#Review: Ask For It (Girls’ Night Trilogy # 1) by @SelenaBlake

300_askforitTrevor Wyatt has lusted for journalist JJ Fairchild since before he retired from the NFL. Now she’s back in his life and he’s not going to miss the opportunity to show her just how good they could be together.

Words may be JJ’s tool of trade, but when it comes to the bedroom, words escape her. Trevor’s an excellent teacher and before she knows it, she’s asking for what she wants.

But when outside forces threaten to expose dark secrets from Trevor’s past, can he overcome his suspicions and trust the woman in his bed?

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This is a story that will draw you from the minute you open the book but it will not let you go. Nope, you will want to know more about this awesome group of friends and their adventures through life. This story, even though it is about a retired NFL player and most of us in our lives will never meet one – much less date one, is written in a way that brings all the characters down to earth and into your heart. Ms. Blake has a way with her words that has you cheering on the characters as they embark on journey’s they never saw themselves going on, facing challenges in their lives, but holding their hand during the heartbreak they go through.

JJ, Julia to those closest to her, is damn good at what she does. No matter who the subject of her story is, she makes sure to get the best story. Being the best journalist in the sport industry makes her very sought after – even if she does not believe that. That is one reason why she goes by JJ… to help her in the field. She has had to deal with some big names in the industry, but one always stuck with her – Trevor Wyatt. He has starred in more dreams than she cares to mention but she never lead on to anyone that she crushed on him. Not even her three best friends! They share everything, but there are some things that Julia just has not shared with her friends… Julia has been the one to always play it safe, never take risks… but that all changes when she walks into a shoe store to find the man of her lusty dreams behind the counter… wanting to wait on her!

Trevor is use to all the attention he attracts. Being a retired NFL player can do that to a man. He has had his share of women and enjoyed the side of celebrity but he has also experienced the side that brings around stalkers and just straight up crazy-ass women/men. That is the side he does not want, he did not ask for. He has been looking over his shoulder because of these types of people. He just wants a normal, or what normal he can have life… he wants a woman he can trust, love and bring home to his family. But that is kinda hard to do when you block yourself off from the world… Until one day, helping out his cousin, puts him in line to offer his service to the woman he has been wanting for a long time… Julia Fairchild… The one woman that gets him and understands him… the one woman that could destroy him…

This story has such a range of emotions for all of its characters. This story is about Julia and Trevor, but you meet Julia’s best friends, her brothers and her dad. You also meet Trevor’s family and in meeting all of these people, Ms. Blake writes it so that you want to know more about those as well… especially Julia’s best friends… I just know that their stories should come (if they haven’t already) and Julia’s brothers. The family does not interfere with the story of Julia and Trevor but they add spices to the story that will have you laughing and going “aweee.” And let me say that even though Julia is a wizard with her words on paper… the bedroom is a different matter and the way Trevor makes her Ask For It! 😉

To learn more about Selena’s books visit her web site http://www.selena-blake.com/

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