Excerpt and #Giveaway: Numbers Game (Hollywood #5) by @tibbyarmstrong



Even after the “I do’s” are said, relationships change and need work to grow and thrive. Aaron has found himself increasingly drawn to the idea of taking his and Greg’s BDSM-lite games to the next level. Unsure if he can fully unleash his inner sadist without losing complete control, he seeks out a professional Dom to teach him the literal, and figurative, ropes.

  Greg isn’t the same intractable, walking wounded he was when he and Aaron met, but Aaron is still his touchstone to happiness. Greg would like to learn how to approach Aaron’s Zen-like calm, but first he knows he needs to learn the most elusive lesson of all: self love. When he discovers what Aaron has been up to, he struggles to understand how he fits into his lover’s new version of himself.

  In Numbers Game, together, Aaron and Greg embark on a sensual journey that, over a few short hours, will change the course of their relationship and their lives. In the end, they prove that through love, and a little dance called dominance and submission, even the most impossible things become possible.

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Aaron had been sitting in the car, watching the restaurant and the parking lot for over forty minutes. Greg had been known to be tardy while on a project, but not showing up at all wasn’t unusual for him either. 

“He’s not coming.” Anyone watching from outside the vehicle would have thought Aaron spoke to himself. 

Dex’s answer came from car speakers that were Bluetooth-connected to Aaron’s cell. “Then the game is on.” 

Aaron gripped the steering wheel and scanned the parking area one more time. The restaurant lot had been steadily filling for the past half hour, but Greg’s black SUV hadn’t been among the stream of arrivals. 

“I’m waiting another ten minutes.” 

“Go now.” Dex’s reply sounded muffled as if he held the receiver under his chin and focused on something other than a conversation Aaron was paying good money to have. “He’s already late enough for you to trip him up.” 

The steering wheel squeaked as Aaron wrung the leather in indecision. “I don’t want to play that kind of game with him. It’s dishonest.” 

“You know all about mind fucks. They’re not dishonest. They’re part of the thrill for the sub.” 

Aaron made a doubtful sound in the back of his throat. 

Dex sighed. “You wanted to take the next step, see if he’s ready for heavier play. So take it.” 

Six months ago when Aaron had wandered into that infamous LA club with Dex, he hadn’t truly pictured this moment of truth. His stomach churned with an uncharacteristic display of nerves. Against all reason, he pressed the Ignition button, and the car purred to life. The drive along the winding roads at sunset would be beautiful, but he doubted he’d notice a single detail. 

“He’s going to be pissed,” Aaron muttered and pictured Greg’s dark scowl. 

Dex snorted. “From what you say, pissed is his default.” 

“He’s going to have a right to be pissed.” There was a difference between handling Greg’s anger and handling his righteous anger. For one, when someone else caused the emotion, Aaron knew how to defuse a hurting and confused Greg. When Aaron caused the pain, however, it was another story. “I haven’t lied to him. Ever.” 

“Too late, sweetheart,” Dex said. “I told you to tell him at the beginning.” 

“I wanted to be ready.” The words ran together in a guilty muddle. 

“No, you didn’t.” Footsteps and the creak of a swinging door said Dex went somewhere, probably to his play space. “You wanted to control something you weren’t supposed to control. You were afraid he’d say no to this new you, and Greg isn’t allowed to say no the way you have things set up. Before you met me, you’d never even heard of a safe word.” 

If he wasn’t driving, Aaron would have closed his eyes. Dex might be a professional Dom, but he was also a licensed psychologist, and he’d figured out the combination lock to the inside of Aaron’s skull six months ago. Hell, six months ago, Aaron hadn’t even been sure what kind of games he and Greg had been playing. It had all started as a way to give his lover some badly needed boundaries and had turned into something murkier where lines of sex and power blurred. 

“So, tell me, Dr. Valenti,” Aaron demanded, his tone more acerbic than he normally allowed. “Why did you let me keep seeing you if you knew I would end up here?” 

“And where, exactly, is here?” Dex asked. 

Aaron blew out an exaggerated breath. “Here is me having all this knowledge but unable to tell Greg how I gained it without losing his trust. Trust, which you’ve made abundantly clear is a required component of this…this…game.” 

Dex chuckled darkly, and six months of being tutored in bondage and beatings worked the dials of Aaron’s Pavlovian response. He shivered and navigated the next curve in the road by rote, seeing in his mind’s eye a man at Dex’s feet, his head cranked back and a large red ball gag in his mouth. Next, Greg’s face swam before Aaron, the same gag spreading his lips. Aaron’s cock awakened. 

“You were supposed to end up here, Mr. Blake, so you could learn from your mistakes,” Dex said, then whispered, “Next time I tell you to heel, you’ll heel, won’t you?” 

