#Review: Phantom Desire (Psychic Menage #2) by @HoustonHavens

Mind traveler Chandra Lamar is on the run, not only from her post-catastrophic dystopian government but from a past she can’t remember. Will Chandra go through with the vengeance in her heart or give it up for love in the arms of the Nodin men or does her Phantom Desire forever own her heart?


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This is an awesome series by Ms. Houston. I have read the first book and felt thoroughly spent from that book. Ms. Houston has created a niche for herself and her stories. She has created her stories in such a manner that draws you in and makes you want to learn all you can about them. She crafted characters that are unforgettable, demanding to be heard and challenging to love. She wields her pen like her characters wield their swords. Ms. Houston is a writer with a powerful story that has just begun to unfold…

Chandra is a warrior to her core. She is independent, in control of herself and her destiny. She has been a protector of her best friend, Fay, since they were kids. She has always had to be strong not only for herself, but for Fay. Being trained for all sorts of enemy tactics, Chandra has held in all emotions… That is until her lover, Ortello dies… All hell breaks loose! She knows that life must go on but without his love and support, she is not so sure she wants to go on… Even with his two brothers Nikias and Andonis – she is sure they blame her for Ortello’s death. Revenge for the death of Ortello is what she wants but to achieve it, she has to betray those that love her…

Andonis is the healer of the community. That is his job – to save people. But when he couldn’t save his own brother, he doubts himself and life as he knows it. The grief he feels, the responsibility he feels leaves him feeling vulnerable and well… let’s just say it leaves him rubbing people the wrong way – especially Chandra. He is stubborn, bullheaded, rude and hurt. Grief is a crazy thing because you never know how a person will react to the grief in their heart and soul. But he doesn’t realize how much of an ass he is being until he gets a wake up call from his deceased brother, Ortello. Chandra is their key to life after death but will Andonis get his head out his ass in time to realize what he has before it is gone….

Nikias is the brother that is wise beyond his age. He held a special place in my heart since I first met him in book one. He has such a gentle soul and it really shines in this story. His compassion and empathy is like no other. He knows his brother Andonis loves Chandra with all his heart and knows without a shadow of a doubt that she loves both of them, but can they all survive the grief that has engulfed them all. Can he pull Andonis out of the hole he is falling in before it is too late for all of them… Can he prove to Chandra that with a little prodding and a lot of loving – all will be okay?

I thought the first story was – mind blowing… Well, apparently I was not ready for the second one. There is no way to simply just say this was an amazing story. The complexity of it, coupled with the grief that can actually be felt is just – mind consuming. The story line that is laid out before you while reading will devour you. These four people, Chandra, Ortello, Andonis and Nikias will crawl into your mind and escape in your heart. They will tear you up with emotions they go through, they will pull at your heartstrings because you will feel what they feel. But to watch these three grieve, separately and together, was an amazing transformation. And once the blame game was done and over with… these three (four still counting Ortello) build back what they once had – an amazing relationship. Ohhh and the heat level of this story is off the freaking charts! The love in this book will go beyond just sweet lovemaking. The scenes are described in such a style that you will feel the heat rising in your blood, your skin will itch to be touched and your… well, let’s just say your mate better not be far from you when you are reading this story. I was quite surprised by the “tricks” these men had up their sleeves. This story just continues to grow and pulls you deeper than you thought you wanted to go… Ms. Houston, very well done. You keep pushing us to believe in the unbelievable… You make us see things when we really don’t want to see… This series so far is simply spectacular!!

 Houston Havens web site http://houstonhavensauthor.wix.com/houstonhavens

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  1. OMG what an awesome review!!! Thank you for such kind words…I’m sooo glad you liked it! I’ll work harder on book three to try to out do book two! I don’t want to let you down! xoxoxo big hugs


  1. Phantom Desire (Psychic Menage #2) by @Houston Havens #Excerpt #erotic #romance #dystopian #futuristic |

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