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Catching Heat - FinalCatching Heat

Book 3

Alison Packard

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Carina Press

ISBN: 9781426897788


Number of pages: 267

                                                          Word Count: 87,000

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 Book Description:

Life has taught Angie DeMarco that all baseball players are womanizers, and her incredible one-night stand with sexy San Francisco Blaze back-up catcher J.T. Sawyer seemed to prove it. Determined not to give in to their sizzling chemistry a second time, she’s kept her distance ever since, focusing on her accounting job with the team. But now she’s laid off…and pregnant.

J.T. was hurt by Angie’s rejection, but with one more year with the Blaze, he has no time for love. He needs to spend the off season training hard so he can negotiate a better contract with a new team at the end of the year. But when Angie shows up on his doorstep, he‘s overwhelmed by wanting to not just do right by her but pursue a relationship with her. Hoping for a second chance, he proposes.

Angie agrees to marry J.T. on one condition: the marriage will be purely a business arrangement. But as Angie spends time with him and his family, and J.T. neglects his training to spend time with her, what begins as a union in name only slowly grows into something more—something that looks a whole lot like love and friendship.


Welcome to All I Want and More.

Hi! Thanks for having me.

Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself…Something that we cannot Google about you, lol!

Hmmm…If you Google me you’ll find out that I’m originally from Northern California, I write contemporary romance, I have brown hair and eyes, my nickname is Alley, and I love chocolate. But what you won’t discover on Google is that I’m not too keen on public speaking. I’ve had to do it a several times over the years at my day job and I’m always a nervous wreck beforehand.

Tell us a little about this book?

Three months after an unforgettable night of passion with the one man she has sworn not to fall for, Angie DeMarco discovers she’s pregnant, and then, to make matters worse, she’s laid off from her job with the San Francisco Blaze. The Blaze’s back-up catcher, J.T. Sawyer, has vowed to devote his entire off season to his new training regimen—nothing and no one is going to make him lose focus. But when Angie tells him she’s pregnant, J.T. wants to do the right thing and offers to marry her. Afraid of her strong attraction to J.T., Angie declines his proposal, but when reality hits and she realizes she has no income and no health insurance, a desperate Angie presents J.T. with a counter-offer—a marriage in name only and with an expiration date.

What was your favorite part of this book to write?

It would have to be the scenes after Angie movies into J.T.’s house. That’s when they really start to get to know each other and find it harder and harder to fight their attraction.

You can only pick 3 words to describe your main characters what would they be?

Angie: responsible, wary, and creative

J.T.: decent, caring, and family-oriented

How do you go about picking character names? Do you have to get them just right and make sure they fit with the characters personality? 

I have to confess that early on I didn’t give a great deal of thought to my character’s names. I picked names I liked and my only rule was to not give them the name of a close friend or a family member (because during sexy times that might be weird – lol). However, in a current work in progress, I’ve discovered that my hero and heroine have the same first names as a formerly married celebrity couple. So now I have to live with it, and in the future think long and hard about the names I choose for my characters.

Which was the easiest character to write and the hardest ~ and why?

Angie was easier to write than J.T. With Angie, I knew her motivations and the core event that defined her. J.T. was a bit trickier. He hasn’t had a lot of angst or conflict in his life, nor does he carry a ton of excess baggage from the past, so I had to work a bit harder not to make him too perfect.

(If this is a series) How many books are you shooting for in this series?

Catching Heat is book three of my Feeling the Heat series (actually four if you count the Christmas novella that released in December). I’m currently working on two projects that will be a continuation of the series and I have ideas for at least two or three more after that.

Since we’re cover hussies….what was your first impression of your cover?

When I saw it for the first time, I honestly thought that the couple could actually be J.T. and Angie. I didn’t feel that way about my other covers. Not that I’m complaining—Carina Press has some great covers. But my mental image of the heroes in my first two books didn’t match how they looked on the covers.

What type of scene is your favorite to write? (Fight, love, making up, etc.)

I enjoy writing sexual tension scenes or scenes where there’s some bantering going back and forth between the characters. One of my favorite authors, Julie James, does witty banter like no one else. I’d love to be half as good as she is.

How much emotion does it take from you to write?

That’s an interesting question and one I’ve never really thought about before. For me, there is more emotion involved if I’m having a problem with the story. When the words and ideas flow like water, I’m elated, but when they’re not it can be incredibly frustrating.

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on a novella featuring J.T.’s brother, Jake, and a full-length novel featuring two supporting characters introduced in my second book, The Winning Season.

What’s one thing that you enjoy about writing?

The one thing that makes writing a true joy is being able to take a seedling of an idea and grow a story from it. It’s often scary, but it’s the greatest feeling in the world when readers tell me that they enjoyed the finished product.

Is there a genre you would like to write but are a little apprehensive to try?

I’d love to try romantic suspense at some point. I enjoy reading it, but I’m a little nervous about my ability to pull it off. Maybe one day I’ll take the plunge.

Okay…. personal time!!!! Oh yeah, I go there… Hahah…

 What is on your night stand/dresser?

At this moment there is a clock/iPod docking station, a bottle of water, a lamp and a tube of lip balm. Super exciting, right?

What are you listening to you right now?

The soundtrack from Nashville – Season Two Volume One (Deluxe edition from Target with four bonus tracks). I think I’ve worn it out!

What are you reading right now?

I volunteered to judge the Romance Writers of America’s RITA contest, so I’m currently reading several submissions by my fellow authors. The last non-contest related book I read was Foreplay by Sophie Jordan, and I loved it. It’s a great new adult novel.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

When I’m not writing or working at my day job, I try to catch up on all the shows I’ve saved on my DVR and spend time with my friends and family.

