Character Interview with Clay from Sizzle by Gina Watson and #Giveaway

sizzle_450I would like to take a moment to welcome someone to the Lair that I have been waiting to have in my hands… I mean in my Lair…  for a long time… Ladies and gents, please give a warm southern hussy welcome to Mr. Clayton St. Martin.


Welcome to My Lair Mr. St. Martin and let me say, thank you for your time and dedication as a fireman. Also, let me say that Eve gave me her permission to have my way with you… **evil grin spreads across Ms. Smutty’s face**


Why don’t we start this off nice and slow, what are 3 things you would never leave the house without?

  • Smith and Wesson First Response Utility Knife
  • Sunglasses
  • Condoms

*Damn, do I love a man that is always prepared!*


Clay, what 3 words would you use to describe yourself?

  • Loyal
  • Too tall to fit through most doorways without crouching and too large to sit in most chairs comfortably

**But oh you would fit quite well in my bed….. Cecile eyes Clay to see if he heard me mentally say that… Nah smiles**

  • Insatiable appetite


If we went on a date, where would we go and what would we do **a girl can dream**?

I like to spend money on women. I also like for a woman to dress just for me in something I like. If you would let me, I might be tempted to even pick out a dress for the occasion—something strapless, I love strapless dresses.

We’d go to New Orleans in a rented limo so that we could get down in the back. First we’d hit Sazerac Bar at the Roosevelt Hotel for pre dinner cocktails. I recommend the Sazerac, official drink of New Orleans. Next, we’d take that limo to dinner at Irene’s—this great little place where you have to wait two hours for a table, but while you wait you are serenaded by piano and more libation. Occasionally Walter “Wolfman” Washington will play. Food is to die for. They do this thing with pasta and crawfish reggiano—a dish in and of itself, but then they top it with fried soft shell crab. I’m getting a hard on just thinking about. Was that out loud? Forgive me.

After dinner festivities would kick off at Maple Leaf Bar for a little Rebirth Brass Band and more drinks. The important thing to remember here is the night is a marathon, not a sprint. I like to drink two glasses of water between each drink.

By midnight I’d have removed my tie and jacket, you’d be barefoot, but we’re not done yet. One of my favorite things in the quarter is Rock n’ Bowl. We’d bowl to the tune of live Zydeco. If we’re lucky Geno Delafose will be booked. We’d order beignets and coffee. Lots of coffee.

So that’s pretty much it. Oh, how could I forget? I would have rented us a room at the Ritz Carlton. Did I mention I packed several feet of natural rope?

**Did I mention that I am ready to go now… Screw the interview, we can pick this up later…….. Okay okay… Let’s get on with the interview…**


What would you say has been your most embarrassing moment?

I always say, never mix business with pleasure. Cliché I know, but great advice all the same. I’d been drinking too much over at Bar Inferno (oh the irony) with Charlotte (this really hot firewoman chick I worked with at the 19th). After the bar announced last call we took off on foot to head to the station where I had an unopened bottle of Willett Bourbon that had been a Christmas gift. We never opened the bottle, however. Instead we ended up rolling around on top of the newly acquired pumper truck. Charlotte hadn’t been altogether happy when I tied her hands and ankles together and had my way with her. It was all consensual mind you, Charlotte just liked to put up a fight. It was her thing.

I woke in the morning handcuffed to the truck in nothing but what the good Lord gave me. The fire department Chaplain had come to visit as well as the fire chief. The captain gave a tour, new pumper truck included. You can imagine their surprise to find me in a state of nakedness and *ahem* full on morning wood. I was reprimanded and told to make a confessional appointment, but also the story made it around the department in record time. After that I tried to behave myself. It’s not always easy. Every time I start a shift brings another chance to save a life.

**Oh wow, that has to be one of the most embarrassing moments that I can think of… Good use of the handcuffs I must say…**


What is your one guilty pleasure?

I eat two handfuls of M&Ms every night.


What is your greatest regret

Seeing the tears I put in my girl’s eyes. It hurts me to see her cry, but it kills me when I’m the cause.


What is your greatest achievement?

The best thing I ever did was make a commitment to Eve in front of our friends and family.

On a global level, I worked tirelessly during the storms to bring aid and rescue the stranded. I’ve seen what can happen during times of desperation and hopelessness. When the first storm hit it made us realize we weren’t prepared for such a disaster and eighteen hundred people died.

On the front lines as I was, I saw great torment and loss. During the despair there were moments when my faith in humanity was preserved. All rescue workers and emergency responders put their own lives at risk every time they go out on a call, but every life saved is precious. Those achievements—when rescues have been successful—are everything to me and I’ll cherish them always.

*Cecile, don’t make me sound like a pussy.

**I promise not to make you sound like a pussy… You are a man of great strength, fierce loyalty and a devotion that runs as deep as the Mississippi…**


Pick a theme for your life, what would it be?

To discover life’s balance between pleasure and pain. It’s why I gravitate toward kimbaku. The ropes awaken the senses and provide tingling pleasure, but also give a bite of pain to the skin.

Family can bring careless fun for hours, but sometimes I become extremely frustrated with my siblings.

Eve brings me great pleasure, but her pain is also my pain.

Life is lived on a continuum. At one end is pain, at the other pleasure. For the most part I try to live life somewhere in the middle. I’m not going to lie here though—it’s the extremities that make the everyday monotony of life tolerable. Eve understands that. It’s why she enjoys being bound and I love to bind her.

