Purrfect Protector (Shifter Protection Specialists Inc. #1) by @SA_Welsh #Giveaway @Totally_Bound


purrfectprotector_800Blurb for Purrfect Protector:

This is book one in the Shifter Protection Specialists Inc. series, see the full series listing here

Never play cat and mouse with a saber-tooth tiger.

When Kale Andrews gets disturbing mail from an obsessed fan, his brother drags him to Shifter Protection Specialists, Inc. Kale reluctantly agrees to have a bodyguard, but when a tall, muscular blond walks into the office emanating power and a sexy dose of danger, Kale’s doubts about needing the man with him twenty-four hours a day quickly disappear.

The easy babysitting job Aleksi was promised quickly changes from strange mail to threatening deliveries, so Aleksi has to become creative to keep his protectee out of danger. Everyone knows models are self-centered and shallow, so why does being with Kale make him feel like he finally has a home? Since he’s a saber-tooth tiger and naturally dominant, most people aren’t strong enough to be with him in a relationship or even as a friend. Yet Kale seems to calm his beast, simultaneously exciting the man in Aleksi.

Neither man expects nor wants a relationship with strings, but as they grow closer, Aleksi realizes that Kale might be his mate. With an obsessed fan escalating toward murder, Aleksi isn’t sure that even his tiger can keep his mate safe.

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Robert meets Aleksi

Robert leaped out of the window of the Russian apartment building where his target had been expecting to meet his mistress and instead met the barrel of Robert’s gun. The well-connected tycoon used his influence to get away with terrible things. The mistress was only sixteen and had already been near her expiration date.

However, this time the businessman picked the wrong victim. This young girl’s father was a friend. Which is how the case gained Robert’s attention. He’d taken the girl to safety and waited for the target.

Hearing the tycoon’s security detail burst through the door of the room he’d just jumped out of, Robert tucked and rolled to absorb the impact of the drop to the street and settled into a defensive position, gun raised.

When he didn’t hear anyone pursuing him he, holstered his gun, stood and jogged to the main street. He didn’t slow as walking alone nightfall in this area could attract the wrong kind of attention. A trail of bodies was bad for business. But something drew his gaze to a teenager a bit further up the street. The teen was limping heavily and Robert could see the dark trail on the otherwise pale stone ground. Blood.

Another man trailed behind carrying a gun with silencer in his hand. Robert reacted instantly and grabbed the pursuer, squeezing off two rounds from the man’s own gun into his chest and dropping the body.

He looked up in time to see the injured teenager duck into an alley and Robert decided to follow. His helicopter extraction would wait for him.

Upon entering the alley, his eyes adjusted to the dark enough for him to make out several trash piles and a dumpster, but no man. But, there was a small gap just large enough for someone to hide. If Robert were taking cover, that’s where he’d go.

He slowly edged closer to it and called out in Russian, “Don’t be afraid. I’m not going to hurt you.”

There was no indication that anyone heard him, but he was positive the young man was hidden in the gap by the wall. “I know you’re here but I promise you have nothing to fear from me.”

“American,” a harsh voice spat.

Robert smiled despite the tone. At least he’d gotten a response. “Yes,” he replied even though it hadn’t been a question.

He stepped up to the gap and crouched. From the glowing yellow eyes staring back at him with a perfect black seeded pupil, Robert guessed the kid was some kind of feline shifter and probably pretty young since he hadn’t shifted.

“Why you follow me?”

The demand in English surprised him, but gave the only answer he had. “To help you.”

“Why?” Damn, this kid was suspicious.

Shrugging, Robert offered the young shifter his hand. “Because I can.”

The sound of a snort told him how that went down and he smiled to himself again. The kid had spirit. “I can teach you to protect yourself and to protect others.”

The glowing eyes flared wide. “Who are you?”

“My name is Robert.” Robert stretched his arm further into the gap.

Without hesitation this time, the kid took Robert’s hand.


Here is an excerpt from Purrfect Protector

As they drove to the photo shoot, Aleksi decided to figure out how the male model felt about shifters. “Is there a reason you were reluctant to have protection from Shifter Protection Specialists, Inc.?”

Kale, to his credit, picked up on the question Aleksi hadn’t asked straight away.

“I don’t have anything against shifters. I didn’t want all this fuss. It’s just a few letters.”

“And an eyeball,” he added. It concerned him that the human seemed so calm about it all.

The man went a little green “Yes, thank you. I haven’t forgotten.”

“Good, you shouldn’t.”

They pulled into the studio parking structure. Aleksi smiled when Kale huffed and sighed as Aleksi made the man stay in the car until he had scoped the surroundings, checking for any threats.

He noted all the cars around them, looking for anything that stood out. Other than a van taking up two spaces and a Mini Cooper with a small stuffed toy hanging from the tailpipe, nothing seemed out of place in the environment. Aleksi drew in a deep breath. He scented no one close by.

“All clear.” He banged on the roof of the vehicle.

When Kale stepped out of the car and immediately headed for the elevator without so much as a look, Aleksi smiled again. The model could act unaffected, but Aleksi’s nose could tell that Kale had enjoyed watching him do the security sweep. The human kept looking at his biceps too.


bioI’m SA Welsh and I write because the voices in my head keep making me. I love reading and I love letting the characters and stories in my head come to life in a book. I can’t function in the morning without a cup of tea and when I’m not writing I’m reading. I have enough books to last me through an apocalypse but don’t ask me to share them unless you are a fellow book worm and know how to treat and appreciate a good book. It is thanks to the writers that inspired me to put myself out there that I became an author and the editors that make sense of my chaos that I keep writing.

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