly exist between freemen and slaves—but when Nathaniel reveals that he wants to get Brooklyn’s conviction overturned, Brooklyn dares to hope.

Until an accident in the ring sends Brooklyn on the run, jeopardizing everything he’s worked so hard for. With the law on his tail and Nathaniel in his corner, he must prepare for the most important fight of his life: the fight for his freedom.


About the Authors:

Rachel Haimowitz is an M/M erotic romance author and the Publisher of Riptide Publishing. She’s also a sadist with a pesky conscience, Belonging_150x300shamelessly silly, and quite proudly pervish. Fortunately, all those things make writing a lot more fun for her . . . if not so much for her characters.

When she’s not writing about hot guys getting it on (or just plain getting it; her characters rarely escape a story unscathed), she loves to read, hike, camp, sing, perform in community theater, and glue captions to cats. She also has a particular fondness for her very needy dog, her even needier cat, and shouting at kids to get off her lawn. You can connect with Rachel at: Website:, Tumblr:, Twitter: @RachelHaimowitz, Goodreads:, Email:

Aleksandr Voinov has been published for twenty years, both in print and ebook. He has ten years’ experience as a writing coach, book doctor, and writing teacher, and until recently worked as an editor in financial services.

After co-authoring the M/M military cult classic Special Forces, Aleksandr embarked on a quest to write gritty, edgy, sometimes literary M/M and gay fiction (much of which is romance/erotica)—the only way he can use his American Literature degree these days.

He’s been published with Heyne/Random House, Carina Press, Samhain Publishing, and others, and is an EPIC Awards winner and a Lambda Awards finalist. You can connect with Aleks at: Website:, Blog:, Twitter:@aleksandrvoinov, Goodreads:

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#Review: Surge (St. Martin Family Saga: Emergency Responders #3) by @ginawatsongina


Book Three in the St. Martin Family Saga: Emergency Responders

He was twenty-eight, she was eighteen.

Everyone around them opposed their love.

But their love was much greater than the sum of their ages.

Clara’s family took Jackson in when, at the age of seventeen, he’d lost his parents. The St. Martins were the only family he had. When his connection with Clara developed into something stronger, he couldn’t feel remorseful. What he did feel was warmth, hope, and love. Ten years later it was time to tell the family—he wouldn’t let their love be a lie any longer.

When he came to live with them, Clara knew one day she’d marry him. She just didn’t know her family wouldn’t be on board with the plans. Sure, Jackson was much older than her and yeah, they’d jumped the gun on intimacy, but she’d needed Jackson’s touch that day and he’d needed hers. They planned to marry once he finished medical school, but when Clara’s brother found out about their two-year relationship he beat the good doctor’s face until he was unrecognizable.

Jackson couldn’t see a way  they could be together and she wouldn’t have to make a choice between him and her family. He knew what it was to go through life without the support of family and he wouldn’t let her choose him over the St. Martins.

Will Clara and Jackson be able to have a future together, or will her family tear them apart?

Buy Links

Amazon Kindle | Barnes & Noble Nook |iBooks

Google Play | Kobo | All Romance


Reviews for

Sizzle (St. Martin Family Saga: Emergency Responders #1)

Seize (St. Martin Family Saga: Emergency Responders #2)


This is the last installment in the St. Martin Family Saga: Emergency Responders series and let me say – Damn you Gina!! I have read all the St. Martin series and this was unlike any of the other stories that I have read. This one dripped emotion so thick off the pages that I felt my eyes moisten up. Gina’s writing is so detailed you will feel your own heart break, you will feel your soul filled with a black void of where your heart use to be because Gina will hold your heart in her hand. Her writing will take you away from where you are and transplant you in Whiskey Cove with the St. Martin’s. This story…. Well, let’s just get down to the review so I can tell…

Clara is the baby sister of all the St. Martin boys. She is the youngest and the only girl in the family, so of course they all look after her with such a fierce protection that no one dares mess with her. Clara might be young at 18 years old, but she is wise beyond her years. She has a sense about things that no one would be able to comprehend. And she knows that the one person in the world that is meant to be hers is the one person that has saved her time and time again. Without a doubt, she knows like her next breath she has to take to survive, she would not survive without his love. But her relationship is surrounded by lies and deceit and has crippled her soul and being surrounded by couples infatuated with each other is making her want to come clean with her family… but what would they say when they found it was Jackson… Could Clara live without the man that is her oxygen in life? What if she had to choose her family or her soul mate?

