Book Tour and Interview: Raquel Taylor-Savage Love #bewitchingbooktours

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slSavage Love
Raquel Taylor

Genre: Paranormal Erotica

Publisher: Rogue Publishing, LLC

Date of Publication: August 16, 2013

ISBN: 9780989392600

Number of pages: 260

Word Count: 78,000+

                                                               Cover Artist: Yana Golyshkina

Buy Links: Amazon    BN


Welcome to the world of Nyw’Gaia where genetically engineered werewolves and vampires have battled for centuries. They fight to the death. They, most certainly, do not fall in love…

An illegally made vampire in his father’s Nosferatu army, Prince Skyy Hi’daat leaves the city of Nocturne for the lush alien domain beyond.  He finds this world filled with exotic inhabitants who would just as readily kill him as look at him. He is unprepared for the desire he feels in facing the werewolf that is supposed to be his natural enemy. Ravished and then rescued, his vengeance knows no bounds for the creature that dared put his filthy paws upon him.

Cathedron is the city of Arachnae’s greatest champion. On a deadly stealth mission to infiltrate Nocturne and discover the source of the infection that is eating the world, he finds he cannot help but hunt Nocturne’s gorgeous dark prince. Skyy’s scent ignites his desires in a way that is strictly criminal. Remembrances of Skyy’s body fires his blood against every law, against his own common sense. The wolf is determined to have the vampire again and make Skyy his forever.

Against the heat of the passion that threatens to consume them both, Nyw’Gaia is dying. An ancient darkness is infecting the denizens of the world and killing everything in its path. Their love is forbidden, but only their love can save Nyw’Gaia now.



The wolf was covered in the pierced and tattooed designs so prevalent amongst the ruins of the First Colony. The markings denoted a complete surrender to savagery, a negation of even the faintest hint of civilization. Skyy had seen designs like them in the museums and art galleries of Nocturne. They were an intermingling of the human-like designs of the First Colony along with the artwork of the aliens that had populated the planet before the first human settlers had landed hundreds of years before. The werewolf wore inked bands across the hard muscles of his arms that might have favored the Celtic designs brought from Old Earth had they not been populated with ja’anaszi stones—tiny glittering jewels that radiated with the uncanny inner light found at the mined core of Nyw’Gaia. Ja’anaszi stones were illegal in the City of Nocturne, the tiny rocks imbued with a narcotic so strong it had been known to kill on contact. Once placed upon the flesh, the stones bonded with the skin and needed the aid of a skilled surgeon to be removed. Often whole limbs were lost in the procedure. And the werewolf wore enough of them to kill an entire human district. The stones were known to be a glittering white, the light inside them throbbing to the heartbeat of the wearer. The stones the wolf wore were an uncharacteristic blood red.

Raven hair slid in a straight black wave down the creature’s shoulders and inky eyebrows arched over long black lashes. His finely sculpted face, complete with smooth cheeks and high cheekbones, was the home of arched raven eyebrows, which rose to peaks over those incredible eyes. There was something so wild about the look of him that it captivated Skyy.

He could not look away as the wind picked up the long inky cape of the werewolf’s hair and played with it, jangling the multi-colored beads and tangerine feathers that decorated it. The picture was both spellbinding and incredible and the new vampire’s mind took its sweet time processing it all, down to the silver metal and ja’anaszi stone collar that decorated the beast’s throat. Still, not quite used to his new perceptions, Skyy found this creature as fascinating as the Trinity and his body reacted to its presence in much the same manner as he had reacted to the Three Moons. The beast sparkled, the blood red stones embedded in his flesh glittering like sustenance and Skyy was suddenly filled with the dark hunger that denoted what he was, but there was something else to it…a certain and undeniable lust of a completely carnal nature.

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Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself…Something that we cannot google about you, lol.

Since you are a new to me author, I am hoping to bring you to the light of others, so share away.

 What I can tell you about myself is that I am bad at talking about myself. Such a great handicap is the very bane of my existence, but I will try…for you.

I write erotic romance. I’ve actually been writing for a number of years. Most of my writing is in eBook form. I think you are my first interview and I thank you, very much, for having me.

Something you can’t google about me, huh?

I like thunder and lightning. The kind of weather that brought the Frankenstein Monster to life…excites me.

Tell us a little about your book.

Savage Love is a M/M science-fiction/paranormal romance set on the world of Nyw’Gaia where vampires hunt werewolves at the bidding of their human masters. Genetically enhanced so that they kill one another on sight, it’s impossible for a vampire and a werewolf to fall in love, right?

How much emotion does it take for you to write?

Writing takes a good deal of emotion. I can lose myself in it easily. As a matter of fact, becoming lost in the worlds in my head is my favorite past-time. If I’m not feeling it—plot, situation, love—I’ve written it wrong.

