A Soul of a Giveaway With Ms Jennifer Lyon

Are you ready to go Trick or Treating with…

…the Wing Slayer brothers??

Ladies… I hope you are still with me for this awesome party I am having!!! My house is still rockin… I hope you are up for this guest today, because she brings us some awesome treats!!! **Evil wink and wicked grin**

Please help me welcome, Ms. Jennifer Lyon to the house!!!! ***YAYAYAYAY***
And if you come to my place enough and see my side bar… You will know that Ms. Lyon is the author of the freaking amazing book Blood Magic with the hottie of hot Axel and her new release of Soul Magic is out this month!!!

Now, I met Ms Jennifer over at Axel’s club ~ Axel of Evil Club ~ for this conversation! And let me tell you… that man knows how to entertain!!! So, pull up a seat next your favorite fire pit…

Pick your poison well… because this Wing Slayer in training…
(Axel allowed him to be our bartender for the day) is serving the drinks! What did you expect at Axel’s place…. Water… Or a fruity drink! Never….
So, now that me and Ms. Jen have our drinks… let’s start the conversation!
Ms. Jennifer, it is nice to have you here!! I am so glad that you asked me over here instead of my place. I think Caleb needed a break poor thing! I am starting to wear him out!

***Getting very comfy in the Evil chairs***
Ms. Jen, can you please tell you a little something about yourself?

Sure! I met my husband at the dog pound when I was eighteen and lived happily ever after. How’s that for romance? We have three sons, and it was while my sons were very small and my husband was working on his master’s degree that I decided to go after my own dream of writing. It was a long process. I went through eight years of rejections, but I kept at it, pushing myself to learn my craft while digging within myself to find the right stories to tell. Then one day, I got the call.

I, of course, wasn’t home when the call came. Story of my life, LOL! But the editor and I finally hooked up and the rest is history.

I will say that I love what I do. It didn’t come easy, but I’m doing something I enjoy, something I believe in and something that I think has value as entertainment. So I when I hit problems, struggles and setbacks, it’s still tough, but my love for what I do keeps me going.

What are you currently working on?

The fourth book in the series. This will be Key’s story. I just finished the third book (with a working title of BLIND MAGIC.) That book was hard to write, but I love it! And now Key’s book looks like it’s going to be just as hard. These hunters are tortured alpha men, which are my favorite kind!

****YAYAYAYAY, did you read that ladies…. the fourth in the series!!! OMG!!! I sooo can not wait for these damn books!!!****

What are your pet peeves (one or many)?

In real life? Rude people on cell phones. Seriously, it drives me crazy.

In books? Heroines that slap the hero (hmm, have I ever done this in my own books?) It bugs me for a couple reasons. One is that women tend to be more verbally skilled than men. We don’t need violence to get our point across. Second, if you hit someone, you might get hit back. Third, if this is the kind of book that calls for violence (and some do) then I want my heroine to hit hard, not slap, LOL!

In a song could describe your life, what song would that be?

I went from a sort of BORN TO RUN (Bruce Springsteen) trying to escape and find something better, to WIND BENEATH MY WINGS (Bette Midler). My husband is my hero, and he’s the man who gave me the strength and courage to reach for my dreams.

For my hunters, I like THE ANIMAL I HAVE BECOME by Three Days Grace. I actually looked for some songs that I thought summed them up. Funny story: I was in the kitchen, listening to my iPod while cooking. My adult son came home to visit and was shocked speechless. He couldn’t believe I was listening to the same music he works out to at the gym. I laughed, and hey, I’m not old!

What is something that most people would find surprising about you?

I always feel like there’s nothing surprising about me. I’m pretty boring in real life, and I like it that way!

What do you love/like most about your birthday?

That my husband goes to so much trouble. A bit over a year ago, I was in Atlanta on my birthday. When I got home, there were presents stacked on the coffee table and a cake in the kitchen. He never forgets, and always makes me feel special.

What has been your most memorable present?

It was an anniversary gift. We’d agreed on no gifts as we were going to do something special on the weekend. So we had our regular family dinner, then my husband asked the kids to get out their left over Halloween candy that was in a plastic pumpkin. But I, as usual, told him to leave their candy alone. The kids, however, jumped up and got the pumpkin. My husband handed the pumpkin to me and said, “Can you find me some candy?”

