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Raeleen Stewart enjoys nothing  more than a new employee. And young Josh Carter is a spectacular addition. Her  enterprise, a house of sexual pleasure for female clientele, thrives on fresh  offerings. But Josh has an agenda and agrees to the job requirements only to  further his role in a plot to destroy Rae and her despicable operation.  Long-time pleasure partner and ex-lover Lu Haverson has his suspicions about  this young buck, but there’s so much painful baggage with Rae, he can’t get her  to reconsider. So he embarks on his own investigation after watching the kid  struggle with taking women to bed. Will Rae learn the truth before it’s too  late? Can Lu get the evidence he needs, or will his tangled past with Rae get in  the way? Lives hang in the balance as Josh faces desperate choices between his  life-long training and an unexpected world he never wanted to find. Set in the  not too distant future when global warming has forced extreme social change,  House of Rae is a fast-paced, sensual story of love, personal challenge,  and discovery.

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divider1Thank you Denele for stopping by All I Want and More


Is it possible for  old moral codes to be set aside in order to dedicate shrinking resources  toward measures that could help the world, as I portray in War of Desire? Other societies have  embraced legalized prostitution. Perhaps not to the extent as in this  story, where modern technology and business practices bring the so-called  “oldest profession” to its ultimate fruition. And perhaps never in the  way I envision here, where the workers providing sexual services aren’t  just women in service to men, as most commonly practiced, but also as men and  women in service to women.

That’s probably the  most radical element in this story, that women would be able to visit a house of  pleasure for an hour or an afternoon, pick the pleasure partner she wishes, and  indulge in sensual delight where her specific desires are attended. And of  course, that’s what the plot hinges on. There will always be people who are  fundamentally opposed to any kind of sexual activity outside the boundaries of  marriage between a man and a woman. The question is, now that we have methods to  manage the production of children and methods to screen for sexually-transmitted  disease, do we have to stay locked into the old rule of law, or can we as an  advancing society accept a broader framework for what men and women may wish to  do?


So yes, this is  science fiction that doesn’t have space craft or mutant viruses or laser guns.  It’s a romance at heart, rich with erotic scenes, but also a woman’s sci-fi. And  frankly, I think it’s long past due. Science fiction, like most literature, has  been—at least through the mid-twentieth century—the province of men. And in  general, I think men appreciate certain things—war, weapons, and the machinery  of adventure–external stuff–and that’s reflected in the science fiction they  write. I think women, on the other hand, are more interested in internal  exploration–the nuances of emotion, interpersonal relationships, and human  sexuality. Why not look at a future where the female agenda dictates some of the  landscape?

I’ve been  particularly interested in the male response to this book. We discussed it  in a science fiction writer’s group, and the mostly male participants were  a bit dismissive of any explicit sex. They felt explicit sex was rarely  necessary and just bogged down the action. I pointed out that since  the plot and character development of the story hinge on sex, there’s no  way to tell this story without explicit sex. None of them volunteered to  actually read it and report back with whether they thought much of the  sex could be eliminated.

I think most readers  will be female, because the appeal of the story focuses around the strong love  affair between Rae and Lu, as well as the emotion that develops between Rae and  Josh. Without this at its core, the story wouldn’t work. But I can’t just label  it erotic romance, because the futuristic elements are also key to the  story.

In a way, I see this  book as an experiment. Will women read a sensual love story even if it’s kind of  science fiction? Will men read science fiction, complete with fights and fast  action, if the story includes emotion and a lot of sex? I don’t know. This was a  gamble mainstream publishers weren’t willing to take, leaving me with little  option but self-publishing. I’m thankful that option exists, although there is a  strong bias against self-publishing in the literary world. I’m not going to  worry about that–I’m just eager to share this great story with  others.

War of Desire is the first in  what I envision as a series of stories set in the mid-21st century. The storyline will continue to follow House of Rae enterprises in  various locations and will delve deeper into the conflicts and intense love that  arise between entrenched morality and greater human freedom. Unfortunately, any  juicy details about the story line or what characters from War of Desire will be involved would  spoil the fun. I hope to have the second novel out by mid-2014. 


Rae  Stewart closed her eyes as Lu’s calloused thumb slid across her cheekbone. A  familiar cord of heat tightened in her throat and shot through her stomach.  Take me in your arms, she wanted to say. Hold me forever.
He shifted and became indistinct. Dawn spread gray light at the  curtain edges. She swam up from the dream, struggling against an avalanche of  emotion and rubbing tears from her eyes. Damn, she whispered. I hate  this.
She strode to the bathroom, welcoming the ready litany  of her day’s duties. It would be just another day of managing people, making  decisions, dealing with a crisis or two, but the work would settle over her mind  and block out the past, unwelcome feelings, and anything else that might  distract her. The focus, today and every day, had to be the House and its  successful operation, her smashingly successful enterprise where Lu had become  just another employee. An involuntary sob shuddered her chest as she turned on  the shower.
Lu Haverson lay in bed waiting for it  to end. Rae’s soft lips brushed his. His groin responded, moving against her  welcoming warmth. Her wetness.
Christ. He sat up and rubbed his  face. Participating in Rae’s dreams exhausted him. He really did need a good  night’s sleep to help him meet the demands of his clientele. Rae’s clientele.
He shook his head and grimaced. Surely by now he had moved past what he  felt for Rae. Now it was about the work, not just pleasuring the women but  knowing the energy generated in their pleasuring flashed along the grid to  perform its healing magic. It was something he felt proud of, something he  helped make possible. It should be enough.
Josh  Carter adjusted his hat as he stepped off the bus, squinting his eyes against  the glare to survey the compound. House of Rae. His target.  Finally.
Rae gazed at the young man standing in  front of her, contemplating her choices. At nineteen and already flexing a  perfectly sculpted body, Josh posed a mouthwatering temptation, sure to be a big  hit with the clientele. No way would she hire him for the gray water position,  not after his abysmal score on the security screening. But as a pleasure  partner?

Her tongue slid over her lips as she met his visibly angry  green stare. Possibly a virgin, or at least very little experience. A smile  quirked her mouth. Yes, she’d offer him the position, assuming he passed her,  um, interview. It should be obvious if he was a terrorist—he wouldn’t accept the  job.


Lu took one  look at the kid Rae just hired. White bands of luminosity radiated from his  body, triggering Lu’s worst fears. Damn  it, why did she take these kinds of risks? It didn’t matter how much native  ability he may have, whether he’s an Indigo like Rae says. The file spelled it  out. The kid’s a plant.


068bc-2abouttheauthor1Denele Campbell had  her eye on writing from childhood. While pursuing her undergraduate degree in  English, she filled her electives with writing classes. Life then did what it  does to everyone, tumbling through love and children, household and jobs, pets  and pursuits, leaving Campbell to fit in bits and pieces of authorship.  Newspaper columns, articles on local history, biographical profiles and small  evocative essays kept her writing passion on a low simmer until the mid-1990s,  when a collection of non-fiction stories were published under the title “Notes  of a Piano Tuner.” Graduate level workshops in writing sharpened her focus, and  with more freedom in recent years, Campbell has turned to fiction. “War of  Desire” is her first novel.

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  1. Jen

     /  October 29, 2013

    The book blurb intrigued me. Thank you for featuring this book. Sounds like something I will enjoy reading.



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