Interview and #Giveaway: @JeanHartStewart – Fearless Pursuit


Thank you for stopping by All I Want and More. We’re glad to have you here.

Thanks for having me! I enjoyed filling out your interview sheet.  Great questions.

Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself…Something that we cannot Google about you, lol!

Wow, you wanna know something about me you can’t Google. Let’s get intimate here. I’m mortally afraid of spiders. I have bird feeders all over my small patio. My father was killed by an errant golf ball when I was seven. My husband died four years ago but he still advises me as he’s never far from my head. I have the best kids in the world.

Tell us a little about this book?

Fearless Pursuit is the fifth book in a series about sexy, pointed eared elves with secret abilities. Did I mention handsome?  I’ve followed the family from 1898 when Lars rescued Sophie from a Turkish harem and founded the line. Fearless is about the grandson, Rurik, and to a lesser extent about his brother Jake, although Jake gets his own book, Redemptive Pursuit and  my editor and I are working through the edits on this one so it will be out soon. Rurik has a career he loves, and doesn’t want to be an elf who heals. He thinks that would take up too much time. But when he meets Reina, he changes his mind, as he needs all his powers to save her from an utterly dastard villain. Lots of action and sex.


You can only pick 3 words to describe your main characters, what would they be?

Beautiful, honorable, in constant trouble.


How do you go about picking character names? Do you have to get them just right and make sure they fit with the characters personality?

I have no problem picking names, although sometimes more than one appeals to me and I have to decide. My elves are of Scandinavian descent. In folklore these elves were the tallest and most handsome. So all my elves have Scandinavian names.

Which was the easiest character to write and the hardest ~ and why?

In Fearless Pursuit the most difficult character was the heroine. She has to go from complete dislike of the hero to loving him, and the path isn’t easy. The easiest character was the hero, Rurik, as his honor drives his decisions, even though he doesn’t like the direction it sometimes directs him.


Since we’re cover hussies….what was your first impression of this cover?

The cover…Love it!!!.


How many books are you shooting for in this series?

I’ve written the eighth in this series already but it needs a lot of work. With eight already, maybe I’ll move on to something else.


What type of scene is your favorite to write? (Fight, love, making up..etc.)

My favorite scenes are the action scenes. I sometimes quail at making yet another sex scene be different from all the others. It takes a lot of emotion to write, after all.


Is there a genre you would like to write but are a little apprehensive to try?

I’ve written historical and sensual romances as well as erotica. Right now I like what I write and have no ambition to try anything else.


What are you currently working on?

I’m currently self-editing the last book in the Passionate Pursuit series. It’s called Defiant Pursuit and is about the granddaughter, Frida. She’s a firebrand and the hero has a hard time taming her. Then the villain gets after them both, with torture and murder in mind. Defiant will be my 34th book.


What’s the last line you wrote from your current WIP?

The last line I wrote from my current WIP? Might not make sense out of context but here it is. Actually I’ll set the stage a bit and tell you Frida has just set fire to a warehouse filled with heroin.

Although Drake didn’t really know if it was the intake of the drug or the smoke that caused intoxication, he grinned at the idea of Londoners staggering around in an inadvertently dazed state.

Okay…. personal time!!!! Oh yeah, I go there… Hahah…

What is on your night stand/dresser? Right now my nightstand holds a big Chinese lamp, a flashlight, a clock, a Kleenex, and a black sock in case the sun gets in my eyes. Nothing wicked in sight.


What are you reading right now?  I’m reading David Haviland’s ‘Not so Nude Ride of Lady Godiva’, Melissa Mayhue’s ‘A Highlander’s Homecoming’, ‘The Dowry Bride by Shobhan Bantwal’, and

Bring Up the Bodies’ by Hilary Mantel. I’m a rapid reader and have books at all my stopping points, bedroom, bathroom, workchair, etc. 


What do you like to do when you’re not writing?When I’m not writing I’m reading, shopping with my daughter, e-mailing, etc. Nothing spectacular about my life. 


What’s your guilty pleasure? My guilty pleasure is a Reese’s peanut-butter cup. Or two. Love ‘em. Better put a glass of vodka in there too.


Who’s your celebrity crush?My celebrity crush is Colin Firth. Fell in love with him in the original ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and never got over it.


What’s your secret talent?I think my secret talent is making people feel better about themselves. At least I don’t think they know I’m working on them.


Favorite TV Show? Don’t have a favorite TV show as I seldom watch it. 


Favorite color? Blue


What’s the last thing you Googled? I really don’t remember. I google a lot. Probably somebody else’s website I wanted to comment on.

Quickie time… Think fast….


Are you a quickie kind girl? Not now

What’s ur fave drink – in a glass or on him? Vodka in a glass

Spank or Flogger? Spanking turns me on, even in a book.

Ties or Chains? Leather or Lace? I like to read kinky stuff, so yes to ties and leather.

Soft or Hard… Bed, where was your mind? 😉  Hard, hard, hard.

Control or Be Controlled?  I like to control, but subtly.

Hot Wax or Whip Cream?  Whipped cream, definitely.

Top or Bottom? Bottom.

Sexiest feature on a man? The bulge in his pants.

Boxers, Briefs or Commando? Briefs, see previous answer.

Cowboy or businessman? Business man

Tattoos or piercings? piercings

Night owl or early bird? early bird

Twitter or Facebook? Facebook

Pinterest or Instagram? Pinterest.

ebooks or paperbacks? Really can’t pick between e-books and paperbacks.