I was so annoyed. I mean seriously…

Then I looked inside and there’s a small, square wrapped box. My heart started to race and pound in my ears. I picked up the box.

My three sons were so excited they were bouncing in their seats.

My husband laughed (sexy chuckle) and told me to open it. It was a diamond encrusted anniversary ring. When we got married we were buying a house and so we just got plain gold bands. I never had a diamond, now I have a beautiful anniversary ring with inlaid diamonds.

It was the best gift ever because it was given with such love, because he involved our sons and because it symbolizes a great marriage.

****can you say awwwwwwwww…. what a man you have… You see that Wizard… You are an amazing man!!!****

When was the last time you dressed up for Halloween? What were you?

Hmm, I think the last time was at a Bunko party where my husband dressed as a medieval warrior and I was a wench. We weren’t being historically accurate; we were just having a blast!

Right before we were married, we went to a Halloween party where I dressed as a sexy witch. My husband took pictures, blew one up and had that hanging over the workbench in the garage for a decade. The neighbors never realized it was me until we told them.

Scary Movie person yes/no? If yes, which is your favorite scary movie?

No! I love suspense and thrillers but not horror movies! I occasionally read horror books. I read Stephen King’s SALEM’S LOT and THE SHINING in high school. Many years later I read MISERY and am still traumatized by that book!

Haunted house… yes/no? Have you ever been to a haunted house?

It’s been years, but yes! They scare me and make me laugh at the same time.

Now in honor of The Wizard (that is Jen’s husband)… I found this cake for us to munch on… So, please cut yourself a piece of cake and enjoy…. Make sure to keep going.. because the treats just get better!

I am squealing with delight… the treat for today… Are you sure you ladies can handle this…
Ms. Jennifer has a couple of copies (I am so hoping to get my hands on one)….of Soul Magic… ***hyperventilating…. omg*** Yes… you read right… Soul Magic!!!!
Now the giveaway will start today… Just comment here… ask Ms. Jen a questions… hell, you can ask me a question… and make sure you leave me an email address to get in touch with you!
The contest ends on Sunday, November 1st… and I will announce the winner that Monday!!!!! What a present… to be able to give you guys a present! The contest is open to: you ready for this… EVERYONE!!!!!

Cecile, thank you so much for inviting me to your blog!

You are more than welcome Ms. Jennifer!!! I hope you enjoyed yourself… just as much as I did!! Thank you for making time to play with us over here!!

Now… If you would like to see what Ms. Jennifer’s place looks like and drop her a line… Please go to her site —>>> here.
If you want to see the interview she did with Axel… Please go —>>> here.
Be warned, he is something else!
If you would like to read my review of Blood Magic (just be warned… Axel is my Sex On A Stick man), please go —>>> here.

Now, if you would like to purchase the first book… to get your hands on the second one.. please go —>>> Blood Magic

Now, if you would to get your hands on Soul Magic… please go —>>> here. You really need to get to know these brothers!!!!

Now… I have given Caleb the night off… Yea, this is him on an off night… Doesn’t he look delicious! This man has put up with all of us women for the whole month… He deserves a night off!!!

Caleb has really been a good sport about being the bartender here, don’t you think ladies!!!
He is such a wonderful birthday present. A fellow blogger saw him and she immediately thought of me!!! And handed him to me on a silver platter… So my friend… I want to thank you for giving me the man of my blog!
I hope you all have had a wonderful time partying with me!!! Stick around.. because I am not sure if I am done or not… You never know with me!!! ***very wick grin***
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  1. Ailcia0650, that's a hard question on the secondary character. I love all the hunters, that goes without saying. I also love Wing Slayer. In BLOOD MAGIC, the first book, I loved Joe who is Darcy's cousin. He always looked out for her.In the second book, hmm, I'm going to have to think about that.


  2. VampFanGirl, hi there! Ceceile and Mandi are fantastic at getting the word out about authors and books! I always trust their advice on books :-)I'm so glad you enjoyed the anniversary story.


  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CECILE!!!!!!!!((((HUGS))))



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