Jackson is a man made of pure determination and loyalty. He would do anything in the world for his extended family – the St. Martin’s. Not of blood relations but a bond so strong that nothing would come between them. After his parent’s death, Mrs. St. Martin took him into her home and made him one of her own. Everyone accepted him but the only daughter accepted him and loved him more than life itself. He needed his Clara like a man needed to his next breath to survive. He knew that even when she was still too young, that she was meant to be his and his alone. But was he ready to share his secret with those that have come to love him no matter what… would they accept the love he had for their sister/daughter? What happened if they disapproved of him as the man for her? He would rather die than be without Clara… Death would be a welcome gift if he could not have her…

Damn you Gina, you made me cry with this one. Actual tears fell from my eyes to the iPad screen as I read this one. This story is crafted so well, that for the first few chapters I was wondering if the reading was easy breezy. I was actually wondering where the turmoil would come from with Jackson and Clara’s story because their love is so apparent, you will see it come alive in the pages you read. You know they are meant for each other as they quite reverently speak of it all the time. Their story was actually getting to me and I was like okay… they love each other A Lot…. Then boom… you see their true character come out, they do not like lying to the family, and they do not like hiding… And then comes the real story… Don’t get me wrong, the true story is Jackson and Clara’s undying love for each other… but with a family like the St. Martin’s, everything is done as a family… But what happens when the family turns on you… Then what… And when the family turns on you and the love of your life turns on you too… … What do you have left… nothing… But tears and memories… This story is about fighting for what you believe in and I could not be more proud of how Clara handled herself and fought for what she believed in… Cracker Jack and Bug… Awesomely done Ms. Gina!

To learn more about Gina’s books visit her web site

In From the Cold – A Courtland Novella by @CatGrant2009 Book Tour and #Giveaway

Hi! Thanks for joining me on my week long blog tour celebrating the first chapter in my brand new series – The Courtlands: The Next Generation. Leave a comment below and you might win an exclusive T-shirt! Follow me on the rest of this tour for a chance at some other special prizes  – backlist ebooks, exclusive swag, maybe even get to name a character in an upcoming Courtland book. Yes, there will be more – at least one novel, possibly two!


For all the Courtland fans clamoring for the next generation…

Cold and sick, Seth Thompson must fight through a snowstorm to get home. Seth’s unconventional upbringing taught him to always reach out to strangers in need, and Iranian engineering student Bilal al-Mansoori is no exception. Being trapped together leads to an unexpected mutual attraction—and a feverishly hot night under the covers.

But Bilal needs more than simply a rescue from the weather—he’s trapped under lifetime of cultural pressures. His strict Muslim father and fellow Iranian students have no clue about his inner torment.  His attraction to Seth isn’t a welcome discovery—instead he’s trapped between the existence he’s always known and the prospect of living and loving openly for the first time in his life.


In this excerpt, Seth has a heart-to-heart with his dad, whom you might find familiar…

After all the sight-seeing and trudging through cold, slushy streets, I’d expected to conk out the second I crawled into my sister’s fluffy pink bed. Instead, I snapped wide awake, my gaze fixed on the ceiling while her Hello Kitty alarm clock tick-tick-ticked away. Then my stomach started to growl.


Groaning, I sat up, rubbing my eyes. It’d be an extra-long, extra-miserable train ride back tomorrow if I didn’t get any sleep tonight. Maybe a snack would help. Or better yet, a Xanax from that bottle Eric kept in the cupboard above the kitchen sink.

