Interview and #Giveaway: Wolf On Wheels by @layne_macadam

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Image1Wolf On Wheels

Heritage Series

Book One

Layne Macadam

Genre:  Erotic Wolf Shifter

Publisher: Syn Publishing

Date of Publication: 16 March


Number of pages:  76

Word Count: approximately:  38,000

Cover Artist:  Syn Publishing

blurbCaleb Grayson’s opinion of humans is about as low as it can get until Lara Walker enters his life. But can the pretty veterinarian be trusted with his secret? As alpha of his pack, he is duty bound to keep them safe and that means maintaining anonymity.

When Caleb offers Lara a job on the mountain she loves, it is like a dream come true, but there is something strange about the handsome biker. Little does she know that he is harboring a secret that once revealed will turn her world inside out and have repercussions neither could have expected.

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Hi Layne. Welcome to All I Want and More. We’re glad to have you here.

It’s a pleasure to be here. Thank you so much for inviting me.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Well, I live on the east coast of Australia in a beautiful part of the world. I work full-time and I have a university degree. My hobbies include reading, traveling, cooking, tackling craft projects, and writing of course.

In this book, who was your favorite character to write and why?

I think Caleb, as the relationship with Lara took him by surprise. Up until then, he had no time for humans so had to have a rethink.

What 3 words would you use to describe your main characters?

Lara is quirky, smart, and adventurous. Caleb is strong, caring, and a born leader.

Can you tell us a little bit about this book? Maybe a little snippet?

Sure, I’ll just pick a page.

Caleb followed the blue car. The wind blowing in his face was not unpleasant as he coasted down the mountain assessing his thoughts. When he’d peered through the dense scrub waiting for her to appear, it had been with mixed feelings. His body had hummed with glee for the respect the man had shown her by opening the car door. It was a mark of respect and a rarity with humans these days. But when he’d touched her arm, Caleb had wanted to leap over the hood and rip out his throat. “MINE,” his inner wolf had growled, hands fisting by his sides.

While he’d struggled for control the car engine coughed and spluttered. He’d feared Anthony had been too heavy handed siphoning the fuel, but he shouldn’t have doubted him.

Almost catching up with her, he backed off the gas, pushed his thoughts aside and concentrated on following her at a discrete distance.

He kept her in his sights and was gratified she stayed within the speed limit and took the bends with caution. If she were injured or hurt in any way, it would be unbearable. He was still sorting through his feelings when she indicated and pulled onto a verge. Anthony had done well. He grinned and pulled in behind her a few seconds later.

“Can I be of assistance?” he asked stepping off the machine, his lips curving upward and his grin broadening as he flashed his pearly whites.

“Ah thanks, I’m not sure what’s wrong. Betty complains a lot, but she’s never let me down.”


“My car. I have this terrible habit of naming everything.” She giggled.

Her laughter was a deep throaty chuckle that slid over his skin in a smooth caress. It was an infectious sound, and he joined in remembering how she’d given names to Nora, and him.

“It suits her,” he said opening the door for her to step out.

Her smile widened at his gesture, and her green eyes twinkled with flecks of gold. She was a vision of loveliness. His heart constricted, and his body tensed at her nearness. It was a confronting feeling, but not one he disliked.

How do you go about picking character names?

It depends on the story. Some books call for traditional names, others more modern names, and some call for the unusual. My first book, Desire Unleashed, the hero is Shane Jackson, while Whip McGregor is the protagonist in Obsession Down Under, both contemporary books so choosing their names was easy.

Danikyle is the hero in my sci-fi Star Crossed Lovers so a bit more unusual. For him I just combined Daniel with Kyle. Caleb Grayson is the hero in Wolf On Wheels. Caleb is an old name most likely from Hebrew meaning “dog”. I thought that was appropriate as Caleb, being a wolf shifter, is very old and wolves and dogs are considered to be part of the same family.

Do you have to get them just right and make sure they fit with the characters personality? 

Absolutely, if you don’t get them right, believe it or not, the characters will soon let you know!

We’re cover hussies. What was your first impression of this cover?

My first impression was mixed. I liked that there was a bit of mystery and I loved the guy’s arm with the wolf tattoo, but I was expecting to see a motorcycle somewhere as the title is Wolf On Wheels. Generally, though I liked it.

What does writing mean to you?

It’s my relaxation, my job, my pleasure, my heart and soul.

What do you hope readers take away after reading one of your books?

I hope they have a positive experience and it leaves them feeling good and wanting more.

If you had a technology free day, what would you do?

I think I would do some gardening, it’s been a little neglected of late.

What are you currently working on?

I’m working on two books, actually. I’m a couple of chapters in to Book 2 in the Heritage Series, as yet untitled, and Book 3, Desire Rekindled, in the Desire Series. If I come to a roadblock with one I work on the other. Sometimes it does get confusing!

Quickie Time


Sexiest feature on a man?    His arms, I just love a nice set of strong arms.

