#Review: Damaged (David Family Saga: Bayou Rogues #1) by Gina Watson {@ginawatsongina}

damaged_450Bailey’s short life may be rendered even shorter if fortune doesn’t turn her wheel. Unfortunately, most of what she needs is out of her control. The one thing she can control is the quantity and quality of her sex life. She dreams of connecting with a dominant male, one who knows how to take what he wants, one who can deliver the kind of illicit sex that will make her feel desired and dirty and totally satisfied.

In spite of the fact that he goes home with a different girl almost every night, Parker is all too happy to give Bailey what she wants. But after he gets a taste of Bailey obsession takes hold. He wants her, and while he’s never been in an exclusive relationship, Bailey has him pondering monogamy. Problem is, Bailey’s not interested. In fact, she goes to great lengths to prevent the development of deep feelings between them.

Parker senses a raging tide boiling beneath Bailey’s surface and he intends to find out what she’s hiding. When Bailey’s camouflage is removed, Parker is compelled to make the ultimate sacrifice.


Okay, let me gush for a minute over Ms. Gina and her awesome writing abilities. This woman can freaking write stories that will make you feel something deep, will make you connect with the characters and will tear you down and build you up right along side the characters. I have read her other series and absolutely fell in love with them and Gina. She is creative with her story lines where they are just not basic man meets woman, hate each other, love each other, have sex and find a happy medium to be together. She makes you work for the ending. Gina’s writing skills will make you feel like you have been placed in the story with her characters. You will feel the ghost that haunts them, you will feel the yearning they feel, you will feel their despair and you will feel their deep connection with each other. Her writing is just that good. Her stories have captivated me to the point that I have read till early in the morning not realizing what time it is. And I hate to say this but I have fallen in love with each of her characters, she makes them that real 🙂

Parker, Parker, Parker…. Oh Parker… We caught a glimpse of Parker in her other books and oh wow… what a man. He knows how to please a woman in bed but out of bed… Well, that’s another story for him. He does not want to do relationships. No Sir! Just straight up, hot, raw, hard, soft, any which way it is wanted sex. Pure, unadulreated, sex. The man knows a woman’s body sometimes better than her, he knows all the right tricks to make those sounds come out that pretty little mouth that he loves to…. Well, you know… Hehehehe… But remember, he does not do relationships until he meets one woman that knocks him back with a one night stand that he can’t forget… But when she walks into his office for a job interview… Well, let’s just see how this goes…

Bailey.. Wow. She is a young woman who is determined to live her short life to the fullest she possibly can. She will get under your skin because you know what she has can happen to anyone in our lives and it will touch you so deeply you will be pushing for her to change her mind. I can’t tell you everything just that you will want to know this woman and be her friend. You will want to push her, cheer her, and just simply be there for her. She is that kinda of woman. And she is determined to find a man that will not treat her like she is dying in the bedroom… Welcome Mr. Parker David… The one man that treats her just like she wants to be in bed… But what happens when he is determined to not let this be a one night stand…

This story is awesome. If you do not feel anything while you are reading this book, you might need to check your heart. This story will pull at your heartstrings and make you feel something, I don’t care what you feel – you will feel something for the characters in this story. Each one will touch you in one way or the other. There was a couple that I wanted to slap the shit out of because one is simply a douchebag – which in the extra that we get in the back of the book -> I realllllyyyyy wanted to do more than slap the shit out of him but the other, I wanted to slap because he was being pissy. He needed to get over himself. But damn Gina, you put me through the ringer with this book and I have the feeling you will make me go through more in the next one but damn if you don’t make it worth it.

Bailey and Parker will make you wish that time could be suspended and all things could just be as they are supposed to be. But we all know life is not that way and some people are dealt crappy hands but we also all know it is in how you handle yourself and those crappy hands is what matters the most. This truly is an awesome story with people that are truly remarkable!

To learn more about Gina and her books visit her site at http://ginawatson.net/


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  1. Gina Watson

     /  December 16, 2014

    So wonderful! I love, love, love your reviews! Cecile, Miss Smutty Hussy, thank you for reviewing this one. Yes, I had a box of tissue next to me as I wrote it. Those ups and downs make the ending so much sweeter don’t you think? I hope you have a Merry Christmas!! Thanks agains, Gina Watson



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