I grabbed my robe from the bathroom and headed down the hall. The lights were off in the living room, but a faint glow seeped under the door between the dining room and the kitchen proper.

Which could only mean one thing. Smiling, I pushed open the kitchen door to find my dad sitting on a stool at the center island, reading something on his iPad while nibbling idly on a sandwich. “Hey,” he mumbled through his latest bite. “Hungry, or just can’t sleep?”

“A little of both.” Rubbing a hand through my hair, I went over to the fridge, but nothing inside looked appetizing, so I grabbed an apple from the basket on the counter. “How’re Mom and Lizzie?”

“Fine. Which you could see for yourself if you’d drop by the house.”

Hint, hint. Real subtle, Dad.

“Sorry. I’ve been crazy busy.” I swung onto the other stool, biting into the tart, crisp apple. Anything to keep from having to make more excuses.

“Too busy to check in with Eric? His office is right there on campus, y’know.”

Usually my dad was the most easygoing, non-pushy parent of all time, but evidently a bit of Eric’s more hands-on, micromanaging parenting style had rubbed off on him. Not surprising, after all the years they’d been together. “I’ll stop by next week, okay?”

“Is that an, ‘Okay, okay, stop nagging me’ or an ‘Okay, I really will check in’?”

“The latter. I promise.” I bit into the apple again, chewing slowly until a question I should’ve asked earlier popped to the front of my brain. “Uh, what’re you doing here in the city this weekend?”

“Getting ready for a meeting with my publisher on Monday. I’m pitching them a new book.” He finished the last bite of his sandwich and got up to put his plate in the sink. My gaze lingered on the cupboard door above his head for a second or two before he swung back around. “So, who’s this new friend of yours?”

I had to stifle a grin. Dad was getting a lot smoother at seguing into this particular subject. One more thing he’d obviously picked up from Eric. “He’s not that kind of friend.”

“Really? ‘Cause, y’know, Eric and I met in college…”

As he reminded me every chance he got. I still wasn’t sure whether he meant it as encouragement or a warning. “I haven’t so much as gone out for coffee with anyone since last spring. Honestly, I’m kinda over the whole dating thing right now.”

“Which is why you brought a guest here for the weekend, thinking you’d be alone?” His lips quirked up at the edges.

I sighed. Dad had sharp eyes, and an ex-reporter’s instinct for sniffing out bullshit. “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping something would happen, but I doubt it will. Bilal’s got a lot of stuff to sort out before he’s ready to be with anyone.”

“Like what?”

“Being closeted and Muslim. And expected to go home to Iran once he gets his degree next May.”

“That is a problem.” He rubbed the space between his eyes. “Are you sure he’s…?”

“We haven’t done… everything, but he enjoyed what we did, as far as it went. And he says he’s never had any real interest in girls, so…” I shrugged. Anyone listening in—anyone who didn’t know our family—would no doubt think a father and son talking so frankly like this was strange, if not downright inappropriate. But Dad, Mom and Eric had always treated me like an adult from the time I’d come to live with them. “He likes it when I kiss him, that’s for sure.”

“You’re his coming-out affair.”

Weird thing to say, but… “I guess. Though I don’t think it’s doing him a favor to coax him out of the closet, then shove him back in and nail the door shut come graduation.”

“Not to him, or you.” He looked right at me, deadly serious. “Eric was my coming-out affair, and… well, it was rough. We broke each other’s hearts—and your mother’s—more times than I can count before we figured out how to be happy together.”

“But you have. For thirty-odd years.”

“I still wouldn’t wish that kind of heartache on anyone. Especially someone I care about as much as you.” With that, he swung around and opened the cupboard over the sink, grabbing the bottle of Xanax. “Here. You’ve been eyeing that damn cupboard for the last five minutes. Take one, and only one, all right?”

I chuckled as he slung an arm around my shoulder. “Only one, I promise.”

