#Review: Seize (St. Martin Family Saga: Emergency Responders #2) by @ginawatsongina

seize_450Book Two in the St. Martin Family Saga: Emergency Responders

Mia was in trouble.

She was alone and she was scared. She prayed for a miracle, and then she met Augustine. A Marine, turned sheriff, named after a saint.

 Augustine Roy liked his job as Sheriff of East Baton Rouge Parish. He liked the town and the town’s women, some said too much, but he’d never heard any of them complain. He wasn’t interested in monogamy, a fact most single women in town had come to understand. He loved his family and friends and when his best friend, Clay, needed his help, he jumped at the chance to use his skills as a former Marine Corps field extraction expert.

While Augie thrived when life ran calm and controlled, his current situation was anything but. Mia had entered his life and dumped it on its head. To top it off, she was so not his type. He preferred large breasted Southern blondes with experience in the sack. Mia was slim, Canadian, and to his utter disbelief, a twenty five year old virgin.

But then he’d gone and married her . . .

 . . . and then she’d passed out.

When Mia woke, she had a new name, and a new ring. She just hoped like hell she’d not missed the wedding consummation.

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I am sure you guys are getting tired of hearing me talk about Gina and all her men, but today is not different.  Her writing kicks major ass! The woman wields a pen and paper the way a swordsman wields his sword.  Her writing is thick like a roux (google it lol – it’s a Louisiana thing) and has everything that makes you go ummmmm… Like a delicious bowl of gumbo! She makes you feel her characters heartache, but she also makes sure that she wraps you thick in the love the characters are feeling.  She does not want to leave you wondering what they are feeling, she makes you feel it.

Augustine, Augie, is the Sheriff of East Baton Rouge and an extended part of the St. Martin clan.  He’s best friends with Clay, the oldest brother of the St. Martin boys. This is a man who’s past haunts him every time he closes his eyes to sleep… But he tries to counter what happened back then by saving lives in the today… And that is what he thought he would be doing when Clay asked him to go to Canada to get divorce papers signed by Eve’s soon to be ex-husband and to retrieve his bride’s to be sister, Mia.  Augie was all for saving people, he just didn’t think he needed saving… Until he meets Mia and she shakes his world upside down and inside out!

Mia is used to taking care of everyone and everything all her life. She had to grow up early in life and for that, I feel for her. Having to take care of her mother in the manner in which she did, left no life for Mia at all.  She isn’t stupid by any means, but some things just done click when they should. She might seem immature at times, but when you read her story and see what she has gone through, you will want to cut her some slack and allow her to enjoy the little things in life.  She does not know the danger she is in, until she meets a man that points it out every time she turns around…. But is she ready for things that change within her from meeting this man… Only time will tell.

This story kinda shook me a little.  Gina wrote a story that some might say pushed the boundaries of meanness but you have to understand where those feelings come from and to understand that is to understand the man – Augie.  He literally has been through hell and back (seeing war in Afghanistan) and having dealt with so much has left his soul a little void of anything but nightmares.  He is truly a character that will twist your heart and sometimes you will not know what to think of him.  He is mean, rude, demanding, arrogant, blunt… But he is also fiercely loyal and devoted without question. But getting past those walls is damn near impossible… Until Mia.

She is a refreshing breath of air with her sense of humor and her innocence.  She doesn’t look at things or people the way most people do. She does not play victim to her past circumstances, she stands up for herself and for others. Her giving soul is so rich, she will make you feel like you do not do enough, lol.

This story will take you through all sorts of emotions. Some you will not be able to deal with, but I promise you it will be worth the ride.  You must read Augie and Mai’s story… For what they have to share will show you some people are just made for each other.

Another great job Gina!!

For more info on Gina’s books visit her web site: http://ginawatson.net/

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  1. Cecile!!!! Thank you for the kind words on this work. I know several readers that said Augie went beyond Alpha male to just an ass, but this is the only story that is actually based on a person I knew. I met this guy when I was in the army. He had deep pain from PTSD but he was inherently good. His experience, as you point out so eloquently in the review, made him difficult on the outside, but inside he was warm gooey caramel–the problem was accessing the caramel. These men are not for everyone, but they need a woman who is willing to extend some patience and understanding, after all they’ve done, they deserve it. I hope wherever said man is that he has found peace and happiness. I just love this review. Thank you.



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