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Welcome to All I Want and More.

Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself…Something that we cannot Google about you 🙂
That’s a tough one as I’m pretty open and honest, and I swear my readers know everything about me! I’m a cinnamon addict, British and sound quintessentially English, have one cat and one husband, both equally demanding, a dry and often sarcastic sense of humour, and I’m addicted to writing paranormal romances.

Tell us a little about this book? kissedbyadarkprince-felicityheaton
Kissed by a Dark Prince is the first book in the Eternal Mates paranormal romance series, and is about the dark elf prince, Loren, and his millennia-old feud with an enemy bent on killing him and destroying his kingdom. When Loren is knocked unconscious and dumped on the inspection table of Olivia, a scientist working with the demon-hunting organisation Archangel, she thinks it’s her lucky night and sees her mystery man as a way of redeeming herself with her superiors. Loren comes around and can’t resist tapping her carotid for some life giving fluids to help him heal. That one bite changes their lives forever because she’s his one true mate and not only has he bound her to him, but he’s weakened himself and dragged her into the crossfire between him and his enemy… exactly as his enemy had planned. It’s a race against time for them to find a way to break the bond, but can Loren really sacrifice the one thing he’s been waiting millennia for—his mate?

What was your favorite part of this book to write?

I love the scene where Loren pretty much declares war on Olivia’s defences and turns everything on its head in the process, going back on their original plan to undo their accidental bond somehow. He reaches a tipping point and flat out decides that he isn’t going to let her go after all, and Olivia isn’t sure how to process it or resist the temptation to take him up on his offer of forever with him.

You can only pick 3 words to describe your main characters what would they be?

Alpha. Possessive. Kick-ass.

How do you go about picking character names? Do you have to get them just right and make sure they fit with the characters personality?

They have to suit the characters. A lot of the time, a character comes into my head with their name attached, but when they don’t, I have to trawl my name list and the internet to find them the perfect one.

Which was the easiest character to write and the hardest ~ and why?

In the Eternal Mates series so far, my favourite character is Vail. He’s Loren’s brother and also an elf prince, and he’s a little bit insane and has the nickname “Mad Elf Prince” because of the things he has done and his behavior. He’s actually the enemy in Kissed by a Dark Prince so I can’t say much without giving spoilers, but it was difficult writing him in that book because I knew his story and it’s a very painful one. His romance will be the third book in the series, and I know I will be emotionally exhausted by the end of it. He’s definitely the hardest to write.

The easiest to write in Kissed by a Dark Prince has to be Sable. She’s a blast. I loved writing her in that book, and also in Claimed by a Demon King which is the second book in the series, out on Feb 22nd, and is her romance.

How many books are you shooting for in this series?

At the moment, there are seven books, but that will probably grow as I write those books and introduce new characters and overlapping storylines. I have readers asking for books for specific characters already, so I know the list is going to grow as they meet new ones in new books.

Since we’re cover hussies….what was your first impression of your cover?

I loved it, but that’s probably because I made it. I make all my own covers and I can spend hours just trying to find the right image that fits the one I want for the cover and then tweaking it all to get it just right.

What type of scene is your favorite to write? (Fight, love, making up..etc.)

I have a thing for writing really big action-packed and sometimes emotionally-draining fight scenes. I don’t mind writing love scenes, but I really adore writing those fight scenes. The more grand they are, the better. I love to pack in emotion too, keeping readers on their toes and turning the pages.

How much emotion does it take from you to write?

It takes a lot. I like to think of myself as a method writer, meaning I live all the stuff I’m writing. I tend to write a lot of emotion into my books, and often there are heart-wrenching moments. Those really take it out of me. I end up writing whole chapters in tears and end up crying again when I come back to edit them! I issue tissue-warnings to my readers when there’s a scene like that in a book.

What are you currently working on?

I’m working on Hunger right now, which is the next Vampires Realm series book, and I’m gearing up for the release of Claimed by a Demon King (Eternal Mates #2) on February 22nd. After that, I’ll be working on the next Her Angel series novel, the first Guardians of Hades series novel, and also the third Eternal Mates novel, all for release this year.

What’s one thing that you enjoy about writing?

I absolutely love the planning stages because I’m happiest when I’m spending hours dreaming up the world and getting to know the characters and their story. It’s fun exploring new things, discovering things that surprise you at times, and getting little ideas that I know readers will love. I think it’s well worth spending plenty of time on shaping the world too, creating something that seems real to readers and is filled with detail. I like to make my worlds rich and interesting, and fresh, with new takes on things that give readers something different from what they’ve read in other paranormal romances.

Is there a genre you would like to write but are a little apprehensive to try?

I would love to write more science fiction romances but I’ve found the market isn’t as strong and my readers don’t tend to like that genre as much as paranormal romance.

Okay…. personal time!!!! Oh yeah, I go there… Hahah…

  • What is on your night stand/dresser? A hello kitty angel plush toy I bought in NYC many years ago, a glass of water, and an empty glass and piece of card for catching and safely evicting spiders.
  • What are you listening to you right now? Silence. My computer humming. Other than that, I’ve been listening to the Walter Mitty soundtrack a lot. It’s very inspiring and uplifting.
  • What are you reading right now? Nothing right now as I’m working on a book. I can’t read and write.
  • What do you like to do when you’re not writing? I love to practice archery, play games on my PS3, or watch anime.
  • What’s your guilty pleasure? Playing PS3. Generally games like the Assassin’s Creed series, Final Fantasy series, or Uncharted series. Assassin’s Creed 4 is currently calling to me, wanting me to play it.
  • Favorite TV Show? Right now, probably Arrow or Sleepy Hollow.
  • What’s the last thing you Googled? The weather in Abisko, Sweden, because I’m going there shortly.

Quickie Time

  • Dark or Milk Chocolate? Dark.
  • Whipped or Melted? Whipped.
  • Junk or Health Food? Health food.
  • Leather or Lace? Leather
  • Soft or Hard… Bed, where was your mind? 😉 Hard… I like them big and hard.
  • Cowboy or Businessman? Hmm… I’d have to go cowboy, but I do like vampires in suits.
  • Tattoos or piercings? Ink all the way.
  • Sexiest feature on a man? The twin dips they get above their backsides when they have a toned body or really strong hands.
  • Boxers, Briefs or Commando? Boxers.
  • Night owl or early bird? Used to be a night owl but now I’m an early bird.
  • Twitter or Facebook? Facebook, because I love talking to people on there and they’re so supportive. Twitter feels like shouting into a constant stream of noise.
  • Pinterest or not? Definitely yes. Love it. Such an inspiring place.
  • ebooks or paperbacks? Ebooks, because I can carry my whole library with me when I travel.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thanks for having me here to talk about my books, writing, and me! If anyone wants to know more about me, they can find me at the following places:






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  1. Janie McGaugh

     /  February 18, 2014

    I enjoyed the interview and look forward to reading this series.
    jmcgaugh (at) semo (dot) edu



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