“Seriously, though, Bilal seems nice, and I hope it works out if that’s what you want, but be careful. You give your heart too easily. You always have. Maybe I’ve raised you to be too trusting, but…”

“Better than the alternative,” I said. I’d seen way too much suspicion, even outright hatred, in people’s eyes growing up. People who couldn’t understand how a family like ours could be healthy and normal. Well, fuck them. This was my life, my rules. And yeah, maybe I’d end up getting my heart broken. It wouldn’t be the first time. “What’s that thing Mom’s always saying? ‘Love isn’t just what we feel for others, it’s part of who we are.’”

I’d always known my dad was proud of me, but the moist shine springing up in his eyes had me tearing up too. Shit.

“Get some sleep,” he whispered, giving me a kiss on the cheek before heading for the door. It bumped softly in his wake, his bare feet scraping across the dining room carpet, fading into silence.

God, how lucky I’d been. I’d never had to worry about being accepted for who I was. But maybe I shouldn’t have broken the truth about my family to Bilal so soon. He’d looked so baffled and shocked when I’d told him. I’d heard somewhere that Muslim men were allowed three wives—unless they’d changed that rule, or I had it completely wrong—but something told me they’d balk at a woman with two husbands. Or one husband with another husband and a wife. Or the mere idea that they could come together and form a happy, functional unit—two kids, a dog and everything.

Or in our case, two kids, a dog, my sister’s cat and the horse she rode on weekends.

We were normal, goddammit. And if Bilal was ever going to have his eyes opened to everything possible for him in this country, it was up to me to help him see it. divider3

bioCat Grant lives by the sea in beautiful Monterey, California, with one persnickety feline and way too many books and DVDs. When she’s not writing, you can usually find her watching movies or TV (Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries are among her favorite shows), singing along to her favorite band (30 Seconds to Mars), or fantasizing about kinky sex with Michael Fassbender and/or Jared Leto.

Here’s Cat’s various hideouts on the Internet:





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** I also wanted to mention Tuesday will be the review for the book #3 in the St. Martin Family Saga: Emergency Responders: Surge

New Release: Smut by the Sea Volume 3, edited by Lucy Felthouse (@cw1985) and Victoria Blisse (@victoriablisse) #erotica #anthology #romance



Light hearted, sexy fun by the sea is the theme of this erotic anthology, edited by Victoria Blisse and Lucy Felthouse.

From exotic locales such as Croatia and Australia to the coastal caves of England, Smut by the Sea Volume 3 has it all. Whatever your interpretation of naughty seaside fun, there’s something nestling between the covers for you. Kinky role play, gorgeous artists, bobbing boats, sexy cougars, hunky hermits and more abound in this exciting collection of stories from erotica’s finest authors.

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Excerpt from Hermit by Lucy Felthouse:

Karen grimaced as she drove the car onto the Dungeness estate. She knew for a fact she was on said estate because she’d just passed a sign proudly proclaiming her whereabouts. Personally, she couldn’t see what all the fuss was about. It looked pretty damn grim, in her opinion.

She sighed. As soon as she’d been handed the assignment, she’d known it would be a bitch. The blog she wrote for, Universe of Quirk, published just that—anything quirky. This meant there was a huge amount of scope for articles for the site. Mostly it was about weird phenomena, picking out oddities in popular culture and freaky findings the world over. For the most part, Karen loved her job—she had a genuine interest in the bizarre and unusual, and a good nose for sniffing things out to write about. She didn’t often have to leave the comfort of her office chair to write her articles—the Internet gave her all the information she needed, at the touch of a button. And what she couldn’t gather via Google, she could find out by interviewing people. By email, phone or Skype.

But not Tom Pettyfer, it seemed. According to her notes, he was an ex-army dude who’d had some kind of meltdown, quit his job and moved to a shack in Dungeness. He was now a total hermit—hence the in-person interview. He had no telephone, let alone a computer or Internet access. Her boss had had to arrange the appointment by snail mail, for heaven’s sake! As such, there’d been no way of double checking he was still available. Karen hoped like hell he hadn’t suddenly decided to go out—leaving her with a long journey home with no article in the bag.