A moan reverberated across Aaron’s car speakers, and Aaron realized Dex hadn’t intended the last statement for him. He pictured that moan coming from Greg’s compliant lips and swallowed down a flood of saliva. Shifting in his seat, he adjusted the legroom in his trousers. Ultimately he’d learned all this so he could safely pleasure Greg and keep their relationship fresh. This was all about taking their sexual relationship to the next level. He had nothing to feel guilty for. Not really. 

“I let you keep seeing me because we all have to work through our own shit–No. On your knees. You know better.” A sharp crack rent the air, and Aaron winced. He’d never slap Greg. Ever. That act would damage Greg’s sense of self-worth–and if there was one place Greg couldn’t take any more damage, it was to his ego. At one time Aaron might not have known why he wouldn’t do it, but he’d always known not to, even before Dex showed him the literal and figurative ropes. “If nothing else, you weren’t playing safe. You need to be safe, even if your games involve silk ropes and rose petals.” 

Thinking of all the years he’d engaged in a pseudo Dominant/submissive relationship with Greg without really knowing what it was or what they were doing, Aaron shuddered. How many times had they done things where Aaron could’ve hurt Greg mentally or physically? This time, guilt wormed its way into Aaron’s middle unhindered. 

“You know,” Aaron said, “I never thought of it in that way. It’s the way we are together. The way Greg expects me to be. How I’m comfortable being.” 

“You know what I mean.” Heavy breathing and shallow cries formed the backdrop to Dex’s reply. “Slavery went out almost two centuries ago. You can’t own Greg. He has the right to say no.” 

“And I always respected that. Even if I didn’t know what we were doing.” 

“Did you?” 

It was difficult to explain how the relationship with Greg worked. “I just know him. He likes the boundaries. Half the time I think he’s the one who’s setting them, not me.” 

“You’re a self-centered fuck.” There was no passion to the insult, just matter-of-fact reality. “You let him top from the bottom because it keeps you from having to take responsibility for the relationship. For any consequences to your actions.” 

Aaron’s gut clenched. How many times had his inner judge said the exact same thing? If there’d been a place to pull over, he would have. Instead he took calming, meditative breaths and tried to grasp for words that he’d been unable to find the entire time he’d been working with Dex. 

“We went through hell together. It forms a bond. I’ve known him for over fifteen years. I’d never hurt him. He knows it.” 

A rhythmic slapping took up in the background. “Shouldn’t you be focusing on what you’re doing?” Aaron asked. 

“My assistant is taking care of him. You have my full attention,” Dex answered. “But how do you know you’ve never hurt him? What about that scene in the graveyard when you were kids?” 

“That wasn’t a fucking scene. That was a brawl.” Bile rose in Aaron’s throat at mention of the long-ago fistfight that had almost gotten Greg killed. “And if I’d known you were going to take it out of context and hold it over my head like an emotional ransom note, I never would have told you about it.” 

Dex harrumphed. “From what you say, I’m betting Greg fetishized that moment and even pushed you into it. He wanted it, and you weren’t aware he was topping from the bottom. You nearly killed him because you couldn’t keep your cool with a pushy sub.” 

“We were teenagers! I didn’t even know what submission was.” Despite his bid to remain calm, anger crept into his tone. “That’s the most half-assed theory I ever heard.” 

“Oh? Do you really think S and M is only something we do after we join Fet Life? Or do you think it’s something we gravitate toward much earlier? Way before we have all the pretty little labels to affix?” Dex had gotten on his soapbox, and Aaron pressed his lips together to refrain from shoving him off it. “Even you just said Greg still controls most of your scenes–pushing you in unexpected ways. Ways that could end up making you lose control. Just like you did back then.” 

Aaron let out a frustrated growl as he turned onto the road to his and Greg’s house. “Stop putting words in my mouth.” 

“If I ever put something in your mouth, Aaron, you’ll know it.” Dex’s smile was evident in his tone. “We’re done tonight. Good luck.” 

“But–” The dead air on the other end of the line shut Aaron up. 

He swiped a palm down his face and inhaled deep through his nostrils, trying to push thoughts of Dex and his training out of his mind. He usually looked forward to having downtime with Greg and being able to relax and enjoy some hot, sweaty sex. Now that he’d been training under Dex, however? He knew too much. Too much that Greg didn’t know, and needed to know. Every time they’d had sex lately, all Aaron could focus on was choreographing the steps in his head. It was awful, and he wanted it to stop–to be like it once had been. They might’ve had a BDSM-lite relationship–or whatever the community called it–but it hadn’t been so fucking labeled and restrictive. Once upon a time, it had been natural and easy. 

