#Review: Shatter (St. Martin Family Saga: Whiskey Cove #3) by @ginawatsongina


Book Three in the St. Martin Family Saga: Whiskey Cove

Logan St. Martin has secrets. For instance, why does he operate a brewery instead of putting his medical license to use?  Why is he so unlike the rest of the St. Martin family? Mysteries aside, he is smart and successful in all that he endeavors and he has set his sights on Miss Jessica Hunter, a flame haired goddess who owns the Italian restaurant in town. A business merger is the next item on his agenda.

Jessica Hunter is on a mission. Her child needs a father, a responsible and disciplined man that will make a good role model for her son. Certainly not some irresponsible brute with shaggy hair and facial stubble whose wardrobe consists of flip-flops, cargo shorts, and screen-print T-shirts. However, while her son has need of a father, her body has needs that have gone unfulfilled for over five years and it seems a shame to waste the steamy bronzed hunk of man that is Logan St. Martin.

When their first encounter leads to an unexpected but explosive bout of steamy sex, Logan tells Jessie there’s absolutely nothing that can keep him from making her his, including the pits of hell. Too bad Jessie has no intention of following him on his way to eternal damnation.

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Okay, going to repeat myself… I was given this book for my honest thoughts and this is a short story… So, let’s begin…

Again, Ms. Gina is writing some heart wrenching stories that will just tear you up and make you feel every emotion that is poured out on the pages of each story. She will make you fall in love with each character and make you feel their pain. You will embrace each character as if they are family to you (or you might want to take them home, take them to bed and then make them part of your family, lol) and let them lean on your shoulder when things get rough… But you will also be there to cheer them on when you know they need someone by their side. Her characters are rich in flavor and hot in spices ~ hey, they are from Louisiana, what do you expect!!! J

Up until this point in the series, we have only heard a few things about Logan. Now is our time to get to know him oh so much better… He is a quiet guy but very smart. He helps others when they are in need, loves his family with all his heart, and also protects those that he loves at all cost. But when secrets come out about his family and himself, Logan feels those secrets could tear apart the family he has come to love. But when he meets a woman that he finally feels complete with, does he risk allowing the secrets to be told or does he leave in hopes of the secrets not coming out.

Jessica lost the love of her life – five years ago and she is still picking up the pieces or putting them back together. She is running the restaurant that her husband started, and she’s praying that it stays afloat while taking care of their five-year-old child. She lives with the guilt that it was her fault he died but harboring that guilt is not good for her. Also not good for her is the douche bag she is currently dating… that is until the fateful day she makes a deal with Logan that might cost her more than a profit for her restaurant… It might cost her heart and future. Is she willing to risk all she has come to know for a love that might last a lifetime…

This story will tear at your heart with both of Jessica and Logan’s individual stories but what will get you the most is the combination for their story. I personally am not a huge fan of family stories because they make me feel things I sometimes do not want to feel but this story pushed me because to know Logan and Jessica both, is to know how much family means to them and how devoted they both are to their families. They made me want to feel something, they made me want to learn what happens to them and how they would get past their own past to start living their future!

Gina does an awesome job at entwining the whole family without drowning out the Logan and Jessica’s story. And there is something I did not mention… the awesome, hot, passionate, lust drive, name screaming sex. Gina keeps raising the bar on the heat level of the stories and this one is… wow! You won’t get past page five before the sex gets explosive! Awesome job Gina… Now I am going to read the next one!!! I love me some St. Martin boy stories!!

For More info on this series go to Gina’s web site: http://ginawatson.net/

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