Review: Fuel (DirtSlap #1) by @Ashlynn_Pearce

fuel“Is there any line she won’t cross?”

Cassie Dalton escapes her narrow-minded hometown and will do whatever it takes to make a life for herself—on her own terms. Getting stranded in Nashville on her twenty-first birthday is fine…running into the one man she never thought she’d see again is mind-blowing. She doesn’t want, or need, a hero, but he opens her heart to feelings she’d stopped believing in. She’s always loved him, but is he worth risking her heart?

Thrand Medlam is content with his life as a studio drummer, until Cassie slams into his world at full throttle. Grown up and running wide ass open, she sparks the fire he never knew he’d lost. The girl from his past digs up all the regret and remorse he’d buried when he left. Torn between the guilt of long ago and the vibrant girl in front of him, he must make a choice. Honor a promise he made to his best friend, Cassie’s dead brother, or love her.

In the midst of their chaos, a band, with a little bit of country, a dash of metal and a whole lot of dirt, is born…DirtSlap.


When you read a story, you normally want it to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. You want the characters to touch your heart and warm your soul. You want your characters to be strong and your heroine to be stronger… A story should make you want to read it all over again. Well, Ms. Pearce’s book, Fuel, will push you to places that you know you have to go in order to understand her characters. She will make you fall completely in love with her characters and she will make you realize what is worth fighting for. This story is rough, hard, jaded, wild, unpredictable, soft and tender all at the same time. And you might find yourself questioning what have you been reading lately…

When you first meet Cassie, you might think she is a little to young being only twenty-one years old. But when you read her story and hear her voice, you realize she is a lot older than your ordinary twenty-one year old. She has lead a very hard life. I won’t tell you much about her life because I want you read this book for yourself, but believe me when I tell her you will completely understand her and where she coming from when you read her story. She is a firecracker, not to be handled carelessly. But she is hell bent on getting as far away from her hometown as she can get. But when her trip hits a snag, she runs into someone she never thought she would every see in a million years. But when she does run into him, or more like him coming to her rescue, watch the dynamite explode.

Thrand is a man that ran as far as he could from his past. He knew that in order to survive, he has to get as far as he possibly could. When he finally settled in Nashville, life was decent. He did what he loved, when he wanted to and was content. He still has demons that haunted him, but being away from home, those demons stayed at bay. That is until he saves the wrong woman one night… She is not the same person he remembers. The last time he saw her she was so young and innocent and his best friend’s little sister

This book will pull so many emotions from you, it is not even funny. While reading the story, I noticed something – Cassie has the right idea about life. Life was pretty shitty to her, she did not play victim to what life dealt her. She did not become a woman who would allow people to walk all over her. She believed in dealing with what was dealt, learning from it, and moving on. She is still a person with feelings and emotions but she lives her life with no regrets. She did not shy away from things because you never know what tomorrow will bring. She does push the envelope a bit, she did worry me at some points in her story but knowing she was surrounded by people who truly care about her, I knew she would be okay. But she wears her heart on her sleeve for everyone to see. Thrand, well… he will make you fall in love with him. He wants to be the person he promised his best friend he would be if something ever happened to him but having the feelings he is having – he is not so sure. He’s lost one person he loved, if he doesn’t watch it, he could be in danger of losing the only person who has every truly loved him.

Ms. Pearce, you have done very well in the telling of Cassie and Thrand’s story. You gave them depth, emotions, scars, passion, heat, but most of all, you gave them life. You gave them purpose, meaning and most of all, you gave them love. Thank you.


To learn more about Ashlynn’s books, visit her web site



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