Boxers, Briefs or Commando?    Boxers

What is on your night stand/dresser?  A crystal lotus flower, a bowl of Hydrangeas and a Vietnamese jewel box.

Hairy chests or smooth?     Smooth

Cowboy or businessman?  Cowboy

Tattoos or piercings?  Tattoos

Secret talent?   I like to paint

What’s your guilty pleasure Chocolate with wine!!

Celebrity crush?   Chris Helmsworth

Night owl or early bird?   Early bird

Twitter or Facebook?     Facebook

Pinterest or Instagram?    Neither

ebooks or paperbacks?     ebookes

Is there anything else you like to add?

I’d like to thank you once again for hosting me today, and I’d like to thank all the readers out there for their support.


excerptCaleb Grayson’s fur spiked and his tail swished with anger as without a thought or a care, Nora bounded off down the street, leapt over the suburban fence and was lost from sight. His orders to the pack had been clear. Bare minimum—travel in pairs. Stay together at all times. Watch each other’s back. The lure of fresh rabbit must have overridden duty and common sense.

The growl he released was feral as he took off after her. The rules were put in place to keep his pack safe. Hunters were on the warpath and they were after wolf shifters with deadly intent. He’d already lost one member to their violence and would not lose another. Humans, he made a derisive sound. They were uncaring and self-centered. He’d yet to meet one he liked. He pulled his muzzle into a sneer and bared his teeth at the thought of that race.

One giant leap had him over the fence and landing smoothly on all fours on the other side. Nora was farther up the yard edging closer to her goal, but she was not alone.

Frozen to the spot he couldn’t move had his life depended on it. It was as if he’d stepped into a trough of rapid dry cement and was stuck fast. His heartbeat had ramped up and his tail twitched at the sight of the divine human before him.

Awestruck, he snarled at the smaller gray wolf beside him. They’d talk about her transgression later. Nora was an adolescent and still in the playful stage of wanting to hunt live prey. Fresh meat was tempting but no excuse for defying his orders. She pawed the ground waiting for him to speak telepathically, but he was speechless. The female human had him dumbstruck and transfixed.

She was a good head shorter than he, athletically built with dips and curves in all the right places, and her spiral curls were the color of marmalade and looked every bit as rich and glossy in the lunar light.

It came to him in a flash then; this human with her emerald eyes sparkling like gemstones was his mate. He’d waited centuries to find her, had given up hope, and now, like a bolt from the blue there she was. Not even Lycan, but human. It was cruel, preposterous, but true. He had little tolerance for the species, but he ached to carry her home, cherish her, breed with her, howl with elation, but he quashed the instinct as his homosapien side surged to the fore—tread carefully, do not rush this—she may not understand.

“Caleb, what is it?” Nora’s telepathic voice quivered with unease.

He didn’t answer, couldn’t answer, so consumed was he with the human before him. Her shape was visible through the silk of her gown. The night breeze had molded the thin white material to her womanly form. She was a vision. He was grateful it was a she-wolf beside him and not a male from his pack.

As he continued to stare, mouth agape and tongue lolling, the breeze picked up and she shivered. Her nipples punched out against the flimsy fabric. He whimpered. His heart pounded faster now as if he’d run for miles at top speed over the rugged terrain around his Black Mountain home.

“Caleb what’s wrong, can’t you hear me?” Nora’s voice was high-pitched now and sharper than normal.

Before he could speak the woman took a small tentative step toward Nora’s midnight snack. She reacted on natural impulse. Her fur stood on end, a menacing growl emanated from lips drawn back in a savage snarl baring sharp teeth. Crouched low and ready to spring, it was enough to have him recover his voice.

“Stay. The human is my mate. Threaten her and you threaten me.” As he sent the telepathic message, Nora dropped to her haunches, and with a whimper assumed a submissive position—she would not dare challenge him.

The command was issued with his sight still glued to his female. The stiffening breeze had whipped the ginger ringlets around her face giving a halo effect, but when her eyes widened and she trembled, it pierced his heart like a blade. He hated seeing her frightened, smelling her fear, but at this point there was little he could do.


bioLayne lives with her husband, two dogs, and a cat on the mid-eastern coast of New South Wales, Australia. In addition to being an author she has a degree in history and holds down a full-time job.

She has always been an avid reader and voraciously consumes all types of fiction, but she particularly loves a happy ending, so writing romance seemed a natural progression for her. But as she sat at the computer one day — staring at a blank screen — it all seemed rather daunting. Yet once she finally started tapping on the keys, the words kept flowing, and what was meant to be a short story turned into a full-blown novel, Desire Unleashed, the first book in the “Desire” series.

Layne writes contemporary romance, paranormal, and sci-fi. With her passion for travel and a love of history an historical romance is not outside the realms of possibility.

When she’s not writing, you might find her tackling a craft project, walking by the lake, or in the kitchen creating some culinary delights.

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