Continuing along the poorly-surfaced road, Karen slowed the car to a crawl—both to avoid damaging the rental vehicle and also to squint at the shacks she passed to find the one she was looking for. They all seemed to have names rather than numbers, which made the signs easier to read, but it was more difficult to find the right one, as there was no rhyme or reason to the layout. For all she knew, Tom Pettyfer’s shack could be the very last one on the lane.

Soon, she discovered that was not the case. Tom’s home was a strange-looking wooden building that wasn’t near to anything else. It sat alone in the shingle, a sparse garden-type thing surrounding it, and an ancient rusty car on the driveway. She supposed there was no point buying and running an expensive car if one didn’t go anywhere. Perhaps he just used it for errands and grocery shopping. He couldn’t shop online—so how else would he buy food and other necessities? How did he pay for those things if he never went out, didn’t have a job?

She reminded herself that this was the whole point of the trip. To meet this hermit and ask him questions, to find out why he lived the way he did, what made him tick. What had happened to make him choose this lifestyle?

Her car wouldn’t fit on the driveway behind his so she parked at the side of the road in front of his house, figuring traffic wouldn’t exactly be a problem anyway. Looking around, she was struck by the eeriness of the place, the loneliness. Add that to the ugly nuclear power station perched at the edge of the estate and you had a recipe for… well, hell on earth, really. And they called Kent the garden of England.

Pulling herself back to the task at hand, Karen grabbed her stuff then stepped out of the car, locking it and walking up to Tom’s shack. The sooner she got the interview over with, the sooner she could leave this desolate dump. Grey clouds overhead threatened rain, and she could hear the sea crashing mercilessly against the shore, the saltiness in the air filling her nostrils and coating her tongue. None of those things endeared her to the place.

Reaching the front door of Tom’s shack, she sucked in a deep breath and let it out, then straightened her stance. She was so used to working from home, lounging in her office chair as she researched and typed away, that she’d almost forgotten what it was like to meet someone on a professional basis. It was imperative to get this guy to trust her, so he’d open up and give her some good stuff for her piece. The project was a pain in the arse, but she couldn’t grumble too much—the site’s editor had made it worth her while financially.

Satisfied her body language was business-like yet friendly; Karen knocked on the door, and waited.

A couple of seconds later, the door opened. “Hi,” said a guy about her age, “you must be Karen, from Universe of Quirk.”

“Uh, yeah… that’s me.” So much for being professional. She hadn’t been expecting a god to answer the door. It had totally thrown her. “I mean, sorry, yes. I’m Karen Wilson. Lovely to meet you.” Holding out her hand, she tried not to swoon as the hottie reached out and gripped it, his own hand warm and dry, the shake firm but not crushing. Her belly did flip flops.


Editor Bios:

Lucy Felthouse is a very busy woman! She writes erotica and erotic romance in a variety of subgenres and pairings, and has over 100 publications to her name, with many more in the pipeline. These include several editions of Best Bondage Erotica, Best Women’s Erotica 2013 and Best Erotic Romance 2014. Another string to her bow is editing, and she has edited and co-edited a number of anthologies, and also edits for a small publishing house. She owns Erotica For All, is book editor for Cliterati, and is one eighth of The Brit Babes. Find out more at Join her on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to her newsletter at:



Victoria Blisse is a Mother, Wife, Christian, Manchester United Fan and Award Winning Erotica Authoress. She is also the editor of several Bigger Briefs collections, and the co-editor of the fabulous Smut Alfresco and Smut in the City and Smut by the Sea anthologies.

Victoria is also one of the brains behind the fabulous Smut Events, get togethers for authors and writers alike. Check out for the details of the next smut gathering.

She is equally at home behind a laptop or a cooker (She is TEB’s resident “Naked Chef”) and she loves to create stories, poems, cakes and biscuits that make people happy. She was born near Manchester, England and her northern English quirkiness shows through in all of her stories.

Passion, love and laughter fill her works, just as they fill her busy life.

