#Review: Surge (St. Martin Family Saga: Emergency Responders #3) by @ginawatsongina


Book Three in the St. Martin Family Saga: Emergency Responders

He was twenty-eight, she was eighteen.

Everyone around them opposed their love.

But their love was much greater than the sum of their ages.

Clara’s family took Jackson in when, at the age of seventeen, he’d lost his parents. The St. Martins were the only family he had. When his connection with Clara developed into something stronger, he couldn’t feel remorseful. What he did feel was warmth, hope, and love. Ten years later it was time to tell the family—he wouldn’t let their love be a lie any longer.

When he came to live with them, Clara knew one day she’d marry him. She just didn’t know her family wouldn’t be on board with the plans. Sure, Jackson was much older than her and yeah, they’d jumped the gun on intimacy, but she’d needed Jackson’s touch that day and he’d needed hers. They planned to marry once he finished medical school, but when Clara’s brother found out about their two-year relationship he beat the good doctor’s face until he was unrecognizable.

Jackson couldn’t see a way  they could be together and she wouldn’t have to make a choice between him and her family. He knew what it was to go through life without the support of family and he wouldn’t let her choose him over the St. Martins.

Will Clara and Jackson be able to have a future together, or will her family tear them apart?

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This is the last installment in the St. Martin Family Saga: Emergency Responders series and let me say – Damn you Gina!! I have read all the St. Martin series and this was unlike any of the other stories that I have read. This one dripped emotion so thick off the pages that I felt my eyes moisten up. Gina’s writing is so detailed you will feel your own heart break, you will feel your soul filled with a black void of where your heart use to be because Gina will hold your heart in her hand. Her writing will take you away from where you are and transplant you in Whiskey Cove with the St. Martin’s. This story…. Well, let’s just get down to the review so I can tell…

Clara is the baby sister of all the St. Martin boys. She is the youngest and the only girl in the family, so of course they all look after her with such a fierce protection that no one dares mess with her. Clara might be young at 18 years old, but she is wise beyond her years. She has a sense about things that no one would be able to comprehend. And she knows that the one person in the world that is meant to be hers is the one person that has saved her time and time again. Without a doubt, she knows like her next breath she has to take to survive, she would not survive without his love. But her relationship is surrounded by lies and deceit and has crippled her soul and being surrounded by couples infatuated with each other is making her want to come clean with her family… but what would they say when they found it was Jackson… Could Clara live without the man that is her oxygen in life? What if she had to choose her family or her soul mate?

Jackson is a man made of pure determination and loyalty. He would do anything in the world for his extended family – the St. Martin’s. Not of blood relations but a bond so strong that nothing would come between them. After his parent’s death, Mrs. St. Martin took him into her home and made him one of her own. Everyone accepted him but the only daughter accepted him and loved him more than life itself. He needed his Clara like a man needed to his next breath to survive. He knew that even when she was still too young, that she was meant to be his and his alone. But was he ready to share his secret with those that have come to love him no matter what… would they accept the love he had for their sister/daughter? What happened if they disapproved of him as the man for her? He would rather die than be without Clara… Death would be a welcome gift if he could not have her…

Damn you Gina, you made me cry with this one. Actual tears fell from my eyes to the iPad screen as I read this one. This story is crafted so well, that for the first few chapters I was wondering if the reading was easy breezy. I was actually wondering where the turmoil would come from with Jackson and Clara’s story because their love is so apparent, you will see it come alive in the pages you read. You know they are meant for each other as they quite reverently speak of it all the time. Their story was actually getting to me and I was like okay… they love each other A Lot…. Then boom… you see their true character come out, they do not like lying to the family, and they do not like hiding… And then comes the real story… Don’t get me wrong, the true story is Jackson and Clara’s undying love for each other… but with a family like the St. Martin’s, everything is done as a family… But what happens when the family turns on you… Then what… And when the family turns on you and the love of your life turns on you too… … What do you have left… nothing… But tears and memories… This story is about fighting for what you believe in and I could not be more proud of how Clara handled herself and fought for what she believed in… Cracker Jack and Bug… Awesomely done Ms. Gina!

To learn more about Gina’s books visit her web site http://ginawatson.net/

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  1. Gina Watson

     /  September 16, 2014

    Thank you Cecile for another awesome review. I loved this couple and suffered withdrawals when the writing came to an end. I love writing about couples who have known each other for a while because you can do so many things with them–like make them all googly for each other. They were pretty intense, sometimes annoyingly so but it had to be that way for them. So…..now we have Parker! He is larger than life. I hope you have time to check him out one day. Let me know and I’ll hook you up. Thank you for the wonderful and FUN reviews and games/giveaways. Love your site. You’re awesome!!



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