Review: 187 When Courts Fail by Wade J. Halverson

Review: Stealing Fate by Berinn Raecourts-fail_0

I will start this off by saying that I have read the first and second book of this freaking amazing series and I am honored to read the third.

Mr. Wade, you have done it again… You have enthralled me to Kane’s story once again. Wade has a craft of writing these stories in such a way that your need to finish the book and know what happened will over ride your need for sleep to finish it. Wade has created a story so thick with a twisted family bond – that no matter what – you know that taking care of what is yours is just what you do. The power of his words will strike you at your core, the storyline will grip your heart strings and make you scream for justice. Once again, I found myself at the mercy of each page and wanting to know what was going to happen.

Kane Silver is a normal man… He does not possess any super powers or abnormal traits. He is just a man… like every other man, he just wants justice. He has been through hell and back and back again. But has survived it all. He knows that your own personal demons can be the death of your soul… He also knows that extracting those demons could prove to end life as you know it. But is it worth it… Hell yes. Kane has three men in his life that he would die for… His best friends, brothers if you will. Si’ Ling, Valentino Lopez and Hank. And through this story, you will see just how dangerous it is to get rid of the demons that haunt you…

But the story is not just about Kane and his band of brothers… Nope, this story is so riveting, so dark and dangerous that you just might be glad you are on the outside looking in. This story is about a man, his wife and his child… and what Kane can do for them. The blurb hints at the bases of the story… There is a child molester out on the loose… And he has his prey in sight. In fact, he has been planning this hunt for a while now. And to not be able to protect your child from the dangers that lurk around…. well, let’s just say that is a blow no man wants to take.

This story will take you to the dark side of what happens to a family after… The pain, the agony, the despair. The black side of the soul will burn till there is no more to burn. The taste of revenge is great but at what cost will you go to get it. The people of this story will go through hell and back, but can they stay together long enough to get to the end… Can money truly buy you happiness?

My final thoughts on this story is that Wade – you have done it again… The cast is the same, my four men on a mission… but the storyline is fresh and very gripping. Wade made me go into a world in which I was not sure I wanted to go into when I read the first few pages… And I even read his “Special note from the author” and was still kinda leery… But Wade has a way about his writing that will make you want to read, make you want to push the envelope, make you want to make sure that justice was done and somebody got there asses handed to them. But the real reason for me loving these stories is the way Wade has written Kane Silver… The man to which I have come to have a special place in my heart for…. Wade is the only man I know that will make me fall in love with a book that is NOT about romance. And if you know my name… You know this is saying a lot! I know most of you are romance readers, but I promise you… if you pick up this series, you will fall in love with a man named Kane Silver.

Wade, once again, my hat goes off to you for an incredible journey with the four men I have come to think of as my own private warriors and true heroes! Ohhh and I saw at your website that there is more to come… I look forward to the ride.

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Within hours of his release from prison, repeat offender Felix Flowers, a known child molester, murders 10-year-old Jonathan, the only son of billionaire software mogul John Boyer, and his wife, Victoria. As condolence letters pour in from other parents who have suffered the same horror, John Boyer’s rage at the inadequacy of the criminal justice system to protect the innocent from sexual predators compels him to launch his own quest. Joining forces with Kane Silver, a second generation Special Forces and Special Operations man, whom Boyer admires for taking justice into his own hands in avenging his wife’s rape and murder, they form a lethal team and carry out a covert operation achieving the justice that courts failed to secure.

Pages: 291 Book Format: Trade Paperback 6×9 Subject: Fiction/Adventure


abouttheauthormaleGrowing up on the Central Coast of California until the age of seventeen when he enlisted in the U.S. Army, new adventures began. After the Army, Wade spent the next fifteen years in the health club business, and founding LA Boxing, until he preferred spending his time doing Bodyguard work and gym consulting. A few bumps in the road later and some bad decisions,wade2 Wade found his true-passion storytelling the 187 book series, mostly being inspired from experiences and people he has met along the way. Living in several cities across the country and spending a lot of time south of the border, he is currently now splitting his time between Southern California, and Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

To find out more about Mr. Wade’s world… please visit his website! I was intrigued by what is to come!

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