Promo and #Giveaway: Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories (Season 2) Anthology Featuring Tigris Eden


REpisode 6 RTBS(1)omantic Tales: Bedtime Stories (Season 2) Episode 6

by Tigris Eden, Ty Langston, and Dovey Mayali Cralk

 Genre: Contemporary, Sci/Fi, Paranormal/Fantasy

Heat Level: Sensual

Tags:  Erotica, Erotic, Contemporary, Sci-Fi, Fantasy Romance,  Anthology

Publisher: MTR Publishing

Pub Date: November 2013

Series: Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories (Season 2) Episode 6

Format, epub, mobi, pdf, kindle


Back Cover:

Read a book before bedtime and fall in love with, Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories Season 2

This season finale includes the startling ending to Archer and Rebekah’s story in Red Hawk Mercenary Group: Ghost. In the last episode we learn that Bekah killed Archer’s wife. But how does she cope? Can she tell him the truth now while they are on assignment to catch a killer? Or does she wait?

In Mail or der groom all it takes is a trip, a blind date, along with a mysterious message from an online dating site to get things moving. All are a part of Jessica’s continuing quest for love.

Romantic Tales is also pleased to announce we have a new comer to the team. We hope you enjoy her three chapter teaser of, The Vixen Flower.

A request by a famous rock star photographer, and a three day fling take Viscaria and Mark on journey that brings out a side Viscaria never knew existed.

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 EXCERPT from Red Hawk Mercenary Group Ghost by Tigris Eden, part of the ROMANTIC TALES, Season 2 Anthology.


Fuck Reverend Mother, damn woman always handed out the impossible missions. That was the thought that played in Bekah’s head while she lay adjacent to the artificial bushes and waited for her mark. Sergei, the giant ass Russian with a taste for inter-verse drug trafficking and arms dealing. He still hadn’t showed his ugly face. The fucker never kept to a schedule. It was hard to track his fat hairy ass down and still, she waited. The scabrous ground was unyielding, and the sharp metal thorns from the bushes prodded and poked her skin, the weight from her Tac 2 ray gun wasn’t heavy, she could easily pack up and head off into the night if the situation called for it, but she hoped this would end here. She didn’t want to do this again. She’d wasted six months tracking him. Granted, it wasn’t a universal six months because that would have been a bitch.

Fuck! She had an itch, right in the middle of her spine, and she wouldn’t move to placate it. The feeling of ants marching up her back, dancing over a spot she couldn’t reach, made her tense. Even if she could move she wouldn’t. Not until her assignment was completed, there was a reason her code name was Ghost. Rebekah stilled her nerves and listened. There was the sound of a car pulling up the drive. All senses on alert, she took a deep breath to calm herself and counted from ten down.

“Ten… nine… eight… seven,” finally the bastard appeared in his piece of shit Audi. Exhaust fumes emitted from the pipe in a cloud of white as the car choked off. Bracing her shoulders, she released the latch on the trigger. How she loved her Tac 2; the most advanced version of the precision rifle, the element designed to insure the best shooting platform. She could engage the enemy from 1500 meters or more.  Her rifle had straight pull action she could recharge with minimum movement. She’d only need one shot, anything more and she’d compromise her position.


abouttheauthor1One of Tigris’ fondest memories, was in the sixth grade, when her teacher read her story, “The Case of The Missing Pepperoni”, out loud to the class. It was then she decided she wanted to be a writer when Tigris Eden Avatarshe grew up. But like all childhood dreams, reality has a way of crashing in and disrupting plans. But her imagination and the voices inside her head never stopped talking. Every dream she could remember was jotted down in her dream journals.

Years later she’d use them to express her happiness and her pain, through poetry. She took her real life situations and twisted them into something she could handle.

Fantastical tales of love, life, death and cruelty. Now that her dream of writing is a reality she turns the voices in her head into stories of werewolves, vampires and other mythical made-up creatures and drops them into a world of her choosing.

All of her stories are figments of her imagination, mixed in with a healthy dose of real-life situations. Tigris’ famous lines are “It’s not me who’s interesting, it’s my crazy whacked out friends and family around me who are.”

Aspiring to be waited on hand and foot, Tigris spends her evenings and weekends in front of her computer, typing out the various stories that she’s either dreamed or witnessed.

An avid reader, Tigris enjoys an eclectic range of authors. Some of her favorite titles are Animal Farm, Slaughterhouse Five, Stephen Kings, The Stand, and Big Bad Wolf, A light in the Attic, Jane Eyre, The Color Purple, Oh the Places You Will Go, The Secret Garden, and Menefreya in The Morning. Just to name a few.

When she’s not writing Tigris marvel’s at life’s gifts. She likes to take pictures of beautiful things. She openly admits that what she may find beautiful another person might not, and she’s perfectly okay with that. She enjoys her music and doesn’t leave home without it. Long pillow conversations with LL about nonsensical things, and hanging out with her boys, when they deem her “cool enough.”

It can be said that life is never boring at her house. Something is always going on. Shouting matches at the tele, food fights at the table, and the occasional extremely loud singing.

Tigris writes the Shadow Unit Series, featuring hot immortal men who police their kind, and women who love them. She also co-writes the Romantic Tales: Bedtime stories, which have included, The Genesis Project, a Sci-Fi Paranormal Romance, featuring Genesis Blackmore, the last remaining human on New Earth. In Season 2 or Romantic Tales, Tigris has Red Hawk Mercenary group. This is also a Sci-Fi, but Erotic Romance featuring female assassins with very little moral codes.

Tigris is currently working on the Shadow Unit Series, Romantic Tales: Bedtimes Stories, and has expanded on the Genesis Project which will now be a trilogy introduced in 2014.

Tigris is a military brat who’s done her fair share of traveling, thanks to her Army father. She’s married to the infamous LL and has three boys. She currently resides in Houston and is actively seeking a book-buddy for the end of the world.

You can find Tigris on Twitter, Facebook, and at her website. ;


Giveaway Details:

One lucky commenter will win a digital copy of any Romantic Tales backlist title. Winner’s choice. Open internationally.

I will pick a winner this weekend.

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  1. Jen

     /  October 31, 2013

    Tigris’ story sounds good. I need to catch up on these stories. Thanks for the giveaway.


  2. Thanks for hosting me on your blog ♥



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