#Review: Defeat The Darkness: Demons of the Bayou (Hearts of Darkness #1) by @elizamarch

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Possessed by evil, ruled by lust, driven by hunger. Can love defeat an ancient demon and can love turn darkness into light?

Shelby fell in love with Max’s new best friend after she followed him to Tulane Medical school. After finishing, Max Hamilton, Shelby Mackenzie, and Kyle Lachlan each have a different plan. Kyle announces he’s joined Physicians International Charity and is out to save innocent lives after the mudslides in Guatemala. He’s determined to make up for his privileged Boston upbringing even if it means being separated from Shelby for a few months while she finishes her residency. But when he arrives in the makeshift medical camp, strange things begin to happen. Local legends inspired by the jungle jaguars tell of men who shift into the form of the large cats. And when Kyle is attacked by a rogue jaguar. His future changes, instantly and so do his former beliefs. Ideals manifest into the myths and legends of a bad “B” horror flick.

Pursued by a demonic yet exquisitely beautiful vampire, Kyle fights her possession, Amyra de la Santiago plans to use him and turn him for her own selfish purpose and he is determined to fight becoming the dark demon he senses within her. Leverage is what she needs, and who better to use against him than the people he cares about most? Because he is the answer she’s been awaiting over three thousand years for.

Kyle will do anything to protect Max and keep the woman he loves safe, even if it means sacrificing himself to Amyra. Yet, Max and Shelby aren’t willing to give up on him or allow Amyra to have Kyle’s soul without a fight. But Shelby must learn to believe in Kyle, again, then trust him and finally, she must be willing to to be the light to his darkness. Later, there will be time to deal with the secret need she developed from the transition he caused. The hunger for sexual satisfaction drives her the way a vampire is driven by the need for blood. Max is always a willing partner, but as relationships change, so do her needs.

Can Kyle adjust and accept their new roles? After the danger is past, will he be able to love a sex fae? Shelby holds out hope since only she can defeat the demon darkness taking over both Kyle and Max.

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Defeat-Darkness-Demons-Bayou-Hearts-ebook/dp/B00EAA1FW8/

Rhonda’s Review:

This is a full length book with a great plot and no cliffhanger! My kind of paranormal romance. But not only that, there are fascinating secondary characters that will hopefully make Defeat the Darkness into a fantastic series.

The book starts with Kyle, a humanitarian doctor, going to Guatemala to help people in the aftermath of devastating mudslides. Right before Kyle leaves he proposes to Shelby, promising to marry her when he returns and she completes her medical residency.

In Guatemala Kyle is targeted by an ancient evil being, Amayra de la Santiago. While searching for a lost boy, Kyle is attacked by rogue Jaguar shifters. Soon afterwards Kyle is kidnapped by Amayra. Kyle is changing into something unbelievable while being tortured by Amayra. But Kyle refuses to give in to Amayra, who wants to change him into something more. That is until the very people Kyle came to help are threatened.

Shelby rushes to Guatemala when she hears Kyle is missing. But Amayra drugs Shelby and leads Shelby to believe Kyle is unfaithful. Shelby returns home and takes solace with her lifelong friend and prior lover Max.

The book starts to get really interesting when Kyle returns home. He has changed into something horrific. He is taken in by a group of paranormal beings, who help him to control his inner demons. But Amara will not give him up so easily. She follows Kyle home and threatens all that he loves. And Shelby seems different as well. Did something more happen to her besides being drugged?

The book has an intriguing plot with several surprises and twists, unique secondary characters, a love triangle, and unusual hybrid paranormal creatures. Reading this book was a pleasure.

To learn more about Eliza’s books visit her web site: http://elizamarch.com/

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