#Review: Smolder (St. Martin Family Saga: Whiskey Cove #5) by @ginawatsongina


Book Five in the St. Martin Family Saga: Whiskey Cove

Campbell Lee St. Martin has always played by the rules. He follows his head not his heart, but when that backfires not once, but twice, changes are in store for this Mr. Play It Safe. He’s instantly attracted to Jenny’s uninhibited sexuality but soon learns that together, they are highly combustible.

Jenny thinks Campbell is a bastard and she doesn’t mind putting him in his place. What he needs is a hard slap across the face, which Jenny is willing to provide even if it means the loss of her job, but it doesn’t. Instead, their chemistry forces them together in a physical relationship that neither of them will ever forget.

Is it possible to build on a relationship that started from lust?

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This is the last story in the St. Martin Family saga however… I know for a fact that we have another brother left to get to know (CLAY… cough cough… I want Clay…) But, of this series, this is the last one… And just like the others in the series, Ms. Gina gave another grand slam! Since the stories are short, Ms. Gina has a limited space to work with but she does an awesome job with what she has been given. Her writing has enchanted me with her words and made lust run in my veins. So let’s get started with this review…

Campbell, aka Camp, is the St. Martin brother that dots all the I’s and crosses all the t’s. He likes schedules, order and plans. He might be a tad bit OCD but that is not a bad thing, especially when order is needed. His need for order in his life dominates him as much as he loves to dominate in his sex life. But that is a side of him that he keeps hidden, until one woman pushes all his buttons and lights his fire… He knows it is best to think with his head upstairs and NOT the one down stairs but when it comes to this woman that is keeping him on his toes – all bets are off!

Jenny’s life was basically planned for her when her parents died in a fire, leaving behind an autistic brother. She knows the life she dreamed of will never be because Andrew will always come first. Jenny knows there is more to life than working two jobs and taking care of Andrew but she has to make sure that Andrew is taking care of before even her own needs. Jenny keeps sex casual because getting serious would mean the man meeting Andrew and if you don’t meet Andrew’s approval, then the man goes no farther. End of story… but what happens when one man understands her brother better than anyone else… Well, let’s go find out!!

This is an amazing story, as they all are. I love how Ms. Gina keeps the stories family based. No matter which story you pick (they can be read out of order) to read, you will be exposed to the past hurt in their lives but you will see how the determination to be a solid family will repair what was once broken in the St. Martin clan. You will see their heartbreak but you feel the love and respect that will repair the family. Each story cradles the family but does not overshadow the main characters and their story. Because as we all know, everyone has a story to tell… Some just do not want everyone knowing their business…

Camp and Jenny tell their story very well. Each one has things they need to own up to and stop worrying what others might say… These two will delight you with their sparring and in your face attitude, which I absolutely love – because sometimes love is just that way – in your face! And what love wants, love gets… Just ask Camp and Jenny! Oh and if you read the little sex speech I gave when I described Camp to you.. just wait until you read their story.. All I will say is it has me praying for more pages!!!!!

Awesome job Ms. Gina!!! I can’t wait to get my hands on the other stories because I want Clay… and to read the others ones, lol!!

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For more information about Gina’s books visit her web site http://ginawatson.net/

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