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Review: Stealing Fate by Berinn Rae



Review: Stealing Fate by Berinn RaeAva Garnier is the middle daughter of WhitePaw’s Alpha pair and she’s spent almost a decade preparing to take over herfather’s role as leader of the Pack.There’s one big snag and his name is Kaden Black. Kaden assumes that because he’s the Beta of the pack, the position is automatically his.

Ava’s had a crush on Kaden for years but he’s never given her the time of day…until her sister marries his best friend. Now sparks are flying and there’s only a week until her father decides who will become the next Alpha of WhitePaw pack. The question is, who will come out on top?

I obtained the above information from Ms. Selena’s website.


Let me just start this review by saying that I fell in love with this story! Ms. Selena did a remarkable job at creating The WhitePaw Pack world. She created a world where I felt like I was in the middle of that world…. She kept me alert, worried, intrigued… Hell, she kept me baited for the next word… the next action… And hell, when Kaden took out the ties to put around Ava’s hands in the backseat of his truck…. Consider me a wanton woman! (Bet I snagged your interest huh, lol!)

Selena crafted a story that will keep you turning the pages, wanting to learn more about these two characters… Wanting to know why Kaden feels like he should be the Alpha of the pack… but you will also here Ava’s side of the story and why, as a woman and the daughter of the pack leader, she feels the job should be hers. But she knows that she is going up against years, hell, generations of men always being the leader of the pack. She feels that she has been trained to be the leader of the pack, always putting pack before her and her own life. Because that is what a leader does!

But what happens when life gets in the way of what you are going after? Do you give up. Do you allow someone else to steal your dreams? Do you fight for what you believe is truly yours? But what happens when the matters of the heart get in the middle and really puts the screws to you? We have all been there… wanting something so bad we can taste it. Wanting something with such a fever that it is all you have known… the goal you are trying to obtain – at any cost!

Ava has always felt like that. Always putting the Pack before her own life. Making sure that she was there for her father – to do Pack business. Hell, she can’t remember the last date she had. But maybe she can’t remember the last date she had because she has someone on her mind she shouldn’t be thinking about. But wanting the spot at being alpha of the pack is all she has ever known. Being groomed to be the leader. Or so that is what she thought. What happens when she is faced with possibly having to give up her goal of being Pack leader to the man that privately owns her heart?

Kaden did not have a true family, but being taken under the wing of the Alpha of the WhitePaw Pack was the next best thing. He felt at home… at peace. But knowing that one day Ava’s dad would be passing down his title of Alpha of the pack has Kaden on high alert because he knows that he is not the only wolf that has their eye on that job. His competition is the one woman that can damn him to hell… Really… The one woman who has his heart in her hands but has no idea. What happens when the position is within arm reaches to only be thought to be given to someone else? Kaden knows the Alpha better than anyone, but when calling someone’s bluff make sure you have the best hand in the house because all bets could be off the table. Including the woman that he knows is his mate.

These two make this story explosive. If there was explosions in this story, they would probably be the reason they went off. Kaden and Ava have a thick, tension that carries throughout the story but it is a tension that has desire and lust dripping off of it. They spar with each other, they can cut each other down in a matter of minutes, but their hidden emotions for each other is what I found so precious. But don’t get comfortable with the word precious because when these two finally realize what is going on,  it is anything but precious. Hot, smoldering, raw, sizzling, powerful. And a few other words that I would probably get beeped out for saying, lol!

If you get this story, I promise you will not regret it… This story is worth losing a few hours of sleep (because I lost some trying to finish it in two nights, lol).  Just saying! Selena, you know you are my werewolf weakness now – right!??!

To check our more of Selena’s world, please visit her website and enjoy!!!!

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