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Cover Sins of Long AgoSins of Long Ago


Book 2

Naomi Bellina

Genre: Paranormal romance

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

Date of Publication: 7/27/2015

ISBN: 9781622102372


Number of pages: 189

Word Count: 71,000


Werewolves and humans don’t mix. Until danger forces an alliance and desire demands satisfaction.

Leading his pack of werewolves keeps Vincent plenty busy, and now with a predator out to harm them, life is more perilous than ever. The last thing he needs is a woman to complicate matters, especially one who sets his body and soul on fire. She’s a human and a witch — totally the wrong woman for him. Even if he could take a mate for his own, he refuses to put her in the danger his life has become. No way can they ever be together. Werewolf-style love is fine anyway. No permanent partner, no bullshit, no heartache.

Genevieve has never known true love. Cursed by an enraged woman long ago, females in her family are doomed to go insane if they fall in love. Life has been fine without a man around– until a hot werewolf drops in and captures her heart. Though they have plenty of obstacles to overcome, Gen knows they can work past them. Tell that to Vincent, as he struggles with old pack rules about love, sex, and consorting with humans.

As Vincent searches for a killer, deals with death among his own, and tries to keep his hands off Gen, she attempts to end her family curse. Together, they must find a way to break free from the sins of long ago.

Heat level: 3 out of 4

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Vincent slowly removed his fingers from her hips and turned her around to face him. He looked into her eyes and smiled, a look full of heat and lust. He ran a hand over her breasts, then down to her belly.

“Think your panties are about shot for the night. How about we get rid of them?”

He crouched down, grabbed them in his teeth, and ripped. The protest that almost sprang to her lips was silenced as he planted a kiss right on her swollen clit and ran his tongue along it in slow circles. The tender nub felt almost too sensitive to stand the attention. Almost. He kept the pressure easy, slow, and as need started to build again, he stood.

“You ready for more?”

Like she could stop now. Vincent had her under his spell, and she was supposed to be the witch.

“Oh yeah. How about we take your clothes off?”

Slowly she unbuttoned his shirt, running her hands along his chest. Dark hair, nice. Down his flat belly to the waistband of his jeans. Of course he went commando. She knelt, and as soon as she slid the zipper down, his cock sprang out to greet her. Perfection. His musky male scent went straight to her brain, and her pussy clenched in response, already aching to have him inside her. But first, she took him in her mouth and smiled in satisfaction as he moaned, a long, low, guttural sound, then buried his hands in her hair. Time for her to tease.

She slid her mouth up and down, licking a drop off the tip, pulling along his sensitive head with her lips. Remembering how he’d tormented her, she took it slow, rubbing his balls lightly with her fingertips. His legs trembled and his breathing increased, along with the pressure of his hands pulling her hair.

“Are you ready to get inside me?” She stood and rubbed her body against him, the feel of his skin on hers causing a fresh burst of wetness between her thighs and an unfamiliar warmth in her heart. A sensation of unity, of completeness.

“Sweet Lord, yes. Aw shit, condoms are in my Jeep.”

“I’ve got some.” Gen grabbed her purse. She hadn’t even looked at the handful Sally had thrust at her. Studded and ribbed. Real cute. “Will these work?”

“Anything will work. Turn around, spread your legs, grab the bed again.”

She did, not sure if her knees would hold her.

“You got any high heels?”

“Uh, no.”

“Stand on your tiptoes, then, that’s right.”

Oh shit almighty. He gripped her ass and slammed his cock into her, nearly knocking her onto the mattress. Just like she thought: perfect fit, filling her up fully. He stayed there for a heartbeat, buried inside her then pulled out, almost but not quite all the way.

One hand back in her hair, the other still on her ass, he pulled her head back slightly.

“You are one fine woman, Genevieve, and you’ve got me lit up like a wildfire. I’m going to fuck you hard. You got a problem with that?”

“None at all.” Hot as she burned, wanting him as desperately as she did, whatever he did to her would be welcome.

He thrust again, over and over, finally leaning onto her back and sinking his teeth in her upper shoulder. She tensed but he stopped short of breaking the skin and only held there for a moment, as though wanting to taste her flesh. Then he stood, buried his cock one more time, and with a howl he came, his body shuddering. Leaning over her back, he rained kisses along her neck and shoulders. She felt him remove the condom and what, slide on another?

“I want to make you scream, do some yelling myself. People downstairs going to call the cops?”

“He’s gone. We can holler as much as we want.”

He flipped her onto the bed and covered her body with his, grabbing both of her wrists in one of his hands and raising her arms over her head. Normally, she didn’t allow a man this kind of control, but her desires with Vincent were anything but normal. She wanted him to take her, to do like the song said and fuck her like an animal. Why did she respond to him like this? Like she trusted him, with her body, her soul.

Then he took her nipple in his mouth, and she quit thinking of anything except the feel of his lips, his tongue, his teeth. First one breast, then the other, then he brought his mouth to hers, and as he devoured her, he penetrated her again, thrusting over and over. Another howl, louder this time, and he came again.

Lowering himself on top of her, he finally released her wrists and buried his face in her neck. “There, now I can concentrate on you.”

Oh Lord.

He slid his sweat-soaked body down hers, kissed and nipped at her stomach, her thighs, then licked her engorged lips and clit, slowly, almost painfully. She writhed on the bed, close to begging him to enter her. Every nerve ending on her skin jumped, wanting to join with him again, wanting that surprising, delicious sensation of intimacy.

Hell with this waiting. With one palm she shoved his forehead up and wriggled underneath him.

“I want you back inside me. You good for another round?”

“Fuck yeah.” He patted the mattress, searching for a foil packet.

This time he entered her slowly, and as he moved in and out, he gazed into her eyes. Lust, desire, and a trace of tenderness showed there, and when she dug her heels into the bed and arched her back in the most amazing orgasm of her life, Gen knew she was lost.


Naomi lives in sunny Florida with the love of her life and a magical calico cat. She writes for various fiction and non-fiction markets but is drawn to romance because her characters insist on canoodling and falling in love. So she lets them. Her interests include dancing, motorcycle riding, drumming and creating healthy meals. She takes the opportunity to play whenever possible.

Her motto: Never pass up the opportunity to have an adventure!

Visit her at


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