You can find often find Victoria procrastinating on Facebook , Twitter  and Pinterest  and if you want to know more check out her website


Spotlight and #Giveaway – A Princess Bound: Naughty Fairy Tales for Women

book_imageA Princess Bound: Naughty Fairy Tales for Women

Edited by Kristina Wright

Foreword by Cathy Yardley, author of Crave, Ravish, and Enslave.

$15.95, Trade Paper

240 pages, 5.5” x 8”

ISBN: 978-1-62778-035-3

Buy Link:

More about A Princess Bound: Naughty Fairy Tales for Women:

The Little Mermaid awakens to her womanhood when she discovers her bottom half is more than just a pair of legs in “Out of the Waves” by Rose de Fer, and Little Red Riding Hood lets herself be devoured by the Wolf in “Red and the Big Bad Wolf” by Poetic Desires. Many of the tales come from well-known classics, some are from obscure legends, and a few are originals celebrating the age-old tradition of the fairy tale. Each is guaranteed to transport you back to these familiar and beloved worlds, but this time, we get to find out what really happens when the princess gets her happy ending.

About the Editor

Kristina Wright is the author of the ground-breaking cross-genre relationship guide Bedded Bliss: A Couple’s Guide to Lust Ever After, and an award-winning author and the editor of over a dozen Cleis Press anthologies, including Fairy Tale Lust, Dream Lover, Lustfully Ever After, Duty and Desire and the Best Erotic Romance series. Her short fiction has appeared in over one hundred anthologies and her nonfiction has appeared in publications as diverse as USA Today; Good Vibes Magazine; The Sun and Brain, Child. She holds degrees in English and Humanities and has taught English and world mythology at the college level. She lives in Hampton Roads, Virginia. Find her online at


Win a print copy of  A Princess Bound: Naughty Fairy Tales for Women

US Only

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I’ll pick a winner Sept. 18th

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Interview and #Giveaway: A Soldier’s Seduction by @brandi_evans @GoddessFish


Cover_ASoldiersSeductionblurbWhen Gen learns her best guy friend is going back to Afghanistan, she arranges an erotic sendoff he’ll never forget.

GENEVIEVE FOSTER can no longer deny the truth. She’s fallen in love with her business partner and best friend, LIAM ENGLAND. She’s hesitant to tell him the truth, at least until she learns his National Guard unit is going back to the Middle East. Now, all bets are off. She heads to the mall for the perfect erotic outfit. And by outfit, she, of course, means lingerie. A dark blue baby-doll for an intimate evening in or a leather bustier for a night of sinful pleasures at The Erogenous Zone…


Pick Your Path to Romance.

Blurring the line between fiction and gaming, offers high-quality romance and erotica that allows individual readers to choose how stories proceed. SilkWords is the place for smart, busy, adventurous women to unwind and have fun.



Tell us a little about your book?

 A Soldier’s Seduction is a CYOA erotic romance about a woman who realizes she’s in love with her best friend, a man who’s about to ship off to Afghanistan. She decides she doesn’t want him to deploy not knowing how much she loves him, but she isn’t sure how she wants to go about telling him.

Take him to the erotic club he’s been dying to go to or prepare an intimate dinner at her place. The best part…the reader gets to choose.


 How much emotion does it take from you to write?

A lot. J

When I finish a first draft, I’m always emotionally and physically drained. I usually have to take a day off and sleep, LOL. It’s a lot like giving birth, only not nearly as painful.


What is your favorite part of the book?

 Hmmm, that’s hard, especially with four possible endings!

But if I have to choose, I’d pick the end of the “bedroom” scene, where the hero *spoilers* (and if you read that in River Song’s voice, we’re now best friends, LOL!) confesses his love, and the heroine just can’t quite believe it. She stares up at him in disbelief…

Love it. :)


You can only pick 3 words to describe your main characters..what would they be?





Which was the easiest character to write and the hardest ~ and why?

 A Soldier’s Seduction is in first person, so writing the heroine was easy. There is a lot of me in her, only I probably wouldn’t have been gutsy enough to take the man I love to a sex club to seduce him.