**Ah yes, it sparked a fire in my blood every time I read how Eve described the way the rope felt on her skin and how she imagined it to be your hands on her when you were not around **


What’s the best advice you’re been given?

Don’t be afraid to lose what can be replaced. It’s what’s irreplaceable that can cripple you. You can always start over.

***Now, you just remember your own advice when you deal with Clara in her story, Surge… You kinda went all ape man on her and her man… ((For those that have not read yet, my review is coming… Clay is not very nice in that story… Poor Clara))**


What’s your motto?

Work hard, love harder. I used to have it on my bumper.  I should explain—that statement used to be work hard, play harder until I met Eve. I love her so hard every night . . . . but, I’m getting off track. What’s the next question?

**As I stare at Clay and processed what he said, I had images of what playing harder could mean and it rendered me speechless…

Cecile clears her mind, ohhh next question, right**


What do you like to do in your spare time? Hobbies?

You mean besides sex? Hmm, I’m going to go with fishing.


Okay…. personal time!!!! Oh, I go there… you were warned… If you thought you were safe… Nah… Forgot it… Not a chance! We will start off slow and easy, I promise!


What is on your night stand/dresser?

A body building magazine, an old school two-way radio, and a tube of lube.


What makes you tick?

I’m pretty adventurous, but I also like consistency and organization. I like things to be clean. So does Eve. She’s always busy rubbing something down. *Huge smile*


What makes you blood boil?

I don’t like to see animals mistreated. Oh you mean in the bedroom. *Sips coffee and chokes* I like to see the patterns left on creamy skin from natural rope.


What is your favorite feature on a woman?

I like the outer swell of the boob. My brother Camp calls it side boob, but what does he know.


How did you come to learn about kinbaku?

A long time ago (B.E.) I met a woman at the Hoodoo Pot. She said she’d blow my mind. It was true. Under her instruction I bound her with the rope. This woman, she wanted to lose herself in passion. She didn’t want to wonder if she was pleasing a man or not she just wanted to be used. I was tired of holding back. I also wanted to lose myself and she let me. After that day I never looked back.


Boxers, brief or commando?

This is an interesting question. I had no idea woman cared about underwear. The truth is, in my line of work, I’d be going through a lot of underwear if I wore them. So there you have it.


What is your favorite sex position **I have my pen ready to write this one down**?

That’s good Cecile, I like a woman who can take detailed notes. This answer has changed somewhat since I met Eve. I used to love binding a woman in the fetal position and then I’d have my way with her. I never could – you know – with the woman on top. Something about giving control that didn’t sit well with me. I discovered that’s not true with Eve. I love to let my woman do whatever she wants to me. Especially when she’s on top, riding me and I get to watch her in ecstasy. She’s beautiful.


Have you ever had sex while in your firefighting gear, girls dream, just saying!?

I’ve had requests, but it’s kind of bulky. Although one time Eve did wear the hat and made clever use of my suspenders. Does that count?


Have you posed for one of those Firefighter Calendars, if so… Can I have one?

Every year, wearing only suspenders and pants. And of course, I’ll send over a few for you and your friends.


Hard and Quick Time! Don’t think… Just answer!

 Are you a quickie kind guy? NO!

Dark or Milk Chocolate on or off the body? Milk. Whose body?

Whipped or Melted on the body? Whipped and then the body heat can melt it making it so much better for licking away.

Hot Wax or Whip Cream? Hot wax.

Straight up or with a twist – sex? Twist.

What’s ur fave drink – in a glass or on me? Willette Bourbon, from your navel.

Spank or Flogger? Spank.

Ties or Ropes? Ropes.

Soft or Hard… Bed, where was your mind? Hard.

Control or Be Controlled? Control.


And last question…. What makes you Sizzle **naughty look crosses Cecile’s face**?

So I bought this white bikini for Eve. It was way too small. Of course I knew that. Did you know she sports double D’s? When she wears it my brain cells fry. I’ve gone down fifteen IQ points since we’ve met.


I lied, since Eve was such a generous woman, I have to ask about her…

Tell me a little something about Eve… You have to know that I love her to death! But she promised to share you with me….

She’s going to kill me for sharing this, but she wears the bindings under her clothes during the day. She says it’s like having my hands on her—all over her. It drives me crazy thinking about it. In fact, I think I need to end this interview.


**Smutty Cecile clears her throat** I want to thank you Clay for stopping by the Lair and supporting Ms. Gina’s giveaway for your story… Sizzle!


This is what you could win:Cecile Giveaway


To enter, click on the Rafflecopter link below

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 I will pick a winner Sept 14th

Good Luck

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  1. Joy

     /  September 8, 2014

    Super hot interview! Clay is one if my favs! 🙂


  2. Rhonda Jones

     /  September 8, 2014

    Great Interview!


  3. Hot Interview loved his answers.


  4. Kim R.

     /  September 9, 2014

    This was great interview. Love Clay’s POV


  5. Sharon Richardson

     /  September 10, 2014

    Great interview!


  6. loved it!! Great responses.


  7. Brandi Defries Swendt

     /  September 10, 2014

    Intriguing!!!! Great Q &A


  8. Gale

     /  September 10, 2014

    Loved it!


  9. Very interesting



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