#Review: Appetites by Lucy O

2940148733546_p0_v1_s260x420blurbMeet sexy chef Susanna as she takes you on a lusty romp through the delights of the kitchen in APPETITES, the first in a new series from Lucy O. As a special bonus, this edition includes two recipes from the story guaranteed to delight your palate and arouse your lust.

Cooking show host Susanna has a knack for making food erotic. When she brings a spoonful of risotto to her rosy lips, all the guys in her audience get hard. But when her boyfriend screws her, then screws her over right before she goes on air, she ruins her career with an open-mic rant that breaks every FCC rule and gets her fired on the spot.

But things are looking up for our delicious little dish. Station owner and billionaire media mogul Ben Elliott has had his eye on Susanna, and now that she needs a job, he pounces. She can be the head chef of his erotic new restaurant, Appetites – if she can pass his personal test. Using only one ingredient, without touching him, she has to make him hard. That’s too easy for Susanna, so she ups the ante by promising to give him the best orgasm of his life – with her lascivious use of chocolate.

Getting the chef job is a cinch. But will Susanna win the billionaire’s heart too?


This is a short story, so I won’t give to much away…. But I was given this book for a review of my honest thoughts… So here goes my review…

Susanna’s job is very sensual… She does a cooking show on live tv, but she not only uses spicy ingredients, she uses her mouth and languages to liven up her show. Sometimes coming close to being censored. She loves food and she loves sex… But she cannot combine the two on tv, lol… At least not on regular television.

Her love life is lacking a few ingredients but she knows she has thrown herself into her job, short changing her relationship with Elliot. She knew that they needed to talk, she just didn’t think it would be on her show that he would call.

This was an interesting storyline for a short story. Since the story is short, I know the story couldn’t have a lot of meat to the storyline but I felt a tad rushed into the story that was being created. I could say that I wish Ms. Lucy could have giving me more story time… But I know that’s not possible. But if you are looking for a quickie.. Pick this one up and let it wet your appetite!


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