Review: Close Contact by @CristalRyder , @Cassandra_Carr and Cindy Carr


ccService Ace by Cassandra Carr

Ms. Carr’s story is the first one in this short anthology and I have to says that this short little story was too cute. It is a close encounter between one woman, Adrianna, and the man of her fantasies. An encounter that Adrianna has
dreamed about for a long time. Having private lessons with ex pro tennis champ Callum Giovanni is a wicked treat Adrianna will never forget. But what she still can’t get over is the fact that she initiated it!

Let’s just say that after their first private lesson, these two will have a stand up appointment as often as possible. Set.Game.Match.


Playing Through by Cristal Ryder

Ms. Ryder always amazes me with her with delicious sexcapades. I promise it’s all good. Her stories evoke naughty little thoughts and wicked hints of desire. This little tale is between a pro golfer and a sexy as hell cowboy. Lexie is use of being in control and giving orders. She is also used of being able to keep things together. But when she is giving Jay, the hot cowboy, lessons he turns the tables on her. And when it rains, it pours lol. Par.Birdie.Eagle


Up to the Hilt by Cindy Carr

Ms. Cindy’s short tale of two fencers is quite the tale. These two are young, early twenties. Rina, for me, was a little immature in some of mannerism. But I have to give it to her that she has a goal and is determined to succeed. No matter what. But following the master fencer Sebastian is going to be the challenge of her life. Is she up for the is or will she walk out like she has in the past when things didn’t go her way. Let’s find out….




Hard-hitting contact sports don’t have the only sexy professional athletes. Does the strength and grace of golf, tennis and fencing instructors extend to their lustier activities? Find out as they turn these classic sports into full-contact steamy sessions.
Service Ace by Cassandra Carr Callum Giovanni’s professional tennis career is over. He’s trying not to be bitter about it, even though it means teaching women more interested in not messing up their hair and nails than a good service.
Then Adriana Macy appears, claiming to be a novice, but Callum knows there’s more to her than meets the eye. How far does she want to take their personal match? The ball’s in her court.
Playing Through by Cristal Ryder A relationship is the last thing Lexie is looking for, especially one with a hot cowboy wanting golf lessons. It’s all she can do to keep her focus on the game and off Jay’s hard muscled body and devilishly sexy face. But the more lessons they have, the farther his sexy drawl gets under her skin.
Does he feel the attraction too? Mother Nature forces them to seek shelter as the power of a thunderstorm lets loose around them. Will they go primal and unleash their attraction for one another amidst the rawness of the Rocky Mountains?
Up to the Hilt by Cindy Carr Olympic fencing wunderkind Sebastian Como is Rina Rogers’ last resort to find someone who can instruct her toward her own Olympic medals. All her other trainers have balked, saying she is too impulsive, too unmanageable, too everything.
Sebastian recognizes her talent and tells her he’ll take her all the way. But does that include his bed?

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  1. This sounds like a good one! Great review 🙂



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