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PWSecret Surrender

The Surrender Series

Book Two
Priscilla West

 Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance

 Date of Publication: 9/30/2013

Number of pages: 150

Word Count: 35,000

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“What gives you a thrill Kristen?”

I knew that giving in to Vincent Sorenson was a risk, but it was one I was willing to take. I had hidden my heart for so long and for the first time in a long time, Vincent was close to breaking down the walls.

When a trip to Vincent’s exclusive private island reveals the real Vincent underneath the layers of suave nonchalance, I thought we were close to the start of something special.

Just when things were looking up for us, I would discover the one secret that Vincent never intended for me to find.


Thank you for stopping by All I Want and More Priscilla. We’re glad to have you here.

Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself…. Something that we cannot Google about you, lol!
Since you are a new to me author, I am hoping to bring you to the light of others! So share away!

Will do! I’m based in IL and I’ve been writing since I was in high school, more for fun than anything else. I never really tried to get traditionally published, but a friend recommended this whole self-publishing thing to me so I figured why not? Maybe someone else might enjoy the stories I wrote.

I’m not a full time writer at the moment, but my first series The Sandstone Affair did a lot better than I was expecting so I’m definitely hoping that I can eventually go full time!

Tell us a little about your book?

Secret Surrender is the second book in the Surrender Series. It follows the relationship of Kristen Daley, an up and coming wealth manager and Vincent Sorenson, a tattooed surfer who has created a global empire from his own ingenuity.

How much emotion does it take from you to write?

I honestly don’t need a lot of emotion to write. I do get into the characters when I’m writing, but I usually don’t wait for a spark of inspiration, I just sit down and put the pedal to the metal.

What is your favorite part of the book?

I think Kristen’s time with Vincent on his private island is my favorite part of the book. In addition to all of the *ahem* steamy scenes, we really get to see their relationship grow during these scenes.

What was your favorite scene to write?

I loved writing the cliffhanger in this book. It comes as such a shock that our characters and readers alike are taken off guard, but when you sit down to think about it, we all should have seen this coming.

You can only pick 3 words to describe your main characters. What would they be?

Kristen: Sassy – Independent – Ambitious

Vincent: Risk-taker – Focused – Sexy

Which was the easiest character to write and the hardest ~ and why?

Riley was the easiest character for me to write. Even though she’s not a main character she’s so funny that it’s enjoyable to just be around her! I think Marty was a very difficult character for me to write. Marty is the villain in the book and has done some horrible things, but I really wanted to dig deep and explore what caused him to do those things.

How many books are you shooting for in this series?

There will be one more book in this series titled Beautiful Surrender, it’s set to be released October 30th, 2013.

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on a new adult novel, but it’s still in the very early stages so I can’t comment too much on it. The only thing I’ll say is that I love the story and I can’t wait to tell it to you guys.

Do you have anything due to release soon?

Nothing else other than Beautiful Surrender

What’s one thing that you enjoy about writing?

Meeting new people! I mean, let’s be real. How many of us will ever have an opportunity to meet a sizzling hot tattooed surfer/CEO? When I write, I can inhabit my world with whatever characters I find interesting and have conversations with them and explore their motivations. It’s great!


Since we’re cover hussies….what was your first impression of your cover?

I loved it! It’s steamy, but it shows Kristen & Vincent in a much calmer light. They’re no longer consumed by their passion for each other and are starting to build a real relationship together.

What do you prefer ebooks or paperbacks?

So difficult to choose! I like the convenience of ebooks, but I really do enjoy the tactile aspect of ready paperbacks. Although, to be honest, most of my reading nowadays is done either on my Kindle or iPad.

Is there a genre you would like to write but are a little apprehensive to try?

It might be fun to try writing a historical romance, but I need to do a lot of research first before I try that!

Okay…. personal time!!!! Oh yeah, I go there… Hahah…

If you thought you were safe… Nah… Forgot it… Not a chance! We will start off slow and easy, I promise!

What is on your night stand/dresser?

A lamp.

What are you listening to you right now?

My desk fan whirring around.

What are you reading right now?

Unteachable by Leah Raeder

What is your favorite season? Holiday?

Winter. Christmas!!!

And what has been your best b-day present ever?

I received a giant box of truffle chocolates from a relative who took a trip to Europe. I mean it was gigantic. I don’t know what that says about me that my best b-day present is food. LOL.

Hard and Quick Time! Don’t think… Just answer!
You know you do… Quickie time… Think fast….

Are you a quickie kind girl?

Dark or Milk Chocolate? Dark.

Whipped or Melted? Whipped.

Straight up or with a twist – sex? With a twist!

What’s ur fave drink – in a glass or on him? Vodka Martini

Spank or Flogger? Spank me please!

Junk or Health Food? Junk

Ties or Chains? Ties

Leather or Lace? Lace

Soft or Hard… Bed, where was your mind? Soft

Control or Be Controlled? Be Controlled

Hot Wax or Whip Cream? Whip Cream

Vampire or Werewolf? Vampire

Twitter or Facebook? Facebook you pin? Nope


0164c-6excerptPreviously: Vincent is calling Kristen over video chat while he is away on a business trip.

His dark eyes were scanning my surroundings. “You’ve got a nice bedroom. I like the stuffed animal in the background.”

I laughed. I’d seen it so often, I’d forgotten it was there. I got up from the desk and went to retrieve the stuffed bird from my bed to give Vincent a better look at it. And an explanation for why a grown woman in her mid-twenties had a kid’s toy.