In the past six months, sex had become an ever-increasing minefield Aaron was less and less sure he knew how to navigate. If it weren’t for his and Greg’s outrageously conflicting schedules, Aaron was fairly certain Greg would have noticed the physical and mental distance between them. Tonight, Aaron had to man up and put the intimacy back into their relationship. He owed it to them both. Besides, he was ready, and it was time. 

He pulled the car into the driveway and left it running as he stared at the front of the house. Greg’s SUV was in the drive. He was home. No movement came from the upper story. Either he was in the shower, or he was writing at the kitchen table instead of the office. 

Aaron clenched his jaw in a bid for determination and shoved his way out of the car. The door closed with a heavythunk, and Aaron pushed away from the vehicle. He forced his feet to take him up the front steps, opened the front door, and stood for a moment in the foyer. Silence greeted him. 


No answer came, and erotic tension stretched along Aaron’s spine, locking his vertebrae. The shower wasn’t running, which meant Greg was working. The setup couldn’t have been more perfect. Arousal and the comfort of a familiar and predictable dance–Aaron having told Greg to be on time, and Greg defying him, perhaps even on purpose with the whole topping-from-the-bottom thing–softened Aaron’s worries, bleeding some of the anxiety from him. This situation wasn’t so different from a thousand other nights that had played out over the course of their relationship. 

Aaron stepped into the kitchen. Bent over his black notebook, scribbling furiously in the waning light, Greg was wholly unaware of anything but the screenplay he created. The sun cast a pink glow over his pale skin, and the line of his shoulders curved protectively over the pages. One arm rested on the table as he hugged the notebook to him. The scratch of the pen and movement of his lips with the dialog he wrote showed him transfixed with the scene. He was so deep. No wonder he’d missed the time. 

The simplicity of his relationship with Greg struck Aaron in that moment. He knew this man in a way Dex would never understand. Maybe they hadn’t always been so close, but more than a decade and a half into their relationship, reading Greg’s reactions and moods was as easy to Aaron as spelling his own name. He didn’t have to think about what Greg needed, he just became what Greg needed. Now Aaron prayed Greg would understand that Aaron desperately needed something more in return. 

* * * * 

“You’re late.” Aaron’s tone registered as a placid breeze, drifting toward Greg like a caress. It was the calm before the storm. 

Greg snapped his head up as erotic panic bunched his abs and made him suck in a breath. He’d only meant to sit for a minute after he’d showered and dressed at four this afternoon. The red digits on the microwave clock read 6:41, telling him he’d gotten lost in his latest project. 

“Shit.” Greg gripped his fountain pen a little harder and awaited Aaron’s numbered penalty, loving the moment but hating himself for the failure. 

“How’s the screenplay coming?” Aaron settled his hip on the edge of the table and twisted to look at Greg’s notebook. His tanned hand covered a portion of one page. 

Apparently no number was forthcoming. Irritated with the deviation, Greg scowled at Aaron’s hand. “You’re going to smear the ink.” 

“Sorry.” Aaron took his hand away. “Ready for dinner?” 

“Yeah.” Greg settled the black leather cover over the pages he’d been laboring to get right for the past two days. They formed the beginnings of a project he and Aaron had undertaken with actors Kit Harris and Jeremy Ash to turn their favorite manga into a star vehicle. Now that Aaron had finally secured financing based off the treatment, buzz was building, adding to the pressure Greg already felt to do right by his friends–as if he weren’t enough of a perfectionist already. He stared at the notebook, realized where he’d gone wrong, and opened it again to scribble a few notes. 

Aaron gently slipped the pen from Greg’s fingers. “Car’s still running. Let’s go.” 

Greg hesitated, the notebook and Aaron calling to him equally. 

Aaron placed a hand on Greg’s shoulder. “Eat first. I’ll be gone for three weeks. Soon you can work all you want.” 

Greg stood. Even if he wasn’t hungry, Aaron deserved to have a nice dinner and a break. He’d been going nonstop for months to negotiate financing for the film, and his trip to Japan to meet with key investors would be no cakewalk. 

“Didn’t we miss our reservation?” Greg asked, stuffing his wallet into his back pocket. 

“When you didn’t show, I changed the time,” Aaron said pleasantly as he opened the coat closet. 

Greg glanced at the clock again. He had kept Aaron waiting for over fifty minutes, and it wasn’t like Aaron didn’t know it. Even if Aaron wasn’t annoyed, there was always a penalty for lateness. Inhaling, Greg gathered breath to ask if Aaron was forgetting something, then he swallowed down his question. No sense waking the dragon. If Aaron had meant to give him a penalty, he would have. It was just…he had never forgotten before. It was part of their relationship that Greg relied on–a pressure relief valve that had seemed to erode more and more of late until he had begun to feel as if he and Aaron were the proverbial ships passing in the night. Greg frowned at his bare feet. Had the passion gone out of their marriage so soon? 

