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Welcome to All I Want and More Books. We’re glad to have you here.

Glad to be here. Thanks for having me.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m never really sure what’s relevant to that question. So, for what it’s worth: I’m a geek; I’m easily distracted by the shiny; I hate mean, ignorant, and narrow-minded; I love food, leather jackets, and perfect snow days.

In this book, who was your favorite character to write and why?

I liked writing both of them, though Xavier was the one whose head I could get into a little more easily.

What 3 words would you use to describe your main characters?

Xavier is self-reliant, well-educated, and protective

Doran is creative, impulsive, and affectionate

How do you go about picking character names? Do you have to get them just right and make sure they fit with the characters personality?

Yeah, they have to fit (and be reasonably easy to read and tell apart). I go by the character’s cultural background, their parents’ background if I know it, and sometimes the meaning of a name. If it doesn’t feel right it’ll niggle me until I fix it.

We’re cover hussies. What was your first impression of this cover?

Well-met. Background, models … I like all the covers of the series. They give a good glimpse of the story.

What does writing mean to you?

It’s who I am and how I puzzle out the world around me. I can’t not write. Not for any significant stretch of time, anyway. It’s taxing and infuriating, and the best job in the world.

What do you hope readers take away after reading one of your books?

Something positive, something human, and something new.

If you had a technology free day, what would you do?

Go outside, on the trail or in the garden, and breathe.

Quickie Time

Sexiest feature on a wo/man?


What is on your night stand/dresser?

Books, lube, earplugs 😉

Tattoos or piercings?

Tattoos. Hands down.

Secret talent?


What’s your guilty pleasure?

I don’t do guilt in pleasures.

Celebrity crush?

Idris Elba

Night owl or early bird?

Night Owl

Twitter or Facebook?


Pinterest or Instagram?

Errr, tumblr. I do have a Pinterest account, though.

ebooks or paperbacks?

Both. Depends on the circumstances and on the book.

Is there anything else you like to add?

Yes: thank you! For having me, for being here, for reading what I wrote.


WhenToHoldThem_600x900Doran Callaghan doesn’t know when to fold ’em. His gambling has landed him in debt and in jail, and now it’s got him stuck in the sticks in a reintegration program. He wants to turn his life around, but old habits come knocking, and some creditors are harder to shake than others.

Xavier Wagner cares more about the National Park he works in than the people around it, until a stranger awakens desires he didn’t know he had. Doran’s natural submissiveness turns Xavier’s ideas of how to treat a lover upside down. But Doran doesn’t seem to know about boundaries—or even to have any—and Xavier’s not sure that Doran will say no if he needs to. Which means someone’s going to get hurt.

While Xavier struggles with his principles, Doran’s past comes calling. Trusting each other is suddenly a matter of life or death, but Doran has to decide whether counting on Xavier—or himself—is a gamble he’s willing to take.


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G.B. is Riptide’s Featured Author for August!

G.B. Gordon worked as a packer, landscaper, waiter, and coach before going back to school to major in linguistics and, at 35, switch to less backbreaking monetary pursuits like translating, editing, and writing.

Having lived in various parts of the world, Gordon is now happily ensconced in suburban Ontario with the best of all husbands. Santuario is G.B. Gordon’s first published work, but many more stories are just waiting to hit the keyboard.

Connect with Gordon:

Website and blog:

Twitter: @gb_gordon


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  1. Miranda P

     /  August 19, 2015

    Really like this series and I am looking forward to reading this installment.


  2. Trix

     /  August 19, 2015

    Informative interview!



  3. Serena S.

     /  August 19, 2015

    Thanks for the quick interview, I look forward to reading the book.


  4. Antonia

     /  August 19, 2015

    Thanks for the interview! amaquilante(at)gmail(dot)com


  5. Carolyn

     /  August 20, 2015

    Fun Q&A! I liked hearing more about you and When to Fold Them. Smiles are my favorite, too. 🙂

    caroaz [at] ymail [dot] com


  6. Thanks for stopping by, everyone. (Smiles ftw)


  7. Thank you for being part of the book tour and for hosting us.

    I’ll draw the prize winner tomorrow and send out a notification.



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