Review: U.K. Kink by Silence O’Shea

U.K. Kink

British Invasion

Babysitting a British dance troupe isn’t one of Caitlin’s career aspirations, but before she can say “male strippers”, she finds herself the newly appointed caretaker for the Fire from Lancashire. Keeping five gorgeous guys on task is hard enough; living under the same roof with the luscious lads is near torture, especially when one begins starring in her naughtiest fantasies. Too bad about that “no fraternization” clause in her contract…

With a single kiss, Cait went from sweet caretaker to must-have sexual conquest. Oliver wants the voluptuous beauty badly, contracts and clauses be damned. Then one of his mates comes up with a way for Oliver to get his cake while the rest eat too. Their employer might fire one man for ravishing Cait…but certainly not all of them. Right? After one taste, Oliver knows she’s definitely worth the risk of finding out.

I obtained the above information from Goodreads

Welcome peeps… Let me say that this is my first story by Ms. Silence! And since you know me to be a hussy… this cover… Oh man… Then add the blurb… Oh man did I want to read this story. I was a little leary of the storyline… One woman handling at least five men… Hot, delicious, ripped, skilled men… But let me say that Silence made this story work and work very well it did!!

This is a short story, so I can’t give away to  much… But I will tell you that Cait is a delight to read. She is a real size woman, with a job that would destroy most women. She is so down to earth but knows what she wants… The issue is she can’t have what she truly wants… Or can she…

The men of the U.K. Kink house love Cait like she belonged to all of them… But only one has apparently staked his claim… Oliver… He is all sorts of wickedly, hot dreams. He knows the rules of the house, but tell that to the rules of his heart… He knows one woman who gets his kink… But the question is… Can he get the woman and keep the job at the same time..

These two make quite a pair… but what make this even more exciting is the other men in the house. They add to the story but do not take away from Oliver and Cait story. They bring their own personality to the story and share in the love with Cait and Oliver. The delicious tale of these two is worth the read… Preferably before bed 😉

Silence gave each her characters a spicy attitude and tempting story line (hint hint)… She wrote the story with a fresh voice. Every line was a delight to read… Her words were laced with desire, but a hint of dread, spiced with heat that will catch the pages on fire… Each page drips with a hint of sexy and at the end of the story… U will be oK with all the Kinks! 🙂

And remember… Always keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!

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  1. This has become a favorite for me. I can’t wait to read the other guys stories. **waits(im)patiently 😉


  2. Thank you soooo much, Cecile! 🙂 And elaing8, I’m working on book 2, Sean’s story, right now. 😉


  3. WOW…now this review got me to comment! This sounds like an awesome story and soooooo creative. Bravo to the author!! Yap, I’ll be hunting this book down to BUY …nope it isn’t even going on the TBL…I’m going out to get it!

    Thanks for the great review as always Miss Cecile!




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