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Whose Story Is This, Anyway?

By Annabeth Leong

Thank you so much for hosting me!

I’ve gotten a lot of personal benefit from being an erotica writer, and one of the most significant things I’ve learned is how to focus on what’s truly hot to me. That may sound like it ought to have been obvious all along, but that’s not my experience.

There are so many messages in society that sex is for men that my mind tends to work on what’s pleasing to someone else rather than what’s pleasing to me when I’m in bed. I had the stunning realization quite recently that typically when a man gets on top, he tries to make himself come (with maybe a bit of holding back to let me catch up)—but when I get on top, I’m doing the same. Trying to make him come.

Erotica has the potential to step out of that, to allow me to place pleasure front and center without my sense of social acceptability getting in the way. And yet the longer I’ve written erotica, the more I’ve seen that there’s another layer of social acceptability. Sex scenes are supposed to have explosive orgasms, and lots of them. Characters act certain ways and are turned on by certain things depending on subgenre. It’s challenging to write things that remain fresh and honest and that don’t just fall into those tropes.

Untouched, my most recent erotica novel, forced me to push beyond that in a big way. The book is about a woman with unusual sexuality. Celia Lambent is sexually voracious but hates to be touched. Already, writing about Celia, I couldn’t rely on common techniques.

The more I wrote, the more I discovered a particular challenge. Over the course of the story, Celia falls in love with Eli Vargas, a very hot, very charismatic man. He’s got his own ideas of what he needs and wants and what belongs in their relationship.

As I worked on the story, I found that my sympathies automatically shifted to Eli. Why couldn’t Celia do what it would take to please him? She struggles with that question, and so did I. But toward the end of my first draft, the answer began to come clear. I, along with Celia, had lost my way. I had forgotten the importance of her pleasure.

Celia is a person who, above all else, will do what’s hot to her. She cares about Eli, but she’s not going to compromise herself too far for him. Ultimately, for Celia, the question is whether Eli can accept what’s hot to her—whether he can do what she needs. And because she’s the protagonist of this story—just as I’m the protagonist of my own—that’s the question that really needs answering.


blurbCelia Lambent lives in constant conflict. Her sexual appetite is voracious, and yet she cannot bear to be touched. Untouched is a raunchy journey of voyeurism and discovery as Celia seeks the cause and cure for her condition.

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Untouched is also distributed in the U.S. by Consortium, and will be available at many fine bookstores.


excerpt“We don’t mind if the panties touch the napkin,” Eli said. “A little extra flavor won’t bother me at all.”

At the word “panties,” the expediter jumped, glancing from side to side. The plate trembled in his hand. “Sir,” he said, his voice breaking in the middle of the word. “I’m not sure if the manager would like that you’re involving me in… whatever this is.”

Celia cut in neatly. “What about you? Do you like it?”

“It’s the most exciting thing that’s happened to me all night, that’s for sure.”

“Then forget about the manager.” She smiled. “Go ahead and touch them.”

Celia wondered why she had never thought of this before. She couldn’t have touched a garment that had been up against someone else’s cunt or cock, but there was no reason she couldn’t give her own garments to someone else. The idea that she could make the young man touch what she had touched so intimately sent her newfound power rushing through her again.

Even if she was trapped within her own bubble of air, she could reach out to others in just this way. For a delicious moment, she imagined the things she could do to Eli. The dildo she was wearing now could end the night in his mouth. She could watch him lick her juices off anything she wanted. Celia’s cunt clenched at the thought.

The expediter must have gathered his courage because he reached forward and snatched her panties off the table, concealing them within the white napkin. The steaming plate of seafood replaced them in the center of the table.

Celia glanced at the front of his pants and was rewarded by the unmistakable outline of a hard cock. The young man addressed Eli. “Do you make her do this kind of thing all the time?”

“He doesn’t make me do anything,” Celia said, smiling again. “I’m so horny all the time that I have to do these things to get relief.”

“Jesus,” he said, in a tone very similar to the one Eli used before coming unexpectedly.

“You can keep the panties,” Eli said. “There’s more for me where that came from.”

The expediter swallowed visibly. “Are you sure?”

“Definitely,” Celia said. “Later, I’m going to give him the dildo that I’m wearing right now so he can lick it clean.”

The young man stared at them both wide-eyed, shoved the napkin and panties in his pocket, and fled. Celia and Eli grinned at each other.


bioAnnabeth Leong has written erotica of many flavors. She loves shoes, stockings, cooking and excellent bass lines. Her work has appeared in more than 40 anthologies and counting, including Made for Hire from Sweetmeats Press. Visit her website,, or find her on Twitter @AnnabethLeong

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