*Tour Wide Giveaway* Zeke Kincaid’s Woman by Betty Carlton

Title: Zeke Kincaid’s Woman
Author: Betty Carlton
Publisher: Sizzler Editions
Length: 113 Pages
Sub-Genres: Erotic Romance

            On the musical stage in 1856 Lori Ann a singer extraordinaire impresses the audiences with her voice. Male admirers line up for a chance to meet her.
  An enamored Zeke Kincaid is one of them. When Lori Ann refuses his marriage proposal. She didn’t know about Kincaid men and the events she set in motion by rejecting him.
  Zeke Kincaid would make sure she understood. She didn’t have a choice. She would love him. One day, Lori Ann the singer disappears.
Under Zeke’s control he’ll see that she learns the lessons of submission and obedience in the Kincaid family tradition.
Buck acting as driver pulled the vehicle to an halt outside of store front. The sign above the entrance read: Mr. Phineas J Simpson, Solicitor of Law.

Zeke jumped from the carriage and turned to aid Lori Ann from it.

His hand tightened around her upper arm it gave a warning loud and clear. Still he mouthed the words.Remember my rules.”

Buck stayed behind to tend to the horses. Together the couple moved in unison as they entered the business.

Zeke thought. We’d be a real fashion plate if she didn’t need to wear that old dinosaur of a hat. When we get to Paradise we’ll have a burn the ugly hat fire.

The room smelled like an attorney’s office. Leather bound books, oil furniture polish, and a stale cigar greeted their noses.

The bald man behind the highly polished desk stood upon recognizing who had entered. He moved in front of the desk and reached out his hand to greet his unexpected quests
Mr Blake, so nice to see you again.

Lori Ann’s head popped up. She wondered who was Mr Blake? She looked back at the door the see if someone entered behind them, unknown to her.

The men shook hands and then Mr. Simpson put his hand over to Lori Ann who on impulse reached out to greet him. The two hands never touched. Zeke’s strong hand caught hers and wrapped around her fingers and squeezed.

Remember my words, echoed inside her head. The narrowed eyes he looked at her with made her blood rush. She almost broke one of his two rules within tens second of entering the room.

Anyone observing them would be impressed with the solicitous way the fine dressed gentleman treated what was apparently his special lady.

My dear sit here. Hand in hand with her hand still being crushed within his grip he guided her to one of the two chairs placed in front of the desk.

Obeying him still trying to figure out why the man called Zeke, Mr. Blake. She moved to sit and instinctively blurted out, Thank you.”

So much for complying to his rules. There were only two and she broke them both. She was not utter one word, and no one was allowed to touch her in any way.

Who would have thought those two simple requests, Ok, demands would be impossible to grant him. Certainly not me.

The tilted head and raised eyebrow didn’t tell her how much trouble she was in. Lori Ann’s cheeks started to sting and not the cheeks on her face.


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About The Author:
  Betty Carlton is a time long resident of the tar-heel state. It was late in her life before she realized those pesky people in her headwere characters who had something to say.
Even though she loved to read being a writer was never on her ‘Bucket list.’ She likes to read fluffy romance novels where the dukefinds his duchess or the cowboy rides into the sunset with his lady love to live happily-ever-after.
  Imagine her surprise, when she finally put pen to paper and discovered her leading men at times barely could be called a hero. Her stories have been referred to as dark, erotica, at times anguishing. She never had so much fun as when working the story lines. However, true to herself there’s always a happy ending.
  Reading should take you away, but always leave you with hope.
Betty Carlton
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  1. Thanks for the awesome giveaway. I would love to read this series. Tore923@aol.com


  2. Thanks for the giveaway… Just added this book to my TBR!!! I can't wait to read it… sounds great!blpmendez@yahoo.com



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