“Greg?” Aaron arched one blond eyebrow. 

Shaking off tendrils of worry and confusion, Greg slipped his feet into his loafers. He left the house as Aaron set the alarm and locked up. Outside, the sun had just disappeared, its last streaks across the Pacific melting to rose-tinted whitecaps rushing toward the visible slice of beach. 

The screenplay still clouded Greg’s head, making everything unnaturally distant as if he glimpsed the world from behind a magical veil. Even the scuff of his footsteps along the paved path to Aaron’s car seemed otherworldly. He had just enough contact with the terrestrial plane to notice the top on the convertible was down. 

“I need my coat,” he said, turning to go back inside. 

Aaron chuckled. “It’s in your hand, Greg. I gave it to you in the hall.” 

Greg looked down and noted the weight of the brown leather bomber draped from his fingertips. “Oh.” 

He bet Aaron had tried to call him on his cell too, and he hadn’t noticed that either. In the zone totally and completely, he wouldn’t have registered anything less than a seven-point earthquake or, eventually, the steady and annoying buzz of the kitchen timer. Attempting to shove thoughts of the manuscript, his and Aaron’s unraveling sexual connection, and his own tardiness aside, he buckled his seatbelt as Aaron slid into the driver’s seat. 

“Where are we going again?” Though forming words took all his mental faculties, he made an effort at conversation, knowing it would please Aaron. 

“Dora Flora.” 

Greg tried not to groan. “The place with the flowered wallpaper?” 

“One and the same.” Aaron slung one arm around Greg’s headrest and turned to look out the rear window as he backed out of the driveway. 

Always overbooked, not to mention overpriced, the trendy restaurant had a floral theme. Everything including the salt and pepper shakers was either covered in or made of flowers, even the cuisine. Though he’d never been, Greg had heard reports from enough acquaintances to never want to set foot in the place. 

“If it’s a face full of flowers you want,” Greg muttered, “I can oblige for free.” 

Aaron’s grin was both feral and triumphant, and a tiny shiver slithered down Greg’s spine as if Aaron had skimmed a nail from nape to tailbone with deliberate care. “Open the glove box.” 

“What?” Greg managed. 

“If I have to say it again, we’ll be at five.” Drawl soft, Aaron delivered the warning as if he were discussing the weather or a late-afternoon traffic report. 

Greg sucked in a short, sharp breath. They were at four? Since when? Had Aaron counted three earlier? Maybe he had missed it. And when had Aaron said they were at four? Despite Greg’s confusion, heat rushed to his cock, and he swore he got a nasty case of chafing from the rapid rise of tender flesh against his zipper. 

If we’re at four, that means… 

He fumbled for the latch on the glove box, and the little door fell open. A silicone cock cage shone white against the dark interior, its brass lock and key an indication of the device’s purpose. Greg gaped. Aaron had planned this? And since when did he buy things like cock cages? 

Aaron’s smile widened, his polite veneer cracking so Greg could see the dark eroticism beneath his normally Zen-like demeanor. “Put it on.” 

Realization dawned. The rat bastard hadn’t counted three out loud, so Greg would let down his guard and get to four. Usually Greg was very careful about letting things progress to this point. This aspect of the numbers game could be fun, but Greg liked to choose the time and place, because not only was Greg usually on orgasm restriction at four, but tonight Aaron had apparently decided he had to wear this medieval device as part of the punishment. Yes, this was precisely why Greg made good and goddamned sure not to reach four without a lot of careful planning. His cock thumped in protest, and he bit back the urge to swear. 

“Want to know what I have planned for ‘five,’ Greggie?” Aaron reached over to ruffle his hair, a little aggressive. 

In a bid not to smack Aaron’s hand away, Greg clenched his fist around the sensual torture device. If the cage was the way Aaron planned to carry out four, five would be unreal. 

“No.” The word wasn’t supposed to come out hoarse, but it did anyway. 

Idling the car at a stoplight, Aaron gripped Greg’s hair and tugged. A little twist exposed Greg’s neck and forced Greg to meet Aaron’s eyes. Lips curved into a sensually cruel smile, polite mask fully abandoned, Aaron dominated him with his gaze in the red glow of the stoplight. Greg’s cock tried to punch a hole through his jeans as he absorbed the raw, sensual power. 

“Then put on the cage,” Aaron said, his high cheekbones and chiseled features marking him as a predator in the shadowed night. 

The yes, sir stuck in his throat, and Greg glanced away. 

