#Review: Lucien and Serenity (Sapphire Club #1) by @BritaAddams

lucienandserenity-200Fulfill your wicked fantasies at the Sapphire Club

Lucien and Serenity

Book One of the Sapphire Club series

Ten years after she abandoned her marriage, and in fear for her life, Serenity Damrill returns to London. Desperate to win her husband’s unwitting protection, Serenity submits to the unusual marriage her husband proposes.

No longer the man she married, Lucien has devoted years to the creation of the Sapphire Club, the premier sex club in London, where members realize their wildest dreams. When his frigid wife returns, he sees little reason to entertain a resumption of the marriage, unless she submits to the type of intimate relationship he’s come to crave.

When Serenity’s past comes to call, her deceit is revealed and the fragile peace between husband and wife hangs in the balance.

Ah, but at the Sapphire Club, rules don’t exist, and anything is possible…

reviewMs. Addams has always captured me with her writing style. She has the ability to pull you out of the every day you know exists and puts you directly in the setting of the characters that come from her great mind. I was glad these two characters found a way to persuade Ms. Addams to write their story.  Intriguing, enticing, alluring and simply captivating.

We first meet Serenity when she is all but twenty. She has smitten many men but they deem her skittish, so they leave her alone. She has never left the  comforts of her family home, so being sheltered would be a correct assumption. But you also have to know her “wonderful, peach” of a mother. You can really say that her mother scarred her with “the talk.” Serenity thinks horrible things of the act of consummating a marriage. I felt bad for her for the inadequate “teaching” she had in regards to life, love and relationship.

Lucien is a man cut from a different cloth. He shows that by taking care of his older brother’s mistress and the child the two of them created.  His older brother casted them both to the side as if they were nothing more than common trash. But Lucien cares for both of them. He provided her and her child with the means to which to live.  Then he meets Serenity and is completely smitten with her…

The beginning of the story was a bit rough for me because a lot of things are going on with Lucien and Serenity. We have Lucien and Serenity’s marriage, the death of his older brothers mistress and the ramifications of that death. We have a fragile bride who’s actually terrified of her bridegroom and the night to come. I won’t say any more about that because to understand the story as a whole, your have to read that.  And it all comes around in the end and ties into a nice little bow!

But with those words, I will tell you this story holds its own suspense and drama as much as it does some very hot, passionate love scenes.  The characters pour a lot of these out in this book and show you that they are not just one dimensional.  They will make you want to know more about them and the people they hold so close to them.

This is a very well written historical, steamy, passionate, raw emotionally story!

To learn more about Brita’s book visit her web site http://www.britaaddams.net/

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  1. Great review Miss Cecile! And Happy Birthday! I thought I’d find a birthday bash here like you used to have in the old days… 😦


  2. Thank you, Cecile, for this wonderful review. Great to wake up to.



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