What’s your guilty pleasure?


Favorite TV Show?

Nashville (I totally ship Juliette and Avery)

Favorite color?


What’s the last thing you Googled?

Okay, this is just sad, but I actually Googled the word rhythm a few hours ago because I can never remember how to spell it.

Quickie Time

Dark or Milk Chocolate? Dark

Whipped or Melted? Whipped

Junk or Health Food? Junk

Leather or Lace? Leather

Soft or Hard… Bed, where was your mind? 😉 Hard (and yes, my mind is where it usually is—in the gutter J)

Cowboy or Businessman? If you’d said professional athlete, I’d have chosen that, instead I’ll have to go with cowboy.

Tattoos or piercings? Tattoos

Sexiest feature on a man? Eyes

Boxers, Briefs or Commando? Briefs (I prefer a little mystery before the big reveal)

Night owl or early bird? Night owl

Twitter or Facebook? Twitter

Pinterest or not? Pinterest

ebooks or paperbacks? Both (Is that cheating?)


excerpt2Just after nine, J.T. left Matt and Kelly at Kamu’s and headed back to his condo. Across the street, Blaze Field was dark, but the Blaze apparel and memorabilia shop outside the stadium was open and doing brisk business. He wasn’t surprised at the turnout, the fans were still reveling in the team’s World Series win—buying up anything that had World Series Champs emblazoned on it.

Although he’d reached the pinnacle of his sport, the victory was bittersweet. His playing time had been minimal and his only significant contribution had been a double in game six—the game that had clinched the Series. That double had scored the go-ahead run and for a few exhilarating hours he’d felt like he’d made a difference. Damn it. He wanted to feel that way all the time. More than anything he wanted to move beyond being a back-up to guys like Rick Taylor and Matt. The problem was, he’d mistakenly assumed his natural talent would be all he needed. Not true. Matt had opened his eyes to that.

After entering the lobby of his building, J.T. rode the elevator up to his floor. Although the condo was nice, he wouldn’t miss it. His house in Sacramento was a lot more spacious and had a big backyard, complete with a pool and hot tub. His older brother, Jake, owned a gym and had agreed to train him during the off season. Jake assured him he would put him through his paces and knowing his brother, there would be torture involved. That tub would come in handy to soak his sore muscles.

The moment he stepped out of the elevator he saw her. A flood of hot, rough sensations slid down his spine as she turned and those mesmerizing eyes of hers locked with his. His breath caught in his throat and he silently cursed himself for still being affected by her. It had been that way since the first moment he’d laid eyes on her and from the telltale thundering of his heart, not much had changed.

Quickly gathering his scattered wits, he strode toward the woman who, for the past couple of months, had been extremely successful at avoiding him—the woman who had shared his bed for one extraordinary night and was gone before sunrise.

Angie DeMarco.

J.T. wasn’t sure why she was standing at his door and didn’t speculate on the reasons as he approached her. Her arms were crossed over her chest, obstructing his view of the ring he still hadn’t seen but knew she’d started wearing a few weeks after their night together. His gut tightened. He shouldn’t care that she was engaged—they barely knew each other. It hit him then that he didn’t know much about her, yet he was intimately acquainted with almost every inch of her slender yet curvy body.

Halting in front of her, he didn’t say a word. Instead he let his gaze wander over her face. Her skin was porcelain smooth, her cheekbones high, and her mouth, with its slight upward tilt at the corners only hinted at the beautiful smile he’d coaxed out of her that night so many weeks ago. Her dark hair spilled around her shoulders in wavy corkscrew spirals that almost begged to be touched. It was soft. It ticked him off that he remembered not only that, but every single thing about the night they’d spent together.

“What are you doing here?” he asked, more harshly than he’d intended. A twinge of guilt hit him but he quickly got over it. They’d had a one night stand—end of story.

Angie loosened her arms from over her chest to push her hair back. Something she did quite frequently. “I—I need to talk to you.” She paused, bit her lower lip and continued, “It’s important. May I come inside? I don’t want to talk about it in the hall.”

“Why not?” He fished for his keys in the pocket of his jeans. “This should be interesting,” he muttered as he unlocked the door and hit the light switch by the door as he moved inside. “Sorry about the mess. I’m packing up to head home.” He waved a hand toward the boxes still strewn around the room. Some of them were packed and taped up, but a few were still waiting to be filled.

“When are you leaving?”

“Sunday morning.” He closed the door to find Angie standing with her back to him, surveying the disaster that was his living room. It was the perfect opportunity to check out her ass, showcased to perfection in the snug black pants she wore. When she turned, he forced his gaze upward to meet hers. She had the most beautiful eyes he’d ever seen—a startling blue that reminded him of the aquamarine gemstones that glittered in the necklace his mother wore on special occasions.

“Sacramento, right?” Angie fidgeted with the strap of her purse on her shoulder, then clasped her hands together in front of her. She seemed nervous. Why?

“Yes.” J.T. set his keys on the table next to the entry. “So why are you here?”

“Now that I’m here, I’m not quite sure how to say it.” She paused and took a deep breath before exhaling. Her face had turned pale and there were dark shadows underneath her eyes. Whatever she had to say seemed to be weighing heavily on her. But what could it be? Was she sorry for avoiding him for weeks? Was she sorry she’d gotten engaged?

Angie let out another breath. “I’m pregnant.”


abouttheauthorOriginally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Alison now lives in Southern Nevada where she’s still getting used to the blistering summers and slot machines in every grocery store.TB1_9278

When not working at the day job that pays the bills, keeps a roof over her head, and supports her book and chocolate habits, she spends most of her free time writing. But when she takes a break, she enjoys reading, watching movies, and spending time with her family and friends.







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