Aaron let go of his hair and put up the car’s top while Greg undid his leather belt. His trembling fingers seemed to belong to someone else. If he thought he’d been high on writing, this surreal separation from his body sent him soaring. Fiction had nothing on what Aaron made him feel during sex. 

In the back of Greg’s mind, he knew he was supposed to feel remorse for his lateness, but all he felt was turned on. Somehow he managed to work his button open and zipper down before he pushed his jeans and briefs around his thighs. His cock sprang free. Fiercely red, it bobbed with each jostle to the car’s suspension. 

God, he hoped they didn’t get pulled over. 

Examining the device in his hand, Greg surmised he was supposed to push his cock into the tube and stretch his balls through a series of rings. The bottommost ring he’d lock shut, securing the entire diabolical contraption. Hot flesh met his chilled palm as he grasped his cock to steady it. He bit his lip and focused on stuffing his too-hard, too-wide member into the tight silicone. Precum leaked, easing his way only slightly. At one-third length, his cock hit something flexible and pointy. The bite of the silicone surprised more than hurt, but he yelped and pulled the thing off. 

He glowered at Aaron. “What the fuck?” 

Aaron’s eyes widened as a small smile flitted about his mouth. “Something wrong?” 

Greg held up the evil piece of plastic. “There are spikes in this thing.” 

He squeezed the sensual torture device, crumpling it. When he released, the thing sprang back to its original shape. 

Aaron had returned his gaze to the road. “Wait until you feel the ball separator.” 

Greg choked back a laugh. “You tried it on?” 

Frowning, Aaron shot him a look. “You don’t think I’d do something to you that I haven’t done to myself first, do you?” 

This time Greg did laugh. 

“What?” Aaron asked. 

“You haven’t done quite everything to yourself that you’ve done to me.” Aaron raised his brows, and Greg flashed him a grin. “You can’t go fuck yourself, can you?” 

“Wiseass.” Aaron’s eyes sparkled with amusement, and he glanced at Greg’s cock. “Let’s see if you’re still cracking jokes in a minute. Put on the cage.” 

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Author Bio:


Tibby Armstrong has a lust for books and a love of travel. On the terrestrial plane, she dreams of springtime in a Paris flat, and summer at a cottage in Oxford. She travels more extensively, through worlds both strange and familiar, via romance, mystery, urban fantasy, and biography.

Having completed her Master of Library Science, when she’s not writing, Tibby works toward defying librarian stereotypes; yet, she lives with three cats, seven computers, and enough books to collapse a poorly engineered house.

Tibby loves hearing from kindred bibliophiles like you wherever she travels. More the armchair type? Visit her Goodreads author page or email her at tibby@tibbyarmstrong.com. You never know where she’ll turn up next.


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Review: Hard Target by Tibby Armstrong

Hard Target is the third book in the Covert Attractions series.


With a body hot enough to inspire a second Trojan conquest—of the latex variety—FBI agent Alexandra Valentine could be Simon Jakes’ match made in heaven. If only she weren’t the reason his career as a CIA hacker ended in a pile of ash.

When Alex returns after six years, it’s with a proposition he can’t refuse. Work with her or return to prison. Compared to negotiating the powder keg of their relationship, the job should be simple. Take down a criminal organization run by one egomaniacal billionaire and try not to get killed along the way. The problem is, with a woman as sexy as Alex by his side, Simon has trouble keeping his mind on the mission and out of the bedroom.

At their darkest hour, each has a decision to make. To trust despite the fog of lies and deception being spun around them, or to fail because a second crack at love proved the hardest and most impenetrable target of all.

A Romantica® erotic romantic suspense from Ellora’s Cave

 I obtained the above information from Tibby’s website!

Tibby Armstrong is an awesome writers. She has given me David’s story in Sheet Music… Then she gave me Gunter’s story in Undercover Lover and I mean she gave me Gunter! He was… Oh man… Tibby knows how to write the story that will bring you to the edge of your seat, she will make you feel the sweat drip down your shirt and she will definitely make you feel all hot and bothered while reading about these delicious men. She will also give you women (besides me) who can handle these men. David is the musician and Gunter and Simon are his security detail… And let’s just say that you will wish they were your security detail… Oh man… Tibby rocks the world of undercover things!! 🙂

Welcome to Simon and I’s story… Okay, okay, okay **Gives Elaine, Tibby & Mama Kitty a dirty look**… Simon & Cecile’s story… Okay, okay, okay damnit… Let me introduce you to Simon and *sigh* Alex’s story… I have been waiting very patiently for this story to come out. Simon has been my man since I read David’s story, then I got more of him but not enough of him in Gunter’s story… And I think I bugged the shit out of Tibby enough to give me Simon… And Oh Dear Gawd she came through for me with Simon’s story!!!