What is your favorite part of the book?

I’m partial to the moment when the ‘arrogant’ prince realizes that the mangy wolf has infiltrated the impenetrable vampire city. He’s was a roller coaster of emotions in this part and it was amusing to go through it with him.

What was your favorite scene to write?

I enjoyed writing the initial meeting between them. The wolf thinks the prince is a fool, the prince thinks the wolf is little more than a dog. And, yet, each is thinking: “Damn, he’s hot, and he’s not supposed to be. Whatever am I going to do with this feeling that I’m feeling?”

You can only pick three words to describe your main characters…what would they be?

Cathedron (the wolf): Sexy, Determined, and Brave.

Skyy (the prince and the vampire): Melancholy, Perverted, and a Masochist.

What was the easiest character to write and the hardest and why?

I found Cathedron to be the easiest character to write. Unlike Skyy, and all others, Cathedron is extremely honest with himself. Writing that kind of blatant honesty was both refreshing and fun.

I found Zaraphim to be the hardest character to write. He’s not ‘the’ bad guy, but he’s close. His love of Skyy is both sick and obsessive. Messing around in the machinations of that twisted relationship was interesting, which made Skyy a pretty hard write too.

 How many books are you shooting for in this series?

There will be one more book with these characters. Maybe.

What are you currently working on?

Currently, I’m polishing (complete) an interracial paranormal werewolf. I am also side-writing (nearly complete) another M/M featuring some very strange vampires in a very strange situation.

Do you have anything due to release soon?

Interracial paranormal werewolf releasing very soon.

What is the one thing that you enjoy about writing?

Writing has been my haven for as long as I can remember.

Since we’re cover hussies…what was the first impression of your cover?

I fell in love with it—instantly and completely. The artist has a wonderful talent, listened to me, understood, and gave me everything I wanted and more.

Which do you prefer ebooks or paperbacks?

It doesn’t matter as long as the story is good.

In what genre would you like to write but are a little apprehensive to try?


Okay….personal time!!! Oh yeah, I go there…Hahah!

If you thought you were safe…Nah…Forgot it…Not a chance! We will start off slow and easy, I promise!

 What’s on your nightstand/ dresser?

Ancient MacBook, Lamp, Phone, Keys, Cigarettes, Various nail polish, and the charger for…something.

 What are you listening to right now?

Simon Curtis, Super Psycho Love.

What are you reading right now?

Tanith Lee, The Book of the Dead.

 What is your favorite Season, Holiday?

Fall, Halloween.

 What was your best birthday present ever?

A radio shout out on a station I used to listen to a long time ago. It’s a simple thing, but it came as a complete, and very sweet, surprise.

Hard and Quick time! Don’t think…Just answer! Okay, before we go this route, I will get us a refill on our drinks…I will be right back.


You know you do…Quickie time…Think fast!

Are you a quickie kind of girl?

 No, I don’t do anything…quick.

Dark or Milk Chocolate?

Milk, please.

Whipped or melted?

Depends on what kind of whip you’re talking about.

Straight up or with a twist—Sex?

Twist. It.

 What’s your favorite drink-in a glass or on him?

Long Island Iced Tea

Spank of Flogger?

I’m more of a hands on kind of person.

 Junk or health food?

Junk. I know better. I just do it anyway.

 Ties or chains?


Leather or Lace?

Leather, but it really depends on what it is.

Soft or hard…Bed, where was your mind?

…Where it usually is, somewhere bad. Hard.

Control of Be Controlled?

This one made me smile. I like you. Control.

 Hot wax or whip cream?

Hot wax.

Vampire or Werewolf?

Can’t decide. Depends on the vampire. And the werewolf.

Twitter or Facebook?

Neither. With Twitter, it’s merely a lack of understanding.

Pinterest…do you pin?

I do not. Occasionally, I’ve passed it though, and considered it. I like the concept of showing your visual passions.


Thank you Raquel for stopping by All I Want and More.



Raquel Taylor enjoys writing love stories with an erotic edge. Secretly, and under a crazy pseudonym, she writes multitudes of homoerotic fanfiction based on myriad anime worlds. She does this for the love of the written word. She does this for the love of the carefully crafted worlds and characters that others have created. Most importantly, she does it in order to satisfy a need she sees in the readers of fanfiction.

Outside of this rather clandestine operation, Raquel writes love and erotica in whatever form that pleases her. She truly believes that love conquers all. With pen and keyboard she creates worlds where only love can bring light to the darkness. She creates lovers who need one another and she brings them to readers who want to experience those worlds and those people.

She writes for the love of it, against all odds. And she will never stop creating.

You can visit Raquel’s worlds at:


Twitter: @roguepublishing


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