#Review: Score (St. Martin Family Saga: Whiskey Cove #1) by @ginawatsongina

Book One in the St. Martin Family Saga: Whiskey Cove

Caleb sensed the warm naked body in bed next to him. He knew it was Chloe but what he couldn’t figure out was why. He’d grown up next door to her, had teased her relentlessly. And she’d hated him for it. Memories from last night of the curves she’d grown into had his mouth going dry. He’d had no words with which to tease, all he could do was moan.

Had Chloe actually had sex with a man she’d hated for a decade? A full percussion section was banging in Chloe’s head as the memories came to her in pieces—martinis, dancing, his hands, his hardness. God, he’d been solid male muscle. This can’t be happening. Hadn’t she made a commitment to herself to settle the score with Caleb if given the chance? Instead, she was right back where she was all those years ago, panting after him in all of his unobtainable glory.

Will their obvious sexual attraction be enough to cut through years of hate?

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First, let me say I was given this series for my honest thoughts and that is what you will get. Another thing is this is a short story, so I will try not to give too much away as it is a short book… but just be prepared for what you read.  And lastly, this series takes place in my home state so be primed for me to give big shouts out for that as well… Hey, what can I say ~ you gotta Love those Bayou Boys!!!

Ms. Gina crafted a story within sixty pages that is very well worth the read. Her writing style is very exhilarating and she will make sure you stay with her the whole time the story unfolds in your hands. She will poison your mind with the elixirs that make these characters sticky sweet and satisfy a sweet tooth you were not aware you had. She developed a story and all the backdrops needed in a short time frame and I applaud her for that. She did a fabulous job of keeping the story juicy enough to keep me up until I finished this story (in one night, yes!)

This one man that turns her world upside down haunts Chloe’s dreams and she is not even sure he knows it. She gets hot at the simple thought of him and probably could be putty in his hands but instead he seems hell bent on making her life miserable. The things he does to her reminds her of the childish things he use to do to her when they were kids… but the problem with this is – they are not kids anymore. They are grown (in his case, definitely grown!!!) mature adults, or so Chloe thought. She finds herself in a situation where dreams do come true and people do grow up… but then she finds out the ugly truth of what truly happened that fateful night they found themselves in bed with each other… Will Chloe be able to overcome the past and look beyond those childish games or will her head keep bringing up the past and ruin what could be a wonderful future? One could say, only time would tell… but the problem with that is, sometimes time is not on your side…

Caleb would like to think that he has grown into a respectable man but respectable men don’t make bets they can land someone in the sack…. Not nice Caleb. But what he does not realize is the one woman that has etched herself in his heart and soul could be the one woman that could cut his soul to shreds. Caleb isn’t lacking for anything or anyone for that matter, but he is going through life like some go through a pack of gum… with no feeling or emotion. That is until he runs into Chloe, again. He knows she makes him all hot and bothered but he is hell bent on making her see that he is not the little boy or young man that picked on her all the time. He wants to right his wrongs and he knows how… or at least he thought he knew. How can you win the heart of someone who always remembers the past instead of focusing on the future?

These two make a hell’va couple. They have you at every turn possible thinking one minute

Hell, I almost thought the story wrapped up earlier than it did, then Ms. Watson threw in a wrench and twisted my damn world all up and got me all riled up and pissed off and then she made me go aweeeee… Gina did an awesome job at bringing out the desire and emotions for these two. But she did something even better than that; she introduced us to the St. Martin family without compromising the story of Caleb and Chloe. She welcomed us in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and it was nice to be back home for a change… This story captivated the raw edge of death and life and putting things in prospective. She showed us through Caleb and Chloe that letting go of the past is very important in order to move on with the future!

Ms. Gina, I truly loved this story and cannot wait to read the next one… Which, I am starting now… See you in a bit guys…. Ohhh and before I forget… the heat level of this story, even though this is a short story… be prepared for some very hot sexy scenes!!!

You can get more info about this series at Gina’s web site: http://ginawatson.net/

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  1. Awe, thank you Cecile. This was the first book I wrote. I’m just happy people wanted to read it and then stuck with me for the rest. I just love the line about elixirs and a sweet tooth. Thank you for reading and posting this lovely review.



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