Simon, oh man where do I start. This is a man that will do whatever is necessary to protect what is his. His family, his friends and his home. His heart – well, if he doesn’t let anyone in, then he doesn’t have to worry about protecting it. Simon has worked very hard to keep his past in the past. He has only divulged information that was needed when it was needed. He wasn’t expecting to have to relive his past, so building the wall around his heart when he heard his ex-girlfriend would be his handler in a case that was proving to be life or death for him… well, he wasn’t quite sure he was ready for this. But like it or not…………… He had to be ready for it because losing his sister was not a option.

Alex wanted the promotion the FBI was ready to give her, but was she ready for the price she would have to pay for the promotion? Well, there was only one way to find out… She would have to work side by side with the one man that had her heart and then broke it by the worst kind of betrayal. But did she really think Simon was capable of doing what the CIA said he did… or did she believe in him? Alex was tired of running, tiredd of guessing… tried of the apologies. She was going to go all out with this job if it was the last thing she did… And omg… did it seem to be the last thing she would ever have to do!

This is an explosive story. Tibby put me through the freaking ringer… I mean seriously. This story is awesome. Simon has intrigued me from the very first line I have read with his name in it… I have wanted more. And this story has the drama, the action, the heartache, the heartbreak, the deepest, darkest past that was buried – that was resurrected, the lust, the desire, the love, the courage to stand for what you believe in, and of course second chances!

I cannot promise you a story that is filled with butterflies and rainbows. I cannot promise you story that is just a delightful read. No, I am sorry… I can promise you a story that is full of life, full of love, full of the feeling that I got your back… I  might not have had it before, but I got it now. You will get a story of trust, faith, friendship, family and reconnecting. Does the bad guy win? Does evil get away with the shit it has put Simon and Alex through? Will Alex get the man at the end of the story or will he turn his back on her like she did him several years ago? Will courage and faith come together to make things happen? You will be twisted up and turned around and you will find out some shit that you really did not know you wanted to know! And I will promise you a story that will heat you up on more than one level – because we are after all, talking about Simon!! And I finally got my Simon’s story! Thank you Tibby! Ahhhh…. Now I am going dream about My Man!

To grab your copy of Hard Target, visit Ellora’s Cave and enjoy!

To learn more about Tibby and my men… I mean her men, please visit her website!

And remember… Always keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy! Photobucket

Review: Undercover Lover by Tibby Armstrong

Good girl Jenny Ainsley never hoped for more than her nine-to-five existence. But when the sinfully sexy bodyguard her famous brother hired to protect her is drawn into a plot to take down an international drug syndicate, she finds herself an unwilling participant. She soon realizes she has the opportunity to break away from her timid past and do something important. And getting her hot bodyguard into bed will be a delicious bonus. He resists her at every turn, however, and she discovers that no amount of training—or seduction—can crack the code to this man’s heart.

Ex-MI-5 agent Günter Faust is no stranger to watching over the sexy Jenny Ainsley. For years he’s seen to her safety, hiding in the shadows and pining for the woman he can never have. Bedding a client is not an option. But fate has put her by his side, working up close and personal. And with Jenny’s relentless pursuit to seduce him, it’s only a matter of time before she blows his cover—and his heart—wide open.

I obtained the above information from Ms. Tibby’s website!

I was given this book for my honest thoughts by Elloras Cave… So, let’s get this review started!

First, let me say that I am not a new reader of Ms. Tibby. I have read the other story… Sheet Music (click on link to see my review on that one) and loved it. She is such a treat to read!

Ms. Tibby will entertain you with the story she creates, she will excite you with the suspense and drama that she stirs, she will also leave you panting with the lust and desire she swirls you around. Ms. Tibby is an author to keep your eyes on because only good things will come from her.

Let me introduce you to Jenny and Günter… Two people who will definitely rock your world. These two will take you on one hellva ride and you might not make it out alive.

Jenny’s life has never been easy. She has a past that will haunt her for the rest of her life. I admire her for making the best of what life has handed her. She is not thrilled about being an accountant but it’s her job and no one can take that away that from her. We have all had jobs like hers where we really don’t want to work with the people we work with. But when her bother makes a visit, all that goes to hell, and her coworkers want to be her best friend! Why you might ask… Well, her brother is a famous rocker – David Tallis from Sheet Music. And living under his shadow can be a pain in the ass… But what Jenny didn’t know was that David had her followed by security…… Günter….

