#Review: Sizzle (St. Martin Family Saga: Emergency Responders #1) by @ginawatsongina

sizzle_450Book One in the St. Martin Family Saga: Emergency Responders

A Louisiana fireman, Clay St. Martin liked his hoses bound tight and his women bound tighter. He’d not had a traditional relationship in years and was positive he’d found the answer to all his needs and desires: The Hoodoo Pot—Baton Rouge’s elite members only sex and bondage club.

Eve Ivey had escaped the clutches of her evil ex, but still she constantly looked over her shoulder. That is, until she met Clay. At six feet five, he was a king among men. She’d certainly like to be his queen.

He’d rescued her from a hurricane’s lashing winds and rising water, but his first mistake was in bringing her home. Yet she’d had nowhere to go. A bigger mistake would have been not going back for her.

And now neither of them wanted her to leave. The only thing to do was let the storm rage outside while they focused on the personal storm raging between their bodies.

A storm that was advancing on their hearts.

 Before we get to the review I wanted to give you readers a heads up about a special appearance by our hero of Sizzle, Clay stopping by on Monday Sept 8th and he brought gifts to give away. So come back Monday you won’t be disappointed. He was fun to interview 🙂



Hello ladies and gents of my blog… If you have been here within the month of August, you know I have a smutty crush on the St. Martin brothers. Ms. Gina has written a family saga in such a way that you find yourself plowing through these stories with a hunger that can only be satisfied by going to the next brother’s story. She crafts these stories where they make you want to crawl in the lap of these men and stay for a while. The details to the environment and the atmosphere will make you feel the heat only Louisiana can make you feel. Gina has a way of making all her characters stand out in your mind, you will not forget any of them… And this story is a story that I have patiently been waiting for… Clay’s story…

Clayton, Clay as he is known in his story, is the oldest of the St. Martin brothers. He is protector of all the St. Martin’s, especially their sister Clara. He is determined that no harm will come to them on his watch. Being a chief fire inspector and owner of his own fire safety business, Clay knew all about saving people and keeping them out of harms way. That’s just what he did. His job. His job kept him going all the time, leaving no room for romantic interludes but he was okay with that – as he did not want to be involved with anyone. He only wanted what he wanted, when he wanted and how he wanted. His life, sex, and job are just as he liked it… in his control. Always… in his control! That is until one woman came into his life with her innocence and smile and sizzled her way under his skin and in his every thought… until it consumed him… But was Clay ready for what his little kitten had to give…

Eve… When I meet Eve, I noticed something about her and my heart went out to her. She has been hurt in her past… hurt to a point that it scarred her. But her heart and soul would not allow that hurt to hinder her spirit. She is someone I would want as a friend because she loves with all her heart and soul and tries to give all of her to everything she touches. She brought a tear to my eye with her flinches and it makes you want to find the bastard yourself that did that to her… But I admire Eve because she is stronger than she will ever know. She is my kind of woman. She is on the run and feels it is only a matter of time before he finds her…. But when she bumps into her “gentle giant” her world changes… But is she ready to have a change like that in her life… or will her nightmares continue to haunt her day and night…

This is an amazing story of two people who are fighting their own demons. Gina does not shy away from those demons… she exploits them and they rear their ugly head throughout the story. But what I love about this story is that even though the demons come out, it is how it is handled by Clay and Eve that I take pride in. To watch these two blossom under each other’s love is something short of a miracle. Clay and Eve do have to go through hell and back in order to make it to the end but it is the last line that will get you….

The best is yet to come…

Gina does make sure to bring family in this story as well, not all of them… but a few. You know the St. Martin’s have each other’s back and Gina always makes sure you know that. There are a few more stories that I must read – so stay tune for more reviews to come of these Bayou Boys… But also stay tuned for a chance to win Clay & Eve’s story… and to read an interview with Clay and myself!! J

Happy smutty reading!!!

For more info on Gina’s books visit her web site – http://ginawatson.net/books/


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  1. OMG! You are gifted at writing reviews. I REALLY want to read this story . . . oh wait! 😉 I forgot how much I enjoyed writing about Eve and Clay. Thank you Cecile for all of your hard work reviewing these St. Martin men. We all appreciate your hard work!



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