Bald Face Answers…..

The Truth Shall Set You Free!!!

A while back… yes that long ago… I took part in a game… And I not sure who remembers the game, the truth and the lies… but here goes… Cuz I promised something at the end…
And I never break a promise. I might be late… but never break a promise! =)

Okay…. here are the answers to the mysterious of my life. So, how well do I lie…
Well apparently not to well as most of you saw through the lies…

The “stories” are told first, then the truth comes out….

  1. I absolutely love the winter time; isn’t it the greatest season of all!!

I very much dislike winter! Fall is my favorite season. The leaves changing, the small of the crisp air in my lungs and hellloooo my birthday!!!

  1. I love dogs but have two tabby cats.

I love cats, but I have two puppies… A multi-po and a mini Schnauzer.

  1. I was once on the high school chess team.

Yea in my widest dreams… Well, not my wildest dreams, maybe the if the chest player were playing with my… evil laughter! I have actually never played chess. My hubs loves to play chest.

  1. I love to jam out in the car and I really do not care who sees or what they think.

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! This one is true!! I absolutely love doing this and I do NOT care who watches, hears my music or care what they think of what I am jamming out too!

  1. I am one of the world’s worst dancers. I virtually have two left feet.

I actually have twenty years of dancing experience… Tap, ballet, jazz, pointe, lyrical and hip hop. I started when I was four years old and have continued on and off throughout my whole life.

  1. I am highly allergic to the material books are made out of, that is why I had to get an ereader.

I am allergic to cigarette smoke… but not books. Have you seen my TBR pile, yea ~ didn’t think so. LMBO!

  1. I have had one book published ~ under a pen name of course. Erotic style.

Nooo… no book published… A lot of little short stories here and there.

  1. I am a single mother, raising a 6 yr old daughter

I have a 16 yr old daughter and she is my total world and one of my best friends. I heart her to death! And I am not single ~ I am married.

  1. I use to read my mom’s novels when I was a teenager.

Nope, my mom was never a reader; which is sad. I think everyone should read. I picked up it up on my own!

  1. I have only met one online blogger – since I started a year ago.

This one is true…. I met Silver James last year at a book signing in New Orleans…
((June we are having a Blogger Meet & Greet *Hell Kat watch out, here we come!!!* And Patti…. Labor Day baby!!!!))

Now for those that guessed the right answer…. I will be placing your name in a hat and one lucky winner will receive an email from me!!!!!

The ones that got it right were…. (so you know you are in the running..)

Thanks for coming to my place you guys!!!

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  1. No, no, we just know you THAT WELL. 😉 Hope you're surviving your weekend!


  2. A few surprises there Cecile. As to the question of 'how well do I lie?'… Lord, I am sorely tempted.


  3. It's a bright sunday morning here and I just learned something new about Cecile…you can dance WOW. I doing Zumba but I'm realizing as I go along with the DVD's that my rhythm is completely off. And I LOVE Latin dancing…in my mind I'm a freakin' Shakira LOL


  4. Wohoo I got it right, yay :)20 years of dancing, wow, I am afraid I am the one with 2 left feet here


  5. Hey Cecile! I'm glad I got the answers right – means I know a few things about you which makes me happy!!!Have a great day, my little dancer :)I hope everything is OK with you (haven't answered my last two e-mails, and that's so unlike you)


  6. Great post! I loved reading the stories & the truths. My mom was never a book reader either, but my grandmother was! I remember when I was a teenager we read Jackie Collins' LUCKY at the same time!


  7. I am allergic to cigarette smoke… but not books. Have you seen my TBR pile, yea ~ didn't think so. LMBO!That would be the worst if it would have been true!! e-readers are great but there is something about holding a book that can't be beat.Stephanie G


  8. Chris! Hey honey! Yeah…. Kinda makes me feel good to know that my friends know me so well, lol!I am barely surviving this weekend! But it is Sunday.. and no not a day of rest for me…Mr V, hello Sir! Well I am glad to know that I can surprise you Mr. V. You are sorely tempted.. oh please do not hold back on my account…Leontine! Hey honey! I am so glad that you made it!! I am also glad to hear that it is bright and sunny morning for you! I think the same is for us! =)Hee hee, yea, I love dancing!! And I soooo want to take a Zumba class!!! Honey that is all that matters ~ is how you see yourself!!! Believe I know! LOL!!Blodeuedd! Hey honey! Thanks for popping over! And yayay you got it right!!!! 20 yrs.. yep!host! Hey honey!! I know… things have been backuped everywhere of the late! I am getting there today though!! Promise, cuz I need my host fix!!!! I hope you have a great evening honey!aww you are too sweet to me ->"my little dancer"Diana (Book of Secrets)! Hey there, I am glad that you could make it over here!!! Thanks for coming!! I am glad to see you!Paranormal Haven!H Hey Steph!! How are you? Hope all is well! Yea… cig smoke kills me! Yea, I know what you mean about the TBR pile… yea, mine is awful!!!


  9. Congrats to all the winners!Big hugs Cecile…even if I didn't get them all right, I still adore you!Hawk


  10. I didn't play the game but I enjoyed learning more about you.


  11. This was fun – I love learning little tidbits about other bloggers! Can't wait to meet! Hotel is booked, babysitter is arranged…See you soon 🙂


  12. Hawk, hey honey! I am so glad that you made it over! Honey, you know better than most, lol!! Love ya!Autumn Jordon! Hi there and welcome to my Lair. I hope you enjoyed your stay! And I hope to see you around more!Patti! Hey honey, this was fun to do!!! Ohhh and guess what… SEE YOU SOON!!!!! YAYAYA!!!


  13. You had some that I didn't know so cool glad to get to know you better! 🙂 I thought the read your mothers books was one LOL!


  14. Hey JennJ!!!! I am glad that you came by!!! No, my mother was not a reader at all. She is now with inspirational books… but she would never read my books.. even the "light" ones, lmbo!Now when I was pregnant for my baby girl, I read to her all the time… and when she was baby I did the same.. and now she has blossomed into her own reader with her own taste. And that makes my heart beam with pride to know that I lured another reader into the world. And she tries to get her friends to read too. Hee hee! It is funny to hear her talk about people who do not read. Not in a bad way, but she is like, they have no imagination… And that is true! Open a book and your mind can wonder!Hugs to you honey!


  15. 'Mr V, hello Sir! Well I am glad to know that I can surprise you Mr. V. You are sorely tempted.. oh please do not hold back on my account…OK, you asked for it.'So, how well do I lie…'Perfectly when horizontal.


  16. Well done Mr. V… Well done….I believe that is the best comment that I have gotten in a while!!Blush and speechless all at the same time!I am glad that you do not hold back on my account!



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