One point to Gen!

As for the hardest to write, there really wasn’t one in this story, as there were only the two main characters.


How many books are you shooting for in this series?

 As many as my muse—and the publisher—will allow!

I’m already in self edits for my 2nd journey back to The Erogenous Zone. You know Gen’s friend from the first scene…she’s the heroine for book 2.


What are you currently working on?

As I just mentioned, I’m finishing up self-edits on another Silk Words CYOA story. I also just finished final edits on a military-themed m/m erotic romance which will release in early October from Loose Id. After that, I’ve got to do self-edits on another military-themed romance, this one about an Army hero who lost part of his leg after an IED explosion.

So much to do, so little time!


Do you have anything due to release soon?


The story is called In the Middle of Nowhere. It’s the story of two former lovers, Dean and Tyler, who meet again five years after their breakup, although breakup is probably too strong of a word, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell “forced” them apart.

The story killed me emotionally. One of the hero’s backstory is so terrible I hated myself for making him live through it. There’s a nightmare scene where he relives a bit of the abuse his homophobic father inflicted on him, and every time I read it, it makes me shiver.


What’s one thing that you enjoy about writing?

The rush of creativity, of simply being able to create. There’s something very freeing about immersing myself in the world’s I create. I put the real world and its insanity out of my head and just get lost.

Also, writing the stories down means that the characters will stop chattering away inside my head and driving me nuts. That’s always a plus, LOL.


Since we’re cover hussies….what was your first impression of your cover?

 I absolutely LOVED it! The hero’s abs…god, I so wanted to lick them. But I thought the people at Starbucks might look at me funny if I did. J


What do you prefer ebooks or paperbacks?

Ebooks almost exclusively.

With my lap occupied by Kidlet2 so much of the time, one-handed reading is just easier. Plus, now that Amazon has merged their Audible app with their Kindle app, I can listen to the stories or read them without losing my place in either. I can’t begin to tell you how much I love that.


Is there a genre you would like to write but are a little apprehensive to try?

Yes, science fiction.

I am a HUGE science fiction fan. I am so obsessed with Doctor Who it’s a little scary, but delving into science fiction scares me a little.

While I think I’d be good with a fiction half of the equation, it’s the whole science part that gives me pause. So much world building is involved, and I’m terrified of creating a species that’s such a genetic dead-end they never should have been able to survive.


Okay…. personal time!!!! Oh yeah, I go there… Hahah…

If you thought you were safe… Nah… Forgot it… Not a chance! We will start off slow and easy, I promise!

Okay. *cracks knuckles* Let’s do this.

What is on your night stand/dresser?

Books! What else. ;)

(Okay, also my phone charger and a lamp.)

What are you listening to you right now?

Absolutely nothing! The kids are asleep and I’m thoroughly enjoying the silence, LOL.

What are you reading right now?

At the moment, I’m between books. *sigh* I told myself I have to get my 2nd Camo & Lace story back to my editor before I could read anything else.

What is your favorite season? Holiday?

Fall. Not too hot, not too cold, and not as many mosquitoes.

Favorite holiday is Halloween.

And what has been your best b-day present ever?


What, no, passing? Okay, hmmm…

Well, it wasn’t a birthday present, but for Christmas last year, my girls got me these really cute Sci-Fi coffee mugs. One was Darth Vader’s helmet and the other a ray gun. I soooo love them!

Hard and Quick Time! Don’t think… Just answer!

Are you a quickie kind girl? Depends on what kind of mood I’m in.

Dark or Milk Chocolate? Dark, definitely. (I like dark meat too, just FYI. *wink, wink*)

Whipped or Melted? Melted!

Straight up or with a twist – sex? With a twist, definitely!

What’s ur fave drink – in a glass or on him? Coffee—in a mug. On him might be a little dangerous.

Spank or Flogger? Flogger (lightly).

Junk or Health Food? Yes.

Ties or Chains? Ties.

Leather or Lace? Leather. More form fitting.