“I also like those shorts,” he said. “I couldn’t agree more.”

I turned back to Vincent. “What do you mean?”

“It says ‘juicy’ on the back.”

“Oh God.” My face heated. “I didn’t have anything else to wear. I got these when I was in high school. A lot of girls wore them at the time and I caved to peer pressure. I should’ve thrown them out.”

He grinned. “I’m glad you didn’t. Suits you well.”

Hoping to move on to a less embarrassing topic, I picked up my bird and brought it back to the desk. “On the other hand, I’m never going to throw this out.”

“Why do you have a plush penguin?”

I squeezed the soft rainbow beak, posing its adorable face for Vincent. “It’s a puffin. It looks like the offspring of a penguin and a parrot if they ever mated. I used to be obsessed with them when I was like five. My parents got me this during a trip to the museum. That was back when I had a better relationship with them. I’m not as into puffins now but this guy still has a lot of sentimental value.”

“I can see why you like it. It’s cute.”

“Well I’m glad you and Mr. Waddles get along.” I wiggled its nubby feet at Vincent. “His approval of you means a lot to me.”

Vincent smiled in a way that was both charming and cute. If only I had a plush version of him to snuggle with on nights when he was away on business.

“Spunky on the outside, soft on the inside. You’re quite the combination.”

He continued as if another thought just occurred to him. “I know I’ve said this before. But thinking about you is making it difficult to concentrate on business. I don’t expect you to understand but it’s hard to focus on work when you’ve got an erection.”

“Well. . . I don’t know what to say.” I really didn’t because I’d never had an erection before but I could at least imagine the dilemma. I offered the first suggestion that came to mind. “Why don’t you just watch porn like a regular guy?”

His brows knotted and his lips frowned. “Wouldn’t work. You make porn look bad.” He opened his mouth to say something further but closed his eyes and sighed deeply instead.

“Something’s bothering you. What’s wrong?” I asked.

His elbow on the desk, he ran a hand through his wavy hair but stopped halfway so that he rested the side of his head in his palm. He looked weary. “I wished we didn’t have sex.”

Nerves shot through my system and my grip on Mr. Waddles tightened. Why would he say such a terrible thing? Was it because I dumped my baggage on him and now he regretted being involved with me?

“What? Why?”

“Cause it made me want you more. I can’t stop thinking about it. You in a blindfold. Your gorgeous body. . . It’s so damn frustrating being so far away from you.”

Relief washed over me like a cold shower in this summer weather. “You scared me for a second there. I thought you were going to say you didn’t like the sex.”

“I don’t like how much I liked it. I’m dangerously close to cutting this trip short to come back to Manhattan. I’m not sure how much longer I can go. I think I might be addicted to you.”

I felt his pain. Over the past two days, I’d constantly thought about him and our multiple sex sessions at his place. It had been distracting—something I welcomed given the drama of my ex lurking in the background; Vincent was a much needed diversion. But most of all, it made me realize how far I’d  fallen for him in such a short time. It was frightening and thrilling. Knowing he was feeling the same way about me made it less frightening.

I had an idea.

“Maybe this will help,” I said as I placed Mr. Waddles on the far end of the desk away from me. I released my hair from its ponytail and let my locks drape around my shoulders. I shook my head to give my hair the voluminous and sexy look I’d seen in commercials. Then I smiled seductively at him.

He straightened in his chair. “You have my attention.”

I undid the top button of my shirt then the next two, enticing him with a view of my black bra beneath and an eyeful of scandalous cleavage. The nurturing side of me wanted to heal his pain.

“Mmmm,” he murmured.

“Like what you see?” I teased. His desire for me always gave me a thrill.

He nodded slowly. “I want to see more.”


Text messages between book characters:



character interviewVincent, thank you for agreeing to the interview. How are you today?

I’m great. Just got back from Cape Town, South Africa. Good business. Even better pleasure.

Let’s talk about that. Pleasure. What pleases you Mr. Sorenson?

*grins* I met an interesting person on my trip. Someone daring. Brave. Exciting. Smart–but also dumb enough to pinch my nipple in the middle of a business meeting. She was trying to win me as a client for her wealth management firm. Needless to say, she left an impression on me but probably not the one she intended. I’m looking forward to a follow-up meeting. Just with her–without her partner there.

Can I pinch your nipple?

Not on the first interview. *winks*

Shucks. So what else pleases you?

Surfing, bungee jumping, cliff diving, anything that gives me a thrill. Anything that makes my blood rush to all the right places. Know what I mean?

Sounds crazy. Especially for someone with your status. CEO. Billionaire. If you don’t mind me saying.

With risk, comes reward. There’s a thin line between ‘risky’ and ‘irresponsible’ just as there is for ‘confidence’ and ‘arrogance’. I like to ride that line as close as I can without crossing over. I’ve heard other CEOs say they believe in ‘Work hard. Play hard.’ But I don’t believe in that. I mix work and play. That’s what makes me and my company so successful.

Mixing business with pleasure.

*smiles wickedly* You took the words from my lips.

Well I have a lot more questions but I really feel I need a drink of water and a hot bath right now. Would you be interested in doing more interviews in the future?

It would be my pleasure.


Priscilla West is the author of the popular erotic romance series The Sandstone Affair and is currently writing the Surrender series. She likes to write stories with sassy heroines and strong but flawed heroes.

She enjoys: cuddles, men in suits, eskimo kisses, life-sized teddy bears, and eggs over medium.

You can find her at


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