Review: Andrea Speed-Josh of the Damned Triple Feature #2: The Final Checkout @RiptideBooks @aspeed


eBook release: Apr 29, 2013
Page count: 100
This title is #4 of the Josh of the Damned series.

Buy Link: Riptide


Josh Caplan thought he’d solved his home office problem and stopped the Quik-Mart Corporation from expanding into hell, but it turns out a guardian’s work is never done. Medusa has plans for him, and she’s not the only one.

What’s a poor night clerk to do when he’s besieged on all sides by deluded vampire slayers, angry zombies, crazy gods, and the most terrifying enemy of all: a dickish CEO?

To survive this, Josh will have to do more than just rely on his necromancer boss, his hot vampire boyfriend, and his yeti stalker. This time, he’ll have to find his own inner hero to save the day.


I have read the previous books in this wacky, creative, intriguing world Ms. Speed has created and enjoyed every page of her delightful stories.  She has a wicked sense of humor when it comes to this series and it continues to show in each of Josh’s encounters with creatures that go bump in the night.
Josh knows that his job at the Quik-Mart isn’t going to win him any medals of honor or Noble Peace Prize but it’s a job that pays the rent. Now Josh is a guy that you just wanna love. He is adorable. Fighting off huge mustaches, dealing with zombies, having a yeti for a stalker and having a hottie vampire for a boyfriend, lol, I would say that his life is complete… Oh wait, his boss is a cheap SOB… Oh and he is about to be introduced to the god that kinda runs the show behind the portal of hell, Medusa herself.
Oh and it gets better, Medusa has a task for Josh… Actually she wants him to work for her…. If he does, it could cost him his life, but if he doesn’t, he could cost him. Kinda “damned if you, damned if you don’t.” So what is a night clerk of a convenience stores supposed to do?
Josh is faced with all kind of decisions, but for this story, he truly has to look within to find the hero that’s been hiding within. Can he do that or is this the breaking straw for poor Josh?
This story gives you everything and a little more! You will get the whole story of why, how and who! But Josh will make sure to give you the story you deserve!
Since this story is a bit short, I can’t give it all away? So I will say enjoy!!
To learn more about Andrea’s books visit her website at
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