Günter is a man you will not mess with… No matter where you see him at, you will most likely walk away… But he is so alluring, you will find yourself drawn to him…. Like a moth to the flame. And believe me, you will get burned. He is just that hot. He is man on a mission, always. His job always comes first…. But when the job, Jenny, becomes face to face with him… Things go south… Fast. But will Günter let his heart get involved when he can actually touch her and feel her….

These two actually collide with each other and things do go south very fast. The action that Ms. Tibby gives you in this story will have you turning the pages faster than you think… There is so much going on in this story but it happens at just the right pace. You get all you need…. Action, drama, fantasies, suspense, lust, desire in one story. You will fall in love with the characters, hate some of the characters, want to learn more about other characters….(HINT Simon!!!!) Ms. Tibby did a wonderful job at telling the story of David’s little sister…. And the Undercover Lover…. Günter..

If you are interested in finding out more about Tibby, please check our her blog!!!!!

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Review & Interview: Sheet Music by Tibby Armstrong

Sheet Music
by: Tibby Armstrong

Line: Moderne

Series: None
Book Length: Short Novel

Book Type: eBook

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing

ISBN: 9781419929625

Music journalist Kyra Martin faces the toughest assignment of her career—to write a cover story about enigmatic heartthrob David Tallis. Deadline looming, Kyra plans to go undercover. When she ends up under the covers with the sexy superstar instead, can both her career and their budding relationship survive?

With a closet full of skeletons to hide, and a paparazzi-fueled divorce behind him, David Tallis despises the press. When Kyra Martin bribes her way into his life, her sexy assets have him composing a duplicitous seduction. Ensnared in a media maelstrom of his own making, can David face the music? Or will he lose Kyra, along with another piece of himself?

The above information was obtained from Jasmine Jade Enterprise.

I was given this book by the author for my honest thoughts.

I do not judge short stories on the rush of their relationships, because they are just that – short stories. So, yes the relationships always could have been drawn out more, yea it seems like they fall in love to fast and of course the story could have been made longer… but it is a short story. So with that said…. here is my review…

I have to say that I have been extremely lucky lately with my reading material that they have all be awesome books and this one joins that list! Wow Ms. Armstrong…. What an awesome job! She delivered a freaking awesome story! She had all my emotions rolling through me… She left no stone unturned. This story is awesome not just because David is freaking sexy as hell and don’t even mention his accent (getting the shivers just thinking of him saying my name – damn!)… Anyway… where was I.. Oh yeah…. Nope not because of David… and not because the sex is hot, hard and wild either… Nope…. Ms. Tibby gave us so much more. Two people with a very dark past… Pasts that could be dangerous in the wrong hands…. Hands that could literally make or break Kyra and David’s present life.

Both have a lot on the line to lose… or gain. Depending on which way the chips fall. But… careers are not the only thing that is at stake… What would you risk for a chance at love? Let’s find out…

Now… Ladies and Gents of the Lair… I want you to put together a warm welcome to a new author to me….

Ms. Tibby Armstrong!!

Welcome to the lair Ms. Tibby! We are truly delighted to have you here today!

Please make yourself comfy… grab a sit and drink!

How are you today?

Very well, thank you. I’m excited to be here.

Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself…. Something that we cannot Google about you, lol!
Something you can’t Google…now that is a challenge. How about my favorite romance hero of all time? That would be Ruark Beauchamp from Kathleen Woodiwiss’ Shanna. I read it for the first time when I was fourteen and probably a hundred times since. There’s even a family reunion video with me at about eighteen, sequestered away from the festivities with the book in my hands.

Since you are a new to me author, I am hoping to bring you to the light of others! So share away!
Thank you! You can find out more about my day to day doings and misdeeds at http://www.tibbyarmstrong.com. I’m also on Facebook and Twitter under the same name. As for Sheet Music, here is the blurb:
Music journalist Kyra Martin faces the toughest assignment of her career—to write a cover story about enigmatic heartthrob David Tallis. Deadline looming, Kyra plans to go undercover. When she ends up under the covers with the sexy superstar instead, can both her career and their budding relationship survive?
With a closet full of skeletons to hide, and a paparazzi-fueled divorce behind him, David Tallis despises the press. When Kyra Martin bribes her way into his life, her sexy assets have him composing a duplicitous seduction. Ensnared in a media maelstrom of his own making, can David face the music? Or will he lose Kyra, along with another piece of himself?
Drop by Ellora’s Cave at http://www.jasminejade.com/p-8533-sheet-music.aspx for a sexy excerpt!