Is there anything else you like to add?

Great questions.


Here’s an excerpt from Fearless Pursuit, released May 9th.

The fifth book in my series about sexy, long-haired elves, it combines two drool-worthy heroes, and a villain who is after no only them but the children in their care.

“He pressed his stiff rod against her as she wiggled her hips against him as she sighed with pleasure.

“You’re really back. Somehow I think you’ve got something delicious in mind.”

He grinned. “I do. And I intend to explore my thoughts in the best possible way.”

He shifted her so his stone-hard cock was nudging her cunt as he lifted one hand to her pouting nipples.

“Oh lord of all the elves. You are so damn irresistible.”

She smiled and tweaked the hairs on his chest.

He kissed her deeply, his tongue urging her lips apart until she opened them and he plunged in. She hesitated for an instant and then let her tongue mingle with his. Rurik tasted her and almost lost his control. Just in time he remembered this must be new to her. He’d never doubted she was a virgin, in spite of that ass Bartolini’s insinuations.  Purity shown from her eyes, especially when she was singing and every clear note revealed her essential self.

He held her closely with one hand around her shoulder, letting his other roam, caressing each breast and kissing his way to her nipples. Sucking each in turn brought little puffs of delight and he moved his fingers down to her delectable ass. Pressing her hips hard against his raging cock, he somehow kept from plunging into her like a maniac.  Reaching down, he felt between her legs and found her as wet as he desired. He easily found her clit and nudged her hips apart with his knee.

He’d never felt such overwhelming desire. Not that he’d been promiscuous but women seemed to find him attractive and he let himself be caught now and then. He’d never had a long-lasting affair. Knowing his time with Reina would be forever changed everything. He needed this to be as good for her as it was for him.

Even through the haze of passion he realized her body had stiffened.  Lifting his head, he looked into huge, frightened eyes.

Still she smiled at time, trying to mask her near-terror.

“Don’t stop, Rurik. I’ll get used to all this.”

Nothing could have halted him as quickly as this brave declaration.

He withdrew his cock, willing it to subside so it wasn’t so painful, and rolled on his back beside her, one hand on her hip.

Tears rolled down her cheeks and he sighed and tucked her close to him with one arm. He didn’t think he’d ever had such a hard time trying to sound normal.

“Tell me, love, what you saw just now. I love you and always will but I want you to want me in just the same way.  Was it a remembrance of Bartolini trying to rape you?”

She shook her head. “No, it was the times I screamed and pushed him away and he’d call his wife into the room and use her unmercifully. She’d scream and he’d slap her, fling her on the floor and walk out. She’d lie there crying and I knew she’d taken my place in his obscene desires.  I knew he’d soon do the same thing to me.  I know it won’t be like that with you. I’ll be glad to do what you want.”

Rurik sat on the edge of the bed, his head in his hands.  He’d rushed her. He’d let his passion rule him and he needed to give her more time. Pray all the elves he could overcome this new barrier with the woman he loved.

Her body was twitching and she didn’t even know what was wrong. He wanted her willing to accept his body. More than willing, he wanted her eager. Perhaps he could show her some pleasure and build on that.”


Blurb for Fearless

His pointed ears betray his elfin heritage, bur Rurik is content to ignore it. But when he meets the beautiful singer, Reina his world turns upside down. To claim her he must leave his beloved scholarly research and learn to use his elfin powers,  Becoming a helpful elf in his father’s clinic is not at all the way he’d planned his life, but Reina is worth the upheaval. He learns to cherish two darling children who need his special powers. He finds he will do anything to secure Reina, but even that might not be enough. He must fight to secure the safety of  Reina and both children, no matter the heartbreak involved.

Jake, the younger brother is equally sexy and even more reluctant to acknowledge he’s and elf. But Rurik needs help against the sadistic villain after both Reina and the children, and Jake cannot refuse. He then leaves, rejecting his powers and his destiny.

Let these handsome elves warm your passions and your heart.


Available from: Amazon UK | Amazon US | ARe | Ellora’s Cave


Author bio:

Love living in California, even though I’m a transplant. Love writing and all it entails, crazy characters demanding to be let loose on the page, long hours of research, every bit of it. I raised two children and spent about twenty years in real estate before I summoned the courage to quit and do what I always wanted to do, WRITE! While he was alive my husband was my first-stop editor and biggest fan. Now that my children are accustomed, well, more or less, to my writing sexy novels they’re equally supportive.

I’m currently writing my 34th book, tentatively named Defiant Pursuit. I’ve done historicals, a series of romances with Druids, another with Mages, and am well into this new series where the hero has Elfin blood. He’s fun, as well as tall, lithe and gifted. And did I say sexy? My elves are my first venture into writing erotica, and it’s harder than you think as well as fun. This last book in the series, Defiant Pursuit, will feature an elf as the heroine. I’m blessed as well as lucky. Do write me with any questions to I love to hear from readers!

You can find me at Ellora’s Cave, Amazon, Kindle, Barnes and Noble, Facebook, Twitter, etc. My website is

And I dearly love comments, and will pick at least one winner per day on this tour to get a free e-copy of any of my books.

So do tell me what you think……Jean




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  1. Loved writing this interview…thanks for having me….Jean


  2. Fun interview, thanks for sharing a peek at your life and good luck on the new release!



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