Soft or Hard… Bed, where was your mind? Soft on top but hard beneath. J

Control or Be Controlled? Controlled.

Hot Wax or Whip Cream? Whip cream.

Vampire or Werewolf? Werewolf. I’m cold enough as it is anyway. I’d prefer the extra body heat.

Twitter and/or Facebook? Twitter. I’m too ADD for Facebook.

Pinterest or not? Definitely yes! (brandievans1)


excerpt“Are you ever going to un-blindfold me?”

“Maybe,” I teased, praying my nervousness didn’t leak through.

Taking Liam by the hands, I tugged him from the passenger’s seat of my Ford Escape. I’d given my handsome companion only one clue about tonight’s adventure — to wear something sexy — and damn if Liam hadn’t delivered.

A pair of black sheen slacks covered his legs, and the light blue button-down I’d given him on his last birthday had beautifully brought out the azure of his eyes. I’d hated to cover them with the blindfold, but it couldn’t be helped.

He’d shaved and cut his hair, his blond locks sporting an Army crew cut, making him look strong, virile, a vision of alpha-tastic yumminess. He’d no doubt fit right in inside The Erogenous Zone. Lord knew he was doing a number on my erogenous zones.

My heart had been doing the samba since I’d knocked on Liam’s door. I’d had to employ every self-restraint trick I’d known — as well as several I’d invented on the fly — just to keep from jumping him right then and there. I’d put a lot of planning into our erotic outing, and I didn’t want to derail everything because I couldn’t control myself.

Liam had talked about coming to The Erogenous Zone since the club had opened, but reservations were few and far between. He’d asked me to come with him. I’d been thrilled until I’d learned his request probably had more to do with the fact couples had less of a waiting list than single males. Still, I liked to believe Liam had wanted to go with me because he wanted me at his side.

“There’s a step here,” I said as we left the shadows of the parking lot behind and moved into the soft glow of the club’s outside lighting. Liam held tight to me as we stepped over the curb and onto the path leading to the entrance. The club loomed large and imposing in front of us, an enormous brick building with graffiti spray-painted on the sides. According to the website, the place had been an abandoned warehouse before the owner had repurposed it, and from where we stood, an abandoned warehouse was exactly what it still looked like.

As we reached the entrance, a man the size of a small mountain approached us. He wore all black, save for a tiny splash of color on the right pocket. Written in multi-hued lettering, the club’s logo stood out against the dark background. Two full sleeves of tattoos covered his arms. Metal studs pierced his eyebrows, his nose, his lips — all in multiple places.

“Do you have a reservation?” The bouncer’s voice reverberated, a deep, gravelly resonance I swore I could feel inside my bones.

I swallowed hard, hoping to displace the unease suddenly bottlenecking in my throat. “Yes. For Genevieve Foster. Plus one.”

Muscles glanced at his clipboard and then opened the door. “This way, Ms. Foster. If you’ll see Rachel at the front desk, she’ll get you checked in.”

I nodded. The reality of the moment bitch-slapped me. I was about to take my best guy friend into a sex club so I could seduce him. Our entire relationship hinged on what would happen in the next few moments. I could finally have the man I loved in my arms, or I could lose a dear friend forever.

Things hadn’t seemed this real in the planning phase.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Brandi Evans was raised by a caravan of traveling Gypsies. She spent her days learning the ways of her people and her nights lost in legends as old as time. Okay, not really, but that’s way more interesting than the truth!

In reality, Brandi grew up the oldest child of an ordinary family. Grade school, middle school, high school. Nothing extraordinary happened until she left the nest. She joined the military, went to college, got married, and became a mom. And somewhere along the way, she discovered she liked to read—and write!—stories hot enough to melt eReaders.

These days, she calls The Natural State home where she lives with her hubby, two beautiful daughters, two dogs and a cat who has yet to realize she doesn’t own the place. Soldier. Wife. Mom. Multi-published smut writer. Brandi’s life might not be “traveling Gypsy” interesting, but she’s had fun. And in the end, isn’t that all that really matters?

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