Your current book, Sheet Music… Wow. I have to hand it to you… You did an amazing job with the story! You really drag your reader through the mud (emotionally speaking) to get to the ending. That is NOT a bad thing!! No, quite the opposite. You had my heart breaking, pulse racing, and hand itching to slap the shit out of someone – OH and let’s not forget – you will forever have me looking at dressing rooms in a completely different way now! How much emotion did this story take from you to write?
I’m grinning like a fool—totally thrilled that you loved the book. David is very trying, but oh so devastatingly sexy, so we can forgive him a lot, can’t we? I’m assuming he’s the one you wanted to slap? *grins* If so, then I did my job right.
I tend to get very emotionally involved with my characters, and I have to say that David and Kyra were no exception. In fact, I will admit to anyone who listens that Kyra’s reaction to David was, and still is, very much my own. I rooted for these two the whole way through, even when I didn’t know how they could possibly make it work—they are from totally different worlds, and yet, each of them is incredibly vulnerable and searching for someone to trust. I was so glad I was able to give them their happily ever after.

What can you give us about Krya and David without giving away too much?
David is a man with a many-layered past. While he has lived his life in the limelight, he is one of the most private people you will ever meet—and, as we come to find out, with good reason. Kyra, has had her share of personal trials, and they have made her determined to succeed in her professional life at all costs. When their two wills collide, the resulting energy creates fireworks both in and out of the bedroom.

What was your favorite part of the book?
Oh, goodness. There are so many. I can’t pick just one, but if I had to pick two, I would say the first is the studio recording session that Kyra sits in on with David, and the second is a scene where Kyra sees the cover of the magazine article she has written about David for the first time. The emotions in those scenes were so incredibly palpable to me, they just leapt off the page while I was writing them and almost seemed to write themselves. Even when I read them now I want to crawl into the pages of the book and live these two incredible lives.

What are you currently working on?
I am working on two projects. One is a follow up to Sheet Music, which involves David’s sister and his head of security, titled Undercover Lover. The second is a coming-of-age story about two young men, titled No Apologies. These have been two very different, but equally fun and romantic stories to write.

Do you have anything due to release soon?
My agent is placing No Apologies with a publisher, and I anticipate Undercover Lover will be out in the spring of 2011 if I can get it finished soon enough!

What’s one thing that you enjoy about writing?
One thing? You drive a hard bargain! I would have to say it’s the ability to live vicariously through my characters. They are such intense people with colorful lives. Through them I can have incredible experiences I could never hope to have otherwise.

Okay…. personal time!!!! Hehehe… Oh yeah… You thought I forgot… Not a chance! We will start off slow and easy, I promise!

What is on your night stand/dresser?
Lol. A wrapper for some baby bell cheese, my cell phone, my reading glasses, a stack of books and bills, a pen, and my swimming cap. I’m glad you didn’t ask about what was on the floor around my night stand. *winks*

What are you listening to you right now?
Right this very moment? The rain through my open window. If we’re talking music, however, I’m on a Coldplay kick. You can also find the playlists I wrote to while completing Sheet Music and No Apologies on Art of the Mix at http://www.artofthemix.org/AOTMCommunity/profile2.aspx?intmemberid=49695. It’s a really cool site where you can post your own music mixes and find other cool mixes by like-minded folks.

What are you reading right now?
A book on extreme survival tactics as research for Undercover Lover. Fiction-wise, I’m reading Nine Rules to Break While Romancing a Rake by Sarah MacLean.

What is your favorite season? Holiday?
My favorite season is early fall and my favorite holiday is my birthday!

And what has been your best b-day present ever??
Well, actually, it was something I bought for myself—a trip to London in 2000.

Hard and Quick Time! Don’t think… Just answer! Okay, before we go this route, I will get us a refill on our drinks… I will be right back…

**Someone enters the room.. Clears their throat…

Lucien looks around to make sure that his Mistress Cecile went into the kitchen**

Ms. Tibby, the answer to these questions will determine what we do with you later… hahahahahaha….. **his evil laughter gives Tibby the chills**

Tricks or Treats: Can’t I have both?
Naughty or Nice: Oh, naughty!
Hot or Cold: Hot!
Soft or Hard: Hard! Was there ever any doubt?
Sweet or Sour: I am addicted to sour candy. Always have been.

**Cecile comes back…**

Okay, I am back….. **Gasp** Omg… Luicen… Ms. Tibby…. Are you okay?? Lucien, what did you say to Ms. Tibby to make her blush the color of a fire truck?? Oh gosh.. Okay… Well.. on that note… ((Looks at Lucien… I will punish you later)) I want to thank Ms. Armstrong for joining us at the Lair today!! I wish you much success with your career!!! And please give us more!! LOL!!!

And here I was thinking I made *him* blush! Thank you for having me! It was a pleasure chatting with you.

To visit Ms. Tibby at her place… here is here website –>> here… go! Now.. What are you waiting for!

And remember… Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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