#Review: Pursued By a Werewolf (Mystic Isle #4) by @SelenaBlake

Pursued By a Werewolf

Series:Mystic Isle # 4

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Fun and flirty vampiress Avery Cooper has met her match in werewolf Hunter Ciolek. Watch the sparks fly in New York Times Bestselling author Selena Blake’s much anticipated novel, Pursued by a Werewolf, Mystic Isle book 4.

Werewolf Hunter Ciolek knew Avery was the woman for him the moment they met. He negotiated and seduced, befriended and pursued her. But nothing changed her mind about love.

Avery Cooper knows firsthand how love can destroy a person. She vowed to enjoy every moment of her second chance at life while keeping a wall around her heart. But a chance meeting with the ultra-dreamy, smooth talking Hunter Ciolek threatens her carefully constructed rules.

Hunter has a new plan and only a few short weeks to make her see things his way because living without her is not an option and this werewolf always gets what he wants.

Warning: One vamp who thinks she has everything she needs plus one once-in-a-lifetime gorgeous werewolf who will stop at nothing to win her equals a stunning romance packed with emotion and sizzling sex. You’ll never look at a yoga mat the same way again.


I am a fan of Ms. Blake’s writing. She knows how to engage her readers into the stories, pulls us into the story with the characters and makes us feel the heartache, the betrayal, the passion, and the love that each character goes through. But she also makes the readers feel like they are in the environment that the characters are in. This story is no different…

Avery knows what betrayal and heartache feel like. Those are things she never wants to experience again in life, even in her second chance at life (now that she is vampire). She would rather close herself up and just have fun than to allow herself to fall for someone that could potentially hurt her… Her reasons are legit. At least that is what she keeps telling herself. That is, until she meets one man that is hell bent on breaking her number one rule… Always keep it at a one-night stand. But apparently her heart and her mind and other parts of her body are not on the same page.

Hunter is a man happy with life. He is beta of his pack and content with all that surrounds him. He loves his family and friends and is loyal to the end. He knows that he could have any woman he wants if he so chooses to, but that is not what he wants… He wants one woman who set a rule, or challenge to him, down that supposedly he was not supposed to break… Yea, try telling a werewolf that he can’t have his way… Especially when he knows that this woman is supposed to be his mate – no matter what she says, lol.

This is a really cute story. This is a book that combines all their friends and makes them feel like family. I was never lost in the book with who is who (because I have read this book out of order.) Ms. Blake did a wonderful job at keeping the friends in the book, introducing them (because you know a few have already had their own story), but not overshadowing them with Avery & Hunter’s story. They knew how to be in the story without intruding in their space. Like I said, this really is a cute love story. The coming together of two people… showing patience, and love because knowing love takes patience, Hunter knew what he was doing… Winning Avery’s heart!


Learn more about Selena’s books at her web site http://www.selena-blake.com/

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