Review: Grinding Gears by @lissamatthews

GrindingGears300x450In the final laps, it’s ALL or NOTHIN’

Jason’s entering his rookie season as a big time stock car driver in the national spotlight, but he’s no stranger to breakneck speeds, sponsor expectations, or the older women who’ve revved his engine since he was a teenager. He’s content to learn and indulge himself until a blind date with a curvy smartass brings his boots to a screechin’ halt.

Alli’s strong, driven, a recent law school graduate. She’s also on a self-imposed man hiatus. And… despite the lure of a sexy, race car drivin’ cowboy, the good intentions of her friends, and an incredible job offer, she’s not giving in to the temptation.

Is she?

Jason knows he’s got one shot to prove himself to his new owners on the most famous super speedway of them all, and only one shot to win the heart of the woman he hopes is waiting for him at the finish line.


It has been a while since I have reviewed a book, so please forgive my style… To many term papers have defined my writing style… Let’s see if I can get back in the saddle, lol…

Alli is a woman hell bent on finishing the bar exam to finalize her law degree but something has been nagging her lately, in the back of her mind. She knew her life was missing something but she could not put her finger on it, until it almost slaps her in the face. Life is going great, her two best friends are doing things they love doing, one is with the man of her dreams and the other is doing the thing she loves (cooking). But what about herself… What was she doing… Oh yea… the bar exam, studying, working, studying, working… Yea, fun right… But we all know what that is like. With all that, there was just one thing she was missing…

Jason is all sorts of yumminess wrapped in blue jeans, a cowboy hat and boots and don’t forget strapped in a race car. He’s young and full of determination. He knows what he wants in life and he goes after it, not afraid of the consequences. His life has thrown him a few curves but the curves of one woman has gotten his attention and he won’t stop until she is his… Or at least that is the plan. Jason knows how to handle himself on and off the track but a woman is not like a car or a track. Going against a wall or a woman – which one will be the death of him (literally)…

Alli is all for love and lust and wonderful feeling insides but for other people. As far as she is concerned, she does not need that in her life right now. The bar exam is shortly coming and her attention needs to be focused on that and her job. Distractions are not what she needs right now, so when she meets Jason for the first time, her first instinct was to run the other way. She knew that anything he was offering was definitely something she was not needing in her life, at this point in time. She has her friends and they provide enough company that she was okay with that… Or was she… Alli would look to one of her best friends and watch her moon over the love of her life… then she would look to the other one and she was half way across the world doing something she was passionate about. But she was okay with that…

Let’s just say that I am so thankful Jason has a very determined mind set that when he wants something, he goes after it with all of his heart. That would mean racing and women… Or in this case, one woman by the name of Alli. She was prickly at first, but he knew that they could have something special or at least he wanted to see if what he thought was right. Alli pushed as hard as she could to keep Jason as arm’s length but sooner or later those arms get tired of being held up… And when they drop, just like the checkered flag, you will know who wins the battle!

This is a short story in my mind and it is a great read! The characters are hot and ready. You do not have to read book one to understand the friends that come in and out of the book, but it helps (but again you do NOT have too.) Now we just need the third story to finish the series and all will be right with the world 🙂 Great book Ms. Lissa, you have delivered another awesome story for us!

To learn more about Lissa’s books visit her site:

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